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Moving Into the Golden Age: Tapping the Matrix of Memory


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment. It is December 2, 2013 – New Moon in Sagittarius. Let us begin.

There has been a lot of change coming about within the last twelve moons, and here you are at the last moon now of 2013, you’re in Sag, which is very close to the Galactic Center, and you are lining up with the Galactic Center in such a way that the amount of energies that can reach the earth through the spiral arms, through the ethers is vast. And we know we say this often and many people are like, “Oh, vast energy, vast energy, vast energy!”

But what you have not really grasped is that this energy isn’t electrical, you’re not going to light light bulbs with it, and it isn’t heat related or it’s not going to melt the Polar ice caps. It is energy of the life force. Life force energy is on the rise on this planet, and so that is going to bring a lot of unfolding energy into the individuals.

Individuals are really beginning to feel – those who have been working with this energy and those who have not – you will all begin to feel more of an expansion within yourselves, a growth spurt, if you will. And for many that growth spurt finds its way into activities, things that they do. They find themselves working harder on the things that they love. They find themselves learning new things and really focusing into those new things, completing things – things that have been on the back burner for a long time.

And so that’s the kind of energy that’s really coming in, and we want you to imagine – we’re not sure how many of you are aware of this, but there’s a thing called Jenny patterns. And these are, they are called Cymatic Jenny Patterns, and they are made on plates or other things that vibrate, and you make sand and you make other materials vibrate and they creates patterns. And if you have ever watched any of these Jenny videos and they are on YouTube now and the Internet, you will see that there’s a point in time where you move from one pattern to another – where there appears to be chaos on the plates.

The sand just seems to blur into this big blurriness of chaotic activity and then as the frequency improves and moves back into a resonant pattern making frequency, the new pattern comes into place. And it is usually different, it is usually – if the frequency is being upgraded or moved forward or at a higher pitch or whatever, it becomes a higher order of order, a higher degree of order.

And that is where you are moving, you are moving from a place where (cough) the energies have kept you at a certain pattern, and that pattern has been in your thinking, that pattern has been in your finances, that pattern has been in the way that you all live on the planet, and individual countries and individual human beings, you all have these patterns, that you have been quite okay with. Some have been given to you from your parents and your cultures, some you have gotten on your own, but all of them have been patterns that have been within the frequency range of what was hitting the earth at that time, and now it is moving to a higher frequency.

And so many of those old patterns do not hold any longer, they really just don’t hold any longer. And so, as you find yourself in this last moon of the year, moving now into 2014, and later in the year moving out of the Chinese Year of the Snake – which is also connected to all of this – you will find yourself like the snake, shedding its skin, moving out of that previous existence into a new – into a new and expanded reality.

And so we know we bring this up often and we know we have said this on many times, but there comes a point in time where it becomes visceral. You begin to know it because you feel it, because you see it, because you live it, and that is the time you are in now. You are really moving out of the patterns of the last cycle and moving into the patterns of this new, this new cycle of energies. And this is the way of evolution, this is the way of Prime Creator’s plans – how you move through these places, and as you shed the previous, that which would cling to that previous can still be there.

If you cling to the previous, if you want to hang on to the dead skin of the snake, fine. You will be left in that attic place where the snake moved through and left it, and that is where you will be. But those who will follow – move forward – you will find yourselves now in a new place with new flexibility, new energy, new resources to build the next layer of existence. And this is a pattern, it has happened many times before – it is not the first time.

And so those of the higher realms, those who have been watching your planet, have been waiting for this particular time. It is like, it is like they’ve been watching the Earth Sphere Terra, the solar system, move through this darker period and were not interested in that darker period.

How many of you know people who go south for the winter? They see the winter coming and they board up their home and they put the little things over it so the dust doesn’t get on stuff and they leave and they go south. They go to Florida or someplace like that. There are many who do this or used to do this. And that is what some of the higher energies have done, they retreated from – from the rigid-ie, cold, dogmatic existence that was moving in and waiting for things to warm-up. And now they are.

So you are seeing these energies move back here like the geese coming back in the summer time, like the ducks and whatever, that fly back – the migrations. So there’s a great migration now of higher energies returning to the earth, returning to this solar system, and with that will come a re-connection with these family members – and they are family members. They are not someone separate from you or different from you. They are simply family members who went south for the winter and have now returned.

And why is this important? It’s important to keep in mind that you are connected to them, that they are not something different from you, that these energies bring information that has been lost in the cold, if you will. As the glacier ices go back and, and now you can repopulate these places.

This will all make more sense to you as you begin to discover more of the artifacts on other planets, on your Moon and on Mars and on Venus and on Earth. As you begin to unfold some of the, some of the ancient temples, like this one in Turkey – Gobekli Tepe. Those who have been uncovering it are discovering that it was not washed over – it was covered over on purpose as we said, by those who would come back at a later date.

When you leave your home to go south for the winter you board up the windows and you put the sheets over the furniture so the, so that the furniture is not damaged while you’re away, it is what these individuals did. And so they will be returning, a return of the Masters who worked with the stone and Masters who knew the energies of the solar system and the galaxy and could ride them, like surf boarders. And you will begin to look at some of these ancient cultures that were the inheritors, if you will, of this information.

So, as you find yourself moving into this place, and the pattern moves out of the chaos back into a new and higher vibrational pattern, we want you to think about the fact that this is not new – it’s new to you – but it’s not new. You’ve been here before, and it was considered at that time and the many times that there have been in that cycle – you’ve been through this cycle – it is considered a Golden Age – a Golden Age.

So you are moving into that Golden Age, and it will not be an age of what you have had in the past. So those who want to cling to the past, are really wanting to hang on to the dead skin of that snake we are talking about.
And it is interesting that the symbol of the Tea Party is the snake, all cut up, “Don’t tread on me” snake – interesting to us, these motifs that find their way into your, into your culture because you have a memory of these times. You have a memory – you think your memory is part of you? It is not. Your memory is a connection you have to the Akashic, which is the memory of existence.

And so you can tap into that memory and know things that are beyond your years, beyond your knowledge. There have been children born on your planet who have had vast knowledge, long before they could possibly know things. Who are they? What are they doing? They are tapping into this Akashic, they are tapping into past lives, to the memories, the tapestry of memory that is existence.

And so that would be the theme, tapping into the matrix of memory which you are all doing, you are all beginning to do. And you will all find out just how much every individual is like a star, drawing in this energy and radiating it out around you.

So as you see things seeming to fall into chaos, know that on the other side of all of that chaotic activity is a higher level of structure.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Anneda December 3, 2013, 3:19 AM

    I love your analogies dear Pleiadians! I feel it…

  • Emma Strong December 3, 2013, 2:08 PM

    A great explanation for my feelings. I have listed nearly 200 lives I may have lived. I have no real reason for doing this research other than “I have to, I want to, I need to.” I speak in my unknown language every morning, I video all the energies pouring into my bedroom every morning, I write in my unknown language, and it goes on and on. I even call everyone in to watch TV in the evening, and I video everyone entering the room. Now, whether they stay or actually watch what I’m watching I have no idea. I even changed my name because I felt I was someone else. I’m awakened numerous times in the night, as if someone is shaking me. I awaken with bruises and scratches. I also have many marks on my body resembling a probe with two prongs. The prong marks are usually always the same distance apart. The list goes on. I cannot quiet the feel of energy flowing through my body when I sit in a chair and rest. It always feels like I’ve been running a foot race. It feels as if my blood is racing through my body or a mild electric current that I cannot quiet. Nothing is painful or disturbing or frightening or anything would not want to tolerate. It’s just part of all that is. I believe my contact is with embodied energies as well as disembodied energies, divine and ongoing. I have never felt that they anything thing other than the most gentle of intentions. I am in hopes that shall never want to remain as is, but to advance forward as fast the Universe will allow and hope that I am playing an important part in innervating the changes of which Earth is so deserving. Thank you for your informative and uplifting words.

  • Claudia December 3, 2013, 4:18 PM

    Thank you!

  • DavidBri December 16, 2013, 8:25 AM

    Good Morning All,

    “You’re remembering who you are, who WE are,… ancestors past and future.”

    This was the first perplexing concept my friend William posed during our first visit in 2011. Although not at all perplexing, after a few moments. Only,…”Of Coarse!” Not sure why at the time, but that’s O.K. It’s just a no brainer. Accept your intuition. Pay attention to what you believe you are IMAGINING. The puzzle pieces are all there. Live in the moment and accept each piece as you go.


  • Joyce December 17, 2013, 8:37 PM

    Today, after listening to this podcast again and looking back at the last couple of weeks, what you’re saying makes a lot of sense and is very affirming.
    Thanks a lot….I do enjoy these, in spite of my skepticism about “Is who is being channelled really who they say they are?”, and if not, “What information might be left out, etc.” Sorry, but I do need to question things because there is a lot of purposeful misinformation out there. I try to take what makes sense, and disregard the rest, in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
    It’s fascinating to look up references like Gobekli Tepe and the Dendera Plasmoid too. It was hard to find much about the Dendera Plasmoid except that it may be an unusual advanced light source that existed in Egypt long ago, and at Gobekli Tepe, I do wonder how people from the past who build with stone and large stones in the shapes of Ts would have used these, and built in circles, and why there are a lot of animal carvings and it doesn’t looked as if people lived here. I doubt that the current beliefs about what this temple was about are correct, but I do also wonder why highly spiritually and technologically developed beings would use big blocks of stone? and not more advanced technology? I love learning about these types of things, and that there is even a temple like this in Turkey that is this old 9 – 11000 years….Fascinating…..What is the stone circle phenomena about anyway? and why stone Ts , in this case?

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