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Spring Equinox Channeling: Plant the Seeds of Intention


Good evening, we are here, give us a moment. It is Wednesday, March 20, 2013. It is the Spring Equinox. Let us begin.

We start our channelings often with a nod to the astrology of the day, but today is not so much an astrological day as it is an astronomical day. And what that means is this is a day where the movement of the planets and the scientifics are in synch. The scientifics can tell you it is equinox, it is the day of equal sun and equal darkness, they can tell you it is the day when certain alignments are in synch. Then their mathematics tells them this, and their knowledge tells then this, and so they are okay to call it what it is. And then there are of course those who are into the astrology and they have a different slant on what an equinox is, or what qualities it has.

And we’re not sure if you are familiar with this but there is this idea that you can balance an egg on this day, and our vehicle has done this many times to prove it to himself, and there is no scientific rationale for that. Our vehicle once told his neighbor about the egg, and him being an engineer scoffed at it. And he said, “No, really, give it a try.” And so there is an aspect of this day that the engineers cannot account for and that is really something that is very important to understand about the signs and the times that you are in, is that the scientifics cannot give you all the answers.

Now equinox, day of balance, day when you can balance an egg on its end, what does that mean? It means it is a time when you can pick a direction that you wish to go and it is easy to change the momentum of the moment. Now have you ever seen a ball that is on a trajectory where it has gone up into the air and reaches a peak pinnacle point and then starts to drop? At that peak pinnacle point that ball is weightless – has no weight – and so if you were there at that particular moment and you could give it a small tug in any direction, that ball would change and go in that direction. Now those who play golf and things like this know of that because the winds and things like this, affect that spot.

We are here to tell you that there is an analogy in life, and that you are at that point when you can start to make a difference in the trajectory of the next few moons, and so see yourself… maybe it might not be getting to you on time for this one, we know we are doing it now, so those of you who are listening won’t get this for a day or two, so maybe the next one, which is the Fall Equinox. Keep in mind that these things can occur, that you have these momentum points that seem to null out. Now we say that because there are going to be a lot of opportunities to tip the directions of reality and there are many working with that at this time, many within the government, many within industry, many of you who are just normal people. You are all looking for that opportunity to sort of give reality a little bit of a nudge and as a planet you are doing this because you are all feeling the call to sustainable significant living. You are all feeling it whether you are someone living in India, or China or whether you are in the Americas, you are rich or poor, whatever.

You see this trajectory of the planet and you want to change it, and we are here to tell you that your thoughts and your intentions have great ability to change this. And so we want you all… we have said recently that we wanted you to wake up every day and start your day with relaxation. Continue that, continue that and for those of you who have not been doing it, start. There was a wonderful person who was quoted once as saying that he wanted to learn to play the piano and someone said to him, “Why don’t you learn the piano?”, and he said, “I’m too old.”

And he said, “Really, how old will you be in five years if you started to learn today?” In other words there is no time like the present to start something, to start something that can have a benefit to you. And so if you have been thinking about doing something with your diet, do it now. If you have been thinking about doing something with your exercise, do it now. If you have been thinking about wanting to learn something, a new skill to better your chances for employment, do it now. Finances, want to start saving maybe, do it now. What we are saying is don’t wait for perfect, start the seed now – plant the seed now – it’s that time of year to plant seeds.

We are telling you to plant intention seeds now, and go through the motion, write it down, bury it in the ground. Go out into the yard or to someplace and take your intention and write it on a piece of paper and curl it up into a little ball and shove it into the ground and water it. Now you are all laughing. We are here to tell you that kind of activity causes energies and those energies can birth reality.

Now, we have been telling you also not to look backwards, or not to focus on the past. That is important as well because it really doesn’t matter how you got where you are. What matters is what you do with the now, the point of time you are in, going forward. There will be a time in the future when you can go backwards and make changes and in a way you are sort of doing it now, but don’t focus on the past, focus on the now and what you want in your future.

And that is our message for this Equinox; use the power of your intent to tip the scale, to tip the ball in the direction that you want. You have all seen the basketball players that at the last minute with a little tip of the finger can move the ball into or out of the net, and it is very similar to where you are at right now. You can tip this place into a chaotic mess or you can tip it into solutions and significant living. It’s always been within your power to do this.

Now, many of you are thinking, “Oh, it’s just poor me, I’m one person.” Stop that thinking right now. Recently the man who filmed Romney came out from hiding and made his story known and if you are not familiar with him, go look him up. And he was a bartender who decided on that day to film what he thought was going to be a run-of-the-mill speech. He had no idea what Romney was going to do, and we will tell you that video had a significant effect on the election outcome, no doubt, and so here’s one man seizing the moment to make a difference. Each of you is no different from him. At any moment you have the ability to make a difference and reverberate that difference out into the mass consciousness. It is what a lot of the darker elements are trying to do, and they are having some success – young person goes out and shoots up a school, next thing you know all of you are talking, all of you are wanting gun controls or something. One person did that. Well then in the same way one person can change things in another direction. One person can help move the ball closer to the goal.

And so let us end with that – keep your eye on the goal and do what you can to tip that ball to the goal. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Benjamin Curtis Langston jr March 22, 2013, 3:52 AM

    Thank you that was quite inspiring for this time in the morning. These words ring true within me and i feel this message has been a message my mother has been telling me my whole life positive things happen to posative people. Its great when such a simple message sets you up for the day hope the angle of the preferbial ball gets moved in a direction that benefits mankind and starseed people alike 🙂 B

  • Kimberly Newman March 22, 2013, 8:50 PM

    Thank you for your inspirational message. I have been suffering through the recession and now I am beginning to feel a new spring in my life. I am launching a new business, that helps dogs deal with separation anxiety. It is a dog bed with a recording devise in it. You can record a message for your dog. When your dog steps onto the pillow of the bed, your message is played for your pet. This has helped my three dogs so much. My chihuahuas have terrible separation anxiety and love hearing my voice comforting them, when I’m not at home. I love your recorded messages and my dogs love mine.
    Best wishes, love and peace in your life.
    Kimberly Newman

  • Davidbri March 28, 2013, 9:41 AM


    Spring Is Definately Upon Us…:~)…:
    Planning Our Garden; Part I

    Here we are. Our GROWING season is finally upon us. Although I’ve just began to remember a couple of years ago, it seems like the wait has been much much longer. Like 63 million Solar Years or so?

    The idea of gardening takes on a whole new meaning,.. doesn’t it?
    Of course the scale is much larger, …depending on your point of view of course. I’m not sure volume of or length of time means very much in the fifth and higher dimensions, unless of course for the affects in the first through fourth. That is where our responsibility comes in for all the dimensions are part of a greater WHOLE. Our Source…… and we are the seeds.

    Time To Open A Dialogue

    Now ALOT of you out there are experiencing alot of thoughts going on in your respective heads aren’t you? Quite concerning to say the least, yes? This is why I and our beloved Channeler are encouraging all of you to QUITE your thoughts. But I’m going a another step further today. I think I can help with an apparent developing conundrum, and especially for those of us who are more psychicly innclined.


  • Davidbri March 31, 2013, 8:13 AM


    Planning Our Garden; Part 2
    Caring For Our Seeds and Planting

    So many thoughts. Attempting to quite the mind seems to have the opposite effect dosn’t it? Our thoughts become louder. Our intuition tells us that we are sharing thoughts with others but that idea can be quite upsetting for many. Especially when we are motivated to share, when those around us become very concerned about our mental health. Seeds are sprouting everywhere. Truely do not fear. Quickening is an intense experience. Be comforted to know you will settle in and grow into your new consiousness/awareness. For now,… dealing with the flood of thoughts is the theme/challenge.

    Give yourself time. If you can’t stop your thoughts let them flow freely. After a while they will slow down and even stop on there own. Ask for quite. Then you will start listenning. You will become more focused. You will know the difference between good and evil influences. Don’t give the evil power for it has none without you. Trust your intuition and after awhile you will even be able to identify your collaborators ;~).

    Great Power vs: Resolution

    Try to maintain a traditional role in your roles in this life. You have been blessed with a gift and have a responsibility to all life. You are a leader and have been recognized. It is never neccessary to prove yourself. The situation will progress with ease.

    To engage in conflict with opposing forces gives the opposition strength by acknowledging it’s power. Be resolute in your actions rather than your words. Be resolute in your inner growth and nurture your connection with all life through understandiing and love.


  • Rob April 1, 2013, 4:41 AM

    Thank you Davidbri,

    I can identify with the gardening theme. When the the thoughts and information gushes it does feel overwhelming at times, however this forum offers a great aspect of peace for me, and the reminder to be still.

    Love and Light

  • Ayron Jones April 1, 2013, 2:21 PM

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m not usually one to post on blogs but I started learning about Pleiadians last night, it woke something up in me and I really think that I might be a starseed with a huge mission. I’m looking for someone who can help guide me to some answers.

    I’m 26, black, 5’9 with a slender/skinny build. I have a 6’3 armspan, and long skinny fingers. I’ve been sensitive to light since I can remember, and have extreme attention to detail when it comes to art and music. I talk and think very fast. My mind works like a domino chain. As a child I experienced some psychic abilities. (ESP)

    I think I’m here to do something on a massive scale to help ascend the world into next level consciousness and higher level vibration but I honestly don’t know. I’m a musician and I feel like my music channels from different dimensions. All I seek is help and guidance.

    This is a video of one of my performances.

  • Davidbri April 2, 2013, 12:23 PM


    “Trees Are Budding All Around”

    Starting To Grow Up; Time For Right Thinking, Not Wrong Thinking

    There is a great need for all of us to focus our thoughts in a constructive manner, never destructive. As you are learning our thoughts can influence each other to act and behave certain ways. They manifest in 3D reality by being enacted. So it is not ‘harmless’ to think and feel anything negative, especially aimed at someone or some group. You all can see how we affect those closest to us of course. But it’s much more. More than manifest destiny. Our thoughts determine the flow. The CURRENTS of thought energy. Not conflicting thoughts that are justified of course but unfortunatly ineffective, giving the power to the dark side. The key is to continue to grow and think in the direction that is good, and continue to set appropriate examples at home and at work. Many will embrace the commen sense. As we grow and create selfsustainable lives, old selfish values systems will continue to fall away, as we lead the way.

    It’s like learning to be a good parent. When you are stressed on the inside, our kids and pets know it and reflect it back. So we try to stay balanced and at our best at all time so our children are at peace along their way. We set a good example, pick and choose are battles, don’t react but repond with love and understanding, support and nurture. The LEADERS in the family. Well,… we are leaders on our world, lets behave like adults for a change and care for our neighbors and our planet. And for goodness sake, be mindful of your thoughts, every one has a sole and deserves the utmost respect in thoughts, not just actions.

    Hello Aaron, welcome.
    You are very special indeed. A Divine Spokesman. You are in the highest company. Continue to pay close attention to all the clues along your way as your memory unfolds. If you have a question, you already have the answer.


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