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Solutions Are Beginning to Flood the Planet


Good evening, we are here, give us a moment. It is April 25, 2013, lunar eclipse in Scorpio, let us begin.

There has been a lot of activity that has been intended to bring more and more and more fear into the picture, and the reason that you are seeing a lot of this is because the dark forces, we would call them or dark entities, they know that they are really being evicted, if you will, from the earth sphere. And so they want to go out with a bang and we don’t mean that to be funny. They want to go out with a bang, and unfortunately for them there intention is not going to come to fruition, and what we mean by that is people are waking up, we have said that many times. And when the smoke clears if you will, you will find out that they are not very powerful at all, and it is a very interesting version of what happened at the Boston Marathon.

We will speak about that for a moment. Here was this excitement, this terrible incident that happened, and people injured and killed, but when smoke cleared it was just a couple of young men with distorted thinking. It did not turn out to be any larger than that. Now there are some who would think conspiracy and whatever, we will not speak on that but the idea that when you finally caught up with these people and you finally found them or the police caught up with them it was because of a lot of help from a lot of normal people who took pictures and things, and what the surveillance cameras showed and whatever. When they finally found it, it was just a young boy huddling in a boat, huddling, and hiding in a boat. It was not an army; it was not a jihad group from the mountains of Afghanistan or something, just a couple of very, very disturbed young men.

And that kind of paper lion, if you will, is what the dark has always been afraid you would discover them to be, that they are not really the ferocious, terrible undefeatable – they are really not, and bringing them out into the light and they will be seen to be what they are – stunted individuals who have not grown past prejudices and things of this sort.

Now, as you find yourself moving now through this time period, particularly because of the alignment with the sun and the moon, more and more energies keep hitting the planet and solutions to long standing problems are really now beginning to flood the planet, whether it has to do with energy, whether it has to do with medicine, whether it has to do with food production, whether it has to do with mental health, whatever they are, all of these things are starting to really find solutions. And what most individuals are going to discover is that the solutions quickly alleviate a lot of problems.

Now we also want you to remember that many of you are part of that solution, many of you are the ones who are going to come up with or discover the things that will push this planet into that place of more abundance and security and whatever. And so see that and ask yourself what’s coming to me, what sort of things is coming to me that I can then act on to solve problems and they might be little problems in your home or big problems in your neighborhood or if you are someone in authority it might be big problems with the country or the world. But you will all from the person, the young person going to school to the President of the United States, find solutions to long standing problems.

And so see this energy sort of reaching the layer of abundance, knowledge of how to bring abundance, and then see how that manifests for you but also look around and see how it is manifesting for others. Take a minute, go look and see what people are discovering, people are learning, inventing. You will be surprised how quickly many of the long standing issues can be resolved.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Until next time, thank you.

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  • Claudia May 7, 2013, 8:18 AM

    Thank you!

  • Timary May 7, 2013, 12:06 PM

    Thank you!!

  • JEAN May 7, 2013, 2:44 PM

    Thank you!!!

  • Gareth May 7, 2013, 6:46 PM

    Thanks. Peace! 🙂 X

  • Dianne May 7, 2013, 7:07 PM

    Thank you for helping change greed for profit
    into benevolent love

  • Iris May 7, 2013, 9:40 PM

    Yes – thank you for your service – I always look forward to your postings. I know it can’t be easy to maintain this site and post & transcribe the channelings – please know it’s very much appreciated.

  • Davidbri May 9, 2013, 9:44 AM

    Hello All,

    Well then, there ARE a lot of you monitoring the situation. I’m not surprised.

    Yes!…this channeling truly reflects reality. Objectivity is the advantage, it spawns clearity. We can all be more objective, and a little less subjective.
    It affords us a more healthy PERSPECTIVE. Letting go not only helps to center oneself and connect, it allows us to become more OBSERVANT as our awareness grows. As our understanding grows, so does our compassion for each other, each a part of the greater whole. Of all our growing senses, the most common.


  • Alberto June 1, 2013, 7:20 PM

    I had a dream when I was 3yrs old in 1959. There were elements from Star Trek in it…….transporters, computers and monsters. Peace is coming!

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