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It is Time to Become Fearless — Hang On and Get Ready for the Ride!


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment. It is November 28, 2012, it is the day of the lunar eclipse and you just had a solar eclipse not long ago. This is connected with that. Let us begin.

What you are seeing occur in the world is the idea that the extremes on all sides have reached the level of absurdity, and what we meant by that is, anything taken to the nth degree begins to border on absurd whatever it is, certain eating habits like “carb diet” or whatever. Whether it is exercising, or whether it is reading, or whether it is not reading, or whether it is religion, or whatever it is, when it is taken so far, when it is run with as if nothing else mattered, you border on the absurd. You border on the, we would say laughable, and you are seeing that occur in the world now with many of the icons that are moving into the absurd. What we mean by that is that it is happening in many places.

You have the bicyclist, the Lance Armstrong person who pushed the technology so far that it was absurd. No one in the industry of bike riding doubts that he was blood doping and using techniques to increase his stamina. And for him to sit there and say, “I didn’t do it,” it is absurd, it is laughable. And you now have Senators getting way, way out on a limb over the Benghazi attacks with their attempts to create a rally cry, and they are so far out on a limb, and they are becoming a laughing stock, even of their own party, even those on their side see this as absurd.

And the same could be true of some of the liberals who want to see great changes that are really laughable as well. You are not that kind of a country, you are more centrists, we would say center left not center right, but you are more centrist than either party would have you believe, and it is why the voices of reason seem to be coming from the center.

And what we mean by that is, it is like a drill. You have these things in your world, you call them electric drills. And if you could look at the drill itself, the bit, the part on the end, it is a cork screw. But where is the strength of that whole thing? It is in the point in the middle. If that point in the middle is not sharp, if that point in the middle is not high integrity, you will simply create a lot of heat and not drill anything. You will not be able to get that drill bit to go through anything, but if you can take that drill bit and sharpen the edge and sharpen the middle, you will go through things like butter.

And so that is what we see going on here now is you are all beginning to realize that if you can relax into the center then you will find that things move much more quickly and progress with much more certainty and much more ease. And this gets back to something our vehicle was told many years ago in Egypt when the Temple of Luxor spoke to him and said that a time would come when there would be this great hurricane, tornado vortex of energy that would begin to pull things to the middle to recombine that which has been torn apart, and that those who would not let go and be pulled into the middle for healing would be torn apart by the outside. And you can see this from hurricanes, those who are on the outer rim of the hurricane, their homes are destroyed, their property, they are blown away, bridges and cars and cattle are all thrown around. But if you move towards the middle there is that place you call the “eye of the hurricane” and all of a sudden you are in great calmness.

And we say that because many on all sides of these feel that their extreme views are what defines them. In other words if they cannot have the extreme of what it is that they want then they feel that they are not in a world that they want to be in. We would suggest that any world that would be that much of what you want would be full of flaws. What we meant by that is -you do not think of all the possibilities, you do not think of all of the nuances of existence. There is an old saying, “Walk a mile in a man’s shoes before e you judge him.” And since it is something you really can’t do except through empathy, except through allowing of yourself to imagine something like that, it is something most of you have not done.

And one of the best examples that we have seen recently of someone who is not buying into the extremes is Chris Christie the Governor of New Jersey. Faced with the obvious potential of hurricane Sandy he could have easily, easily moved so far to the right, but he would have paralyzed his state, he would have paralyzed them at a moment when they needed progress and action. And so he did not do that, he looked at that edge of the wall and he said there is not the place I need to be, I need to move towards the center and get as many people into that center as possible and hunker down through this storm. And that is what he did and now he is being applauded for his great insights into centrist governing, but it is something Obama has been trying to do since he got into the office, even before, but it is the extremist on both sides that have kept him from that.

And so we want you to imagine that one of the things that is occurring here is this idea of that which has been torn apart being brought back together, being made whole again. And there is a wonderful metaphoric example of this in the movie The Dark Crystal. In the The Dark Crystal there is the great conjunction like you have today – the alignment of the sun and the moon. There are other alignments out there; you astrologers should go take a look. It is a great Yod, there is a great focus of energy today. And in that movie when that great energy came, it brought the two opposing sides back together again into one being, into one.

Now that is really hard for those on the extremes to accept, that that person that they see so far on the other side has any connection to them, and yet they do, you all do. It is that knowledge… yes, you don’t want to empower people to be weakened, you don’t want to create a class of lower class citizens, or whatever, that becomes the sponging group of the planet or whatever, no, but you cannot have the other either. It is somewhere in the middle where they are empowered but they are also challenged and those who have too much power are a little disempowered and made to see that as a challenge.

As you approach this fiscal cliff which as we see if from our perspective, it will not be resolved until after the cliff has been met and activities into the new year, because the current lame duck grouping has staked their reputations on just how much they will stay on the extremes, on both sides. And so you will not, potentially will not, see them together in this final moment. It is not impossible but it would take a level of compromise that neither side has shown, particularly the right, but neither side has shown, or demonstrated in a long time. And so it will take the urgency of being on the other side of the cliff to bring people from their extreme bargaining positions back to the center where sanity and synergy will be the rule of the day.

Now for those of you that see the extremes on the other side as so far removed as to have no place in the universe – that is the beginning of dysfunction. You must be able to see in everyone a spark that glows within you as well. The rich person has within him the compassion for the poor, the poor person has within him the compassion for the rich. What we mean by that is neither of these extremes is without their own version of dysfunction, of sickness. And so, just as you want to help the millions of people who might be starving somewhere, you also have to break free the minds of the ultra-rich that think the world that they are creating is in any way sustainable or healthy.

There will be a great push for health going forward. You are going to see it in food, you are going see it in the air, you are going to see it in the water, you are going to see it in the land, in the use of the land, you are going to see it in the types of foods that will all of a sudden become very popular, the types of food that were popular disappearing from the shelves completely. It is no coincidence that Twinkies are going away, Twinkies cannot survive in that world that you are going in, no one would make Twinkies in that environment, any more than someone would make lead paint for baby bedrooms in that world. It will be seen to be that toxic in the environment.

So, as you find yourself moving closer and closer to this point, one other thing we would suggest it to drop fear. Really it is time for all of you to become fearless and more excited about what is coming and less fearful, because it is coming but fear can cause you to react badly. Imagine you are one of those people that goes down the luge. You have seen these high speed toboggans and you get in it and you hunker down and you shoot down the luge track. Well, imagine as you are starting on that you panic and your arms come flailing out and you try to stop the luge and you try to get off of it. You could cause more damage to yourself than if you just grabbed onto it and hung on for the ride.

And that is our message for you today. Hang on and get ready for the ride.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.

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  • Unblinded November 29, 2012, 12:15 PM

    Have not listened yet but thank you so much for what you do for the sake of the people on this planet.

  • Joseph November 29, 2012, 2:32 PM

    right on!

  • Claudia November 29, 2012, 10:14 PM

    Thankful for this message as I have been watching the website closely waiting for the next posting:)

  • bennie langston November 30, 2012, 4:47 AM

    Hi pleiadian people i think that your messages are great and i wish i had become aware of your helping hand. Without your words and helping me understand my feelings resonating in my heart not only for you but for all life mother earth and the entire being of creation in all. please continue to help us as a galaxy im posative that we can all be kindrid spirits in all plains with love in abundance thank you.
    ps pop by for a chat any time B

  • Emma November 30, 2012, 8:34 AM

    All I can say is I’m on the edge of my seat! I cannot waaaiiiitttt for the changes! Thank all the wonderful beings who are skillfully and lovingly pushing us forward! 🙂

  • Davidbri November 30, 2012, 1:26 PM

    Hello All,

    We Are Always Willing To Change

    We are willing to release the old, negative beliefs,….types of thought that stand in our way. Our NEW thoughts are positive and fullfilling.

    Thank you channeler. Your information resonates well. The extremes are more apparent then ever. The medias messages are full of fear.

    Please,…let’s not forget the ones who support the message. Consider who sponsers the specific source of info ie. FOX NEWS or NPR. They are the ones who control the tone. Banks and Insurance companies sponser the NBC type news and Nonprofits and Endowments and Green oriented and Children oriented support NPR type media. Who do you trust? I prefer a balanced and wholesome view myself. So please consider where you or your friends are getting their information.

    There are many that are simply not aware of the influence of media. Misery loves company. It’s awful. Have faith. Be gentle with those that don’t understand. If you push it, they will push back and close. If you enter from below, and suggest, you will enable those who are blind to see for themselves.

  • Edmundo De Peder November 30, 2012, 9:28 PM

    Thanks, millions of thanks to this Pleiadin Friend who comes to us with such loving and important words. Im so looking forward to be in close contact with you people from the Pleiades and the wonderfful knoledge you have to share with us.

  • Julie December 1, 2012, 1:10 AM

    I know people that are afraid of the future. I used to be to. Some things are crazy. I love when I get to tell people not to be afraid of the future because it is going to be awesome.

  • wes dufek December 1, 2012, 11:21 PM

    Thank You! Ive been waiting 20 yrs for the Ride. Now boarding at the Laughlin Labyrinth, a inspiration from the Pleiadians.

  • Stephanie December 1, 2012, 11:41 PM

    I’m so very grateful for all of you precious Pleidian brothers and sisters in the light. These messages and all of your messages from the endless sources I’ve heard them throughout the years have given me such deep feelings of love, kinship, remembrance and enduring hope. I wish to see you all and all the galactic members of our family soon. I’ve been struggling with so many health issues this last couple of years, and I ask what guidance I might find to release, heal or melt away all disharmony in my body, mind and spirit, so I can be fully giving my energies to celebrating this beyond exciting time of healing, renewal and reunion for all beings and our Mother….. Many thanks and showers of love, Stephanie

  • Joyce December 3, 2012, 1:36 AM

    Dear Pleiadians,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful messages!!
    I have a question concerning December 21st – 23rd, 2012 ? I have close relatives who may be flying on an airplane from San Francisco to Seattle on Dec. 21st, or Dec. 22nd, and possibly Dec. 23rd. I’m wondering if it will be a safe time to fly?
    Are there any Pleiadians who are reading these posts, who would know? Thank you

  • Joyce December 3, 2012, 2:31 AM

    Now I just read on the Project Camelot Website that the Galactic Alignment is really taking place from 6 AM on Dec. 18th to 6 AM on December 19th. An Andromedan contactee, Tolec, says the actual peak of the alignment lasts 8 minutes and that this is the important time. Do you know the exact time of the alignment, and if it has an 8 minute peak or not? and if it does, when it is? Thanks I was going to arrange work so I could meditate on December 21st, but now I’m considering working on the 21st, so I can meditate on the 18th??!!
    Thanks for any incites into exact times of alignments for Pacific Standard Time.

  • Davidbri December 3, 2012, 2:04 PM


    Life Is Simple And Easy.

    ALL that we need to know at any given MOMENT is revealed. We trust ourselves. We trust life. The flow is good.

    Joyce(Josse)….Time is so slow and so relative in our 3D experience. 12/21 is arbitrary. The awaited moment is already fording. The alignment only enhances the effects of light. We have already moved out of the darkness and into the light. Things/perceptions will become more clear. Individual ego’s will deal each in their own way. Balance will prevail. Good will lead.
    So essentially, the MOMENT, is a considerable amount of clock time if you will. Being aware of the affect of the times is the key. The 19th sounds good to me;`).

    Oh, and my advice is to just go about your business. In the MEAN time, enjoy the connection. Enjoy watching things change/SHIFT for the better,….slowly but surely. Remember, we are humanBeings, just be.

  • Iris December 4, 2012, 12:31 PM

    Hey Joyce:

    The Sun will enter the 27th degree 0 minutes of Sagittarius on Dec 18 at 4.30am PST – if you are using the tropical zodiac (which most Wetsern astrologers do). The Sun will take until 4.50am PST to get to 27 Sagittarius 01 minutes. Not sure how someone is calculating the 8 minute peak figure. As far as I know, the center of the Milky Way is at 27 degrees Sagittarius, in astrological terms, with no minutes given. The Sun is transiting the 27th degree of Sagittarius (from 0 minutes to 59 minutes) from 4.30am PST on the 18th until 4.03 am PST on the 19th.
    The Sun enters Capricorn at 0 degrees, 0 minutes on the 21st of Dec. at 3.12 am PST – the winter solstice.
    Hope this helps.

  • Joyce December 4, 2012, 11:45 PM

    Thank you so much for your thoughts. They did make me feel better and more relaxed. I’d been reading about the emergency supplies , like a 4 wheel drive truck, 4 ten gallon jugs of water, etc etc, that I should have, which I don’t really have and was getting tense over it all.
    I’m curious why you said the 19th sounds good to you? That seems to be mostly after the times mentioned (6 AM on the 18th to 6AM on the 19th. I just watched a utube video in which a Mayan says that the 8 minute peak will take place half way between Dec 21st and Dec 23rd. I have looked up when the planetary alignment takes place or maybe it’s when we enter the galactic plane…(I’m not sure), and it is 3:11 AM on the 21st PST. So ??? I guess there are a few key times there or maybe generally a few days, and the 8 minute time of the peak is hard to find out. I’m assuming that when you said you’d go with the 19th, you meant, for meditation?? or do you mean for my relatives to fly here? I was worried that some electro magnetic type of activity could disrupt flying on the 21st, but I’ve decided to do what you said, and stay simple and relaxed and encourage them to fly when they want to. I don’t think they believe in all of this anyhow, but if it wasn’t safe, I’d want to let them know. Chances are they will fly on the 21st since it’s the end of the work week.

  • Joyce December 5, 2012, 1:17 PM

    Thanks for the information, Iris.

  • Joyce December 5, 2012, 4:17 PM

    I found this website with these letters, actually on this Pleaidian Network a couple of podcasts ago. I can’t find it anymore??
    It has helped me understand things better:


    I’ve been reading Matthews letters.
    I’d be curious what others think of this site.
    It seems to be “Right On!”

  • Davidbri December 11, 2012, 11:01 AM

    Goodmorning All,…

    The Point Of Power Is Always In The Moment

    The past is over. The past is Finished. The past has no power over us. We can begin to be free in this MOMENT. Todays THOUGHTS CREATE OUR FUTURE. We are in charge. We now take our own power back. We are SAFE. We are FREE.

    Dear Josse, I hope it’s OK I refer to you as Josse. I can’t help it.
    You seem to be holding on to your fears. Although you are overcoming any real sense of gloom. Remember “Be the authority of the information you receive”? It really applies to the intuitive senses you have. There are always dark forces/messages that get through and bid for control of you and your actions and most of all your thoughts. Try to recognize the source of the incoming information if you will. The dark side is clever and always MANIPULATING and coarse and impatient and fast. The light is supporting and nurturing and gentle and slow.

    I checked out the ‘Matthew’ site. I read a message from Suzanne. She was pretty clear and mostly correct regarding her assessments.
    There IS assistance already fording. Any interruptions/disruptions in our and especially Gaia’s electromagnetic fields via increasing Solar flare activity as predicted by scientist, coupled with the effects of our galactic center, is quite possible. Still,… we are here for you and your family.

    Just focus your thoughts and prayers. Pray for things to happen. Don’t pray for things not to happen. Ask for assistance. Ask for protection. And if you don’t. I will. You and your family are safe.

  • Trigger December 14, 2012, 7:52 PM

    Yes! Good-Bye Twinkies . . . Hello Luge . . .!!!

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