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The Power of Intent


Good morning, we are here. It is September 9, 2014, Full Moon in Pisces. Let us begin.

You are moving now from the summer into the fall and it is coming up on the Equinox and the equal day and night cycle, and all of these things have to do with balance, all of these things have to do with the cycles of time and balance. And a very good metaphoric idea of that is of course the figure 8 of the infinity sign, and anyone who knows the cycles of the planets can see that infinity sign, how the Earth moves around the sun during the year, and the Equinoxes are of course those points where you meet the middle. And so here you are coming up on another one of these balance points and it’s a good time to think in terms of balance.

What we mean by that is –– where are you in balance and where are you out of balance in your life. You can see the world, seems to be out of balance in some places and you’ve got what’s going on in the Ukraine, you’ve got what’s going on in the Mideast, you got all of these crazy sort of battling war like things going on. Where is the opposite of that? Where is the positive things going on, and we’ve would suggest they are they are but for many of you, you are not aware of them because they do not find their way into the news. They are not as newsworthy as these darker, more negative aspects are.

We want you to imagine that there is a lot of good going on, that you are unaware of. We want you to think about that for a moment, whether it is people who are waking up discovering their inherent power, their inherent strength, whether it is groupings that are waking up, see that kind of activity where people are waking up, they’re not focusing so much on the one side of the balance, they’re going to wake up and see that there’s another side. And that other side will begin to pull the swing if you will, the balance back to a more neutral place.

And so if you can imagine some of the bad things you’ve been hearing whether it is the activities of this grouping in the Mideast or whether it is whatever, if you can imagine that all of that, as bad as that sounds, there’s something equally as good going on to balance it. Imagine what that is, whether it is, as we said people waking up, people waking up to the dangers of the manipulation of your food supply, whether it is people waking up to the dangers of the imbalance in your financial systems, whether it is people who are waking up to the value of their neighbors and their neighborhoods and the value of their friendships and the value of the people in their lives. It is real easy to lose sight of these things, how much value of a positive nature things are going on.

And we spoke recently of the idea of forgiveness and how important it is to forgive. Now let us just say for a moment, forgiveness isn’t so much about what you do for that person you are forgiving, it is what you do for you. You see when you can bring forgiveness for something that has happened, we’re not saying that you need to be a doormat, don’t confuse the two, but you are you are letting go of a resentment, an energy that is in a very real way causing you an imbalance, and imbalance within you.

And so it is very important, that is why, if you can look at some of the spiritual leaders in your world they have been wronged, many of them, but they do not dwell on how they were wronged. Nelson Mandela spent all those years in prison, but he didn’t come out with vengeance for the people who imprisoned him. He came out and said, “Okay, I can’t live with all of that crap in the past. Let’s let that go and move forward.”

It is important that you keep that in mind because there is a lot of intention to keep you focused on the negative because those who have been manipulating you know that if they can keep you focused on the negative you will follow them wherever they are going. And we’re not just picking on the Republicans although they really do seem to want to focus on the negative, but this happens all over. This happens in many areas whether it is governments, whether it is organizations for health, “Oh, worry about Ebola, worry about the negatives.”

How about the idea that you are all getting healthier, that you are beginning to learn how to eat healthier, and you’re all beginning to learn what’s in your environment that is making you sick and how to get it out of your environment. How much of that is going on? How much pushback on destroying the land, destroying the water, destroying the air, how much pushback is that getting?

When was the last time you heard anyone talk about this pipeline? Because these things are getting better, and so imagine there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on. Imagine that there is a lot of off-of-your-radar things going on that are going to begin to become known to you. Your consciousness is going to say, “I want to know more about the positives, show me the positives.”

And see how the positives start to find their way to your consciousness, because that is how you are going to balance all of this negativity, by seeing that there is positive stuff to balance it out there, and what will occur is there will be less, if you can imagine if the negativity starts to drop off, you can then come more towards a middle, a middle point. It will be easier to get there. There won’t have to be so much on one side to pull this other thing over.

And so we mention this now because it is important to think in terms of balance. There isn’t just one side or the other. You are you are in this world to learn how to dance the dance of life and that means balance, that means being able to spin on your toes like a ballerina. A ballerina does not put a lot of weight in one hand and no weight in another to try to balance on their toes, they don’t do this. They become very conscious of what’s connected and what’s on them and how they are moving with all of this momentum and things of that sort.

And so see that, see yourself –– it is like being a top, understand, and see yourself rearranging to counter the imbalances. Our vehicle is thinking right now of the car tires. We’re not sure if any of you are aware of your car tires. Your car tires must be balanced or they will wear the tire out badly. And so what do mechanics do? They put the tire on a machine, they get it to spend, they find how it wobbles, and they add weight to counterbalance the wobble until they find that place where equal weights on each side prevent the wobble.

And so see yourself correcting the wobble of the world by finding and moving those weights around in your mind because that is where the wobble is. We’re not talking about the wobble of the planet, we are talking about the wobble of your thoughts, your manifestations. It seems to be wobbling. Well find the things that bring balance back.

Our vehicle was thinking about this just the other day and it came to him this idea that –– how many really good things are out there? He was so busy looking at all of the negatives he decided, “Well, what’s the good things. What is it that’s good that’s going on?”

And he started to find them without even looking very hard. It could be something as simple as cleaning a room or getting rid of something that has been long overdue to get rid of, and all of a sudden it’s like, “You know, things are getting better.” He recently had to fix the plumbing in the house, there was a blockage and he was all concerned about how he was going to have to call the Roto-Rooter man, have him come and spend hundreds of dollars and then it turned out to be something very simple that he was able to do very quickly on his own with the things that were around the house.

He just took something that was on part of the property, fixed it and got the plumbing repaired, took minutes. That kind of thinking is what we want you to all sort of imagine, that there are things in your environment that can correct these problems that are worrying the hell out of you, worrying the hell out of you, whether it is again what is going on with the political, what’s going on with the military, what’s going on with the world in general, the Ebola virus, all of these things. There are solutions for all of these negative concepts within your grasp easily, easily brought to bear on these things.

So become aware of it. Look around and see it. See it finding you. Intend that it finds you –– the power of intent.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.

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  • DavidBri September 11, 2014, 8:48 AM

    Good Morning All,…

    A delightful and insightful message,….and always coinsides with the universal energy. Energy felt by all as we manifest our lifes journey on this world, not to mention MY LIFE. Thank you! Your sharing is always magical and fun.

    Yes, there is balance. And yes, if you focus on the negative and appalling acts, then that is where you are. The positive and good is indeed right in front of you. And,…the equal and opposite to the warlike environmental extreme, actually exist on this planet. This is where a little effort is needed to become aware of just one of these special places, for you must open yourself up to new experiences and ALLOW yourself to be lead,…which takes effort when you are always struggling to maintain strict control of your life and destiny. It is so healthy to LET GO.

    Then you may be led to heaven on earth. A place that I have been led to just the past two days ago. My loving sister and wife knew I had never taken a vacation in my adult life, I’m 50. An act I thought was irresponsible and wasteful,… my sister gifted me the most incredible experience,… two days on Monhegan Island. Indeed,…a magical place, and perfect for me in every way.

    No crime. No Walmart. No cars. Everyone who visits is welcomed. Everyone is smiling, accept for some of the fisherman who are busy or maybe a bit reclusive. Strangers are greeted with open arms and open hearts. And then that tiny community, of 60 residence this year, in the winter hunker down, and brave the brutal winter, 12 miles off the Maine coast….and recharge there batteries in one of the most quite and beautiful places on this planet. And as the Golden Age commences,…. this preexisting seventh heaven is beginning to really bloom. Attracting two young families who seek a more simple and balanced way of life that is growing to be more self- sustaining as possible,…. in BALANCE with each other and our planet.



  • JEAN September 12, 2014, 10:42 PM

    A very wonderful message. My mother’s passing opened up
    a few family relationships and it has been wonderful to balance
    the sorrow of a loss with the happiness of family members coming together. What a gift.

  • DavidBri September 14, 2014, 6:23 AM

    Good Morning All,….

    Think About the Wobble of Economy and Spending Power.

    A Great power we all possess, because we all spend money to survive. So what better position to exercise the POWER OF INTENT.

    Truly, if we collectively purchase items that are strictly simple and earth friendly, we will sustain our planet, our home.

    If we spend on items that are contrary to our existence, we support the degradation,….the destruction,…..the taking for self or just for human need and sometimes disgracefully for want. Sounds like distasteful behavior, doesn’t it?

    It’s easy to pinpoint and distinguish between these opposing companies/purveyors. I received a flier from my son’s school that encouraged people to buy products from a list of participating food companies,…4 products equal 3 school dollars. Nice idea on the surface yet when I looked at the list of companies, there wasn’t one that I purchase from. There were 68 big companies….. and they all sell, processed foods and products that are practically devoid of nutrients and even toxic to varying degrees for your body and the planet.

    Are these companies being altruistic or is this a campaign to save a dying and quite illogical business model? Sounds like big company ploys to boost sales. It would be ridiculous if those who produce such items aren’t aware of the very unhealthy nature of these products and practices. The evidence is endless and we know better. Yet there are unfortunately so many consumers don’t realize the extent of the problem and the negative and destructive effects they are blindly self-imposing, across the board,…the planet.

    So please discriminate. Be aware of where your spending your money, what your eating, what your washing your cloths and body with. Spend your money on what you NEED first, want mixes in a little and that is good, any more is not,…especially with regards to the staggering cost of life, and ultimately our world.

    Don’t feel powerless. You have the power on so many LEVELS. ;`)! Together our power is well beyond the power of the few,…the 1%. We are meant to act together, not apart. The wobble. Think about the wobble.


  • Trigger September 23, 2014, 1:25 AM

    Hello to The Vehicle, The Pleiadians and Friends on the Pleidian Network

    Yes, there is always good news to share, good news in all experiences that will bring balance to the struggles and pain and hardships that are being experienced. I will share two Good News stories.
    1. As a child, I was very ill, and each night when I went to bed, I felt deep gratitude, inner joy, for the fact that I had two arms, two legs, was able to breathe and was fully conscious of my thoughts. To balance the hardships of my life, I focused on the good news, the positive of my experiences. This filled me with such good energy, such inner power, I was able to face the next day with a knowing that somehow I would recover and never again suffer in that way. I achieved that goal of beautiful physical health and continue to grow . I now assist others in my private practice in the healing arts.

    2. And more Good News to share, to balance the negativity being broadcast in the media. Good News about health!
    Just as the Pleiadians state in their message “There are solutions for all of these negative concepts within your grasp easily, easily brought to bear on these things”. Yes, we are all getting healthier!
    The bad news is the fear-mongering put forth that there is no cure for cancer.
    The good news is that we need not fear cancer, for cancer can be simply and easily treated and healed, for example, through healing foods and energies. I specialize in macrobiotics and reiki and regularly see clients heal of so-called “incurable” health conditions. For those who commit and dedicate themselves to their healing, eating a macrobiotic healing diet and having a more intensive regime of reiki treatments, a person can easily heal of cancer. Nothing fancy, no billions of dollars in health care costs, no advanced scientific studies. The science is the result – a healthy body and mind. A client I have the honour of working with received yet another scan showing that pancreatic cancer is “undetectable”, when the doctors said he would have died a long time ago. In addition, the client looks amazing, has kept working and is in the best state of health ever. The outcome is the complete opposite of what he was told. Doctors have described it as “magical”, “impossible”, though they don’t ask how. The Good News is that cancer and difficult health conditions can be healed, now. We can all be healthy, now. Imagine how the entire world would change if we all accepted this knowing. A world without fear. A world of true health. That is balance.

    As always, with Love and Gratitude


  • DavidBri September 23, 2014, 9:15 AM

    Good Morning All,….

    The Fall Equninox is upon us all,…and the veil begins to lift, as heaven is more apparent yet always here, yet not perceived so readily. Soon all will be comfortable together again, past and present. A wonderful reunion of spirit and form.

    Rejoice and celebrate the peace and balance between heaven and earth, and all forms of life that dwell, and become part of the balance by sharing your harvest, whatever form it takes or spirit it reflects.

    And also please mourn the innocent lives lost in Syria. Ordinary people who become terrorists when terrorized themselves.

    And pray for our government officials and the 1% in power and who are pulling the strings,….to keep their power under the guise of “Democracy and National Security”. Who don’t give a hoot for the other violence around the world, because of course there is no oil there. Help them wake up or just VOTE them OUT. AGAIN,…THE POWER OF INTENTION. We CAN DO IT.


  • JEAN September 26, 2014, 11:11 AM

    Thank you for the good news. I too have dabbled in the
    healing arts. Keep up the good work Trigger! And as always
    Thank you to the “Ps” and our Vehicle.

    In Love and Light

  • Linda Says Hello July 3, 2015, 2:38 PM

    Thank you. Tons of lessons to be learned here. Food for thought, Bigger picture Family under God. I Love you All!

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