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Writing Anew the Story of Earth


Good afternoon, we are here give us a moment. It is Sunday, the 22 March 2015, you are on the heels of a New Moon and a solar eclipse, super moon at that, and you have now come out of a very important astrological alignment, the Square.

Now, where to begin? First let us say, as we said last time we believe, that you are moving, you were moving through a very, very dense pressure in the last few weeks, and maybe even in the last few moons, and this pressure was culminating like what would happen if you were being squeezed in a – one of those cake pattern makers, whatever they are called, the thing you write on the cake with. You know how you put everything in there and someone squeezes it and you finally find your way out of the nozzle. And from our perspective you have now gone through and come out the nozzle and so the pressure is going to really drop.

Now, it’s going to take a little time for you to accept the fact that the pressure has dropped because things have changed. You will feel new pressures about the changes but it won’t be the pressures of the past, it won’t be the things that were pressuring you prior to this point. There are new things because we would say it’s more like stress. You’re going to fill a little bit of stress over changes but as you begin to identify the changes, really look at them from an energetic standpoint, you will begin to discover that they are actually changes for the better, whether they are at work, at home, in relationships, relationships between peoples.

We would use just as an example, you have Netanyahu, the Israeli person who has just won his election and he has flipped on the idea of a two state solution. No one’s really understanding this, “Is he just giving this lip service to this idea?” We would say, no, you are seeing a change, seeing something different. You are seeing something with the Iranians that has changed, you are seeing something different. There will be a lot of those kinds of things. You will begin to see a difference, whether it is work, whether it is in your neighborhoods, and that is what the astrology was all about, was to reach this point and hit a reset button.

Our vehicle put on his Facebook page the idea of a reset button and the alignments going on and there is a grouping even now visiting Egypt and Lebanon and our vehicle is following their work and they were between the paws of the Sphinx during the eclipse. How do you get to figure that one out, of all the places you can be, and they are moving around in this place and discovering things that they are then putting on their face book pages and our vehicle is learning about them. And they are very much in alignment with this idea that the Ancients knew a lot more than your scholars would give them credit for. They can look at something like the Great Pyramid and say, “Oh, just a bunch of death worshipers building themselves a tomb. Poppycock. Silliness.

And those kinds of understandings are going to begin to fall away very quickly and you’re going to begin to understand the true history of this planet and of your place in it. Another thing our vehicle has been studying of late is the work of, not sure the name of some of these people, but they are interested in the space between matter, what they call the vacuum. And our vehicle has been very interested in the vacuum for a very long time in his work with the Dendera Device and such, Egyptian work, but he didn’t really get it until just recently how important and how those in the past understood that it was the vacuum that was the place where everything came from. They didn’t have any idea of a Big Bang, that was silliness to them, there was the vacuum and there was the physical reality, and the vacuum was where all things came from and all things return back to.

There was a man who was a contemporary, two men that our vehicle learned about that were contemporaries of Galileo, one was a man named Bruno and we’re not sure of the other person’s name, and they were burned at the stake by the Vatican, by the church for heresy. And the normal belief is that it was because of their belief in Copernican astronomy, the idea that the Sun is the center of the solar system, not an Earth centered world, universe, and what our vehicle learned from the book he is reading is that that is not the case at all. They didn’t burn Galileo at stake for his work, they didn’t care about that what they did care about was the understanding of the vacuum, the understanding of the medium between existence and an understanding of that that these men were working on and trying to formulate and bring to the consciousness of everyone and that they did not want.

And so now you are going to really begin to start to get what the vacuum is, why you sleep every day. Why is it important that you sleep? Everything sleeps. Every living thing sleeps. Why? Could it be that that’s the in and out breath of existence, that you pop into this existence and you then you outbreath, and go into that other place for a while? And you must, because that is where you get nourishment, that is where you get information, that is the real existence, and this is just the waking dream. And what is it about this place that you always come back to it? It always seems to be the same. Well that’s going to begin to change, you going to come back and find it different. You’re going to wake up in the morning to a different world, and the more that you can be okay with that without freaking out the better it will be for all of you.

You have no qualms about going into a dream state and things changing, well if you were to come to the real world and put something down one day and not find it there the next, you’d freak out, and yet this is happening all the time now. People are finding things they have lost for a long time they are losing things that they just put down a moment ago. Because the world in the physical is going to take on more and more and more of a dreamlike existence where your thoughts began to manifest nearly instantaneously and that’s why it’s important to really start thinking about your thoughts we’ve mentioned this many times, we say it again because it is important. Be very, very conscious of your thoughts.

Look at those who go unconscious, we will give you just a couple of examples of people one of the ways people go unconscious these days is through the texting, the using of the computer to text and such. So while they are texting they are in conscious of their environment. It’s just the way it is. You cannot text and be conscious of your environment at the same time, does not work that way, no one can do it. No one can split their attention like that. And so when you’re texting you’re not in the environment and so all of a sudden things occur because you’re not aware of them. Some woman drove her car into the path of the train. Our vehicle saw the video of a woman walking right into a public fountain in the city, people walking out into traffic and such.

And so it’s really important to seize back control of your consciousness, don’t give it over to these machines, don’t give it over to entertainment, don’t give it over these things, because those who control the planet or run the planet if you will, are hoping that they put out enough distractions to keep you from noticing the changes. They’re hoping they can put you into fear, they’re hoping that they can put you into entertainment, into the desire for good feelings or whatever that they can give you.

It’s very interesting to see how this technology has come around in such a short amount of time. It’s not coincidence you know. Those in charge new they wanted to get this technology to a peak at this point and they rushed like maniacs to get that done for many, many, many years, even before the computers were built, back in the earliest of early days. They knew they needed to be at this point with this level of technology in the hope that they could use it to pull the wool over your eyes.

But then there are others like Dorothy’s dog, little Toto that are seeing that it’s all being controlled by the man behind the curtain, and they are running behind the curtain and they are grabbing the controls. They are grabbing the controls, and so don’t be surprised if you hear about groupings doing things that seem to seize control of this Internet technologies and you’ve already got groupings like Anonymous and such, but there will be more of this kind of thing. There will be those who want to wake you up as they have been woken up.

So be careful of what you focus your attention on. See if you can be clear in your own mind where these thoughts that come into your head are coming from, are they coming to you from those who would want to keep you in fear or is it coming to you from those who want to wake you up and get you alert and seizing your consciousness back. There are definitely two forces trying to do one and the other, and if you can identify which grouping is attempting to shake you, that will be a very, very important step for manifesting the reality you want.

So see yourself, another thing that we would bring up is the idea, we’ve brought this up before we’re sure, of forgiveness. The idea that you’re going to learn things about the past and about the present that is going to be shocking is going to be maddening, but we would say it is important to understand that it’s coming to light now so that you can’t transmute it. It’s coming out at this time so that you all can look at it and say, “Ooh, let’s leave that one behind and let’s move on.” And part of that moving on is forgiveness, not looking back so much.

When Obama came into power, when his administration took over in Washington, many on the left were upset at him for not going after the crimes as they saw it of the Bush – Cheney grouping, and he did not do it. Why? We said many times, he did not want to look backwards, there was too much going on in front, so it was no time to look in the rearview mirror, there was too many roads, windy parts in the road ahead. Stay focused on driving forward.

Now you have come out of a lot of windy roads, but we would still tell you, “Look forward, look to where you’re going, not where you’ve been. Learn about where you’ve been, understand it, forgive it, let it go. Stay focused on where you’re going.” Because now you are on the other side of the Square and the reset point has been hit and now you are rewriting, or writing anew the story of earth. What will the first chapter say if you and of your time and of your existence?

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure good day to all of you.

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  • Lucy MacDonald March 24, 2015, 12:03 AM

    Thank you so very much for all you are doing.
    I always instinctively knew that the “Second Coming” would be the arrival of a wave of the Christ Consciousness overtaking the consciousness of humanity in a Global Awakening. I so look forward to the day the world stands still.

  • Ko'onthra March 24, 2015, 6:57 AM

    May I ask who or what are you? How can I reach home to be with my kind?

  • Ko'onthra March 24, 2015, 6:58 AM

    I’m a awakened unicorn other souled

  • Michael Moriarty March 24, 2015, 12:19 PM

    It has been said that, “You do not get peace by hating war; you get peace by loving peace”. Let’s let the first chapter of the story of Earth tell how we, the peace-loving people of this planet, demonstrated the power of consciousness and our desire to be a
    Galactic civilization by bringing peace to Earth by, collectively, intending it. Toward that end, I ask two things of you. First, at 12 noon every day (in whatever time zone you happen to be in) pray for or meditate on peace for one full minute. Imagine the World enjoying peace and harmony (in whatever way you wish). Do this for one minute everyday at noon, local time. Second, spread the word to as many other people as you can. The goal is, ideally, to get everyone on the planet to participate. Ask the radio and TV media to participate (maybe they can remind everyone at noon with a tone or a minute of silence, for instance). Thank you! P.S: Yes, Lucy MacDonald, that is what’s happening–this is the return of Christ consciousness to this planet. And you should know: you are one of the 144,000 ascended masters (aka, Sananda’s Eagles) who chose to come here on a mission of love. You are of Archangel Michael’s Legions and of the Ashtar Command. Thank you for bringing your light and love to Earth!

  • Heather Lutterotti March 24, 2015, 4:30 PM

    Thank you , great info in this confusing times !

  • carlos bravo March 25, 2015, 1:37 PM

    For those seeking guidance, practicing silence of mind is the best way to get started.

  • jake speed March 28, 2015, 10:35 PM

    I was just wondering if you know if the plaeidians in the ships are actually going to physically land their spaceships on earth for people to see them and if so when. I know there are tons of videos on the Internet showing alien space ships flying but it s hard to tell if its faked and I would love to see a legit video showing one land and plaeidians coming out of it.

  • Anneda March 30, 2015, 2:40 AM

    It has also been our pleasure. Much LOVE

  • DavidBri March 30, 2015, 12:40 PM

    Good Afternoon All,

    My dear Jake Speed,…..do you think if you were a commander on a galactic starship,…that you would feel that it would be wise to interact with humans on our planet at this time? Never mind, the leaders of our planet….?

    We are heading in that direction, but the time for unification with our galactic counterparts will not be APPARENT for some of our earth years.

    Be comforted. There is an effect from our cousins. They are concerned and engaged.

    Think of our pleiadian cousins in an energy/spiritual contexted.
    Not so much physical. Not to deny the physical presence of the guardians of the galaxy. Yet the pleiadians have advanced in form from their ‘human’ experience of form and exist on a higher plane,……no space ships people.

    Any visions you have witnessed on the web,…spring from the memory of the artists’ ….and each past life and future life experience of the artist, the artist being especially connected with the flow/continuem, the truth, the story, our story.

    You all know this to be true,…… it is only a matter of time for you to discover.


  • Michael Moriarty April 3, 2015, 2:49 PM

    “…you will begin…to really see the connection you have to the nonphysical, and how you in the nonphysical experience things that become part of your waking experience…you are…given the opportunity to choose while you are in the nonphysical what it is that you want or will bring about experiencing in the physical. You are manifesters, all of you…” (podcast from July 14, 2014). When you consciously remember, in your waking state, having experienced previously the exact same event in the dream state (say, the night before), then you will know–beyond all doubt–that YOU are the one who is creating your reality (not “the man behind the curtain”). It is one of the things you do in the dream state (in what is called the “Astral” or the “Template Level Reality”): you choose the experiences that you will have in your waking state. This is one of the reasons why you must dream–so that you can construct the waking state that you will, then, experience. Over time, your waking and dreaming states will merge so that, among other things, you will sleep less (eventually, not at all) and you will be able to manifest instantaneously in the waking state as you currently do in the dreaming state. That is where all this is headed: with you living a waking dream and consciously taking responsibility for all of your creations (since you will know, beyond all doubt, that YOU are creating it all). It ends with your total freedom.

  • Linda Says Hello April 10, 2015, 3:28 PM

    Is Being Human supposed to allow a Soul to come inside of our body to give Love and sex to our body is the will and design of God? Way of being. Then why does our Human flesh make us very cold and ill when a Soul comes inside of one of then worker’s for the Ghost Adventures show on tv, and the other ghost = Soul shows. There is a bigger picture of tons of questions I have. When will yous be coming down to make Friend’s with me and all of us.? I’m hoping very soon when the weather is best. Love from me to my whole Family from Father God.

  • Sue E April 11, 2015, 3:41 AM

    reference was made to those who are running the planet and in effect we are being controlled to a point. I find this scary and unsettling. Can you tell us who “they” are what this all means???

  • Michael Moriarty April 13, 2015, 7:05 PM

    Dear Sue E:
    YOU are creating your reality (all of it, all the time) through your beliefs. A belief is a strong idea about yourself or the nature of reality; this is why the Pleiadians are asking you to be consciously aware of your thoughts (aka, ideas): because your thoughts are creating your reality. As an example, if you think that you are not creating your experiences, but others are (and it doesn’t matter who the “others” are), then–by that very thought, itself–you will create for yourself experiences where it seems that you are powerless and that others are in control of your life. But, if you believe that you are the one in control of your own life (creating your own experiences), then–by that very belief–you will create experiences that justify your belief that you are a powerful creator who is in charge of her own life. Do you see how powerful you truly are? You are so powerful that, for others to even have the appearance (much less the substance) of control over you, they have to hoodwink you into thinking that they–not you–control your reality! They have absolutely no control that you do not grant them. You always have been, are now, and always will be in complete charge of you. Your entire life, up to this point, has been your way of trying to wake you up to this fact (that you are creating your own reality, and no one else) so that you can start creating your reality consciously (and not merely unconsciously). It’s up to you, but I hope you choose to create a loving, peaceful World. Congratulations! You are awakening….

  • DavidBri April 21, 2015, 6:42 AM

    Good Morning All,

    Thank You Again Michael M. The Ides of March are quite pronounced this year. What ever seemingly BAD LUCK that befalls so many during this space/time each year may seem out of our control, yet we ARE in control of our destiny.

    My recent experiences are reflected in your last comment. The company I work for has been vying for control, and so many allow this to happen with all the hardships that follow. People, you have the tools to empower yourself against such struggles. And Michael is sooooooo right, it starts with faith in yourself that reflects the power of thoughts and HOW you think. Take control. Be true to yourself and own your experience, don’t blame others for what’s happening in your life because if you do you grant them control. Use your resources and educate yourself, knowledge is POWER. Take the reins of yourself and giddy up.


  • Linda Says Hello April 22, 2015, 9:43 PM

    Pleiadians is it possible with your higher thinking to create a mechanical devise to make for Humanity that would allow us to put on headphones to hear your language turned into robot English so that we understand everything you say and the opposite for yous to know what we are speaking to you like a new age telephone. Samsung Phone app or computer program might be the best, if you know someone this smart to create. And it would really help us both to become Family Friends from all planets that Father God Created also. Soul Family can grow and really Love one another finally adventure together and you no matter what planet could help me work out all my mental illnesses, tons of bigger pictures mental illness pins my Soul down 🙁 if you know what I mean guys. All Soul’s to me are guys. 😉 Love you all Thank you guys..

  • Linda Says Hello April 22, 2015, 10:22 PM

    The Pleiadian Agenda

    by Barbara Hand Clow (This book can be ordered directly through Amazon. com here.

    The Sirian work with humans was for higher brain activation, but the Anunnaki thought of the human brain as just a robotic structure to be used by them to control humans as workers…Humans have always been smarter than the Anunnaki have realized, while the Sirians always had a deep understanding of human potential.The degree to which the WMT gets away with murder on your planet is in direct proportion to the degree to which you do not trust yourselves to be creative.The WMT uses your electronic forms of entertainment to get into your head.Nibiruan programming in your heads is what is driving you to commit ecocide.

    READ about the Anunnaki agenda for this planet in excerpts here.

    p.84 Satya Speaks: The reason you have not been able to see the truth about this part of your past is because nuclear events thousands of years ago exploded 2D elemental forms out of their own realm. This caused you to feel elemental pain so intensely that the Hebrew Bible was constructed to distract you with every story except the most important one. Yahweh is protrayed as an avenging fire god, and then you built temples and religions to contain this great denial. Yes, your temples and churches are structures and systems for holding this denial. The denial has piled up; implants in your bodies exist that hold it, and just like a nucler reactor, your bodies are spewing emotional waste. ….

    p.85. Abraham’s mission was to deposit the power of Anu into Anunnaki temples, so as to control the emotional bodies of your ancestors. It was a plug into culture that has gotten more and more complex, and it will be helpful now to realize that this problem didn’t start in the twentieth century. Uranium undergoes a half-life process that causes it to gradually transmute into inert elements. I will call this deposit of the power of Anu ” the Anu Bomb” and as I read you, this explains why you felt like your modern atomic physicists were godlike. As I see it, there is a symbiotic relationship between the breakdown of the emotional body through karma and the breakdown of radioactive elements via transmutation. …In that sense, radiation is an Anunnaki or Nibiruan gift….

    As I see Abraham carrying his radioactive box, it looks like the uranium was going to be used for the deposition of the consciousness of Anu in the temple in order to begin a new level of Nibiruan control of Earth. Thus, at the opening of the Age of Aries began the stream of partriarchal consciousness that enslaves you now, … During the Age of Aries, war and control were appropriate. They are not appropriate now. ….

    Anu simply wanted to control the world. He is the great father god of Nibiru, and Earth was his chosen 3D territory.

    Naturally, he thinks he knows what is best for you.Therefore, whenever he has contact with Earth–when Nibiru orbits into the solar system and the Nibiruan ships land on Earth, or when he monitors you by means of temple technology–he simply uses you. Once you became sufficiently self-reflective around 2000BC, your feelings began to awaken. Anu did not possess feelings then. He saw that you were slipping out of his total control, and he knew uranium would enable him to monitor you even when you came to the end of the Mayan Great Calendar when Anu would be far away from your solar system.

    When Anu is monitoring you, 4D archetypal forces can impluse you into playing out their dramas in 3D. Remember, 4D is the most polarized dimension, while 3 D is a four-directional dimension that makes things happen. After 5000 years, uranium is thoroughly polluted with emotional body detritus–human karma. The Pleiadians joke and call it your “Anu karma.” As a result of being jerked around by 4D and going from one pole to another, human feelings are very accelerated. You are being globally linked, and the active radiation of the Anu Bomb cannot contain all this nondirected creativity. p.87 Emotions are spewing into inappropriate realms as you run back and forth like rats in a psychology lab. Uranium holds the vibration in your physical bodies that resonates with the agendas of Anu. However, because of the half-life principle, I can see that the primordial Anu Bomb is fizzling. I can decode part of this with you, since plutonium is the unstable element that resonates the most closely with our 26,000 year Pleiadian cycle. Plutonium in your environment is lethal to all Pleiadians. … I can see the Anunnaki control pulse in your bodies starting to loosen. As you transmute emotions, you are transmuting the plutonium, and the Pleiadians are more free to bring more love into Earth.

    …. Listen peoples, your integrity is to be found in your bodies! Extraterrestrials can only invade your emotions, which are higher dimensional.

    Once invaded emotionally your bodies can become diseased and then you can be invaded in those places where frequencies have set in that are not in tune with your body. You are not in your integrity when your emotions are denser than your bodies, and this has opened you for invasion.

    p. 88. The next question has to be to ask whether Anu laid his Bomb to do just that–raise the vibration of humanity. From my perspective as a Pleiadian, it is difficult to credit Anu with the possibility of a loving decision due to his seeming lack of kindness or compassion for humanity. This is a fascinating razor’s edge because while influencing your planet, the Anunnaki have been playing a very parental role with you, and all aspects of your parents are valuable to you. … The parental tendency of Anu is not loving, compassionate kind of parenting. It is more like most parenting in the Western world. If you were to go back into your own experiences with your parents… you’d be left only with the part of them that was intending to grow you, like a plant. They gave birth to you, then they had to feed you, clothe you, and then they had to be concerned about your development. But, imagine if they did not activate the heart-centered loving part of you because it was not in their nature. Have you not known parents who are nurturing their child, yet seem to feel no true or blissful love for that child?

    Around 3600 BC Anu felt the next level of growth for the human would be city cultures, beause that form leads to planetary consciouness. For city culture development, Anu’s progeny would need to develop socialization, a way of relating to their other humans that was different from ways of relating that existed before. He believed he would need to monitor you during this phase, and so he utilized radiation. This part of Anu us the part of you that enables you to live in cities and set up territories, take money from others, control other people, and use other people. This is not a loving sense of community and giving. It is a new level of complexity in living, which offers great experience but is not necessarily loving.

    Anu deposited the uranium into a very deep place in the planet as device for monitoring and influencing your maturity and development while Nibiru orbited out of the solar system and then Abraham delivered it into the temple 1600 years later. …Satya can see that whatever goes on with uranium on your planet makes you totally accessible to Anu. I can feel this monitoring device in Anu’s brain, which I can easily access because I am higher dimensional. ..? Notice that. It is true, and it is a huge speeding up of your evolution.

    p. 90. Just like the 2D elementals want to return to their realm, so do the 4D archetypal lords want to return to theirs. Dimensional pollution has outlived its usefulness…Anu had complete control over the known world in one time frame. The next question is: What is Anu’s relative state of control at the present time?

    From our perspective, Anu decided in 3600 BC to impose a creation on Earth, which was a form of opening up his underwear drawer. Anu explosed himself–Anuflashing– by offering the complete temple/city culture form, but why would he do that? … Anu was competing with the Srians, who had deposited their temple/city culture in Egypt, and Anu got jealous!….

    The Sirian work with humans was for higher brain activation, but the Anunnaki thought of the human brain as just a robotic structure to be used by them to control humans as workers.


    ..Humans have always been smarter than the Anunnaki have realized, while the Sirians always had a deep understanding of human potential.

    …the Anunnaki of Nibiru began to visit Earth 450,000 years ago, as was perfectly described by Zecharia Sitchin (Earth Chronicles click here to order) ….I’d suggest that you take Sirius seriously. The way to do that is by means of Egyptian records, and the opening of these records is why my vehicle helped created the Sirian/Pleiadian alliance. This alliance acutally began August 7, 1972 when the Sirian intervened to keep the polar axis of Earth from flipping due to a great explosion in the Sun. My vehicle’s personality changed completely on that day, when she and many people on Earth became hybrid Pleiadian/earthlings. …

    The great Sirian/Egyptian god Anubis is the guide who holds Nibiru’s orbit in form. He is the guide who travels with your solar system all the way through the Galactic night. The Pleiadians hold the orbit of your solar system while you journey through the Photon Band. They are your mother cow and Anubis is your jackal guide. Anubis is a being who travels the universe with the consciousness of Sirius, and he is a very very superior being. Think of Anubis as hold the orbital pattersn of the solar system as whole unit travelling its 26,000 year cycle in Alcyone’s spiral. … Abraham is such a big deal! Now I see that his story in the Bible is a coverup, and I see why the Egyptians have been so unfairly maligned. These are all typical examples of Anunnaki bad press on the Sirians. And figuring out these lies will disempoower the World Management Team. Why? All you need for taking back your power is to recover your stories.

    ….. Beings from other dimensions and systems are constantly depositing information on Earth, such as crop circles or hieroglyphics. Often this information is destroyed becuse it contradicts the official story of your past that has been invented and monitored by Anu.

    Anu is especially incensed about Sirian information. This is why the indigenous Egyptians, who are still keeping the ancient Sirian knoweldge, will not allow excavation of certain sites, especially the tunnels under the Giza plateau. … .because the main transducer of your planet is located under the Sphinx, and the indigenous Egyptians guard it. ….

    p. 94. The World Management Team and other forces that work to limit you are a confluence of all energies on this planet that have been manipulating your behavior. You are fighting the battles of beings who are not from Earth! By being totally trapped in 3D you are having difficulty knowing what is impulsing you, and yet you could see it all if you’d become multidimensional as you were before you were born. Remember, I said that Anu first impulsed you into complexity so that you could become global. What is actually going on will be beyond your wildest dreams, and we Pleiadians are here not to help blast open these dimensional keys. Things are going to change fast. It is the only way out of another nuclear explosion–this one worldwide instead of just limited to Sinai.

    p. 95. The 4D archetypal forces are very invested in exactly where you are stuck in your emotional bodies because these hotspots–belief systems–are where they can still monitor and influence you. As long as you have all kinds of beliefs about your great father god, you won’t look at what the story is covering up. From my 5D view, things that are covered up contain great potential for removing blocks that are lethal for your emotional bodies.

    ….. If you will contemplate how uranium loses its radioactivity by means of the half-life prinicple, you will get usable information about how to defuse your own emotional body blocks. In the physical world, it takes hundreds of thousands of years to detoxify radioactive lements. In any lifetime, you occupy a male or female body. If you can completely infuse, embody, and merge with your opposite sexual polarity in that lifetime, you can dump out one half-life of emotional-body karmic residue. Sexual love relationships are both emotional and physical. If you can embrace total polarity resolution with your lover, you can detoxify the resudes of life-times from the beginning of time by half. Imagine that you break down this resistance by half every time you fuse an orgasm! I will just say it:The timing of the defusing of radiation is in symbiotic relationship with the clearance of your emotional bodies. …. Now, here you are in 3D with a great deal of radiation in your environment–which enhances your environment for more Nibiruan access– and you are moving into the Photon Band. On some level, like a nuclear explosion, everything in your system will be completely blasted apart.

    p. 102 …Radiation has increased in direct proportion to emotional pollution. Since the dark days of WWII the human race has been held hostage by fear of nuclear war. In the war between good and bad, light and dark, capitalism and communism, religion and atheism, tremendous amounts of radioactive substances have been raped out of Gaia. This has deenergized the elemental world, polluted the emotional bodies of Earth, stressed the Pleiadian heart, and shut out Sirian geometrical expansion.

    Look at the agency sponsoring the nuclear standoff–the World Management Team. The WMT utilizes 2D, 4D, 6D and 8D forms, the dimensions that work with structure and density. Without the balance of the uneven dimensions 1D through 9D — which offer creativity and energy, structure will kill all.

    The degree to which the WMT gets away with murder on your planet is in direct proportion to the degree to which you do not trust yourselves to be creative.The WMT cannot do anything to people on Earth who trust their own powers. You are in a balancing act now, which will empower your creativity. This will break down the control. You are on the verge of a creative renaissance that will be like a supernova.

    Enoch speaks: p. 103 :

    Please notice as you go along that anything that is being taught to you from the uneven dimensions can be attained by you: You can ascend as I did, you can sing like a bluebird and go to the blue light, you can open your Pleiadian heart, you can be total integrity in 3D, and you can merge with Gaia in 1D….I am talking about infusions by 2D through 8D forces into the 3D procreative powers. Infusions into 3D of the 5D, 7D, and 9D levels are kundalini infusions, light infusions ,and creative blasts that birth star babies. I have participated in many star-baby creations. This occurs when I impulse a couple having orgasm to agree to create a child on a star somewhere in the Galaxy. This coding hands down the pure light into 3D physical form…

    P. 104 I Satya, will close this discussion about radiation by telling you a few things about the comet that struck Jupiter in 1994, which created a nuclear explosion in your solar system. The waves from the comentary impacts were out to the Sun, which responded like a great bell ringing waves all through the Galaxy to other stars with planets. These waves informed the whole Galaxy about the condition of things on Earth, and since then many more extraterrestrials are taking an interest in Earth. The satellite Galileo was able to send photographs of the cometary impacts back to Earth because it was on the right side of Jupiter’s atmosphere for viewing. Galileo will crash into Jupiter during November 1995, unless scientists can alter its orbit. This potential relaease of plutonium in Jupiter’s atmosphere tells me that you will soon be dealing with plutonium intensely. Never has it been more critical for scientists to discover how to transmute this element.

    The cometary impacts triggered Jupiter to a new stage of its evolution. For Earth, Jupiter rules mastery schools and secret societies and it rules expansion of your consciousness and sense of well-being. This comet blasted open the control codes of the secret societies, and this opened your planet to higher-dimensional structural methods, such as Sirian geometric structures and guidance by the Galactic Federation. …You now have entered a period where you have great potential to transmute plutonium and move beyond control and secrecy. You will be amazed by what happens as solutions for radioactivity are finally found. ….p. 107. The Nibiruans differ from us (Lizard) in that they are metallic biology….When the Anunnaki visit Earth, they wear various constumes over their bodies, since otherwise they would look like reptilian metal robots to you (Darth Vadar?) . They often wear bird masks, great wings, even bird claws. Sometimes they wear the faces of crocodiles, frogs or dogs. …they can monitor all devices that are based on electromagnetism. … since the Anunnaki head the WMT, which runs the covert spy apparatuses, secret police, governments and multinational corporations of the world…… Your media has specific surface 3D sounds or images that you all can hear or see, but it is also loaded with masked sounds and images. These subliminal communications are used to encode you with thoughtofrms whil you laugh innocently, naively at “I love Lucy”.

    The WMT uses your electronic forms of entertainment to get into your head…. Any one of you is capable of hearing the metallic vibrational communications systems of the WMT, since your own life force generates electromagnetic fields. Naturally, unless you have raised your own vibration beyond their access, your electromagnetic fields can be penetrated and/or monitored. Since they access you and read you, why not reverse your energy through their waves and read them? Your esoteric and magical faculties have been consistently suppressed and ridiculed so you won’t figure out how to reverse the process. However, most major male power brokers are members of secret societies, they practice magical rites covertly, so they can become masters of energy by reading vibrations. You can do any of this yourselves if you trust your subtle senses; and once you regain that skill, nobody can pull anything on you. Let’s be honest you sense what the big boys are doing, so start doing it back!

    p. 110 Kundalini energy is rejuvenating, … Kundalini energy is electromagnetic energy that reorganizes biological species back into their perfect 12 strand DNA form. Perfect genetic form is the key to functional cellular biology.

    p.112… Evil is the reverse of live. Evil is anything that comes into a realm and manipulates inhabitants or interferes with their reality and it is deathly.

    p. 116. Remember, the Anunnaki cannot utilize silica-based technologies to manipulate you, but they can impulse you in your silica-based cells. However this crystalline matrix also offers you the potential to become fully multidimensional and silica-based technologies will assist you with this. Once you become multidimensional, the Anunnaki will not be able to impulse your silica-based cells and jerk you around. We’d like to see you figure this out, because the Nibiruan programming in your heads is what is driving you to commit ecocide. If you doubt what we say, consider Mars. We reptiles once swam the canals of Mars. The Anunnaki can’t mess with our heads because we’re carbon-based, but we also have not been able to evolve our brains as you have. Your greatest asset is also your worst potential liability. We reptiles are here to help you figure out how they mind-control you, causing you to become murderers for their agendas–which are belief systems that have nothing to do with Earth! …..the Anunnaki don various costumes when they visit, and you might just become one of their masks. We are not fooling. When the Bible says you were made in god’s image, it actually refers to reptiles. They were the Anunnaki’s first experiment, and our species failed them from their point of view. Because we are carbon-based, we feel Earth too much, and they can’t take us over. Next, they made you (humans) of silica-based clay, and they’ve been preparing you for their takeover. The cosmological cycle predominates, however, and you will go into the Photon Band to rebalance and reinvigorate. [I am ready are you?]

    That is a good slice of this book which is “The Pleiadian Agenda” by Barbara Hand Clow. Order at Amazon. com

    And a sister book to this with exercises and light body workouts by Amorah Quan Yin “The Pleiadian Workbook” here at Amazon.com

  • Joyce May 21, 2015, 11:49 AM

    *Editor’s note: Coming soon! 🙂


    I’m looking forward to the next talk….It seems like it has been a long time. It used to be on the full moon and new moon, but seems to have become less frequent. I and probably others miss these periodic talks. 🙂

    Thank you

  • Wendy May 30, 2015, 1:11 PM

    *Editor’s note: just as soon as Mercury isn’t retrograde. 🙂

    Will there be any more channeled messages in the near future?

  • David Bri June 2, 2015, 6:34 AM

    Good Morning All,

    I believe our humble channeller is as vulnerable to the big changing energy that is upon all of us at this time on this planet. It’s not very difficult to understand when each of you realize how very small our world is, and that all life here culminates into one life form, and her name is Gaia.

    Recent events in my life reflect the meaning of this time, as does your experiences. As our perspective shifts from self to our brothers and sisters, we begin to live as we are meant to.

    It’s like a good baseball team. We all have our role, but are helpless without the rest of the team. Be a team player and,….


  • S June 3, 2015, 10:39 AM

    *Editor’s note: We’ll be returning soon. 🙂

    It’s been too long… What’s UP?

  • ZALISILE June 3, 2015, 8:29 PM

    It is an Honor to have come across this informative web-site,I’ve been making my own researches about the Pleiadians and wanting to know more about their work and mission hear on earth ever since i’ve learned about the laws of attraction and how my mind fuctions.There have been many changes in some aspects of my life as i have been practising good habitual thoughts after a long time that i’ve been asking my self questions about my existance here on earth and who am i,where do i come from and always feeling that something is not right about me.Now i agree with many things here on this site cause they resonate with me and directing us into a new light of awareness and wakefulness,we are indeed in a period state of expanding in our consciousness.Thanks to the Pleaidians with much love..we appreciate your help so much and may you continue to assist us in these changes.

  • S June 11, 2015, 4:08 PM

    Mercury’s retrograde is over and out! Let’s talk!

  • Holly Taylor June 18, 2015, 9:07 AM

    I don’t know exactly how I found you, but your approach is the only thing that makes sense in the chaos. Keep writing; I will be alert to your words, point of view and advice.
    Thank you! you so great service.

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