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Bravo Wisconsin! Waking the Sleeping Giant in the Masses…


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • How you are seeing the repercussions of the policies that pit average people against the interests of the large corporations.
  • Why the energy and power and control amassed by the corporations is very much like the nuclear power plant in Japan, housing toxins that no one paid any attention to until it ripped open and spewed its toxins, now an entire planet is alerted to what’s going on.
  • How fracking has proven to be a toxic money grab like the attempts by the Republicans to destroy unions, to destroy the power, the ability of people to bargain.
  • How as the masses become more conscious, you will wake the sleeping giant in the masses, what the corporations hope to keep sleeping for another generation or two.
  • How corporations wanted to lull you like a frog in slowly heated water.
  • How those who read what is going on know that this is the beginning of a very, very strong backlash against these corporations and their minions.
  • How you have great power as a people individually, but even more so in your numbers because you really are far more powerful than the largest of the largest corporations.
  • How both political sides are being put on notice that their corporate interests will not go unnoticed, and that they are not there to serve the corporations, and to the extent that they get that is to the extent that they will find themselves on the right side of the time lines.
  • How the corporations think they control you, and they want to control you, but they have been put on notice that the frog is noticing the temperature in the water.
  • You are seeing how they want to subjugate women, how they want to control the reproductive properties of women. You can see how they wish to control the masses and push your economic prosperity into the dirt.
  • There is a saying that you can tell a tree by its fruit, well, you are seeing the fruit of these trees.
  • How these things that are occurring are like the public warning system and why it must be so loud, because, you have to reach everyone and warn everyone.

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  • Mike Goldman April 8, 2011, 1:50 AM

    Corporations being a legal fiction are themselves a deception, they do not exist in anything but our consent.

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