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Blood Moon in Libra: Expand Your Awareness


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment. It is Tuesday, April 15, 2014, Full Moon- Lunar Eclipse in Libra. Let us begin.

Ideally you are all feeling the strength and the intensity of the energies that are bearing down, flowing through, emanating from this point in time. It is in many ways like a fireworks display, like a Fourth of July fireworks displays, there are energies and “poppings” and things just happening everywhere, and just like a fireworks display, if you do not go outside and watch it you might not know it is even happening. Like the Lunar Eclipse, the Blood Moon of last night, some were able to go out and see it, others could not because of the cover of the clouds and such, but that did not make it not happen that simply meant you could not go out and see it.

And in that way the energies, the openings that are occurring are occurring whether you can see them or not, whether you are noticing them or not. Ideally many of you are awakening your senses beyond sight, beyond sound, beyond feeling into a more subtle place where these energies are very prominent. If you could have gone outside on a cloudy night and still been able to know – feel the moon and the sun and the earth aligned – you would know what we are talking about, many of you can, but you discount that because it is not part of the normal sensing. But we are here to tell you that that kind of sensing is as natural as all the others, but you have as a culture and as a planet not given it the place of prominence in your existence that it deserves. Some of you have, but many of you have not.

And so because you have given such prominence to sight and sound and other senses, smell and things of this sort, when you cannot bring those senses to pick up what is going on, you think nothing is going on. But we are here to tell you that much is going on right now, and that you are seeing the dissolving of structures and the flow of energies.

There’s a wonderful move out now, maybe wonderful is not the right word, powerful movie out now called Chasing Ice that our vehicle recently was made aware of by meeting the actual people who put it together. And in this movie you see the researchers and the artists putting cameras out so that they can watch the ice over long period of time because to watch it in a short amount of time, you see nothing, but when you watch it stretched out over weeks and months then you see great movement, you see the dissolving of entire glaciers right in front of your eyes.

And so in a way that is what you are seeing on the world stage, that is what you are seeing in all of the areas whether it is energy or technology, political, social, everything is beginning to have that movement, that structural movement. Look at the Pope finally asking for forgiveness, finally acknowledging without any pretense past offenses of their members because the idea is you can only go forward with your eyes open.

Many years ago our vehicle had these glasses that allowed you look behind you. They were sold on television and they were meant to be the “rearview mirror glasses” or something like that, and our vehicle was riding a bicycle and he was fascinated with what was going on behind him to the point of almost driving off the road in front of him, and then he took the classes in that moment and just threw them aside, threw them right off the road, discarded them in the moment because looking behind him did not serve him in going forward.

And that is the case here, you will find that those who want to really, really, really look backwards are going to miss what is going on in front, and because you are moving fast you really can’t afford the glances backwards as much as you have maybe in the past when things were going a little slower.

Now one of the things about our vehicle that we would like to tell you is that he is very aware that channeling is limited, the process of channeling has its limitations, and he is always the taskmaster with us in that he wants our channelings to be beneficial and not just floofy nothingness. And so he’s always holding us to that standard, “Be beneficial, have something that has some meat to it.” And ideally that is what we have been bringing you over these last few years, the fragments that are missing in an otherwise big picture, because we can’t give you it all, that is the nature of channeling.

Each channel has a limitation to certain areas, to certain interests of the channel. This channel will never speak Japanese. This channel will never channel great information about astrology or something, even though we bring up astrology all the time, he is not an astrologer – he is not fluent in Japanese.

So these are not keys available to us. This vehicle who is speaking now has a tendency to see, to unravel puzzles. He is a puzzle solver, he puts that puzzle solving to great effect in technologies and in histories and in political and social understandings. And so that is why you get much of that kind of communication from us. This vehicle also is very knowledgeable in the movie cultures and the music cultures, and so we will use movies and musicals and music lyrics as examples, as metaphors.

Each of you channel, each of you do. It is not something that only one or two people can do. Everyone does it, and ideally as you become more and more conscious of the fact that you are not the flesh and blood body that wakes up every morning, you are what animates that body, then maybe like a salmon you can start to swim upstream a little bit and go a little bit higher and get the clearer, bigger picture.

And so if you are not getting certain interests from the channelings you are seeing here follow your intuition because we guarantee you what you are looking for can be found if you search for it, but you will not find a one-stop shop. You are interested in having metaphysical experiences, seek out those who would train you in such things and you will be surprised who you find. If you are interested in astrology, seek them out and you will be interested in what you find. If you want to know about sustainable living, seek it out and see what you will find, because you draw to you what you most fear and what you most want.

Now you are in a very powerful time, that powerful time was set up when the heavens were created. There is a design to all of this, it is not happenstance, and that design is very similar to the seasons on the earth. The seasons on the earth have your Spring and your Summer and your Fall and your Winter, and these seasons bring certain attributes of growth and decay. And we are here to tell you not only is this Springtime on your earth at this time, this is Springtime in the bigger cycles. You are moving into a place of expanded growth out of a very cold and decaying energy into an expanding growing energy.

And so feel it, embrace it and then see what it can bring you. See where this energy draws you, and if it is not drawing you someplace you want you can change that because you are a focus of that energy. If you could imagine it is water on a big sheet of rubber. Imagine someone puts water on it and you put a bowling ball on that sheet of rubber that would create a dimple and all the water will rush into that dimple. You are like that. All that you are looking to experience is everywhere around you and it is waiting for you to put a dimple into that membrane and drawing it in, and in the same way you can make the dimple go up to make things go away from you, you can create a repelling of experiences and energies you are not interested in by simply wanting the positive, not so much not wanting the negative because that can confuse things. Want that positive outcome; intend that positive outcome and it will by its nature exclude the opposite.

It is a very expansive time and many of you are taking steps, first steps into the larger existence, but you will discover a) that the water is very pleasing, the water is comfortable, and you will discover b) that you can swim very well in it. So dive in.

It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Julie April 15, 2014, 10:52 PM

    Excellent channeling. The Pleiadian Network has helped/encouraged me to get more in touch with the lunatics cycles. This channeling was quite affirming and made me smile more than once 🙂 🙂 :)So glad to be living in the new age! Thanks and praise!

  • Julie April 16, 2014, 1:22 PM

    Not lunatic, lunar. * its cool to think about the larger expanse of the universe and how everything really does move through cycles

  • Peter S. Lopez April 19, 2014, 1:55 AM

    4/18/2014 ~ Appreciate having a better understanding of the ‘vehicle’ that is utilized here. Yes, seek and ye shall find. Do not just absorb the truths of others without processing it all in your own mind, or better, your own personal consciousness.

    Share what you can to help others. Make sure to be aware of you own needs and wants as you remain aware of your own inner motives.
    Peter S. López aka ‏@Peta_de_Aztlan
    4/15/2014 Blood Moon in Libra: Expand Your Awareness: http://www.pleiadiannetwork.com/2014-pleiadian-channelings/blood-moon-in-libra-expand-your-awareness/

  • Esayas April 19, 2014, 8:32 PM

    We love our Pleiadian family and any living thing in the Universe. Every form of awareness creates a new reality. Despite the preferences of the channel the information provided DO definitely contribute to revealing the greater picture. Thank you.

  • Amanda April 24, 2014, 7:39 PM

    This channel always warms my heart and pushes me forward when I feel like maybe I can’t. I absolutely love our Pleiadian family and I take great joy and comfort from the words and encouragement that is channeled. Thank you!

  • DavidBri May 3, 2014, 10:03 AM

    Good Morning All,

    ‘Expanding Awareness’ is the theme. An expansion that represents the WHOLE. Each part of the whole effects all parts being the whole. As we take our place and behave according to that awareness, your and our mega-role in the Universe will be revealed , for we are fortunate and blessed to be given our breath. Use it wisely and for the benefit of all life. One way to realize your full potential and connection with others is through love, the most powerful force in the universe. It connects everything so nicely. So start by doing good….



    A Shaker broadside promoting union within the community ca. 1870


  • Dianne Zimmermann July 14, 2014, 11:07 AM

    I embrace the thought and realization that as spiritual beings living her on earth as mere moral human beings, that WE all can channel. Too bad this particular vehicle the Pleiadian speaks of does not study Astroligy. Astrology is a wonderful source in the difficult process of understanding the human condition as an aspect of universial influence, we sre all connect and all effected by the energies of the planets.

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