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All is One and Prime Creator is Orchestrating


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss how:

  • The hurricane along the east coast is like a dance partner and intentions can minimize it.
  • A rather large earth quake has rocked the east coast – it is interesting, “rocked the east coast.” Did fracking have anything to do with this?
  • America has a stability and there are attacks at the stability of America coming in all directions.
  • When you can turn a human being in your mind into a blood sucking leach, then you have made that leap, we are here to tell you, you have really gone far along the path of darkness.
  • There is an experience going on, on earth that Prime Creator is orchestrating.
  • There are many players and all of this activity to destabilize this country, to decay it into a place where it can be easily controlled… believed that it can be easily controlled.
  • There is a big push to stop the fracking because many of you remember Atlantis, many of you have Atlantean memories that are genetic, of what happened in the distant past.
  • The idea that Mr. Romney would say that corporations are people – what a load of crap that is.
  • The Earth is being bombarded with energies from the Sun that are very unpredictable and cause a lot of what is going on weather-wise and tectonic-wise on the planet.
  • You see you have this activity on the Sun and your fracking.
  • If global warming was only an Earth problem, then the other planets would not be experiencing the same.  That’s a fact.
  • You can intend safety.  You can intend to be at the right place and the right time and you will find that you are.
  • Can you imagine if everyone one on the planet intends safety, nurture and security for all, not just their own little factions, oh, you would see changes on this planet that would rival any era of human history.

Listen to this channeling:

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  • Iris August 26, 2011, 11:35 AM

    Have to say, I’ve been listening to your podcasts for a few months now, and this one really struck a chord in me for several reasons.
    The explanation of why Mr. Romney’s statement about corporations being people was so offensive, was excellent. I sort of saw Mr. Romney’s point about corporations being owned by people, but that is very different than naming them people. As though corporations can have opinions, think for themselves, peacefully assemble and be responsible for their words and actions. I’ll really start worrying when SCOTUS gives them 2nd amendment rights.
    It’s true every person is absolutely unique and here for a reason – reasons having nothing to do with money.
    My favorite part was the suggestion on the transformation of fear into intent – doing the transformation internally. I’m off to send out my safety net for the world.
    Glad you were safe in the east coast earthquake.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Alligas August 28, 2011, 5:27 AM

    The communications on your site are great. I really appreciate that your site is simple and to-the-point; I have limited connection and am not able to sort through massive bs to find the useful info. Thanks, and keep up the wonderful work.

  • sabwal September 9, 2011, 4:22 AM

    your voice sounds afro-american with a hit of english – Trinidad&Tobago – I wonder to ask?
    Also I was asked by a Sychellenian man (living/workding in UK) why are there no black (noir) judges in England- to which I have no answer maybe you do. U cld shed some blue light in his direction. Oh the thunder & lightning taken Deutsch language.
    Iris is my sisters name – one of many.
    Uncanny how a pleiadian msge was given to me via youtube that gentleman looked very Asia – Japanese- likeness in facial features and tone of accent spoken in the Queens British English.

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