Good morning, we are here. It is Sunday, the 23d of November, New Moon in Sagittarius. Let us begin.

We have not been discussing much for the last few moons, much has been going on with our vehicle, travels and other things that have made it very difficult to sit down and get this done, and also the elections really left our vehicle quite shell-shocked, and that is fine. So let us see, let’s take a little bit of a walk through where we are, you’ve had your elections, you have had your thirty-whatever percent of the populace who have gone to the polls, and so you now have a very right-leaning Congress coming in the new year, and many of the progressives among you might feel that this is really terrible.

Let us say this, “Nothing Is broken, nothing is broken.”

You are seeing unfolding great change. You are in a time of great change and that great change is like a birth, and when there’s a birth there’s a push and a pull, push and a pull, understand? You are birthing into the New Age, and so this is part of the contractions, this is part of the birth pains, and the baby is fine, the baby is healthy, and just keep that in mind, this is not a time to be all concerned. Those who have had hard births might remember the times when it seemed like all was lost, the baby would die or something, you’re all concerned and – – then boom – – the baby comes out fine, the cord is cut and the parents can rejoice in the birth of the new. And that is what is going on here. That is what is going on here.

And look at what the election has done to your President, he’s been energized to do some things, he has two more years now to get some big things done. As we sit here now he has already signed the immigration changes, they are not laws they are Executive Orders. That is fine, they are laws now and there will be families that will be able to breathe a sigh of relief that their doors aren’t going to be kicked in and their family members dragged out into the streets.

And it is interesting to us that those on the right who would advocate such things are really not interested in doing that, they just don’t want to see this President flex his executive muscles. That is fine, again this is part of the birth pains, it is part of the birth pains.

Now, one of the things that are going on right now is a re-alignment at the financial levels. We will talk about that just for a little bit. There is a lot going on in this country with the food supplies, a lot going on with the desire in this country among those in control to maintain their lock on your food supply and those who know how important food is, healthy food is, to break that deadlock. And so, we want you to see this playing out over the next few weeks and moons, how the hubris of these large companies in their attempts to force poisons on you is going to be foiled. They are going to meet their match in the people who will not be fed crap, pun intended.

And so, already other countries, Europe and India, and even China are beginning to move on these things, it’s this country that is so corporately controlled, corporately aligned that is having the biggest trouble with it. And this gets back to this Citizens United. Are corporations people? They don’t act like people. If they were people you would consider them criminals because they act like criminals more often than not. They are definitely antisocial. And so you will see they are not people and you will strip them of their rights as if they are people. That is what’s going on here.

Corporations are going to be stripped of the façade that they are in some way protected, as if they are citizens of the country. They are not citizens of the country. They shield people from responsibility and that is what has to change and that is what is going to change. People are going to be responsible.

And think about it, if people who are being shielded by these corporations had to stand up and admit what they are doing, in front of the corporation, without the corporation’s protection, how many of them would really do it? Not so many, not so many. And so see that, see these corporations overstepping and see the populace responding, see the courts responding, see people responding, see the Internet responding, because that is what’s needed. You have to throw this corporate yoke off and be able to see what’s going on underneath so that you can repair it, so that you can fix it, so you can realign it.

Corporations — the idea that profit is the most important thing is silliness, silliness. The most important thing is life. Life is the most important thing, not profit. And so as that knowledge permeates more, as it starts doing the hundredth monkey thing, to everyone, as they start to realize the foods they are eating are poisonous, as they start to realize the drinking water needs to be cleaned up and the air and the environment, as you begin to connect more to the trees.

The trees are trying to speak to you know, they have been silent for a long time, but now they are screaming at you, “Get on board, get on board people because the earth is going to shake you off if you are not on board!”

As you move into the moons now of the winter and you come across the seasons, the holiday seasons, see if you can bring a little sanity to your choices. See people being more sane in their choices, and you will know what that means as you look around your neighborhood. You will see who is insane and who is sane, and as you see the insane things and you will know what we are talking about, we don’t want to name them, send out a little mental note saying, “Hey, wake up, wake up.”

Because that is what is going on, everyone’s waking up and some are waking up and saying, “We did what? Let’s put an end to that. Let’s stop that!”

And some are waking up and saying, “Oh, I’ve been doing okay all along. That’s good too!”, understand?

Sagittarius, the connection to the Galactic Center, bringing with it the strong energies from the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy, see that strong energy moving through like a wind blowing through all of the buildings, blowing all of the cobwebs and the gunk out, clearing the way, bringing the disinfectant of sunlight to many of the stagnant things. See information from the past coming forward and allowing for things to be corrected, understood and moved on from.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.



Good morning, we are here. Give us a moment.

It is October the 8th 2014, Full Moon in Aries, and we are sitting under the Pleiades in the open air with Orion and Sirius on the horizon above our head and the moon just now in full eclipse –– red moon in Aries. Let us begin.

You are at a very pivotal time. You are seeing things that were hidden for a long time, coming out into the open. We know we have told you many times, “Oh, it is a pivotal time; oh it is a pivotal time.” And in a dance there are many pivots, in a dance there are many movements, and in the dance of reality this is one of those movements, but have you never watched an ice skater or a pair of ice skaters doing their program, there are times when it’s sort of, “Oh, that’s nice… Oh, that’s nice… Oh that’s nice.”

And then there’s that movement or that one step that everyone gets up on their feet and goes, “Wow.” Well this is a wow point. This is one of those points where you’ll all look back on it some day and go, “Wow, something changed that day, something pivoted on that point.”

There is the red moon in Aries, Aries is Mars the red planet and the idea that it’s very masculine, very forceful, the god of war, and yet it is happening during this balance point –– balancing war. What balances war? Peace, peace, and the idea that you are coming up on an election soon and that this is a chance to do some more balancing within the United States. And it isn’t a balancing between the ideological Democrats and Republicans that is not what we’re talking about. It is the balance of the population being taken into account. You are not just a country of one race, one creed, one color, you are a country of mixed and the balance has been far too long for one grouping and now you are going to begin to see those other groupings exerting their influence.

Years ago our vehicle was in a bar and the waitress had come up with a tray of drinks and thinking he was being helpful he picked two drinks up off of the tray, now those waitresses among you are probably freaking out right now because the tray started to go into unbalanced mode and it started to fall, and our vehicle was quick on his feet and he put the drinks right back and everything went back to balance because the waitress knew how to shift the drinks when she was taking one off. She would shift the drinks and take one off, and shift the drinks, and take one off.

And that’s what’s going on right now. Your government, particularly Obama is trying to figure out how to get the drinks off of the tray without tipping the tray, and that is why he is not just willy-nilly doing all kinds of crazy things that many people would like, “Oh, Obama should be doing this, should be doing that if he’s true to his ideological convictions.” But he’s also a smart man, he knows it would not help to destabilize the entire country as many who would act in pure ideological would do.

And, so imagine that, imagine someone knowing, smart enough to know what balance is, smart enough to know how to shift and change to get the drinks off the tray without spilling everything. And now imagine a competition between waitresses to see who could put things on the tray and take them off fastest. Imagine a competition of the best waitresses out there, waiters too, we don’t mean to be sexist. Now imagine you do this competition and you find the person, who is really the best, we would suggest that is your President. So think about that.

We are not going to go into the lax(s) of the Secret Service, we’re not going into the idea that he’s following the pattern of Abraham Lincoln too much, but it always bothered our vehicle that the guard at the booth in the theater, Ford’s Theater was not at his post. And how did these people get so close, how did this man get into the residence?

Makes you wonder, but also know that that’s part of the balancing. Remember what we said, “You are going to begin to know things, things are going to come out, information, and so have your wits about you, have your wits about you. Because it is all a question now of how to get the drinks off the tray without tipping it, be easy to just rip them all off and watch the drinks just go all over the floor, but do you really want to clean up that mess? No, no, would not be easy to clean up that mess.

Look at an oil spill, look at the Gulf oil spill. It would have been so much easier if they could’ve just stopped that thing from ever blowing out in the first place and they could have, a stitch in time would have fixed that, but Halliburton people were already brought out, but what did they do. They used inferior techniques and inferior materials because they really didn’t care, but now you’re going to see people caring, that’s part of what this moon is about, people stepping up and beginning to care, getting out of that lethargy that they’ve been into for the last few years.

And so see that happening, see that happening in your own point of view where you’re beginning to wake up and stop being lethargic, if you are. We’re not saying all of you are but many of you are, and then see it happening in your neighborhood, see it happening among your friends, see it happening among your neighbors. See people really beginning to not only wake up but speak up to voice their concerns, to voice their opinions. It’s time for those of you who can see that the Emperor has no clothes, those who have been telling you untruths, you will now be able more than ever to see them and Aries is calling you to act.

This conjunction with the Aries that is going on with the moon and the earth right now is very powerful, very powerful red energies. What is a red energy? What does that mean? What does the red spectrum due to water? Go look it up, you’ll be surprised to know what infrareds can do to water, and here you are a big ball of water.

Pivotal time… and always when you find yourself learning new things, give yourself time to think about it. One of the ideas that should come up now is, “Slow to anger, quick to forgive.” Let that be the mantra of the next six months or maybe even six years, “Slow to anger, quick to forgive.”

As our vehicle’s friend told him many years ago, “It is easy to escalate. It’s not so easy to de-escalate.”

Many of you are watching what’s going on in the Mideast and we would suggest that the United States has done more moderate military maneuvers there, military intervention there, they didn’t come in with armies and boots on the ground like some people wanted because that is an escalation that would be hard to de-escalate. And this grouping out there is not so big, no need to go over the top.

So see yourself waking up, see your neighborhood waking up, but also waking up and getting your wits about you before you act. How many of you have woken up so quickly and then stepped around and maybe fallen on something on the floor or didn’t realize you had something connected to you and you tripped because you didn’t take the time?

Happened to our vehicle once many years ago when he was in England, he was sleeping on a rock and he was awoken very quickly and he took a step and fell into a thicket of bushes, thorny bushes and sliced his wrist that day. All he had to do was take a few extra moments to just not move and wake up and he would’ve seen that he was about to step into that bush.

So take the time to wake up before you move, but also be ready to move, be ready to take action, be ready to use those Aries energies to follow your passions, to follow your intellect and your belly. It’s not one or the other.

Now our vehicle wants to watch the moon so we must let him go. It has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.


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