Good morning, we are here. It is Tuesday, January 6, 2015, the day after the Full Moon in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn. Let us begin.

As you enter 2015 just think for a moment, 2015 – just roll it around a little bit out there in your collective unconscious, it symbolizes a step into a future, the idea that you are moving into some grand expression of 3-D existence. And in the past there have been… the idea of being in this particular time was so far in the future in the movies like Back to the Future and things of this sort and others, 2015 would have been considered way in the future. 2016, 2017, these are dates that were so far in the future that science-fiction writers could easily write about them, and now you are here, and it is very clear to some that those science-fiction writers were correct. You have much of the technology, the understanding, the expansiveness that that future held and yet there are some things that seem to be intractable, you cannot get rid of them – wars, poverty, this sort of thing.

We will tell you that 2015 is a very pivotal time. Why do we say that? Because you are in a time frame now where the veils, the solidness of reality has really started to drop off, really started to drop off, in such a way that everyone is beginning to feel their connection to the nonphysical. Now our vehicle works with the nonphysical a lot, with us and also with other guidances and one of his guides is a giant named Cashus, and Cashus was communicating with our vehicle the other day and brought up the idea of a pen, because our vehicle was auto writing at the time, and Cashus was talking about how the tip of the pen is where the writing and the paper meet, where the ink and the writing and the ball, all at the tip of the pen come together, and the writing is done there.

But would you say that the ball at the tip of the pen is the intelligence, is the smarts, is where the writing is coming from? No, it is the person holding the pen, the person writing with the pen, and in a way your physical existence is like the tip of that pen in physical reality and there is a hand, we would say your Higher Self, that is holding the pen and writing with it. And by connecting more with that – how many of you have written with a broken pencil and it’s very difficult to write well with the tip of the pencil cracked and sort of falling off or something. Understand? It makes it difficult.

See yourself as someone sharpening that pen/ pencil, see yourself using this particular year, 2015 to sharpen that pencil so that the Higher Self can write with you with the best clarity. Make that connection. See yourself making that connection with your Higher Self because it is a) easier and b) will give you the passion that can propel you forward.

There are many who have felt that there is nothing beyond 3-D, and it is hard for them to project themselves very far into a reality because they are very shallow, for want of a better term. We see you now digging deeper into who you are. Use this year to really plumb the depths of who you really are and not just the you that looks back in the mirror. There’s another you that is far deeper, what is it they say about the eyes – the windows to the soul. Look into your eyes in the mirror and imagine the connection going back like as if you’re looking at the ball of a pen and imagine that connection going up through all of the layers of existence to the consciousness that holds the pen. Because that connection is going to bring into this reality a wisdom, a knowing that is critical to existence and will help bring the Golden Age that we are talking about, landing solidly into this existence, into this reality.

So see that, see yourself anchoring in your Higher Self, giving your Higher Self that firm hand on the pen that is you. Now we’re not saying that you are giving yourself over to something that will control you. It isn’t that kind of a thing. You’re not being possessed by something or whatever, this is the You that is always been there, this is the bigger You. This is the you that is more authentic, this is the you that is more expanded, and so see yourself anchoring the expanded You. We will have more to say about that in our next reading.

You are going to see wonderful things occur this year, but they will not happen because of something in 3-D, they are going to happen because of something beyond 3-D, the nonphysical is going to start to really expand into the physical and so see that as a potential going forward.

It has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.

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Winding Down 2014

December 23, 2014


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment.

It is December 22, 2014, New Moon in Capricorn, just after the Solstice, the winter Solstice. Let us begin.

You are winding down 2014, you are looking in the rearview mirror as it were, at a year that we would say was pivotal, and what we mean by pivotal, we mean that things turned this year. Things made a very sharp turn, things changed course, things made a radical change, and this year has been that kind of year, whether it has been with things like the marijuana laws, the recent changes with Cuba and things of this sort. There have been a lot of direction altering events this year. Some of it has to do with Monsanto; some of it has to do with space things, things in space. You are learning pivotal things about Mars, Mars now has liquid water, it has methane, now soon it will have living creatures, and the paradigm of earth being the only place with living creatures will be broken. You understand?

And so that is what is going on here, looking in the rearview mirror. You can say, “Okay, I was going down a road and now I’ve turned,” and if you look in the rearview mirror you will recognize nothing behind you because you’ve turned. You are on a different road now, and looking ahead is all new. Now, as you look ahead we would suggest some changes, if you have not already done this and many of you have already done this, changes in the way you approach reality because that is what 2015 is going to be –– change in approach to how you deal with reality.

Many of you are waiting for the perfect storm. You’re waiting for all things to line up so that you can easily do something. It isn’t that kind of a situation that you are in. You are in a situation where you are sort of working your way through a puzzle. You are working your way through a process. When they sent this probe, recent probe to the comet, it had to go through this process of picking up speed and going a little further and picking up more speed as it went by planets. That’s why it took so long, but eventually it got up enough speed, got up enough momentum to catch up to the comet, and now it is doing the cometary science that you see in your televisions and in your Internets.

Same thing, you are going to go through this process of picking up speed, picking up momentum, and so each of you have something that you want to accomplish, that you hope to accomplish, that you think is important towards the future of the planet. Some of you might think is not that big a deal, some of you think it’s a big deal but no matter what it is it something and it is your something. It is a uniquely you something, and we are here to suggest that you pick it up at least every other day, if not every day and do something with it.

Stop waiting or cease waiting and start acting. Now, again you will not get perfect whatever it is, you will not get it perfect first, maybe some of you might hit on it a little more than others, but whatever it is, just do it, and get some experience with it. Get some milestones under your belt with it, and then come back around as if you are this planetary probe picking up more momentum, and try it again and try it again.

Maybe you’re going to write a book, and maybe first thing you will do is just collect your ideas for the book, and then maybe you will write a first draft and a second draft and a fifteenth or twentieth draft. Who knows how many you will have to do before it reaches that place of functionality, and we’re not going to say perfection, you never reach perfection, but you reach a place where it’s good enough, where it does what it needs to do.

Our vehicle does this all the time around the house, he lives in a house that is very –– chaotic would be a good term for this house –– it was built with a lot of chaos, and so a lot of times he wants to fix something and or repair or change something, and it is not easy because the house is so chaotic, and so he’ll make a first stab at it, and then a second stab at it, and then maybe by the third or fourth he gets it right, he gets the mixture right and the thing works, and he can move on to the next thing.

That is the kind of energy you are moving into in 2015 where you need to go through iterations. You need to go through cycles. It is part of a spinning, part of a spiraling into something. You are going to spiral into this New Age, into this Golden Age we have been speaking of, you’re not going to just land there. You are going to sort of maybe have a little bit of something and then come around and do it again.

For example the first pass for changing the marijuana laws was to make it legal to have medical marijuana, that was the first pass, and a few states did it and then a few other states did it and a few other states did it, you understand? And then now you are moving into another stage of recreational use and decriminalizing it and that stage will now start to cycle through the states and through the country.
And there are other things like this. You are seeing some of the cycling through what’s going on with the police and the people feeling that the police are at war with them. It is not true, but they feel it. Some people feel it more than others, so you are going to cycle through a process of learning about each other, learning about what it is your roles and your agreements are, because you have agreements. And so as you work through these agreements, as you work through these processes, you will start to screen out some of the bad apples on both sides, and get to a place where you are functioning, because there is a place where you function.

And that is where you are going with 2015, you are going to start spiraling into this functional Golden Age. It is going to come with things like the finances. The finances are going to go through this trying to figure something out to have a better financial situation. It’s going to happen with healthcare, you are going to start to spiral from natural to pharmaceutical to natural to pharmaceutical before you finally work your way out of that, and all of these things. They are going to work like that, so see this year as like, “How does a plant reach into the sun?”

You ever watch a slow motion of a plant, of a seed? It starts out, it pops out and goes up and down and one part spirals into the ground and the other part spirals up into the sky. That is what we’re talking about –– does not just pop out and shoot up straight and shoot straight down. It does this spiraling, this wiggling, this movement, this engaging and then releasing and engaging and releasing, and that is what we see happening. That is what we see happening on a planetary scale with all of you, with institutions, with governments, with individual people.

So we are suggesting at an individual level, see if you can feel your passion, what is it that you have a passion for and then start to do something with it. Let’s say you have a passion for art, get yourself a book and just start writing something, just start painting. Maybe you have a passion for electronics, buy yourself one of those little 101 electronic toys at RadioShack or something and start to engage that, learn a little more. Maybe you have any interest or passion for mathematics, get yourself a simple mathematics book and then start to learn more and become more into it, more adept at it, and understand you will not do it all. No one does it all. So whatever your part of it is, whatever your passion is, it is your part of it, and each and every one of these parts is needed, is important.

It’s not going to be just the architects who build buildings, it’s going to be the artists who design the artwork in the building, it’s going to be the people who bring businesses or bring living conditions into these buildings, it’s going to be the technicians who allow for certain things to occur in the building that make it function, water or whatever. All of these things, even down to the doorman and the elevator operator, they are all important. You will not have this thing where you think your job is more important than mine. Now that is easy to do right now but when you see where you’re going then you ideally will begin to realize the value that these other traits, these other capabilities or whatever, bring to it, and you will never again look on someone as being less because they follow their passion.

See that’s what’s missing, you have this economy right now of, you must work and you must create monies and so you can have a roof over your head and have a car and maybe get your iPhones and iPads and iMaxs, and this is what you equate your wealth with, but that’s going to change. That’s going to change as people start to see what they can do with the simpler things, what they can do with just two sticks. You’d be surprised what people are capable of –– cardboard sign.

You would be surprised, and then you will begin to learn the values of each individual, of what they bring to the table. And again, they will get better at what they do, you will benefit from it, you will get better at what you do, they will benefit from it –– shared benefits. That is what’s missing as well. Right now you have an economy that when it creates something, a wealth of some sorts, somebody owns it, somebody grabs it and says, “It’s mine and you can’t have it!” Well that’s going to change. It’s going to be a whole lot more of, “I’ve done this for everyone.”

How many times have you been to a party and someone comes and brings something to the party, do they say, “This is just my desert no one else can have it!” Some do but that’s not really what happens when people come to a party, they bring what they have to the table of deserts and put it down for everyone to enjoy. And that is the theme moving into the Golden Age, bringing your gift to the table for everyone and not begrudging someone who brings something that you don’t perceive as important as what you bring, even if it’s just the party favors, even if it’s just the sparklers, even it is just the garbage bags to pick up the crap afterwards.

All of these will be seen as very important and very pivotal parts of what’s going on, because it’s a machine you are building, it is an energetic machine, a culture, a culture that will return to this earth because this culture has been here before, many times before, and it is like a growth, it grows for a while and decays and we are here to tell you it will decay at some point, but that is far into the future. You are going to move into that flowering part now.

So see it, see that spiraling your passion into this orchestra, this symphony that is the Golden Age.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.


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