Good evening, we are here.

It is December 21, 2015, Winter Solstice, and as 2015 winds down take a moment to look back. Ideally at this time you are seeing many, many things have come to pass. Many exciting things, many unexpected things, and the idea that the world has changed trajectory to some degree have really started to take root.

Now, there are some who would say, “Yes, it is changing in direction but not in a good one.”

And yet there are others that would say, “Well, look at all the things that are changing for the better.”

And in America you have many things that are changing for the better, and in the world you have many things that are changing for the better. Now, of course those who are watching their empires crumble, they are attempting to spin the news, but ideally many of you are not watching the news anymore, you’re not getting caught up in the Mainstream Media circus, because it is a circus that has been for a long time, but it has really gotten out of hand.

The elections in the United States are a circus, really literally a three-ring-all sleep circus that weekly, daily brings you Donald Trump.

“Really, seriously, Donald Trump!”

He is making headlines for being ridiculous, bombastic, and there are many headlines like that that seem to be outrageous, but if you look, if you do a little bit of plumbing below the surface, you will see that there are other things that are happening that are quite extraordinary – – rules that are being changed, restrictions that are being lifted.

Look at Canada, Canada has flipped completely 180° from just a few weeks ago, a few months ago. It seems like it just happened, like someone just turned a switch and Canada became a different place, and then Mexico doing some similar things, making similar changes.

The world is going through these kinds of shifts, these kinds of flips, might call them paradigm shifts. And so 2016 is going to be more of the same paradigm shifting. There’s really going to be some major flipping. People are going to look back and say, “Who’d have ever thought, who’d have ever thought that these things could’ve come to pass?”

And so ask yourself as you come up on the New Year, “What sort of things in a world that you would like to see, would you like to see flipped?” Because you have some control over it, or some say over it. The reason it is flipping the way it is, is because so many people are waking up, so many people are waking up, and the old guard cannot stop it.

We used to talk about how people would pop like popcorn, remember those days we would talk about popcorn – – or some do, some don’t, but anyway, well you’re seeing it now. The popping is happening all over the place, people are really starting to get it.

And so take a mental note of what has changed in the last year, what has changed in the last six months, what is changed in the last three months, and see how the pace of change increased over time, because you are on a growth curve, you’re on a ramp, and it’s going to get a lot faster and a lot more outrageous. If we could use a term for 2016 is going to be, “The outrageous year!”

And the dark forces, for want of a better term, are going to really start to exit, some are going to exit literally, some are going to exit just from the stage, just leave the world stage if you will, and we don’t want to go into Who’s Who but you will figure it out.

And so, as we end this year and as you end this year know that you have made a shift onto a timeline of sustainable living, of a resurgence of health, of connection to the earth, of being custodians, being custodians of the earth, and how the Earth is going to respond with that, and how actually the solar system is going to respond to that because the energies that are coming through from the sun, from the center of the Milky Way galaxy are going to find, going to find you, and through you they’re going to pop like popcorn. The heat is getting turned up if you will.

So feel it, here you are in the winter in the northern hemispheres, see how warm a winter it’s going to be. They’re telling you it’s going to be super cold, “Hmmm, really?”

Maybe not, maybe the forces that are moderating the Earth’s temperature will have something to say about that and it’s not greenhouse gases that are doing it, it’s the energies from the sun, or that are being channeled through the sun to you.

And so, with that we will depart. We just wanted to do a little bit of recapping and to give you the idea that the changes that you have been hoping for have begun, no doubt. And yes there are those who would like to frighten you, those who would like to control you and get you back on a leash if you will, or back under control. It’s not going to work. It’s not going to work. You have much more awareness, you have much more energy, and you’re not getting back into servitude. It’s just not going to happen.

And with that we will depart.

It has been our pleasure.



Good morning, we are here, it is November 11, 2015, New Moon in Scorpio, the 11:11 day as some see it. Let us begin.

Here we are now in November and you have gone through October, you have gone through September, and it would not be difficult to see just how much has occurred in these last two moons that have shaken things up, have moved the goal-post as it is, or moved the finish line or whatever terms you might like to think about it. There’s been this shakeup of things that no one would have thought was possible, not long ago.

And it is very much like, let us give you an example of how we see it. When someone builds a boat, big boat, a ship in the old days of shipbuilding, they would build this ship on land, and when the time came to launch the ship, they would pull the chocks out, they would pull the pins that were holding the boat back, and the boat would slide down a ramp, and go into the water.

And this was done for very large ships, this was not just done for little boats, and when these pins, when these chocks were removed, and the boat started to move down the ramp, no one could stop it, there would be no one there that could say, “Wait a minute the boats not ready grabbed the back of it,” and sort of pull it back up the ramp. No one could jump in front of the ramp and the slide and attempt to stop the boat.

And in a way that’s what happened in September, September the boat had the chocks pulled, and it is now sailing down the ramp into the water, and there are some that want to stop this, and they are jumping out in front of the ramp, of the slide attempting to stop it, and if they cannot stop it they want to derail it, they want to knock it off the rails so that it crashes.

From our perspective, these are impossible things to do there’s such a momentum behind this that all of these attempts to derail it are really a waste of time, a waste of energy, and as more and more people are beginning to feel the exhilaration of the boat approaching the water and the possibilities when this boat hits the water, they are getting their excitement up, they’re getting their energies up.

And this particular day is conducive to that way of thinking that you are all starting to take notice. You’re all beginning to notice, “Hey, things are going on. The XL Pipeline has been scrapped, marijuana laws are starting to pop up everywhere, cannabis is being used as a medicinal, new energy systems are beginning to show promise, great promise, great effectiveness.

And you’re learning things about space, they’ve just released some information about the flyby of Pluto, which our vehicle is very interested in and how the planets, the moons around Pluto move in great chaos with great energies, and the scientifics cannot explain it. They cannot explain the behavior they are seeing in the satellites of Pluto – – the Pluto, Charon binary system.

And it is causing them, the entire Pluto flyby, as well as the flyby of that comet, the following of the comet they’ve been doing, to re-evaluate their models. Their models are flawed, their models are broken, their models don’t answer the questions that they see, don’t fit what they see, and so maybe this gravity-based model of cosmology is incomplete, or maybe even all completely wrong.

“Oh, how’s that going to settle in?”

Well it is settling in and new forms of materials are being discovered, new crystal types and new behaviors. And so the old established way of thinking is really being pushed aside as this new, more aware time is moving in and that is where you are now, you are into this more awareness.

And so look at, we don’t want to bring up politics too much, but look at the politicians. How many of them want to tell you what isn’t really true? And how many of them want you to not look at the past, the things that may have been in the past that indicate what they might do in the future? They don’t want that, they want you to just be blinded by their words and their rhetoric.

And yet most people are not, you have the Internet. People can be immediately fact checked, oh what a horrible word to some – facts. And so the fact checking comes along and shows your inaccuracies, and you are being pursued by your inaccuracies. You cannot just have them sit around forever, you cannot just say something and let it go. You must have the information behind you.

And that is coming from the people waking up saying, “Okay, you just said this, let’s go check. Okay you believe this, let’s go check.”

And if the facts match your rhetoric wonderful, you will get a gold star, but if it doesn’t well you’re going to see your goals a little further, maybe not even be able to be reached.

Now at an individual level the facts are coming home as well. The fact that the universe is a construct of your thoughts, and you manifest in physical reality, that as a fact is becoming more and more real. How many people out there think something, want something and then have it happen? How many people out there know, just know something before it happens? How many people are beginning to see that their thoughts and their emotional state affects their reality? Many, many are seeing that.

And so as you find yourself in the next few weeks learning things, learning new things, learning about some of the past, learning about some of the present, learning things of the future, do not allow yourself to be hoodwinked. We are always telling people to check their belly, we’re always telling people that your feeling center, your belly is your bullshit meter and definitely use that now.

When someone talks, when you see these politicians and these people, these pundits telling you things, ask yourself, “Does this feel right, does this feel true?” And if it doesn’t do a little homework, see if you can find some corroboration that would show you that you’re feeling center is not lying to you because the more you can trust your feeling center the less you can be manipulated because many are going to be manipulated because they have been numbed out in their feeling centers. And technology and the bad food, there’s a lot of bad food out there. We are hoping that many of you are beginning to wake up to the GMO and the toxic waste that has been dumped on your food supply or things that are food like substances.

Become very aware that these things have damaging effects on your physical body that were designed to have bad effects, and so if you can start to clean up your act a little bit, start to drink clean water instead of some of the garbage they give you for drinks, start to really look into the organics movement and see about how much pesticides and GMO food you can get out of your diet, if you have them at all. You will begin to see more clearly, your body will begin to respond.

Now many of you that might be listening to us are already there, gold star to you as well, but there are many, many more who are just beginning to wake up. Look at the countries that are beginning to kick the GMO people out and kick the toxic chemical farming groupings out, and yet in America they want to not even label your food. How do you think that’s going to go over in the land of the free and the home of the brave? Good luck with that.

And they can create false concerns like whether or not Starbucks is going to put Christmas images on their coffee mugs, but you will not be caught up in that because that is silliness. You will begin to see what is really important. If you’re going to boycott Starbucks boycott it because of its use of GMOs. See if that cannot be changed because a lot of the corporate world is holding its breath hoping that they get past these next few months, years, or whatever and aren’t caught on their use of these toxins.

But if they are, they are prepared to shift. They are working out contingency plans, believe it or not that, “Maybe we’ll have to shift to organics, maybe we’ll have to shift to cleaner food, maybe we’ll have to even put food in our menu.”

And as you see more of that happen, know that you are moving the timeline. You are going down that ramp and heading for the ocean.

So, 11:11, see the boat sliding down the ramp, moving into this wider more expansive existence.

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure.


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