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The Razors Edge: Mystical and Factual Merge


[Transcript forthcoming]

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  • Claudia March 17, 2014, 9:47 AM

    Thank you!

  • Amanda March 23, 2014, 2:24 PM

    Hello, my name is Amanda. I just found this site today, I think its wonderful. I just found out for sure that I am a Pleiadian in the last week. There is a “man” named Arzan that watches over me, (that always has I guess). They also took me in the ship and showed me five crystal implants that I have around my solar plexus, like a belt. I also keep seeing this symbol in my head, like a “V” with a spiral coming out of it. Can anyone else comment on these things? I just wanted to reach my voice out to this community, and tell those of us that feel sad that its okay. I just wanted to put some support out there. I have had some very suicidal times in my life, an overwhelming feeling that I wanted to go “home”. I felt like I had to die to get there. This is not true. My people were here the whole time. Your people are here. You are never alone! This is really happening.

  • minne March 30, 2014, 8:55 AM

    Thank you again for this message. I listen to it over and over : )

  • Katrennah April 4, 2014, 10:31 PM

    I found this site while searching to find out where The Pleiades constellation was in relation to Earth. I listened to the last 3 pod casts before I had to drag myself away to the demands of food shopping. That was yesterday, 4/4/14! I read ‘The Bringers of the Dawn’ on the 23/3/14 and since then my meditations plus my desire to meditate has exponentially accelerated! I guess this is significant because I am a ‘member’ of a group of meditators who connect about 4 times a year for last 26 years and I have been reading esoteric books for longer. To just discover this now is almost laughable yet totally perfect!
    Much gratitude for this site – this is the first blog I have ever posted.
    I am writing to let you know that I am starting to discover my purpose due to this connection to the Pleiadians. I was born in South Australia in 1956. I have a daughter, born at home in water, in Aug 1987 at the time of the Harmonic Convergence. I also have a son born March 1991, also born at home in water. A few years ago I created a large collection of crystals within just a few months, without really knowing why. I read about them, learnt a little but when I moved house 2 years ago to temporary accommodation, they were packed up in boxes until a month ago. Now they reside throughout the house and garden. Since connecting to the Pleiadians I have started to trust that I “know” what to do with my crystals. Just yesterday morning ( seems weeks ago – time has been warping a lot ) as I was re-reading Chapter 1 of ‘The Bringers of the Dawn’ I received another layer of information and was given a mission for my meditation, that I could accept or reject. I accepted on faith that I would know what to do even though consciously it was not possible!
    I had a lot of help, angelically and otherwise. Once I made the decision to do it I became decisive, selecting 5 different crystals to use in meditation. The short version – I was taken to the Pleiades Cluster for my mission. An hour later I returned to my body conscious of having very cold feet, even though my feet chakra is usually very hot at the end of the trance.
    I am not exactly sure why I am sharing this except out of need to share with someone who might understand. Every day my frequency is lifting. Even a week ago, if someone had told me that in 7 days I would be part of an extremely important ‘seeding’ mission for the Pleiades, through my crystals and meditation, I would have smirked in disbelief, because in 25 years I have not had any Intergalactic meditations that I was conscious of, yet this week I have had 3!
    I apologize if this blog is too long and rambling but I appreciate having someone to tell and perhaps others are also sharing acceleration in their experiences.
    Much love and light to all.

  • Cory Lee May 3, 2014, 10:45 PM

    A lot of the stuff I’m reading here makes so much sense. I think that I am a pleiadian also. Strangers always tell me that they like my energy. I have not seen any physical proof but I’ve been speaking to Michael a lot since I had an angel reading done I was told I had psychic abilities and I feel like someone is giving me hints as I pray for guidance. Is there a chat site I could go to where I could talk to people in the same situation? I understand that the information they have for me is too much for me to comprehend but I’m at a point where I’m making big decisions in my life and I really want to make sure I’m on the right path.. I’m not sure I’m getting subtle hints because there are so many dark forces around me I’m always second guessing my decisions. All I know for sure is that I am here for a great purpose and that I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  • Amanda May 4, 2014, 4:11 AM

    Cory Lee – Come to starseeds.net my profile name is Mandy Lee

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