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Post-Mayan Calendar: Into the Light Again


[Transcript forthcoming]

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  • Trigger December 29, 2012, 9:02 PM

    To The Vehicle and The Pleiadians on The Pleiadian Network

    Thank you for such a clearly articulated, powerful discussion, in so many areas. It is very impressive.
    I think it is wonderful, and very important, that you are dealing with the topic of “evil” in such a practical, straightforward manner. For many, discussions or thoughts of evil/dark forces have caused much fear and anxiety and disempowerment. I am sure the media and organized religion have something to do with this. And I am confident that with the support of The Great Light bathing our planet, there will continue to be less and less fear and more and more self-empowerment.
    Your expression of “evil as a child up to mischief” is exactly how I have described these very low/fractured energies to friends, colleagues and students over the years. With an increased awareness and understanding that “evil/dark/disruptive” forces are merely just a “fragmentation of Wholeness”, a “fragmentation of the Light” in general terms, then as you say, we can look upon such dark forces as the immature antics of a misbehaving child. Then we can more easily let go of fear of evil as we begin to truly see it as powerless and weak. Are we afraid of the child who throws a temper tantrum? Does that child control our thoughts and actions and create our reality? Does that child understand cause and effect? -No, obviously not, otherwise he/she would be mature enough to not behave in a way that may harm him/herself and others .So it is with the evil/dark energies.
    When we can understand evil as a depletion, as something lacking, as something that, as you state “needs to be found and corrected”, we are better able to “rise to our own occasion/potential” and illustrate our parental abilities in very calm, and sometimes stern, ways, which ultimately reflect the responsible and nurturing qualities of the mature, adult, Spiritual Beings that we are.
    In our forgiveness of their dark/evil acts, we have no attachments to their fractured energies, and thus they have no power to influence us. In our forgiveness, we exhibit our nurturing, our unconditional love and our powerful existence in the Light, an existence that is like a pillar that is infinitely strong, unwavering and ever loving. If a disruptive child knows that they are loved unconditionally, then at the most minimal level, a seed of Light, of Love, of Creation, of Hope has been planted. By being solid within ourselves, we can more easily deflect, and possibly transform, any quality, degree or type of negative/dark energies. While there are many techniques to protect oneself, externally, from negative/evil energies, the greatest protection is our inner state of being, our consciousness, our energy, our expression of Oneness in all that we do.
    The evil/dark energies can choose to be transformed into higher states, or leave as they are deflected. If everyone on the planet lived as mature Spiritual Beings, then imagine how there would be no evil energies remaining and how high the vibrations of the planet, and our quality of lives, would be. How truly beautiful and easy life would be, all of the time. Then the magnificent Nature Spirits and all high spiritual energies/beings could easily dance with us, in the highest of freedom and joy.

    With Gratitude and Highest Blessings

  • PSLopez December 30, 2012, 1:46 AM

    Greetings ~The above was a great Pleiadian Channel post.
    Actually around 12/21/12 I felt a shift in my own personal consciousness ~whether it was my subjective mentality or a cosmic affect I cannot say for certain. I definitely feel a rise in consciousness I did not have before ~ an ease about life on earth and renewed faith in the future.

    I am glad 2/21/12 is behind us. I am not sure if it was anxiety attached to the whole Winster Solstice of December 12, 2012 promoted and it some cases aggravated by the Internet or what. I did not believe the world would end, but the polar shift idea bugged me.

    Nevertheless, there is now a different ‘feeling’ in the world that has left it a better place to be. Also there has been the emergence of the #IdleNoMore Movement since early December that reminds one of the Arab Spring.

    The Global Liberation Matrix is an interconnected matrix of many Libertion Movements around the world. It will grow, develop and advance if many help to nurture its natural blossoming.

    I will take the liberty of crossposting this to Facebook and elsewhere in case my post is censored, as a previous one was awhile back. No hard feelings. I will just make sure what I take the time to express will get out. Fear takes many forms.

    Venceremos! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
    Email ~ peta.aztan@gmail.com

    LINKS ~
    #IdleNoMore Website ~ http://www.idlenomore.com/ ~ @IdleNoMore4 on Twitter

    Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/IdleNoMoreCommunity ~

    12/28/12 ~ Why we are Idle No More ~By @Pam_Palmater
    ~ http://www.ottawacitizen.com/opinion/op-ed/Idle+More/7753967/story.html ~

    Mayan Mythological Gods and the Mayan Calendar
    ~ http://www.jacksbromeliads.com/mayancivilizationii.htm ~

  • PSLopez December 31, 2012, 1:16 AM

    12/30/2012 ~
    I deeply appreciate the Comment by Trigger ~ December 29, 2012 at 9:02 PM ~
    To The Vehicle and The Pleiadians on The Pleiadian Network
    We need to see that in actual connected reality when we are witnessing real evil ones causing harm, havoc and destruction we need to take these evil ones seriously, not simply dismiss them parent-like as a mischevious child. Know when an analogy is not an actuality.

    I sincerely try to be humane in all my relations, sometimes with certain individuals I need to make a conscious sustained effort.

    Evil exists in the world and it has its largest manifestation in the form of an Evil Empire that rules the real world we live in now. It evil powers must be stopped. Our history seems to be a record of the rising and falling of Empires. We need a new world and we ourselves must refresh our beings and exhibit the newness that is needed in our personal lives.

    An interesting Video ~
    VIDEO Mayan Apocalypse | HOLY FACTS #8 ~
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1p70EtQxJM Published on Aug 29, 2012~

    I subscribe to the @YouTube Channel: The Chopra Well. Thankfully life goes on within and surely it goes on without us.

    I really pray we all have a safe and sane Happy New Year’s Eve.
    Namaste! @Peta_de_Aztlan c/s

  • Luke Power January 3, 2013, 12:33 AM


    I have only recently learned the Pleiadian name, but it seems to fit with many characters that have been influencing my consciousness for some time now. These Characters, as i call them, were known to me as spirits and spirit guides. 2012 was a very interesting year for me, which brought about many many changes my mind body and soul.

    What took some effort for me to realize was they chose to make themselves known to me. I am a chosen being. It could be that I myself chose to come to be with Gia and learn of her ancient mysticism. Which brings many questions to me about timing, why did I chose to come at this pinnacle moment? I feel I have an important part to play.

    A great deal has been spent in shear frustration as to how I was to awaken humanity. Since hearing this post, I have learned that humanity is to awaken on the divines timeline. Perhaps I am to ensure that they know love, so when the truth is revealed to them fear will be forgotten? – it will take some contemplation, but luckily i have such a strong faith in the divine and am so blessed by such graces, that i know in my heart all will come to fruition. I feel that my path is to lead me towards divine creation, creation of a new world and a better universe. I am still amidst much confusion as to what I am to do with my gifts (i.e. how to best develop them and how to share them with as many people as possible). I think that simple expression of myself will reveal great truths, and as such, it will be a time of rejoicing.

    For now though, i am embedded deep within the matrix of the old world, and the brighter my light seems to get, the more attention is seems to draw of those who wish to extinguish it. I currently live in a world of fear, but am ultimately immune to its effects. This not an easy feat, and sometimes it does take hold, but i am able to fight.

    Thank you for reminding me Unity is far greater than Duality.

    I have been lost in duality for sometime as well, thinking I am to be a warrior in a battle against fear. I now realize the “battle” as it be, has already been won. I believe this planet to be a reflection of the entire universe. I believe humanity to posses a truly phenomenal gift, from the divine itself. I believe this gift to be utterly unique to our race and vital for the existence of the universe. I believe it has been locked away for sinister reasons. I believe we are now remembering we had the key all along.

    For now, I will continue to better myself. I will continue to learn and grow and keep my heart open.

    Once again, thank you for these posts.

    I see you.

    Love always


  • Davidbri January 3, 2013, 10:49 AM


    Beta waves are heavy. Dark forces are scrambling for survival sake. A very busy time for us inside and outside. As our channeler says,..Just keep focus. It dosn’t mean that life is always going to be pleasant as we go through these changes/growth/returning. Great things are happenning in the midst of our struggles.

    Remember, dark forces are attracted to the brightest of light. As the light increases, the dark inevitably is revealed and overcome. When you feel yourself succomb to the darkness, just pull yourself back and endure. One can not change the way/tao of the universe, one can only learn to live in balance with it.

    Retreat when you can. Alpha waves are good. When we connect with Gaia we calm and nurture ourselves and all life.

    Luke….very nice….sounds a bit like my experiences….very insightful as well….bravo.

    Trigger….love to read your healthy prespectives,…very kool.

    Mr. Lopez,….our hope is your hope;`). Keep up the good work. Thank you.


  • PSLopez January 3, 2013, 9:07 PM

    Thursday, January 3, 2012 ~ I appreciate good feedback. It is the lifeblood of social media and key for deepening communications. I can feel that Alpha waves are good and Beta waves can be bad. I try not to just split the world in two between good and bad, as if it is that east,.

    Time itself ~whether relative and subjective or not ~ becomes more precious to me. I lament all the years I spent in darkness chasing my own tail in vicious circles.

    Oh well. I am alive and learning. I have been working more on Spiritual Liberation and know the transformation that we allneed is now strictly on physical plane of connected reality.

    Let us keep nurturing! Shine Light upon Darkness! Venceremos! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
    Email ~ peta.aztan@gmail.com~ @Peta_de_Aztlan Twitter

  • Joyce January 4, 2013, 12:53 AM

    Thank you so much to the Vehicle and the Pleaidians for providing these podcasts. They are like a drink of water in the desert.
    This is a great podcast and everyones comments have been perfect in their own ways. It is nice to read comments from people that appreciate these podcasts or similar podcasts and youtube videos because it’s hard to find people that are interested in my daily life. It seems like they mostly exist on the internet. I do know a few people who are in this category but I can’t just call them up unless I want a reading, and pay money for it!!
    PS Lopez….thanks for the link to the Mayan Mythological Gods and the Mayan Calendar. That was interesting to look at and I really like the music that goes with it. I wonder about the serpent gods and serpent influence, and if that isn’t something from the darker forces that may have interfered with humanity for eons….or I could be wrong.
    Davidbri….Yes, you’re not kidding….the dark forces have been surfacing in my life….starting a couple of days before the moon was becoming full in Cancer. Now, having listened again to the podcast, I realize that these forces have been like the child in me surfacing. Even today, I’m still dealing with it.
    I feel like I’m normally surrounded by people that are not interested in anything Gallactic. I’ve ended up becoming defensive with a certain family member, and old darker feelings like anger, depression, loneliness, self pity have surfaced. Over the holidays, I may have caused some rifts with one particular family member who I feel is less flexible and open minded than I am. Also, most of the spiritual people that I know aren’t interested in this, which is too bad because I can’t feel free to talk with people that I should have something in common with, about what I think is going on in the world. Maybe it doesn’t matter, as long as I meditate, etc., but I still find it all fascinating.
    If I talk about any of this, I end up in the ” it doesn’t matter….just do your practices” category, the conspiracy theory category, or the naive and trusting, and “as long as you don’t give your money to charlatans” category.
    I hope that the light will become more and more evident, and that these darknesses will take a back seat and only surface to be quickly noticed and dealt with instead of lingering like they have for me during the last week.


  • PSLopez January 4, 2013, 4:27 PM

    1/04/13 Greetings All My Family!

    I am here now. I appreciate the Comment above by Joyce January 4, 2013 at 12:53 AM. I hope that we who check this stuff out can continue to communicate with each other and combat any sense of isolation. Feel free to Email. Sharing is caring.

    Remember there is a Facebook Group connected with this website > https://www.facebook.com/pleiadian.network

    We need to be confident in our communications. We need to be of positive assistance to others in our personal lives, not hung-up on any negative resistance to the truth.

    I understand what Joyce says about sharing this stuff wth others and sympathize with any inhibitions. Let us work on our own Spirtual Liberation.

    We need to look at life on three (3) levels: the cosmic, the global and the local. Stick to the basics. Use your basic common sense and share with those who may receptive.

    Be a Channel and expand your consciousness without any foolish fears about what others think or not. People are suffering now in real life. Educate to Libeate!

    Matthew 7:6 (King James Version)
    “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

    Venceremos! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
    Email ~ peta.aztan@gmail.com~ @Peta_de_Aztlan Twitter c/s

  • Joyce January 6, 2013, 2:25 AM

    Yes, it’s nice to be able to have a conversation!
    It wasn’t so much casting pearls before swine, it was as of the mischievous child that the Pleidians mentioned, was running around in my being, unchecked, and creating some havoc that I later looked back on as being insensitive and defensive with others, and allowing myself to get in a mood around others, etc…..rather than noticing this, and getting myself centered. Having too much to drink (Holiday cheer!) , which I almost never do, didn’t help much either and seem to lower my tolerance and make it easier to get angry. It also allowed me to share my pearls too long instead of knowing when to change the subject. Anyway, all is becoming fine and back to center now.
    Davidbri spoke about what I felt has been happening, and I’m focussing on the light again.

  • Davidbri January 6, 2013, 5:22 AM


    Yes Mr. Lopez,…your advice is concise. We are here to help those in need along. The amount of sharing is based on the person you are sharing with. Whether it be information or ourselves out of love. All people do not need to know the details. Living a spiritually healthy life within and without is the key. Helping people that cross your path find peace, love, POSITIVE thinking and hope is all we need really do and is OUR challenge. It’s notalways easy but the best work is not always easy. Anymore is icing on the cake and quite enjoyable when like minded people are involved. Family is the hardest yet the most worthwhile endeovor. Just be there for them and all as you go YOUR WAY and give to them unconditionally.

    Ask yourself Josse,…are you sharing for your need to share or for the needs of others? Do they really need to know? Afterall, they will remember in their own good time. It’s their journey and must be respected.


  • Joyce January 6, 2013, 4:37 PM

    You’re right, Davidbri. I was sharing “for my need to share” and be understood…..rather than “for the needs of others”. It’s a desire for closeness, and for respect from others for my understandings. To respect their journey and let go of my need to have their understanding and validation for my ability to know things, and consequently, more closeness, is my own need. I need to not need things from others, and it’s hard to always remember that…..and practice that.
    Thanks for pointing this out.


  • PSLopez January 7, 2013, 2:22 AM

    Sunday Night ~ Gracias Family, including Davidbri ~ We often over-complicate the simple and over-simplify the complex.

    Being in Balance is like dancing, one must go with the music, tempo and cadence with grace and dignity.

    I can actually ‘feel’ the difference in these new PostMayan Calendar times and I notice some others due to. It is not just imagination alone. We see the need for common unity.

    We just need to learn how to accept each other just as we are, before we ever think of casting stones. I refrain from absolute terms. We need to help each other, encourage each other and not be afraid of reaching out to others.

    I will try to be, feel and think more positive in times to come. I often checkout and post about Global News, Follow 99 Global News Sources and need to take time out from that and include other endeavors.

    I suspect both the Divine and the Devil are in the details.

    Just Saw Searching for Sugarman Rodriguez: 01/04/2013
    ~ http://wp.me/prH9G-cm ~ Namaste!

  • Davidbri January 7, 2013, 8:08 AM


    Your Life Is A Mirror

    The people in your lives are mirrors of YOU. This affords you the oportunity to learn, change and grow.

    Say YES!

    As we say yes to our lives, our lives say yes to us in return.

    Life mirrors our every THOUGHT. As we keep our thoughts POSITIVE, the gift of life brings only good experiences.


  • Davidbri January 9, 2013, 10:47 AM


    Evil does not exist in the universe. Evil is created. Evil is allowed.
    Try not to give in to TEMTATION. In any form. Think LOVE. LOVE IS LIGHT. Light overcomes and nurishes all life.

  • PSLopez January 9, 2013, 12:55 PM

    Davidbri ~ Why be naive? Look at your own logic. If “Evil is created. Evil is allowed.” how can it not exist?

    Ideals are not inherently realities. I live in the real world of connected reality. We have lions, tigers and bears! ;->

    Venceremos! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
    Email ~ peta.aztan@gmail.com~ @Peta_de_Aztlan c/s

  • Davidbri January 10, 2013, 7:53 AM

    Evil is not an entity in of itself. It is part of the flow because our kind and others maks it so.

    Let us expand our awareness together. Naivete in my simplistic view of nature. One of my strengths, I shall not give it up yet embrace it. It guides me to knowledge and remembering through my experience of life.

    Mr. Lopez,..Your ‘world’ and my ‘world’ are not the same. When I share my views it is not to impose, it is to share my views. If you do not agree, as I do not at times, I feel it gives us something to ponder. The more you may disagree, the more important reflection becomes. We are all mirrors of ourselves;`).


  • Trigger January 11, 2013, 7:47 PM

    To Friends on The Pleiadian Network

    A quick note to say that it is always an honour and pleasure to read All of your comments and to contribute to the comments. I thank the Vehicle and the Pleiadians for providing this most special site and forum for open discussion and dialogue so that those of like-minds, unified hearts and shared spiritual goals/experiences can be free to express, share and learn from each other. I am not much of a Facebook user, so I continue to look forward to participating in the comments section here, as time allows (well, until we are truly living in a “no-time” frequency!) I think it is very exciting that we are all connecting and engaging in such supportive and stimulating ways. The Days of Unity are upon Us.

    Lots of Blessings to you All.

  • Davidbri January 12, 2013, 6:50 AM


    The message I’ve recently received about ‘evil’ in my travels was not easy to digest initially yet I remained open to the possibilities as always. I questioned the message initially and then let it go. After a day or two of moving with the flow, the answers/remembering began to ensue.

    Evil is a manifestation. Any act or thought can be made to be evil. Just as anything determined to be evil can and always eventually equates to good and love. If what we’ve learned and remember about the true nature of life/space/time and the differring aspects of each in the multidimensions in the universe is to help us FOCUS our thoughts and feelings in a CONSTRUCTIVE and PRODUCTIVE manner, then the manifestation of evil loses it’s intended affects. Eventually falling out of fasion. We see this happenning each day. It seems slow changing to most, yet events only seem to be progressing slowly. One of the benefits of being human.

    The manifestation of evil is quite intollerable yet will continue as people work through their PAIN. This is why we are here. To help them with their work ;`).

    Just as the very nobel spirits of The Lion,The Tiger as well as The Reveared Spirit of The Bear. No evil lives or is bread by these spirits, in any form. Unless one attributes such a perspective, then the fears of others will create evil situatioins.
    See the purity and goodness in the universe. Think positive. You will be amazed as the NEW AGE reveals ‘ heaven’ on earth.


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