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Spread Your Wings and Step Off Into Unknown Vastness


Good morning, we are here. Give us a moment. It is January 2, 2014, with the New Moon in Capricorn, and the alignment of many planets heralding in the New Year. Let us begin.

Every New Year seems to be started with such optimism, with this grandiose idea that, “This will be the year that something wonderful happens!” And for those who listen, instead of feeling, it begins to get a little bit tiresome, “Oh, another New Year, another optimistic reading for the future,” or whatever.

We would like to say that this particular point in time, “It’s the real deal!” And so much is on the line, so much is in the queue, in the preparatory places to propel you into this New Era, not just the year, but an entire Age. So much is lined up that we would, we will predict that when we give this talk next year, you’re all going to go, “Haaa, what a year!”

And not so much out of, “Oh, what a drudgery it was!” But “Wow, so much happened, so much occurred!”

Because this is the year that people are going to begin to reconnect with each other at the psychic level. People are going to begin to just know, they’re already doing it –– many are already doing it, but it’s going to affect more and more and more. It is like that point in a baking of something, when everything in the baking changes, when all of the soupy, doughy stuff turns into wonderful fluffy cake. There comes that point in the baking process where that phenomenon occurs, and then it occurs throughout the entire batter of the cake, and that is what we see happening here.

You are going to see, many things are going to be described this year as universal: the first year of universal healthcare, the first year of universal understanding, the first year of universal whatever. That is going to be a really overused term this year, universal. But it will be apt in describing what is going on, whether it is universal monetary changes, universal healthcare, universal energy, universal –– whatever –– fill in the blank!

And people are going to really begin to discover just how connected they have always been. It is not something you’re all of a sudden going to be connected, you’ve always been connected, but you have had blockages, you have had focuses – – you’ve all been focused outward. This is going to be the year of turning the focus inward, and when you do you’re going to find out it’s pretty crowded in there. You’re going to find out that there’s a lot more than just you running around in there.

Now to some people this is frightening, to others it is exciting. For those who think it is frightening, get over it, as quickly as you can, because it will not serve you to be frightened of your true nature. And for those who are excited –– bravo! Help your neighbors, help your friends, help your enemies to see the connections.

Now this is the end, you are in the last month of the Year of the Snake, and the Snake is well known for shedding its skin, and that is the process you are now going through, you are shedding your skin of all the toxins and the scarring and whatever that has occurred to you or on you. Now you are coming out with this fresh new skin, moving into the Year of the Horse, and the horse is a very spiritual animal. The horse and man are partners in exploring the vastness.

Imagine what the horse did to the Native Americans when the horse came here. Imagine what the horse did in Europe, imagine what the horse did everywhere the horse showed up. It brought, it made distances smaller, it made moving heavy things easier, and it brought a level of leverage that before was not known. And so that kind of leverage, that kind of amplification of abundance, that is what you are moving into with the Year of the Horse.

So see that, see yourself going out into a place and seeing a bunch of wild horses, and then see one in the pack come up to you, make a gesture with its head, ask that you climb on its back, and then run into the frontiers and explore, seek out the new boundaries of this much larger experience.

We will have more to say as the year progresses; at this time we just wanted to tell you all to be prepared for the vista opening that has just occurred, and to not be afraid. You are not alone, you are among friends and you have done this before, even though it is so long ago you have forgotten.

So spread your wings and step off into this unknown vastness!

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Teresa January 2, 2014, 11:55 PM

    It’s a new moon, not a full moon

  • Di January 3, 2014, 12:10 AM

    I am very excited about looking within in the
    year ahead – the year of the horse. It will be a year
    where we communicate with our thoughts and heart
    and through the wonders of nature

  • A Pleiadian January 3, 2014, 4:27 PM

    You are correct, Teresa! 🙂

  • Jacquelina January 3, 2014, 8:42 PM

    Epiphany! Thank you for all the good things that are happening in my life, at this moment in time. I ‘m on the right track and it strengthens my thoughts. I am a child of light and I welcome the ride, my designated horse will bring.

  • Aaron January 3, 2014, 9:15 PM

    It’s weird that You said detoxing I just got my nascent iodian which alex jones said to take as it detoxes the body of fluoride and other toxins and I’m trying to be more healthy as well as having a giant huge awakening of my consciousness!! It’s amazing thank you god and thank you too Pleiadians! I’ve learned so much knowledge of the world like how The world is controlled by symbols and and how the elites use that to manipulate history so it’s awesome that there a huge awakening of humanity,I always love and cherish your auntie and I feel that it’s in my nature to want to help humanity too as well as I was told this by someone to about how my birth date 1995 was a year where humanity started to wake up like a lot of things happened on that year too, the lady said to me that I was a person that loved humanity and want to better it and help all, I thought that was such a kind thing to say to me but the weird thing was that it was a lady with blonde and blue eyes and she’s quite tall? And she just spoke to me randomly and disappeared I never saw her again?

  • avihai January 4, 2014, 4:50 AM

    Hey Aaron i can feel you my dear friend i was born in 1992 and i have been in a lot of wierd situations in life that made me who i am today and yessss i belive you will meet others who will help you build your self like you want and need .. It will happen Live life good as you can honest as you can be your self and keep your self alwasy in a way that will help you be connected , i belive that in some state of mind and spiritual awakness we can all meet together in another dimension while we still in this dimension , its real!! everything is real whats not real its you to choose

  • DavidBri January 4, 2014, 10:43 AM

    Good Morning,

    After a year or so of contemplation, my four year old autistic son will begin therapeutic horse back riding this week;’). The connection between horses and humans is deep indeed and speaks to the advanced nature of those on the autistic spectrum as well.

    Matt Kahn spoke of ‘Time’, being simply a perception of form, the outside world. When we focus inward, there is no form, only our essence of and the environment of soles , without form and without time.

    We say that ‘time flies when your having fun’. When we are having fun, may be laughing, we are in the environment of soles. No sense of time.

    Children, develop a sense of time as they grow, being in the environment of soles initially and slowly leave for the world of form as they become adults.

    When we play, we have no sense of time.

    When we are on vacation or relaxed at home.

    My autistic children have no sense of time and I’m beginning to like it. Humans that live in the present. The NOW.


  • Jo January 5, 2014, 2:05 PM

    Cool stuff Pleiadians. As the year of the Snake closes at the end of the month, I won’t forget the Dreamliner fiasco with the Lithium batteries, the February Projectile(Meteorite) from Space which was a reminiscence of the 1908 Tunguska incident. Just a couple of days before was the first Pope to retire and in over 600 years we had two living Popes. Just an observation. Toward the end of the year, we had the strongest Typhoon in recorded history hit the Phillipines. In my observation I believe we are leaving the Year Of the Black Water Snake(Yin -) and entering the Year of the Green Wood Horse(+) to be precise. It’s a very very good year to begin anything!
    I don’t know who your channeller is but it’s strange bcoz on your first post March 2010, I read the first channeling the same day it was posted. And I didn’t know about this site back then. Some strong sensitivity maybe. During this period I could tune into a T.V Program without a Reminder 30 seconds before it began. In late 2011, I just woke up in the middle of my sleep and turned on the T.V only to see the Curiosity Mars Rover immediately lift off Cape Canaveral,FL to Mars! That was when I used to be in U.S.A . A Good One to you all!

  • DavidBri January 6, 2014, 11:30 AM

    Good Morning All,

    The way is open and it is the time to enter the stream of the collective consciousness and begin to explore the upper 5th to 9th dimensions through the fluidity of the 4rth (etheric energy dome where the lower dimensions culminate upward from the iron core crystals of the center of Gaia through the telluric levels and then into our atmosphere forming our life sustaining electromagnetic field.)

    You can’t think your way, you must FEEL your way, but it can be explained by simplifying our earthbound science. The knowledge is everywhere, inside your memory/DNA and outside.


    The year of the Horse is upon us. One must attend to this time of change prior to jumping on the horse so to speak. A relationship with our ever so faithful companions, proven over and over again throughout our history, ….a holistic relationship with ‘your special ride’ must form first.

    A very special relationship in the physical world of the horse as well…..

    Much to be learned through and with all life.



  • DavidBri January 7, 2014, 5:14 PM

    Good Evening,


    There are many new things emerging. Don’t try to force things into a preconceived pattern. Get rid of old ideas and let everything come into view. Set up structures that weave things together. There is heavy work to be done. Things are coming at you from all sides. Do not try to stop it. Enlist your helpers. Everything will find its place. This chaos is the beginning of a brand new world.

    Like the sprouting seedling, gathering all of its energy to finally push forth and upward :’).


  • DavidBri January 10, 2014, 10:53 AM

    Good Morning All,…


    Very pleased to receive some fascinating information, from our 3D view point no less. The German Science community’s contribution is noted,… for every positive action, there is an equal and opposite that must occur.

    It’s especially fun to note Plato and his knowing is inevitably recognized on some levels;’), etc….

    Science is KOOL. Combining the physical view with the metaphysical view, hand in hand…. and clarity is not so illusive.

    Trust your intuition, please. The information within these lectures had become more or less known to me through meditation and focusing on giving love and being positive as much as I can. All my life.


    Geometry, Space-time consciousness

    The evolution of consciousness, a quantum physics viewpoint

    Our evolution depends on expanding our awareness so we may focus on expanding our function. This is the nature of the universe as we KNOW IT.


  • DavidBri January 14, 2014, 7:50 AM

    Good Morning,


    This morning I was amazed to see the new Honda add, 2D visual was intense, couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Ooopps, there it is again on another page. Getting ready to listen to Psychotherapists lecture on consciousness and the video for the Honda add pops up out of nowhere. A little spooky. So I watched in amazement;’).



    No, I’m not working for Honda,….I’m light working for U…:’).


  • DavidBri January 15, 2014, 11:44 AM

    Good Morning All,

    Life Energy feels thick and tumultuous. Sense of time slips away so easily. It’s a good thing.


    Life energy moves in different directions. There appears to be discord and conflict. Withhold will. Slowly conform to the OUTSIDE environment. Be sure of yourself and your love and compassion for others,…and how it strengthens our connection and empowers others to heal and grow,….. together.

    Last two lectures a bit to digest. This one is a bit more grounded, based on the patient therapist relationship. Here is….

    The Space of Transformation: Consciousness the Co-creation of Healing


    Share your energy. Always know,…Heaven and Earth work together as one.


  • Peter S. Lopez January 16, 2014, 11:01 PM

    Greetings! I have not heard from this website for awhile. In a way, it comes off kind of cold and impersonal. I guess I am use to feelings and sensations from an educator. Yes, this should be a key turning point year, yet they all are in one way or another. @Peta_de_Aztlan

    Something I did the other day ~ Sharing is caring!
    Stay Awake in the Winter of 2014 via @Peta_de_Aztlan

  • DavidBri January 17, 2014, 9:20 AM

    Good Morning All,…

    Water is more than simply a physical substance. It’s a certain concept and that concept is connected in a special way with the idea of life. The formation of life via light which propagates sound. Water is the unique medium in which this process takes place, as it is sound being the medium for light with all its infinite frequencies, translates into all matter/life,…always expanding,… evolving;’).

    In time/the linear plane,…. As this formation of matter and life, all vehicles in of themselves,… expands, it eventually comes full circle and back to its source,…… light. A wonderful dynamic that we are knau aware of.


    Please value water and drink what you need. Then you will be at your best:’).


  • Trigger January 28, 2014, 9:44 AM

    Hello to The Vehicle, The Pleiadians and Friends on the Pleidian Network

    Thank You for the dialogue about our most beautiful friends of the Higher Realms, Horses. Yes, The Year of The Horse is upon us. . . How Auspicious for all of Us and the entire Universe!

    Each horse that has arrived in my life has first come to me in dreams. While I love all animals and nature and nature spirits, to be Loved By A Horse is an experience of such immense “otherworldly” Unconditional Love that it changes you forever, an initiation into greater Oneness through Love.

    The symbolisms of horses are great and powerful, yes. But the experience of being with a horse, and/or having a true telepathic relationship with a horse is even greater. In this very special year of 2014, if one is not able to go visit a special horse somewhere, then consider sponsoring a horse. Horses now need our help. Unfortunately, the horrid act of slaughtering horses for meat has once again been legislatively allowed in the U.S.. This must stop. What kind of humans exist on this planet that could violently slaughter, and then eat, these Great Spiritual Beings? Horses are perhaps the most abused of all our animal kingdom friends. They have been truly enslaved, often deprived of their true environment and abilities, and are completely dependent on humans for all aspects of their existence. Horses know this, and it causes them great stress and anxiety. Horses placed their love and trust in humans, and for the most part, humans have betrayed them. Horses have fulfilled their soul missions for humans on Earth. NOW let us include horses in our heart-openings, in our spiritual growth . . let us truly honour and celebrate horses and consciously unite in friendship with them once again.

    In other words, Ask Not What Your Horse Can Do For You, But What YOU Can Do For Your Horse.

    Many wonderful people teach about what horses can do for us, how they help us heal and grow and evolve. This is great. But in The Year of the Horse, Let Us honour horses for who they truly are. Let us give our hearts, our time, our dedication and commitment, our finances, to horses. Let us be in service to horses, as they have been in service to Us.

    Being of service to others is part of living at a higher spiritual vibration. It is a truly great honour for me to be in service to my horses, including basic tasks like cleaning their manure, getting them fresh hay and water and supplements, and providing them with love and a loving home. When I am in the presence of my horses, I feel I am in the presence of The Divine, and I do my absolute best to serve Their Divinity. I ask nothing of my horses, yet they continually Give. They transmute dark into light, fear into trust, anxiety into calm, fatigue into vitality, anger into forgiveness, sadness into joy. They have served and suffered, and now it is their time to live a Golden Existence.

    Each year, hundreds of thousands of horses are unwanted and neglected, or just deemed a financial and time-burden due to injury, ailment or old age, and then discarded. These horses need our help. These horses are in need of healing.

    One of the beautiful aspects of being with a horse is that one need not have any knowledge, experience, or special training techniques regarding horses. Just accepting and treating horses as your equal or higher, is enough for your horse to know that you honour it.

    Your special horse is waiting for you. Enjoy the Awakening to a Greater Love.

    And I extend an immense Thank You to Horses, and Unicorns, everywhere. May you All experience the Joy, Love, Freedom, Greatness that you have unconditionally given Us.

    Grateful in Toronto

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