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Redmoon Total Lunar Eclipse Pleiadian Channeling


Listen to this podcast below.

Recorded during the redmoon total lunar eclipse, the Pleiadians speak to:

  • Why is the 2012 “point” is similar to the Winter Solstice point, where the days get longer and warmer?
  • How the shift during a total lunar eclipse draws a big jolt of energy from the sun across the earth and lights up the earth like a light switch.
  • Why it is very important at this time to be conscious of your thoughts, intentions, desires and feelings.
  • How you can be safe and warm as you go through this period of change and upheaval and why this is a part of the birthing pains of the process.
  • How this full moon eclipse is preparing the US and the world for changes and how the Mayans understood that these changes would come at this time.

Click the play button below to listen to this channeling:

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