Good afternoon, we are here give us a moment. It is Sunday, the 22 March 2015, you are on the heels of a New Moon and a solar eclipse, super moon at that, and you have now come out of a very important astrological alignment, the Square.

Now, where to begin? First let us say, as we said last time we believe, that you are moving, you were moving through a very, very dense pressure in the last few weeks, and maybe even in the last few moons, and this pressure was culminating like what would happen if you were being squeezed in a – one of those cake pattern makers, whatever they are called, the thing you write on the cake with. You know how you put everything in there and someone squeezes it and you finally find your way out of the nozzle. And from our perspective you have now gone through and come out the nozzle and so the pressure is going to really drop.

Now, it’s going to take a little time for you to accept the fact that the pressure has dropped because things have changed. You will feel new pressures about the changes but it won’t be the pressures of the past, it won’t be the things that were pressuring you prior to this point. There are new things because we would say it’s more like stress. You’re going to fill a little bit of stress over changes but as you begin to identify the changes, really look at them from an energetic standpoint, you will begin to discover that they are actually changes for the better, whether they are at work, at home, in relationships, relationships between peoples.

We would use just as an example, you have Netanyahu, the Israeli person who has just won his election and he has flipped on the idea of a two state solution. No one’s really understanding this, “Is he just giving this lip service to this idea?” We would say, no, you are seeing a change, seeing something different. You are seeing something with the Iranians that has changed, you are seeing something different. There will be a lot of those kinds of things. You will begin to see a difference, whether it is work, whether it is in your neighborhoods, and that is what the astrology was all about, was to reach this point and hit a reset button.

Our vehicle put on his Facebook page the idea of a reset button and the alignments going on and there is a grouping even now visiting Egypt and Lebanon and our vehicle is following their work and they were between the paws of the Sphinx during the eclipse. How do you get to figure that one out, of all the places you can be, and they are moving around in this place and discovering things that they are then putting on their face book pages and our vehicle is learning about them. And they are very much in alignment with this idea that the Ancients knew a lot more than your scholars would give them credit for. They can look at something like the Great Pyramid and say, “Oh, just a bunch of death worshipers building themselves a tomb. Poppycock. Silliness.

And those kinds of understandings are going to begin to fall away very quickly and you’re going to begin to understand the true history of this planet and of your place in it. Another thing our vehicle has been studying of late is the work of, not sure the name of some of these people, but they are interested in the space between matter, what they call the vacuum. And our vehicle has been very interested in the vacuum for a very long time in his work with the Dendera Device and such, Egyptian work, but he didn’t really get it until just recently how important and how those in the past understood that it was the vacuum that was the place where everything came from. They didn’t have any idea of a Big Bang, that was silliness to them, there was the vacuum and there was the physical reality, and the vacuum was where all things came from and all things return back to.

There was a man who was a contemporary, two men that our vehicle learned about that were contemporaries of Galileo, one was a man named Bruno and we’re not sure of the other person’s name, and they were burned at the stake by the Vatican, by the church for heresy. And the normal belief is that it was because of their belief in Copernican astronomy, the idea that the Sun is the center of the solar system, not an Earth centered world, universe, and what our vehicle learned from the book he is reading is that that is not the case at all. They didn’t burn Galileo at stake for his work, they didn’t care about that what they did care about was the understanding of the vacuum, the understanding of the medium between existence and an understanding of that that these men were working on and trying to formulate and bring to the consciousness of everyone and that they did not want.

And so now you are going to really begin to start to get what the vacuum is, why you sleep every day. Why is it important that you sleep? Everything sleeps. Every living thing sleeps. Why? Could it be that that’s the in and out breath of existence, that you pop into this existence and you then you outbreath, and go into that other place for a while? And you must, because that is where you get nourishment, that is where you get information, that is the real existence, and this is just the waking dream. And what is it about this place that you always come back to it? It always seems to be the same. Well that’s going to begin to change, you going to come back and find it different. You’re going to wake up in the morning to a different world, and the more that you can be okay with that without freaking out the better it will be for all of you.

You have no qualms about going into a dream state and things changing, well if you were to come to the real world and put something down one day and not find it there the next, you’d freak out, and yet this is happening all the time now. People are finding things they have lost for a long time they are losing things that they just put down a moment ago. Because the world in the physical is going to take on more and more and more of a dreamlike existence where your thoughts began to manifest nearly instantaneously and that’s why it’s important to really start thinking about your thoughts we’ve mentioned this many times, we say it again because it is important. Be very, very conscious of your thoughts.

Look at those who go unconscious, we will give you just a couple of examples of people one of the ways people go unconscious these days is through the texting, the using of the computer to text and such. So while they are texting they are in conscious of their environment. It’s just the way it is. You cannot text and be conscious of your environment at the same time, does not work that way, no one can do it. No one can split their attention like that. And so when you’re texting you’re not in the environment and so all of a sudden things occur because you’re not aware of them. Some woman drove her car into the path of the train. Our vehicle saw the video of a woman walking right into a public fountain in the city, people walking out into traffic and such.

And so it’s really important to seize back control of your consciousness, don’t give it over to these machines, don’t give it over to entertainment, don’t give it over these things, because those who control the planet or run the planet if you will, are hoping that they put out enough distractions to keep you from noticing the changes. They’re hoping they can put you into fear, they’re hoping that they can put you into entertainment, into the desire for good feelings or whatever that they can give you.

It’s very interesting to see how this technology has come around in such a short amount of time. It’s not coincidence you know. Those in charge new they wanted to get this technology to a peak at this point and they rushed like maniacs to get that done for many, many, many years, even before the computers were built, back in the earliest of early days. They knew they needed to be at this point with this level of technology in the hope that they could use it to pull the wool over your eyes.

But then there are others like Dorothy’s dog, little Toto that are seeing that it’s all being controlled by the man behind the curtain, and they are running behind the curtain and they are grabbing the controls. They are grabbing the controls, and so don’t be surprised if you hear about groupings doing things that seem to seize control of this Internet technologies and you’ve already got groupings like Anonymous and such, but there will be more of this kind of thing. There will be those who want to wake you up as they have been woken up.

So be careful of what you focus your attention on. See if you can be clear in your own mind where these thoughts that come into your head are coming from, are they coming to you from those who would want to keep you in fear or is it coming to you from those who want to wake you up and get you alert and seizing your consciousness back. There are definitely two forces trying to do one and the other, and if you can identify which grouping is attempting to shake you, that will be a very, very important step for manifesting the reality you want.

So see yourself, another thing that we would bring up is the idea, we’ve brought this up before we’re sure, of forgiveness. The idea that you’re going to learn things about the past and about the present that is going to be shocking is going to be maddening, but we would say it is important to understand that it’s coming to light now so that you can’t transmute it. It’s coming out at this time so that you all can look at it and say, “Ooh, let’s leave that one behind and let’s move on.” And part of that moving on is forgiveness, not looking back so much.

When Obama came into power, when his administration took over in Washington, many on the left were upset at him for not going after the crimes as they saw it of the Bush – Cheney grouping, and he did not do it. Why? We said many times, he did not want to look backwards, there was too much going on in front, so it was no time to look in the rearview mirror, there was too many roads, windy parts in the road ahead. Stay focused on driving forward.

Now you have come out of a lot of windy roads, but we would still tell you, “Look forward, look to where you’re going, not where you’ve been. Learn about where you’ve been, understand it, forgive it, let it go. Stay focused on where you’re going.” Because now you are on the other side of the Square and the reset point has been hit and now you are rewriting, or writing anew the story of earth. What will the first chapter say if you and of your time and of your existence?

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure good day to all of you.



Good afternoon, we are here. It is February 19, 2015, Thursday, day after New Moon in Aquarius, and it is Chinese New Year, The Year of the Sheep – The Year of the Wood Sheep.

Let us begin.

We will continue with the theme from our last recording, the idea that you are moving into 2015, you are moving into a new density, a higher octave, and the idea that the solid world that you live in is not so solid. Now, we talk about this a lot, we have been talking about this for a long time about how you’re not a solid world, and yet many of you, many of your friends, many of your neighbors would challenge that and say, “Of course we’re in a solid world!”

And yet your scientifics know it is not a solid world. You don’t really touch anything. Everything is fields and energies around you. And so if everything is fields and energies around you, then what is real? What is something that’s solid? There’s more space in your reality than there is what you think you see. And so it’s not really difficult to imagine that the world is not solid, your scientifics are quite knowledgeable of that. It is that it is beyond your perception to see this. You do not perceive all the space in your world. You perceive everything to be solid. You think you are on a solid chair, you think you are on a solid floor and you’ve seen the world be very predictable. You’ve seen the world be very – predictable, you put something down and you expect to come back and find it there.

Now, as we said last time you are going to begin to notice more and more and more that the world doesn’t appear to be predictable, that it seems to be going through a fluttering stage, a stage where reality seems to be fluttering. And this is very similar to what you might have if you were changing radio stations. If you are going through between two different radio stations for a time you will see a little of one radio station and then you will start to have that radio station sort of phasing out and the other coming in. It’s not instantaneous. Now it’s instantaneous with your current radios that you have, digital radios, you press a button and boom, you are on another station. But that’s not the way the old radios worked, that’s not the tuning and the adjustments that old radios used to have, and other radios today still have that, but not the digital ones.

And so, as you adjust your energy field to move through these phases if you will, see if you cannot a) notice it and b) reinforce it with more intention of a positive nature. You see one of the things that happens at this time when you are moving through these different phases like this, is that if you have a negative stance, then that’s the leaning that you put on your radio. Now negative and positive seem to be opposites, but they are connected. As you pull more of a positive slant, the negative sort of comes along with it in a more positive way. In other words there are negative things in your world, but as you move the dial and maintain a positive, we would say loving outlook for the future, then even the negative things drag into the positive. The whole dial is moving, and the same can happen if you are in a negative frame of mind, you can pull even the positive things into a negative place.

And so it is very important to stay focused. It is very important to be conscious. Some channelings ago we believe we brought up the idea of seizing your consciousness, of not letting others control your consciousness, and that is very important now. If you find yourself following the news and being very worried about the dark things that are going on in the world, shut them out. Turn them off. Don’t let your consciousness dwell on these things, because it is an attempt by those in control to maintain control. As they see the world moving in a more positive direction they are going to really amp up, and the they, meaning the controllers, those who think you are their property, and there are some entities that think you are their property, they think they own you.

And so as they see your waking up, they really want to put a kibosh on that, and so they are going to up their level of noise, in an attempt to keep you from turning the dial. They don’t want you turning the dial of intention, they want you to keep your hands firmly off of it and let them control it. There’s an old television show The Outer Limits where it would start by telling you, “We control your television for the next sixty minutes”, or whatever, “We control the vertical, we control the horizontal. We can do anything we want with it.”

They were trying to tell you in that television show just how they can manipulate you. Don’t let them. Be aware of it. When you find something going on in the world whether it is terrorism or terrible acts or wars or whatever, ask yourself, “Is this really something I need to be concerned about or is it someone trying to manipulate me?” See what your belly thinks about it.

There was a wonderful cartoon our vehicle saw the other day where a man is watching television and the man on the television says, “What can we do to bring down the level of fear around terrorism?” And the next segment of the cartoon the man turns off the television. That is what he does to bring down the level of fear. Also it would be helpful to seek out, as we said a few channelings ago, seek out more of the positive. There are a lot of positive things going on in your world, a lot of knowledge being brought forward, a lot of wonderful things going on, things with energy, things with healing and health. Find those stories, dwell on those things and see how the dial keeps moving, see how the dial keeps moving.

Because you are the focus of the world around you and that is something they really don’t ever want you to handle on – – that there’s not one world that you are all in, you’re all in your own worlds communicating with each other in a consensus reality. And you can pull your world into a positive place and the world right next to you, your neighbor might not be so positive, because they are not pulling like you are. But enough of you will start to get with it, and you are, believe us you are, because you waking up. No doubt you are waking up. You are in a time when the alarm clocks are going off and all of the sleeping people are waking up.

Now this is the Year of the Sheep, the Wood Sheep, and you have all been called sheeple at times, we’re not sure if you’ve heard this idea, this idea that that you are being led to slaughter or things like this. Now, but what would happen if sheep woke up and discovered they were rams, with their big horns and such, and all started to bandy together? You think the fox would attack that grouping?

So see yourself connecting with like-minded people, the people who are interested, and see that like an accumulation of energies, see that like an accumulation of intention that starts to pull the scales, the weights, the measures in the direction. Because what can happen, what will happen from our perspective is that the pace of change will increase, the pace of movement towards what we call the Golden Age will begin to increase, will begin to pick up speed if you will and pick up in weight and it will be more and more difficult for those who would pull you in the other direction to be able to pull you in the other direction, reach a point where they can’t.

Now, it’s easy to look out of your eyes and think that you are a small person, think that you can’t make changes like that, and so we would suggest taking time to close your eyes and go inward and try and see if you cannot find that thread of the connection to the You that is far larger and more connected than you are here on earth in this reality, and connect with that, and feel that connection and communication with that larger being that is you. Because you are not the weak little humans that they want you to believe that you are. You are connected to a Higher Self that is vast in capabilities, vast in energies, and that is the weight that you can bring to this reality.

So, Happy New Year, Chinese New Year – Year of the Sheep and New Moon in Aquarius. See the Golden Age begin to coalesce around you.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.


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