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Imagine a World of People Following their Passion


Good morning, we are here.

It is September 1, 2016, Thursday, New Moon in Virgo on the heels of a solar eclipse. Let us begin.

You are moving as a planet through some very intense energies. These energies are separating, coagulating, forming different areas, moving groupings into different boundaries, and it seems that you are getting a lot of separation out of it, in other words there’s all of this separating one group from another, one political group from another, planetary groupings from another. You’re seeing a lot of this separation.

And that’s true, that’s part of what’s going on this coagulating of groupings. What’s going to happen next is going to be something like a blending, like all of a sudden all of these, all of these ingredients are going to then be put into the bowl to be blended, and that is going to take some doing and that’s going to take some doing from some very enlightened energies.

In other words you are going to have this cosmic baker come along and start to bring the ingredients together into the mix because first you separate things, whenever you’re going to bake don’t you put everything aside, all your ingredients are off to the side so that you know how much to take and then you follow a recipe and the recipe says, “A little bit of this a little bit of that, mix for a while, knock around, put in the blender, add a little bit of this.”

You work your way through the process and so right now that process is working in many areas but in particular for the United States it is working through the political.

You are wondering for yourself – you’re seeing the Trump people here, you’re seeing Clinton people here, the Bernie people there, the Libertarians over here, whatever other groupings there are, you’re seeing them all sort of, “Now what’s going to be the ingredients, how are the ingredients going to be brought together?”

And we will tell you that there are going to be events that are going to start to move these ingredients around into the mix.

We have been asked, “What happened to Bernie?”

Bernie’s coming back. Bernie has never left the stage.

Bernie has set himself up in a way to be available should Hillary Clinton exit and there are a lot of potential motions coming along that will assist Hillary in exiting, and so then what — again, bringing these ingredients together.

So as you move into this next moon or so, September into October, be aware of the invisible hand if you will of the baker, of the master baker, understand, who is moving the ingredients around, and if you can trust that that higher being can pull things off. Then you will discover that these ingredients can come together in a very, very positive and enlightening fashion. And we see that happening in the next few moons as you move along you learn certain things, certain things become juggled a certain way, you will see a surprise if you will, for some, some are not going to be quite so surprised, but many will be surprised.

Others will just feel relieved that you will see these ingredients being used properly, being moved around into the mix because there’s a lot of ingredients – what’s going on with the Native Americans and the pipeline right now, what’s going on with the Black Matters people, what they are working on, what’s going on with the Hispanic Mexican populations, what is going on with the white populations. They are all in this kind of feeling each other out and trying to see how this is going to all mesh into the final product which is ideally a America that works for everyone, a country and a planet that works for everyone.

And part of that is going to be this idea that’s only now beginning to be brought out that you are Americansslaves in a way to wages, you’re all — you’ve heard this term wage slaves, what does that mean? Why is it that you can only make monies doing things that corporations want to pay you for? Has that always been like that? Is that how great inventions were invented because corporations wanted certain people to do certain things? Is that how great ideas, great mathematics and physics and biologies and such, is that how they all came about?

Not really. If you were to do some studying you would find that a lot of these great ideas came from people who had time to focus on them because they were passionate about these focusings, these things to focus on.

And so the planet is moving back to a place where passion will drive people not need, not the idea that they have to earn a certain level of monies to survive. Yes you will all contribute but the reason you contribute will be because of your passion for the final product.

And so one of the things that coming out of this time, one of the focuses that we would see after this eclipse is the idea that people are going to start to find their passion. Many people have already found their passion and they are doing it, but there are a lot who can’t because they’re overwhelmed by the world around them, and so if they have a passion for something they cannot indulge it, they cannot nurture it, but that’s going to change, that’s going to change big time on the planet as people will begin to bring their passion back into their lives.

And this idea that people are just going to get lazy and do nothing, hmm, we’ll see. Most people get tired of being lazy. They want to produce. They want to do something with their lives. They have a goal, a yearning. And so imagine a planet where everyone’s yearning has validity, has nurturing, has the components given to that person to achieve. That is the world that is coming. That is what we would call the Golden Age where the collective nurtures the individual, not the other way around.

And again this is a very alien way of thinking coming out of the Babylonian wage slave dynamic that has been playing out on your planet, but it is not new, it is very old, and it has brought civilizations throughout the cosmos to very high levels of achievement.

And so imagine, just take a moment and imagine what can be achieved by billions of people being cut loose to follow their passion. Just imagine. Imagine a world of Elon Musks, imagine a world of people who take their passion to new levels.

Imagine what can be accomplished.

That is what’s coming, and so think about it in the next few moons as you see things unraveling a little in the political.

What’s going to come out of all of this cauldron? What is the final baked cake going to look like?

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


Reach Out With Your Feelings


Good morning, we are here. Give us a moment. It is Monday, May 9, 2016 about 10:30 or so a.m., as we are speaking to you now Mercury is transiting across the sun in Taurus. Let us begin.

First of all let us just say that the elections, we will talk about elections for a little bit first, the elections in the United States are transitioning into a new phase now that the Republicans have exploded and found themselves with shrapnel and debris all over the place and the emergence of Mr. Trump. They are scrambling to figure out what to do about it and that is causing very chaotic running around on that side and on the Democratic side you are seeing the emergence and the movement of the Bernie crowd as they are picking up steam, as it were.

And although the mainstream medias will tell you “It is over.”

“No, it is not over. It is not over.”

As the electorate becomes more and more aware of the options, they will begin to see not much difference between the Clinton camp and the Trump camp. It will be not so much a difference of policy as it is of temperament and even that will be shown to be less different as you begin to see a little bit more of Hillary’s true nature – let us say it that way.

So, keep an eye on the events, and ask yourself as you learn more and more and more about what is going on, “How do you feel about it, how do you feel about it?”

Because that is where the communications really need to come in, those who their communications come through their brain, comes through their head, very logical, they are seeing one world, but those who are feeling the world through their belly, through their intuitions, through their psychic senses, they are seeing a much different world. And you could ask yourself what’s going on here, how can there be to such different worlds out there, and it has to do with communication, which is what Mercury is here to tell you about.

There’s going to be a shift of communication that’s going to occur, that is occurring at this very moment where people are going to start to feel communication in their belly and less in their head – on a grand scale. It’s going to happen across the planet not just in America but in Europe, and in Asia and in all other places, Africa. There’s going to be more of a feeling communication, how do we feel about what’s going on? What are our intuitive natures telling us, because for too long the world has been focused on the intellect, has been focused on the logical side of communication?

And what’s coming out now is the idea that that is a very small part of reality. Logic is really not the driving nature of the universe. The universe is a much more intuitive, a much more interactive environment, and as the sun moves further and further into this part of space away from the thick molasses of the last 2000 years, you are moving into this slicker, more fast moving energy, and so things can happen very quickly. Things can change very quickly.

A few months ago Bernie was being told, “You get out. You can’t win.”

Now he’s closing the gap and they’re all these delegates that are not being voted on but even they are feeling something because, yes they have an intellect that tells them that they must vote a certain way because they are party people, but they have a feeling, they are seeing the changes, they are feeling the energy that is moving in this movement which Bernie calls The Movement and it is.

And so, you will see that feelings, that emotion start to, like a wave, go over the entire country and all over the planet whether it is in England, whether it is in Australia, whether it is in China, America or…

And so think about it. Think about the change even in your own life, how much of what you have been experiencing seems less and less and less interested in logic and more and more and more interested in feeling? It is that time, you are moving into a time where your feeling centers are starting to turn on again. For too long they have been atrophied and now they are beginning to feel.

Why did Bernie say, “Feel the burn.”

Because he wants you to feel, feel it, doesn’t want you to think it.

Logic tells you, “Nothing that Bernie can do, wants to do can happen.”

But you feel it can. And a country that can do the wonderful things that this country has done in the past from launching moon rockets to whatever, building railroads across the country, building highways across the country. Now you are seeing the renewable energies really beginning to flourish in this country as oil and gas and coal are all being marginalized and reduced.

So see where that goes in the next few moons, see how often you find yourself feeling the news and not thinking about it, and then see others doing it as well.

Now, we want to talk for a moment about the fire in Canada. It’s horrific. Our vehicle was looking at some of the footage and some of the information where they’re saying that this fire could now burn for a month. And how much of this is planned, who started this fire, what was their intention, and how much of it is part of the times? Because it is bringing, again your feelings forward. This is the tar sands place of the world. This is where they want to dig up all of that toxic sludge and make gasoline out of it and petroleum products out of it and you don’t think the earth has something to say about that?

The idea that these products, these materials are fossil fuels is silliness, do some homework, it is geologic. These are geological formations caused by the Earth’s geology which is another term for the Earth’s physiology, which is a term for the life force of the earth. So you cannot just dig these things up and burn them, any more than you can go mining in your pancreas for something or whatever. The earth will shake you. It’s quite sentient you know.

Now, there is a lot going on. We know that many of you who listen to what we have to say are looking for answers and as we tell our vehicle, “Many of the answers have always been there but they have been derailed, they have been pushed down, they have been wiped out.”

But that is changing now like with the marijuana laws in this country. They want to tell you marijuana has no medical value and yet before it was banned they were selling it as medical oils, silliness, but people believed it, people allowed it.

Well now your pharmaceutical companies and your chemical companies are killing you and there you have a cannabis product waiting to fill the gap, waiting to bring in a sustainable, natural, healthy version of the products that you have been creating in your laboratories. But nature has been doing that all along, nature has always been there to assist.

Feeling depressed, go take a walk in the woods, you don’t need Prozac. Need a breath of fresh air, go to the beach. The planet has always been there to nurture you but it asks for you to do the same.

Our vehicle saw something the other day that really touched him. It was a Native American saying that, “We do not inherit the earth, we are custodians of our children’s earth.” This idea that the planet is yours to do with as you please, the planet is the futures’ and you must take care of it for them.

And once that kind of shift in thinking becomes more prominent, and it is happening you know, where you will become less and less and less concerned with what you can dig out of the earth and more concerned with what you can put back. You watch how fast the planet can change.

Another thing our vehicle saw the other day was how the CO2 gases, the carbon dioxide increase which was supposed to turn the earth into a desert is actually doing the opposite. There’s much more vegetation growing because vegetation likes CO2.

“So, who’s going to be wiped out, huh oxygen breathers?”

The earth only needs you to become aware of it cycles, it can really turn it around very quickly, but it has methods of doing that that would be very detrimental to the creatures living on the surface, think volcanic activity. You think a thousand years is a long time to the earth, you think a million years is a long time to the earth? Not really, it has seen civilizations come and go on this world, and it is watching you right now to see how you are going to handle it.

And so see yourself being part of a rebirth, a resurgence of earth conscious living. It’s funny, when the Europeans came to America and decided to take the country from the Native Americans, can you imagine that there is another earth where the Europeans took on the culture of the Native Americans, where North America became an even larger native culture? Think about it, what would be different today?

With that we will depart we know that there’s still much to happen in the next few moons, you have the summer, you have June and July and August leading up to the elections in America, and we will tell you many things are coming. Many things are coming that will shake up the status quo, and it will be very important for you to move into your belly and feel your way through this, much as you might do in a fire if you had to feel your way through the smoke.

What is that line from Star Wars, when he puts on the helmet and he says, “I cannot see?”

And Obi-Wan tells him, “Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them, reach out with your feelings.”

That would be our suggestion at this time, “Reach out with your feelings.”

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure.


Why Not Change Now


Good afternoon, we are here, give us a moment. It is Sunday, March 20, 2016, Spring Equinox. Let us begin.

As the winter moons subside and the springtime picks up, you are noticing certain things occurring, ideally. Some are breaking through the noise of the election, and if you take a moment to think about it, these are rather large things going on, but the noise from the elections are masking them. For example, your American government, the Senators did not enact the Dark Act, they decided because of the input from the populace that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to remove labels from food. And Pres. Obama has decided that maybe digging or drilling for oil off of the Atlantic Coast was not such a bright idea at this time with oil prices where they are.

And so, when you see those kinds of things happening, ideally you are thinking, “Oh, maybe things are turning, maybe they’re turning in the direction that makes for a brighter future, makes for a more empowered and sane future, and then you watch the elections and you think, “Oh my God, has the process gone off the rails?”

We will discuss that for a moment, the elections in the United States, because it is really quite literally a reality show. You even have a reality star, a reality show star, Mr. Trump, and it’s playing out in the way it is because of the mass populace. You see, the mass populace has been weaned if you will on reality shows for the last, what – – ten years now, maybe longer. When did the Springer man first start, in the 90s or even maybe the 80s. And so you have been building up this idea of a reality show mentality, and when that particular dynamic finds itself in the majority, then it bleeds off into other areas of your reality, and you are seeing that play out in the elections.

Now, predictions are always difficult to make and how to put a Pleiadian spin if you will on what’s going on, let us just say that you are seeing the repercussions, if you will, or the effects of certain mindsets, and because of the energies that are coming in from the Galactic Center affecting reality, what was fantasy is now becoming real. It is breaking out of the imagination into the physical, and it does that or it can do that to show you your power, to show you your manifestation power, your manifestation ability.

And of course some of you are saying, “Well, did I manifest this? Did I bring this crazy process into this?

Not all of you, but a lot of you did. Now can you take responsibility for that and own it and then say, “Okay I decide to change it?

That ideally is what’s coming as people begin to really think about where their consciousness has been hijacked and the energies coming from the Galactic Center are pushing the veil, if you will, away, and so people are really beginning to see what’s in their hearts, what’s in their inner thinking, and for some, it is a revelation, it is a real important thing to see.

And then you have to ask yourself, “Okay, where do these beliefs lead to?”

And of course the United States has their version of it, but the rest of the world is involved too, because you have India and you have China and you have Africa and you have Asia, you have all of these places – Europe, South America, Central America, Northern America. All of these places are feeding their version of manifestation into this, and so, “It will be enlightening,” we will say it that way, to see where this heads.

Now we lean, from our perspective here, towards Bernie, Bernie Sanders, because he has a line if you will into the future that we have been discussing. He has a connection, he has a vision into that future, and the young people are beginning to feel that future too.

In other words they are beginning to wonder, “Will, it always stay the status quo? When will that change? And if it’s going to change eventually, why not change now?”

And the establishment, if you will, is attempting to say, “No, that can’t happen now.”

And they are doing their best to derail Mr. Sanders’ efforts. It is unclear to us at this time which timeline you will follow, but it is clear to us that the one you will find yourself on will have a lot more of Bernie-like attributes than the other direction that you seem to be flirting with.

So, as you move into these moons, the spring moons and even the summer, and this dynamic of the elections plays out, do not lose heart, do not buy into what you’re being told by the news people because they are spinning and we would even say lying a little bit. They are telling you untruths. They are putting their bias on the information.

Look at how little Bernie Sanders has been covered and yet you get wall-to-wall Trump. Anything he does, any breath, any movement he does, anything he says becomes the next new cycle, and so those of you who are watching the news might think, “Oh my God, he’s really on the rise”, but it is an illusion. It is an illusion that the media is able to pull off by how they focus the camera, wherever they focus the camera, who they allowed to speak, and who do they not allow to speak.

So, our suggestion of course as always has been to limit the exposure to the media, and go more inside and ask yourself, “What is that future that draws you, that excites you, that makes you want to get up in the morning that makes you want to be a part of it?” Because as you find yourself focusing more on that you will become a transmitter, a broadcasting station, and that broadcast can leak into mainstream, believe it or not, it already is beginning.

And so, if you are a Bernie supporter, don’t give up hope, and if you are a Trump supporter, be prepared for a wonderful show, because that is what you are going to get, but it will not lead to the return to the 50s, or whatever it is that that party would like to drag you back to, that’s not happening. The energies, the planet will not allow that, there’s just too much at stake to take such a large step backwards.

The children will not allow it, the adolescents will not allow it, the young people will not allow it, and even those older people who you might have thought had been a little stodgy, they are beginning to see that this return to some glorified past is an illusion and does not solve the problems.

So, take heart in the idea that this energy is loosening up a very, very rigid control system, whether it is law’s about cannabis, or whether it is the energy systems that are coming out, or whether it is information about life on Mars or something, or the facts about comets, or the facts about the ancient cultures that were on the earth. There is so much loosening up that those who would make you uptight are becoming fewer and fewer. They cannot stop what is going on, and they might try, they might think they can try to stop it, but they will not. Truth, clarity, abundance, sanity is on its way.

And so with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day.


The World Has Changed Trajectory


Good evening, we are here.

It is December 21, 2015, Winter Solstice, and as 2015 winds down take a moment to look back. Ideally at this time you are seeing many, many things have come to pass. Many exciting things, many unexpected things, and the idea that the world has changed trajectory to some degree have really started to take root.

Now, there are some who would say, “Yes, it is changing in direction but not in a good one.”

And yet there are others that would say, “Well, look at all the things that are changing for the better.”

And in America you have many things that are changing for the better, and in the world you have many things that are changing for the better. Now, of course those who are watching their empires crumble, they are attempting to spin the news, but ideally many of you are not watching the news anymore, you’re not getting caught up in the Mainstream Media circus, because it is a circus that has been for a long time, but it has really gotten out of hand.

The elections in the United States are a circus, really literally a three-ring-all sleep circus that weekly, daily brings you Donald Trump.

“Really, seriously, Donald Trump!”

He is making headlines for being ridiculous, bombastic, and there are many headlines like that that seem to be outrageous, but if you look, if you do a little bit of plumbing below the surface, you will see that there are other things that are happening that are quite extraordinary – – rules that are being changed, restrictions that are being lifted.

Look at Canada, Canada has flipped completely 180° from just a few weeks ago, a few months ago. It seems like it just happened, like someone just turned a switch and Canada became a different place, and then Mexico doing some similar things, making similar changes.

The world is going through these kinds of shifts, these kinds of flips, might call them paradigm shifts. And so 2016 is going to be more of the same paradigm shifting. There’s really going to be some major flipping. People are going to look back and say, “Who’d have ever thought, who’d have ever thought that these things could’ve come to pass?”

And so ask yourself as you come up on the New Year, “What sort of things in a world that you would like to see, would you like to see flipped?” Because you have some control over it, or some say over it. The reason it is flipping the way it is, is because so many people are waking up, so many people are waking up, and the old guard cannot stop it.

We used to talk about how people would pop like popcorn, remember those days we would talk about popcorn – – or some do, some don’t, but anyway, well you’re seeing it now. The popping is happening all over the place, people are really starting to get it.

And so take a mental note of what has changed in the last year, what has changed in the last six months, what is changed in the last three months, and see how the pace of change increased over time, because you are on a growth curve, you’re on a ramp, and it’s going to get a lot faster and a lot more outrageous. If we could use a term for 2016 is going to be, “The outrageous year!”

And the dark forces, for want of a better term, are going to really start to exit, some are going to exit literally, some are going to exit just from the stage, just leave the world stage if you will, and we don’t want to go into Who’s Who but you will figure it out.

And so, as we end this year and as you end this year know that you have made a shift onto a timeline of sustainable living, of a resurgence of health, of connection to the earth, of being custodians, being custodians of the earth, and how the Earth is going to respond with that, and how actually the solar system is going to respond to that because the energies that are coming through from the sun, from the center of the Milky Way galaxy are going to find, going to find you, and through you they’re going to pop like popcorn. The heat is getting turned up if you will.

So feel it, here you are in the winter in the northern hemispheres, see how warm a winter it’s going to be. They’re telling you it’s going to be super cold, “Hmmm, really?”

Maybe not, maybe the forces that are moderating the Earth’s temperature will have something to say about that and it’s not greenhouse gases that are doing it, it’s the energies from the sun, or that are being channeled through the sun to you.

And so, with that we will depart. We just wanted to do a little bit of recapping and to give you the idea that the changes that you have been hoping for have begun, no doubt. And yes there are those who would like to frighten you, those who would like to control you and get you back on a leash if you will, or back under control. It’s not going to work. It’s not going to work. You have much more awareness, you have much more energy, and you’re not getting back into servitude. It’s just not going to happen.

And with that we will depart.

It has been our pleasure.


Moving Into a More Expansive Existence


Good morning, we are here, it is November 11, 2015, New Moon in Scorpio, the 11:11 day as some see it. Let us begin.

Here we are now in November and you have gone through October, you have gone through September, and it would not be difficult to see just how much has occurred in these last two moons that have shaken things up, have moved the goal-post as it is, or moved the finish line or whatever terms you might like to think about it. There’s been this shakeup of things that no one would have thought was possible, not long ago.

And it is very much like, let us give you an example of how we see it. When someone builds a boat, big boat, a ship in the old days of shipbuilding, they would build this ship on land, and when the time came to launch the ship, they would pull the chocks out, they would pull the pins that were holding the boat back, and the boat would slide down a ramp, and go into the water.

And this was done for very large ships, this was not just done for little boats, and when these pins, when these chocks were removed, and the boat started to move down the ramp, no one could stop it, there would be no one there that could say, “Wait a minute the boats not ready grabbed the back of it,” and sort of pull it back up the ramp. No one could jump in front of the ramp and the slide and attempt to stop the boat.

And in a way that’s what happened in September, September the boat had the chocks pulled, and it is now sailing down the ramp into the water, and there are some that want to stop this, and they are jumping out in front of the ramp, of the slide attempting to stop it, and if they cannot stop it they want to derail it, they want to knock it off the rails so that it crashes.

From our perspective, these are impossible things to do there’s such a momentum behind this that all of these attempts to derail it are really a waste of time, a waste of energy, and as more and more people are beginning to feel the exhilaration of the boat approaching the water and the possibilities when this boat hits the water, they are getting their excitement up, they’re getting their energies up.

And this particular day is conducive to that way of thinking that you are all starting to take notice. You’re all beginning to notice, “Hey, things are going on. The XL Pipeline has been scrapped, marijuana laws are starting to pop up everywhere, cannabis is being used as a medicinal, new energy systems are beginning to show promise, great promise, great effectiveness.

And you’re learning things about space, they’ve just released some information about the flyby of Pluto, which our vehicle is very interested in and how the planets, the moons around Pluto move in great chaos with great energies, and the scientifics cannot explain it. They cannot explain the behavior they are seeing in the satellites of Pluto – – the Pluto, Charon binary system.

And it is causing them, the entire Pluto flyby, as well as the flyby of that comet, the following of the comet they’ve been doing, to re-evaluate their models. Their models are flawed, their models are broken, their models don’t answer the questions that they see, don’t fit what they see, and so maybe this gravity-based model of cosmology is incomplete, or maybe even all completely wrong.

“Oh, how’s that going to settle in?”

Well it is settling in and new forms of materials are being discovered, new crystal types and new behaviors. And so the old established way of thinking is really being pushed aside as this new, more aware time is moving in and that is where you are now, you are into this more awareness.

And so look at, we don’t want to bring up politics too much, but look at the politicians. How many of them want to tell you what isn’t really true? And how many of them want you to not look at the past, the things that may have been in the past that indicate what they might do in the future? They don’t want that, they want you to just be blinded by their words and their rhetoric.

And yet most people are not, you have the Internet. People can be immediately fact checked, oh what a horrible word to some – facts. And so the fact checking comes along and shows your inaccuracies, and you are being pursued by your inaccuracies. You cannot just have them sit around forever, you cannot just say something and let it go. You must have the information behind you.

And that is coming from the people waking up saying, “Okay, you just said this, let’s go check. Okay you believe this, let’s go check.”

And if the facts match your rhetoric wonderful, you will get a gold star, but if it doesn’t well you’re going to see your goals a little further, maybe not even be able to be reached.

Now at an individual level the facts are coming home as well. The fact that the universe is a construct of your thoughts, and you manifest in physical reality, that as a fact is becoming more and more real. How many people out there think something, want something and then have it happen? How many people out there know, just know something before it happens? How many people are beginning to see that their thoughts and their emotional state affects their reality? Many, many are seeing that.

And so as you find yourself in the next few weeks learning things, learning new things, learning about some of the past, learning about some of the present, learning things of the future, do not allow yourself to be hoodwinked. We are always telling people to check their belly, we’re always telling people that your feeling center, your belly is your bullshit meter and definitely use that now.

When someone talks, when you see these politicians and these people, these pundits telling you things, ask yourself, “Does this feel right, does this feel true?” And if it doesn’t do a little homework, see if you can find some corroboration that would show you that you’re feeling center is not lying to you because the more you can trust your feeling center the less you can be manipulated because many are going to be manipulated because they have been numbed out in their feeling centers. And technology and the bad food, there’s a lot of bad food out there. We are hoping that many of you are beginning to wake up to the GMO and the toxic waste that has been dumped on your food supply or things that are food like substances.

Become very aware that these things have damaging effects on your physical body that were designed to have bad effects, and so if you can start to clean up your act a little bit, start to drink clean water instead of some of the garbage they give you for drinks, start to really look into the organics movement and see about how much pesticides and GMO food you can get out of your diet, if you have them at all. You will begin to see more clearly, your body will begin to respond.

Now many of you that might be listening to us are already there, gold star to you as well, but there are many, many more who are just beginning to wake up. Look at the countries that are beginning to kick the GMO people out and kick the toxic chemical farming groupings out, and yet in America they want to not even label your food. How do you think that’s going to go over in the land of the free and the home of the brave? Good luck with that.

And they can create false concerns like whether or not Starbucks is going to put Christmas images on their coffee mugs, but you will not be caught up in that because that is silliness. You will begin to see what is really important. If you’re going to boycott Starbucks boycott it because of its use of GMOs. See if that cannot be changed because a lot of the corporate world is holding its breath hoping that they get past these next few months, years, or whatever and aren’t caught on their use of these toxins.

But if they are, they are prepared to shift. They are working out contingency plans, believe it or not that, “Maybe we’ll have to shift to organics, maybe we’ll have to shift to cleaner food, maybe we’ll have to even put food in our menu.”

And as you see more of that happen, know that you are moving the timeline. You are going down that ramp and heading for the ocean.

So, 11:11, see the boat sliding down the ramp, moving into this wider more expansive existence.

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure.


Step Out Into a New World


Good morning, we are here. We are in Boynton Canyon, it is Saturday, the 26th of September 2015, we have walked past the Kachina Woman, and we are now nestled in a faerie portal in the canyon.

Let us begin.

As September moves through the cycles, moves through the milestones, it is as if you are a rocket, a capsule returning to earth through the reentry. Parts of the ship that are being burned off as the reentry gets hotter and hotter and hotter, and so you are seeing things fly off, whether it is the Speaker of the House, whether it is — many things — just seem to be floating off, floating off, floating off.

And the important things seem to be nestled inside the capsule making its way through and whether it is old associations being lost or new associations being discovered, you are moving through a period as if you are shifting channels on a television. In the old days when you actually shifted the frequencies within the tuner, there was that point in time where there was no station, there was just noise and you are moving past that place now to the new station where it will settle, sink in and become the new venue for experience.

And so as you find yourself going through that reentry, you’ve gone through this hyperbola and now you are reentering into a new, a different world and taken the 90° turn, and now you are coming back, and there will be new power tools that will find you, there will be new associations, new friendships, new acquaintances and many of the old will burn off, burn off, feeew, psht — gone!

And just as the occupants of a capsule do not want to be on the outside of the capsule, so too do you want to stay nestled in safety and in harmony and in peace as the rustle and the excitement goes around you. And so imagine yourself inside the capsule looking out the little window at the flames and things that are going past knowing that you are safe, knowing that you are in a place where you are nestled. And so feel that for a moment, feel that energy rushing around you and then feel yourself gently coming to the surface.

And what happens in a capsule, the parachutes open, the acceleration starts to drop off, and you gently glide to the surface into the new world. So see that, see that as a metaphor for what is occurring, and as you find yourself dodging the craziness as our vehicle did this morning, dodging the craziness, you will find yourself synchronistically moving with the flow as if there is this protective cocoon around you, like a magnetic barrier that repels the chaos that many are caught up in.

And if you find yourself in the chaos, see if you cannot adjust your tuning a little bit and get out of it. If the chaos is starting to come in then you are too close to the outer section of the capsule. Adjust yourself, move yourself back in. Just as if you were out on the beach you might adjust yourself under an umbrella.

“Oh the sun is starting to burn your leg, move and get into the umbrella.”

Find yourself being conscious enough to know how to sense safety and be drawn to it. Pull it towards you, “In joy safety and harmony I step into the unknown.”

Sedona where we are now is an oasis of this kind of energy. That is why many come here to cocoon themselves in this energy, in this vortex and let the whole craziness around them, whether it be Arizona or whatever, let that craziness just sort of happened around them.

And so it is important that you are here now, that you stepped into this vortex to step out of — and bring some new power objects. Imagine yourself finding new power objects over the next few weeks and you figuring out how to use them, figuring out what they do, sensing their function. And as you find yourself moving through this time remember to breathe, remember to drink water, remember to exercise, remember to not get too caught up in the news. What is important will find you, don’t worry about that.

Our vehicle has spent a week without a computer and he has not died, he has not gone schizophrenic, his fingers have not itched their way to another computer. You can disconnect and in that way reconnect to the life force energies because the technology takes you out of the life force energies, it drains you, it sucks it from you.

So be careful if you are someone who is always carrying the little iPhones and the iPads and can’t seem to get away from them, make an intention that you limit yourself to this activity and that you maximize your opportunities to be in nature, as our vehicle is now in nature, feeling the coldness of the rocks and the quietness, even though there are some hustle and bustle going by in the distance. High canyon walls nestle.

The Anasazi, the Ancient Ones knew that about this place, how it nestled them and protected them, kept them safe from radiation frequencies that were at one time bombarding the earth, and so they went into the mountains to protect themselves, to shield themselves, and so here you find yourself again being shielded even though there are probably cell phone tower somewhere you can feel that there is a lot not here. You can just feel it, it’s not beating down on your head, the electrical things and whatever, even though there seems to be some activity in the not too far distance, you have this resort not far away, even that place is minimal compared to the city, compared to other places.

Tomorrow is a Full Moon, tomorrow is a Lunar Eclipse, tomorrow is a very pivotal day as the Equinox was a few days ago. You are in this pocket again, this is the reentry where many things are burning off, many things are fading from view. As you travel you find what you were looking at before is no longer there to look at, new things come on the horizon, new things are on the sides of the road.

And so be aware that the horizon has changed, you are in a new horizon, that the world around you is different than even a few days ago and that your thoughts, your intentions, your feelings are now more than ever connected into the matrix of the physical. Your thoughts create and you will now see that manifest at a new level — all of you will see that.

So imagine a future of great abundance, great prosperity, great help, new knowledge of the nature of physical reality, a return of lost information from the ancient past that has been hidden, see all of that coming forward as people begin to reclaim their power over the physical world and over those who control the physical world, or who have manipulated you to control the physical world.

To be here at this time as the Earth is moving, changing, shifting… and remember that what does not fit, that does not move within the cocoon, will be lost to this cycle. So feel that cocoon cocooning your world. In other words it’s a big cocoon, but it’s also very selective, it’s also very… selective. Things that do not fit don’t have a place, they don’t have a seat, it’s not a place for everything, it’s a place for what needs to come forward into the future.

And yes the chaos is happening all around you but you are conscious of the need to hunker down and be calm and be quiet, because then you will be able to step out into that new world.

Very good, with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure and take your time walking out of here.


Blue Moon Event


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment. It is Friday, the 31of July 2015,  Full Moon in Aquarius. Let us begin.

The Moon today is considered a Blue Moon, of course the idea of a Blue Moon really has more to do with the Gregorian Calendar than anything astrological, and so, if in a way it seems to be artificial, but we would suggest that those who constructed the calendar understood that they were creating something, a skipped beat if you will. If you had a calendar that was in sync with the moon and in sync with the sun, you would have something more akin to the Mayan Calendar. You would have exact months of the same size, everything would occur. And if you had a Mayan Calendar you would begin to see and notice how time has a rhythm to it.

You see that was one of the reasons that the Gregorian Calendar was brought in was to bust up the synchronicities, to bust up the idea of figuring out how things work with time. It was believed that if they could keep you ignorant of the structure of time that you would be easily controlled and docile-ed, and to a certain degree this has occurred. But one of the things that jumped in there, so to speak, was the Blue Moon.

So, although they created this calendar to hide something about time, they actually revealed something about time which was the cycle of the Blue Moon, the idea that this wave of energy, this 2 ½ year or so wave of energy comes along, and so the Blue Moon actually has a significance in a Mayan calendar sort of way.

And think about it for a moment all of the connotations that will happen at a Blue Moon, or a month of Blue Moons. You’ve heard all of these uses of the word blue moon, and it means to have something come up very infrequently or synchronistically in the moment – It was a Blue Moon event.

And so, you are in such an event time right now where things that never would happen, happen, and things that you would not even think were possible, become possible for a moment, for a moment, for an instant.

And so imagine yourself being aware of that, in other words someone came along up to you and said, “Hey, be alert, something really, really big is going to happen.” And you woke up enough to be on the lookout for it.

And maybe it’s the events being reported from the space science people, or maybe it is the events being reported from the financial grouping people, or maybe it is the events being reported by the food people, maybe it is events being reported in medical, but there are these events that are occurring right now that are very highly unusual, Blue Moon events, that if you can become aware of them will show you how much change is going on. How much change is going on!

And so without going into details, we want you all to take a moment to maybe look around you, look in the newspaper, look on the Google and Yahoo pages or whatever, and maybe query your friends, and see if you cannot become aware of some of the events that we are talking about, some of the happenings, some of the aha-s that are occurring, because they are these kinds of Blue Moon events, and they will ripple into the future.

Many times there have been these kinds of events, they are called paradigm shifters, they come along and they just shift everything, whether it’s Copernicus deciding that the sun centered universe or maybe it is… Maybe it is… Well, fill in the blank. There are many of these kinds of events where you were thinking one way one day and it flipped and you were thinking another way the next because of some event, some understanding.

Our vehicle is very interested in what’s going on in space, that is one of his areas of interest, and the idea that the comet and the probe that just went by Pluto is rewriting planetary physics, that the ideas of the past, the well-worn clichés that you are going to find ice balls in these places, that Pluto is a ice ball without any activity because there is nothing out there that could cause activity. Well, now you are finding out there is. Pluto is a very active world and the same thing is being found out about this small planet in the asteroid belt, Ceres.

What are those lights? What are people discovering about the bright lights on Ceres? And what is the probe that is following this comet finding out? Where’s all the ice they said was going to be on this thing? Looks like a pretty dry desert-y place. No ice to be found anywhere.

And so their pet ideas are falling away, being seen for the silliness. Same thing can be said in the medical sciences, there’s all this belief that they understand certain diseasements and they really don’t, but now there’s new information coming out and diseasements that were once considered fatal are becoming curable, and it has nothing to do with the next generation of pharmaceuticals. It has more to do with a knowing and an understanding of how disease manifests.

And the same thing can be said in the food productions, there’s this Dark Act that Monsanto and others are trying to put on the Americans. This is the age of information, this the age of the Internet, do you really think it really matters if you label something when the Internet can label it in a moment? Our vehicle has often wondered, all it takes is one place to start labeling and that information will find itself everywhere else.

He is reading a book right now, our vehicle, about quantum mechanics and the quantum computer, computer work out there and this idea of how you can know something by not actually looking for it. It’s very complicated but this idea that particles when they separate are somehow connected, so when you separate a particle, if you know something about one of the particles you will know something about the one that separated from it. And so you don’t have to look at the one that is separated from it to know, you look at the one that you can measure.

And the same thing would be true here, if food is separated at the border between say America and Russia, but the Russians tell us what’s in the food, you can infer that into the food that is “Dark” in America. And so this is a futile attempt to keep you ignorant in the Age of Aquarius when knowledge becomes intuitive.

As the Bible once said, “In this time period, information will increase.”

You cannot stop that unless you are going to shut down the Internet or you are going to shut down psychic communication, you’re going to turn off everyone’s pineal gland which they’d like to do, but even that is being thwarted.

And so imagine that this Blue Moon is one of those periods where all of these kinds of things line up to sort of march you into the next period. It can appear random as all of these planets are moving and moving. It’s like this kind of an event with the stars, but all of a sudden everything lines up like the conjunction in the Dark Crystal, and this energy event occurs. That’s what’s going on here, all of the forces are lining up to empower people, to give them the information and the resources for great change.

And so see yourself noticing it, don’t go unconscious at this time, stay conscious. See yourself being in that flow, see yourself hearing the call if you will to, in your intuitive nature to be at the right place at the right time. Be on the right street corner, be on the right webpage or whatever to find out the thing you need to find out, to found out this Blue Moon event because there are many of them, but you will find the one that most resonates with what you are in need of or you are in desire of.

Blue Moon event, look for it.

It has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.


Leave Fear Behind


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment. It is June 12, 2015, Mercury going Direct. Let us begin.

We have not had many opportunities to chat with you lately, partly this has been designed because of the Mercury Retrograde, but also it has been designed to give you time to experience. When we come in with our point of view, with our take on things, sometimes it can prevent you or take away from an experience.

You know when you teach someone to ride a bicycle, there is times when you are very close, you hover, and you are holding onto the bicycling, and you’re helping the person pedal and stuff, but then there comes a time when you must let go and let that person pedal and ride the bicycle themselves. And maybe you can come back in and help them if they try to turn and it’s difficult to turn, but eventually they will get to a point where you can let them go on the bicycle on their own, and this was that kind of time.

We have been working with many of you for some time now and some of you are new to us, but you are not that new whether you think you are or not, and you have reached a time in your history where it is time to fly, time to break free, time to spread your wings and soar, would be a good word for it. It’s time to soar. And we could not be, we could not hold you in our conversation while you are soaring. It would distract you in a way that would take away from the activity.

Now, we are here today because Mercury has gone Direct and it is time to look back on the experience, kind of like what first pilots do when they have their debriefing and they’re brought in to discuss what occurred. You have seen many things happen over these last few weeks and moons. You have had activities happening in the world, certain political things, certain scientific things, certain social things, whether it is the police activities or whether it is the terrorist activities or whether it is scientific probes that have reached certain planets in certain places, and the scientists what their learning from their atom smasher, the Hadron Collider, and all these things, and the scientifics who have been looking into space.

We know our vehicle has much interest in what’s going on in space and how they have made some conclusions about the prominence of electricity in astrophysics, whether it has something to do with the comet, they now know that the comet plume is caused by electrical activity, not by the heating of the sun. They now know that stars are made in an electrical plasma, not by gravity. They are learning all of these things and many others, whether it is scientific, whether it is historical, you have certain maps that have now come out and certain diggings that are being found and discovered, whether it is Gobekli Tepe pushing back your idea of time, of the ancients and the knowledge that they had, and all of these things.

It is a breaking free, kind of like being in a seed and watching the outer skin of the seed break, the shell break, and you are very tepidly coming out of that shell. Some of you bursted out and many of you are sort of, you felt sort of comfortable in the shell and so you are feeling a little naked, feeling a little vulnerable, but that is fine because now you can grow. You could not grow in the shell but now you can grow, whether it is our vehicle getting some of his technology in the mail. He has been struggling to push forward on some of his work, some of his technology work, and now some of the equipment has finally found itself to him, or our vehicle’s partner who has been expanding into the world of the nonphysical’s and the Sidhe and the fairy realms and how that is becoming more and more exposed and more and more real.

So as you see yourself look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Really, is this not a wonderful time to be alive?”

You have so much available to you in information, energy and opportunity. This is not a time to be concerned about whether or not the world’s going to destroy itself or something of this sort. When you look at what the news is showing you, it is really not showing you the news, it is trying to steer you. Now are things coming, absolutely. Are they going to be earth shattering, yes, we would say yes, but are you going to survive and thrive and move into that time with great abundance and – yes, absolutely.

And so as you see things collapsing, falling away, see it like the shell of a seed or an egg. See it like that part. It cocoons you, it kept you safe during a certain time, but now it must be broken and pushed aside, whether it is the financial systems, whether it is certain social systems, whatever. If they have been shackling you, if they have been, then they do not have a place in the future. And you will know what we are talking about as you move more into the summer and the autumn Moons coming up.

So what can you do? Always a question that someone might ask us, “How can we prepare, how can we, what can we do?”

Well first of all stop watching television. Stop getting involved in the news feeds of those who would keep you in fear and control, and you will know what we are talking about. There are some that are feeding you information that is very helpful, what to eat, what to drink, how to have a happy healthy life, and then there are others that are trying to feed you fear.

“Don’t go to Egypt because they are blowing up people, don’t go here, don’t go there, watch out, don’t trust this person, don’t trust that person!”

And so see where the information is coming from and become very, very discerning on what you become available for, because you can find out things that can put you in fear, and you can find out things that put you in strength and heightened energy. You get to choose, “You going to drink the sour milk or are you going to drink the milk and honey?” Which is it?

And many of you think that you have to drink the sour milk, no, not true. You can simply throw it down the sink, clean out the plate and go get fresh, and that is what we are saying to do. Flush the past as much as possible. Yes you can learn from it, but do not drag it with you, do not put it in your pockets and have it way down your travels.

And that would be the theme coming out of Mercury’s going Direct, is it’s really time to become the rabbit and run, run in the direction of enlightenment, power, strength, security. Run in those directions and leave fear behind you. Leave it.

So, as you find these things that are going to be happening, and we are here to tell you they will happen, know that that they are part of that birthing process, part of that breaking out process. Even the crazy shit that’s going with these groupings that are destroying ancient sites. Maybe these ancient sites have been holding energy too long, maybe they are part of the problem. There’s more going on, on earth that has to do with energy and the nonphysical and holding control than you have been led to believe.

So see, ask yourself, run it past your feeling center, “Is this a terrible thing? Do I need to pick up a picket and go join some grouping or is this just part of the birthing pain and I should just breathe into it and move on?

All time is simultaneous, nothing is ever lost in the Akashic. The records of all that ever happened are available, no one can take that from you. No one can remove it permanently.

Our vehicle remembers a story he was told about geneticists who decided to test the idea of removing the eyesight from flies because flies have very quick lifespans, and so many generations can go by in a short amount of time, and so they did this activity and they watched. In seven generations the eyesight return to the fly. Why? How did that happen? How did the gene that was removed come back? Because that gene, that pattern is in the Akashic, that pattern is in the nonphysical. You cannot remove it from the physical. The physical is not where it came from, the physical is where it gets written on. It’s like trying to remove the writing from a blackboard by removing it but not removing the person with the chalk in their hand who can write again.

The nonphysical is much larger and much more real than the physical, and that, you will all begin to understand more and more going forward.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day.


Writing Anew the Story of Earth


Good afternoon, we are here give us a moment. It is Sunday, the 22 March 2015, you are on the heels of a New Moon and a solar eclipse, super moon at that, and you have now come out of a very important astrological alignment, the Square.

Now, where to begin? First let us say, as we said last time we believe, that you are moving, you were moving through a very, very dense pressure in the last few weeks, and maybe even in the last few moons, and this pressure was culminating like what would happen if you were being squeezed in a – one of those cake pattern makers, whatever they are called, the thing you write on the cake with. You know how you put everything in there and someone squeezes it and you finally find your way out of the nozzle. And from our perspective you have now gone through and come out the nozzle and so the pressure is going to really drop.

Now, it’s going to take a little time for you to accept the fact that the pressure has dropped because things have changed. You will feel new pressures about the changes but it won’t be the pressures of the past, it won’t be the things that were pressuring you prior to this point. There are new things because we would say it’s more like stress. You’re going to fill a little bit of stress over changes but as you begin to identify the changes, really look at them from an energetic standpoint, you will begin to discover that they are actually changes for the better, whether they are at work, at home, in relationships, relationships between peoples.

We would use just as an example, you have Netanyahu, the Israeli person who has just won his election and he has flipped on the idea of a two state solution. No one’s really understanding this, “Is he just giving this lip service to this idea?” We would say, no, you are seeing a change, seeing something different. You are seeing something with the Iranians that has changed, you are seeing something different. There will be a lot of those kinds of things. You will begin to see a difference, whether it is work, whether it is in your neighborhoods, and that is what the astrology was all about, was to reach this point and hit a reset button.

Our vehicle put on his Facebook page the idea of a reset button and the alignments going on and there is a grouping even now visiting Egypt and Lebanon and our vehicle is following their work and they were between the paws of the Sphinx during the eclipse. How do you get to figure that one out, of all the places you can be, and they are moving around in this place and discovering things that they are then putting on their face book pages and our vehicle is learning about them. And they are very much in alignment with this idea that the Ancients knew a lot more than your scholars would give them credit for. They can look at something like the Great Pyramid and say, “Oh, just a bunch of death worshipers building themselves a tomb. Poppycock. Silliness.

And those kinds of understandings are going to begin to fall away very quickly and you’re going to begin to understand the true history of this planet and of your place in it. Another thing our vehicle has been studying of late is the work of, not sure the name of some of these people, but they are interested in the space between matter, what they call the vacuum. And our vehicle has been very interested in the vacuum for a very long time in his work with the Dendera Device and such, Egyptian work, but he didn’t really get it until just recently how important and how those in the past understood that it was the vacuum that was the place where everything came from. They didn’t have any idea of a Big Bang, that was silliness to them, there was the vacuum and there was the physical reality, and the vacuum was where all things came from and all things return back to.

There was a man who was a contemporary, two men that our vehicle learned about that were contemporaries of Galileo, one was a man named Bruno and we’re not sure of the other person’s name, and they were burned at the stake by the Vatican, by the church for heresy. And the normal belief is that it was because of their belief in Copernican astronomy, the idea that the Sun is the center of the solar system, not an Earth centered world, universe, and what our vehicle learned from the book he is reading is that that is not the case at all. They didn’t burn Galileo at stake for his work, they didn’t care about that what they did care about was the understanding of the vacuum, the understanding of the medium between existence and an understanding of that that these men were working on and trying to formulate and bring to the consciousness of everyone and that they did not want.

And so now you are going to really begin to start to get what the vacuum is, why you sleep every day. Why is it important that you sleep? Everything sleeps. Every living thing sleeps. Why? Could it be that that’s the in and out breath of existence, that you pop into this existence and you then you outbreath, and go into that other place for a while? And you must, because that is where you get nourishment, that is where you get information, that is the real existence, and this is just the waking dream. And what is it about this place that you always come back to it? It always seems to be the same. Well that’s going to begin to change, you going to come back and find it different. You’re going to wake up in the morning to a different world, and the more that you can be okay with that without freaking out the better it will be for all of you.

You have no qualms about going into a dream state and things changing, well if you were to come to the real world and put something down one day and not find it there the next, you’d freak out, and yet this is happening all the time now. People are finding things they have lost for a long time they are losing things that they just put down a moment ago. Because the world in the physical is going to take on more and more and more of a dreamlike existence where your thoughts began to manifest nearly instantaneously and that’s why it’s important to really start thinking about your thoughts we’ve mentioned this many times, we say it again because it is important. Be very, very conscious of your thoughts.

Look at those who go unconscious, we will give you just a couple of examples of people one of the ways people go unconscious these days is through the texting, the using of the computer to text and such. So while they are texting they are in conscious of their environment. It’s just the way it is. You cannot text and be conscious of your environment at the same time, does not work that way, no one can do it. No one can split their attention like that. And so when you’re texting you’re not in the environment and so all of a sudden things occur because you’re not aware of them. Some woman drove her car into the path of the train. Our vehicle saw the video of a woman walking right into a public fountain in the city, people walking out into traffic and such.

And so it’s really important to seize back control of your consciousness, don’t give it over to these machines, don’t give it over to entertainment, don’t give it over these things, because those who control the planet or run the planet if you will, are hoping that they put out enough distractions to keep you from noticing the changes. They’re hoping they can put you into fear, they’re hoping that they can put you into entertainment, into the desire for good feelings or whatever that they can give you.

It’s very interesting to see how this technology has come around in such a short amount of time. It’s not coincidence you know. Those in charge new they wanted to get this technology to a peak at this point and they rushed like maniacs to get that done for many, many, many years, even before the computers were built, back in the earliest of early days. They knew they needed to be at this point with this level of technology in the hope that they could use it to pull the wool over your eyes.

But then there are others like Dorothy’s dog, little Toto that are seeing that it’s all being controlled by the man behind the curtain, and they are running behind the curtain and they are grabbing the controls. They are grabbing the controls, and so don’t be surprised if you hear about groupings doing things that seem to seize control of this Internet technologies and you’ve already got groupings like Anonymous and such, but there will be more of this kind of thing. There will be those who want to wake you up as they have been woken up.

So be careful of what you focus your attention on. See if you can be clear in your own mind where these thoughts that come into your head are coming from, are they coming to you from those who would want to keep you in fear or is it coming to you from those who want to wake you up and get you alert and seizing your consciousness back. There are definitely two forces trying to do one and the other, and if you can identify which grouping is attempting to shake you, that will be a very, very important step for manifesting the reality you want.

So see yourself, another thing that we would bring up is the idea, we’ve brought this up before we’re sure, of forgiveness. The idea that you’re going to learn things about the past and about the present that is going to be shocking is going to be maddening, but we would say it is important to understand that it’s coming to light now so that you can’t transmute it. It’s coming out at this time so that you all can look at it and say, “Ooh, let’s leave that one behind and let’s move on.” And part of that moving on is forgiveness, not looking back so much.

When Obama came into power, when his administration took over in Washington, many on the left were upset at him for not going after the crimes as they saw it of the Bush – Cheney grouping, and he did not do it. Why? We said many times, he did not want to look backwards, there was too much going on in front, so it was no time to look in the rearview mirror, there was too many roads, windy parts in the road ahead. Stay focused on driving forward.

Now you have come out of a lot of windy roads, but we would still tell you, “Look forward, look to where you’re going, not where you’ve been. Learn about where you’ve been, understand it, forgive it, let it go. Stay focused on where you’re going.” Because now you are on the other side of the Square and the reset point has been hit and now you are rewriting, or writing anew the story of earth. What will the first chapter say if you and of your time and of your existence?

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure good day to all of you.


The Year of the Wood Sheep


Good afternoon, we are here. It is February 19, 2015, Thursday, day after New Moon in Aquarius, and it is Chinese New Year, The Year of the Sheep – The Year of the Wood Sheep.

Let us begin.

We will continue with the theme from our last recording, the idea that you are moving into 2015, you are moving into a new density, a higher octave, and the idea that the solid world that you live in is not so solid. Now, we talk about this a lot, we have been talking about this for a long time about how you’re not a solid world, and yet many of you, many of your friends, many of your neighbors would challenge that and say, “Of course we’re in a solid world!”

And yet your scientifics know it is not a solid world. You don’t really touch anything. Everything is fields and energies around you. And so if everything is fields and energies around you, then what is real? What is something that’s solid? There’s more space in your reality than there is what you think you see. And so it’s not really difficult to imagine that the world is not solid, your scientifics are quite knowledgeable of that. It is that it is beyond your perception to see this. You do not perceive all the space in your world. You perceive everything to be solid. You think you are on a solid chair, you think you are on a solid floor and you’ve seen the world be very predictable. You’ve seen the world be very – predictable, you put something down and you expect to come back and find it there.

Now, as we said last time you are going to begin to notice more and more and more that the world doesn’t appear to be predictable, that it seems to be going through a fluttering stage, a stage where reality seems to be fluttering. And this is very similar to what you might have if you were changing radio stations. If you are going through between two different radio stations for a time you will see a little of one radio station and then you will start to have that radio station sort of phasing out and the other coming in. It’s not instantaneous. Now it’s instantaneous with your current radios that you have, digital radios, you press a button and boom, you are on another station. But that’s not the way the old radios worked, that’s not the tuning and the adjustments that old radios used to have, and other radios today still have that, but not the digital ones.

And so, as you adjust your energy field to move through these phases if you will, see if you cannot a) notice it and b) reinforce it with more intention of a positive nature. You see one of the things that happens at this time when you are moving through these different phases like this, is that if you have a negative stance, then that’s the leaning that you put on your radio. Now negative and positive seem to be opposites, but they are connected. As you pull more of a positive slant, the negative sort of comes along with it in a more positive way. In other words there are negative things in your world, but as you move the dial and maintain a positive, we would say loving outlook for the future, then even the negative things drag into the positive. The whole dial is moving, and the same can happen if you are in a negative frame of mind, you can pull even the positive things into a negative place.

And so it is very important to stay focused. It is very important to be conscious. Some channelings ago we believe we brought up the idea of seizing your consciousness, of not letting others control your consciousness, and that is very important now. If you find yourself following the news and being very worried about the dark things that are going on in the world, shut them out. Turn them off. Don’t let your consciousness dwell on these things, because it is an attempt by those in control to maintain control. As they see the world moving in a more positive direction they are going to really amp up, and the they, meaning the controllers, those who think you are their property, and there are some entities that think you are their property, they think they own you.

And so as they see your waking up, they really want to put a kibosh on that, and so they are going to up their level of noise, in an attempt to keep you from turning the dial. They don’t want you turning the dial of intention, they want you to keep your hands firmly off of it and let them control it. There’s an old television show The Outer Limits where it would start by telling you, “We control your television for the next sixty minutes”, or whatever, “We control the vertical, we control the horizontal. We can do anything we want with it.”

They were trying to tell you in that television show just how they can manipulate you. Don’t let them. Be aware of it. When you find something going on in the world whether it is terrorism or terrible acts or wars or whatever, ask yourself, “Is this really something I need to be concerned about or is it someone trying to manipulate me?” See what your belly thinks about it.

There was a wonderful cartoon our vehicle saw the other day where a man is watching television and the man on the television says, “What can we do to bring down the level of fear around terrorism?” And the next segment of the cartoon the man turns off the television. That is what he does to bring down the level of fear. Also it would be helpful to seek out, as we said a few channelings ago, seek out more of the positive. There are a lot of positive things going on in your world, a lot of knowledge being brought forward, a lot of wonderful things going on, things with energy, things with healing and health. Find those stories, dwell on those things and see how the dial keeps moving, see how the dial keeps moving.

Because you are the focus of the world around you and that is something they really don’t ever want you to handle on – – that there’s not one world that you are all in, you’re all in your own worlds communicating with each other in a consensus reality. And you can pull your world into a positive place and the world right next to you, your neighbor might not be so positive, because they are not pulling like you are. But enough of you will start to get with it, and you are, believe us you are, because you waking up. No doubt you are waking up. You are in a time when the alarm clocks are going off and all of the sleeping people are waking up.

Now this is the Year of the Sheep, the Wood Sheep, and you have all been called sheeple at times, we’re not sure if you’ve heard this idea, this idea that that you are being led to slaughter or things like this. Now, but what would happen if sheep woke up and discovered they were rams, with their big horns and such, and all started to bandy together? You think the fox would attack that grouping?

So see yourself connecting with like-minded people, the people who are interested, and see that like an accumulation of energies, see that like an accumulation of intention that starts to pull the scales, the weights, the measures in the direction. Because what can happen, what will happen from our perspective is that the pace of change will increase, the pace of movement towards what we call the Golden Age will begin to increase, will begin to pick up speed if you will and pick up in weight and it will be more and more difficult for those who would pull you in the other direction to be able to pull you in the other direction, reach a point where they can’t.

Now, it’s easy to look out of your eyes and think that you are a small person, think that you can’t make changes like that, and so we would suggest taking time to close your eyes and go inward and try and see if you cannot find that thread of the connection to the You that is far larger and more connected than you are here on earth in this reality, and connect with that, and feel that connection and communication with that larger being that is you. Because you are not the weak little humans that they want you to believe that you are. You are connected to a Higher Self that is vast in capabilities, vast in energies, and that is the weight that you can bring to this reality.

So, Happy New Year, Chinese New Year – Year of the Sheep and New Moon in Aquarius. See the Golden Age begin to coalesce around you.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.