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Say Goodbye to the Year of the Snake


Good morning, we are here. It is January 31, 2014, New Moon in Aquarius, first day of the Year of the Wood Horse. Let us begin.

The theme of this particular time will be the idea that each person, we’ve said this many times before, but more so now, “Each person has individual power, individual strength, individual effectiveness for change, to bring about change.” And the energy of the Year of the Horse is that it will give the individual an added boost to make change possible from personal endeavors. You just had the President of the United States speak on the State of the Union, and one of the big themes that came out of this particular one was the idea that this president is going to use his Executive Powers to make some –– to get some things done.

And we would, we would have you remember the story of the airplane that took off from LaGuardia, and as soon as the plane took off it was hit by birds and the engines were damaged and the plane immediately was in trouble from these birds that attacked the plane, or not attack but just fell in front of it, and it was the quick thinking of the pilot who was able to bring the plane down in the Hudson River. And everyone was so enamored with this pilot for being so courageous and being so skilled and being able to land the plane, and he went against what he was being told by the air traffic controllers.

The air traffic controllers told him, “Return to the airport!”

And he said, “Can’t do that, we’re going down right now!”

And so, he was able to prevent the crashing of the plane by controlling its descent. Now in a way that’s what the President is doing here. His administration was hindered by the birds attacking the engine almost on takeoff, and now he has decided that without the assistance of the engines he’s going to at least land the plane in one piece. And that is where the idea of individuals stepping forward in the moment and using their skills and using their knowledge and using their, their sense of what is the right thing to do in the moment, moving into this state of action and doing what needs to be done.

Now we would say that to all of you, in all of your lives you are going to have these opportunities to not stand on the sidelines, to actually come out and take some actions that will be needed in the times ahead. And you will know more about what we’re talking about because each and every one of you will meet these challenges. And we’re not just talking about those in the United States, it’s going to be planet wide –– challenges that will come will need individuals to step forward.

You just had this big ice storm that hit Atlanta and caused all of this trouble, two inches of ice and snow caused all of this trouble, but you saw and you are hearing, and you will hear more of the individual stories of people taking action and doing what was needed in the moment.

And it does not have to be a catastrophe that can bring that out, it can also just be things going as they are. Sometimes it’s just a question of doing the right thing in the moment, whether it is taking care of finances, whether it is taking care of your health, watching out for your neighbors, whatever.

You will know more about what we are speaking about as the year unfolds because each and every one of you will have these opportunities to make your mark on the change that is occurring. And that is really the theme we want you to think about moving forward is, “How can individuals, not just you individual, but all individuals begin to turn this downward spiral that you feel you are on into an upward spiral.

And you will be surprised at how easy it can be as you start to exercise these muscles, these psychic muscles, these physical muscles. Many of you will get off the couch and start to do something, and so that is what we want to start the New Year with, this idea of individuals taking –– seizing the moment and taking control of the situation in a way that’s needed, and we can’t be more specific than that because it is so individual how this will play out for each and every one of you.

For the President it is playing out in one way, and for each and every one of you it will play out a different way, and you will understand more as the year progresses. But be optimistic, last time we said, “Be bold!” Also be optimistic because bold, optimistic energies are what are called for, not shrinking, not cowering and not quitting.

Don’t quit! There’s a lot of people who feel like they want to quit –– don’t! You are right there on the verge of coming over the mountaintop and seeing the vista laid out before you!

So, happy New Year –– Chinese New Year. We say goodbye to the Year of the Snake and the shedding of the skin and moving into the new.

It has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.

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  • Trigger February 2, 2014, 6:25 AM


    -yes, being bold and optimistic, “. . . doing the right thing in the moment . . .” is an experience, a way of living, that not only momentarily uplifts us from the inside-out, but provides us with infinite energy on that upward spiral of living

    – if we ALWAYS live in this way, we never lose focus, we never truly fatigue, we never get distracted, because we feel so deeply connected to All things that we always feel secure, safe in the Knowing that we can take actions that create a better situation, a better existence
    -in the process, we lose apathy, we lose fear, we don’t settle for less, because we know we can take any situation and make it better, that we can deal with anything that arises and come out ahead
    -once we experience this, life truly becomes easier, in any circumstance

    -the expression “to give is to receive” is true
    – each individual greatly benefits by sharing, taking action, giving, by being in service to The Universe
    – unconditional giving returns us to our Wholeness, and this quite simply, feels just great inside!

    Thank You to the Vehicle and the Pleiadians for All that you Do!

    Grateful in Toronto

  • DavidBri February 2, 2014, 6:09 PM

    Hello All,

    A few days before this podcast, I was drawn to this video,…by accident of coarse;’).


  • Claudia February 3, 2014, 11:54 AM

    Thank you!

  • DavidBri February 4, 2014, 8:17 AM

    Good Morning Everyone,

    OUR CHILDREN SHAPE WHO WE ARE: ‘…taking control of your situation……’

    By attempting to control your situation/environment, you are changing and growing together and your experiences throughout your life become YOU. Never the same as you grow,… yet the same. A benefit of experiencing linear space/time, of being human;’).

    I’ve always felt that to be a good parent, you need to BE THERE and BE AWARE.

    Being a parent 20+ years now, I presently have a four and two year old boy. They are shaping me into a person that would not have been possible without them, without US.

    My boys are on the Autistic Spectrum. Very special indeed, ….as we learn to nurture our family unit together;’).

    As parents, we have the opportunity to grow and change in ways that would not be possible otherwise, as we learn to see to the needs of our children, we learn to see to the needs of ourselves:’).

    So as it is. As we learn to grow and evolve with ourselves.

    Take a look at the known stats.



  • Annie February 10, 2014, 6:15 AM

    Finally the messages I have been giving my clients during healing sessions now make sense. The Pleiadians contacted me during a recent session and I was taken to a whole new plane. I now feel my place in the world of healing is validated. Thank you so very much.

  • DavidBri February 14, 2014, 8:47 AM

    Good Morning All,

    A BIG SHIFT FOR EVERYONE: learning about an old friend is the first step in any relationship. Meet my special friends:’).

    We are aware that many are feeling quite overwhelmed. Yet at the same time, the COURAGE to move forward ensues. All that we work for is of the greatest NOBLILITY. Be comforted and vigilant. Bear the burden as best as you can while taking special advantage of the moments you are feeling strong, for your STRENGTH is growing. Embrace the spirit of the horse, in every way.


    Scroll down a little to learn about the various cultural symbolic meanings of our precious companions ;’). It all speaks about where we are in linear space/time. Enjoy as you raise your awareness about this special ‘Year of the Horse’.


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