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Reach Out With Your Feelings


Good morning, we are here. Give us a moment. It is Monday, May 9, 2016 about 10:30 or so a.m., as we are speaking to you now Mercury is transiting across the sun in Taurus. Let us begin.

First of all let us just say that the elections, we will talk about elections for a little bit first, the elections in the United States are transitioning into a new phase now that the Republicans have exploded and found themselves with shrapnel and debris all over the place and the emergence of Mr. Trump. They are scrambling to figure out what to do about it and that is causing very chaotic running around on that side and on the Democratic side you are seeing the emergence and the movement of the Bernie crowd as they are picking up steam, as it were.

And although the mainstream medias will tell you “It is over.”

“No, it is not over. It is not over.”

As the electorate becomes more and more aware of the options, they will begin to see not much difference between the Clinton camp and the Trump camp. It will be not so much a difference of policy as it is of temperament and even that will be shown to be less different as you begin to see a little bit more of Hillary’s true nature – let us say it that way.

So, keep an eye on the events, and ask yourself as you learn more and more and more about what is going on, “How do you feel about it, how do you feel about it?”

Because that is where the communications really need to come in, those who their communications come through their brain, comes through their head, very logical, they are seeing one world, but those who are feeling the world through their belly, through their intuitions, through their psychic senses, they are seeing a much different world. And you could ask yourself what’s going on here, how can there be to such different worlds out there, and it has to do with communication, which is what Mercury is here to tell you about.

There’s going to be a shift of communication that’s going to occur, that is occurring at this very moment where people are going to start to feel communication in their belly and less in their head – on a grand scale. It’s going to happen across the planet not just in America but in Europe, and in Asia and in all other places, Africa. There’s going to be more of a feeling communication, how do we feel about what’s going on? What are our intuitive natures telling us, because for too long the world has been focused on the intellect, has been focused on the logical side of communication?

And what’s coming out now is the idea that that is a very small part of reality. Logic is really not the driving nature of the universe. The universe is a much more intuitive, a much more interactive environment, and as the sun moves further and further into this part of space away from the thick molasses of the last 2000 years, you are moving into this slicker, more fast moving energy, and so things can happen very quickly. Things can change very quickly.

A few months ago Bernie was being told, “You get out. You can’t win.”

Now he’s closing the gap and they’re all these delegates that are not being voted on but even they are feeling something because, yes they have an intellect that tells them that they must vote a certain way because they are party people, but they have a feeling, they are seeing the changes, they are feeling the energy that is moving in this movement which Bernie calls The Movement and it is.

And so, you will see that feelings, that emotion start to, like a wave, go over the entire country and all over the planet whether it is in England, whether it is in Australia, whether it is in China, America or…

And so think about it. Think about the change even in your own life, how much of what you have been experiencing seems less and less and less interested in logic and more and more and more interested in feeling? It is that time, you are moving into a time where your feeling centers are starting to turn on again. For too long they have been atrophied and now they are beginning to feel.

Why did Bernie say, “Feel the burn.”

Because he wants you to feel, feel it, doesn’t want you to think it.

Logic tells you, “Nothing that Bernie can do, wants to do can happen.”

But you feel it can. And a country that can do the wonderful things that this country has done in the past from launching moon rockets to whatever, building railroads across the country, building highways across the country. Now you are seeing the renewable energies really beginning to flourish in this country as oil and gas and coal are all being marginalized and reduced.

So see where that goes in the next few moons, see how often you find yourself feeling the news and not thinking about it, and then see others doing it as well.

Now, we want to talk for a moment about the fire in Canada. It’s horrific. Our vehicle was looking at some of the footage and some of the information where they’re saying that this fire could now burn for a month. And how much of this is planned, who started this fire, what was their intention, and how much of it is part of the times? Because it is bringing, again your feelings forward. This is the tar sands place of the world. This is where they want to dig up all of that toxic sludge and make gasoline out of it and petroleum products out of it and you don’t think the earth has something to say about that?

The idea that these products, these materials are fossil fuels is silliness, do some homework, it is geologic. These are geological formations caused by the Earth’s geology which is another term for the Earth’s physiology, which is a term for the life force of the earth. So you cannot just dig these things up and burn them, any more than you can go mining in your pancreas for something or whatever. The earth will shake you. It’s quite sentient you know.

Now, there is a lot going on. We know that many of you who listen to what we have to say are looking for answers and as we tell our vehicle, “Many of the answers have always been there but they have been derailed, they have been pushed down, they have been wiped out.”

But that is changing now like with the marijuana laws in this country. They want to tell you marijuana has no medical value and yet before it was banned they were selling it as medical oils, silliness, but people believed it, people allowed it.

Well now your pharmaceutical companies and your chemical companies are killing you and there you have a cannabis product waiting to fill the gap, waiting to bring in a sustainable, natural, healthy version of the products that you have been creating in your laboratories. But nature has been doing that all along, nature has always been there to assist.

Feeling depressed, go take a walk in the woods, you don’t need Prozac. Need a breath of fresh air, go to the beach. The planet has always been there to nurture you but it asks for you to do the same.

Our vehicle saw something the other day that really touched him. It was a Native American saying that, “We do not inherit the earth, we are custodians of our children’s earth.” This idea that the planet is yours to do with as you please, the planet is the futures’ and you must take care of it for them.

And once that kind of shift in thinking becomes more prominent, and it is happening you know, where you will become less and less and less concerned with what you can dig out of the earth and more concerned with what you can put back. You watch how fast the planet can change.

Another thing our vehicle saw the other day was how the CO2 gases, the carbon dioxide increase which was supposed to turn the earth into a desert is actually doing the opposite. There’s much more vegetation growing because vegetation likes CO2.

“So, who’s going to be wiped out, huh oxygen breathers?”

The earth only needs you to become aware of it cycles, it can really turn it around very quickly, but it has methods of doing that that would be very detrimental to the creatures living on the surface, think volcanic activity. You think a thousand years is a long time to the earth, you think a million years is a long time to the earth? Not really, it has seen civilizations come and go on this world, and it is watching you right now to see how you are going to handle it.

And so see yourself being part of a rebirth, a resurgence of earth conscious living. It’s funny, when the Europeans came to America and decided to take the country from the Native Americans, can you imagine that there is another earth where the Europeans took on the culture of the Native Americans, where North America became an even larger native culture? Think about it, what would be different today?

With that we will depart we know that there’s still much to happen in the next few moons, you have the summer, you have June and July and August leading up to the elections in America, and we will tell you many things are coming. Many things are coming that will shake up the status quo, and it will be very important for you to move into your belly and feel your way through this, much as you might do in a fire if you had to feel your way through the smoke.

What is that line from Star Wars, when he puts on the helmet and he says, “I cannot see?”

And Obi-Wan tells him, “Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them, reach out with your feelings.”

That would be our suggestion at this time, “Reach out with your feelings.”

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure.

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  • Timary May 21, 2016, 7:40 AM

    Thank you!

  • Minne May 23, 2016, 7:28 PM

    Thank you, enjoyed listening to this message. Looking forward to see what comes about in the next few months.

  • sue edser July 28, 2016, 2:03 PM

    There has been no message for a while?

  • sue edser August 15, 2016, 2:09 AM

    Hi looking forward to another updae

  • Cristina Rilla August 15, 2016, 11:01 AM

    I love the Pleiadians channeling. I stumbled into them on Tube (as if theres anything by accident) after my husband transitioned on Jan. 27th 2016. I’ve been on a spiritual growth or ascension path since. I realize too why am still here at this time joining my family of light in assisting Gaia’s ascension living & loving from the heart one moment at a time. haven’t watched TV or the news in 6 months!

  • David BlueStar August 23, 2016, 10:58 AM

    Hello all,

    First dear Chandler,

    I’m reaching out with my feelings and I feel you’re not taking this website very seriously. I understand you must be very busy but at the same time a periodic viewing of comments would be very appreciated. So many peruse your words present and past and many await a response. Truly a Dynamic that is worth more of an effort. As for me I would appreciate it very much and so would many. And think it would increase our support of each other in this new age.

    With that dear lightworkers and those that would be,

    Our feelings are volatile and changing with each day. Dwelling on the past can bring up feelings that are negative and do not serve us in the moment. It is true we must let go the past and simply learn from it. It is difficult because I should know I am trapped in the human Journey As You Are. Journey that is a challenge for those of us who are selfless and giving and become the most vulnerable to harm.

    Have faith and be positive and enjoy your loving energy in the moment and enjoy how it affects others when you see the smiles on their faces. Even though you want the world to be perfect it is not very realistic but in the moment you can make it perfect. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you are less than perfect forgive yourself and enjoy those moments that you can give unconditional love and joy to those around you.

    All with your feelings.


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