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Beltane Fires, Bin Laden, & the Bush-Cheney Shadow


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • How Beltane is a spring cleaning and how this Taurus New Moon brings a clearing energy.
  • How there is a lot of old business from the Bush/Cheney years that is in need of going away.
  • Why those still having trouble with Obama’s birth certificate would have trouble with anything.
  • How a piece of Bush’s old business got dealt with today and how Bin Laden is a symbol of the futility of the Bush approach to finding him.
  • How the Obama administration is moving out of the shadow of the Bush/Cheney days and the entire planet should be taking a sigh of relief.
  • Why cultures in the past that pushed themselves to empires that collapsed from within and why the next generation of leaders don’t wish to follow the same old path off the edge of the cliff by fracking, drilling, and digging energy from the earth.
  • How free energy people now have the opportunity to see resources put into their work.
  • How as the frivolous use of energy drops off and the new energy technologies pick up speed, they will meet at a place of sustainability.
  • How the Obama administration is heavily into spring cleaning mode and policy changes are coming.
  • How it has been a week of the most absurd and the most serious, the death of Bin Laden and the release of the Birth Certificates and in the middle was a side show carnival at the White House press dinner.
  • How Donald Trump is not a serious person for the presidency and those who would consider him serious are seriously in need of having their heads examined.
  • How Trump allows the Christian Right to see what drives the Republican Party: money.
  • How Beltane fires were meant to spark the energies into the earth, to really enliven the earth, to reconnect the earth with the energies from the Galactic Center, from the Sun and how it is, by tapping into that energy, that you will really begin to feel the changes occurring.

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  • Gaia May 23, 2011, 11:59 AM

    Um…progress report?

  • A Pleiadian June 15, 2011, 1:13 PM

    Things may seem dire, but looking around there are signs everywhere that the system is unsustainable and change will soon sweep this reality. Be prepared.

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