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Consciousness Moves Through Energy


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss how:

  • How the energy coming from the Galactic Center has an intelligence to it and one of the things that is missing is the understanding that there is a consciousness that moves through energy.
  • How the unleashing of this energy is an indication of its life force and its consciousness, and those who would enslave its consciousness are finding that they cannot control it, and that energy is demanding to be free just like the people in the streets in other countries.
  • How what is coming to the planet is a consciousness raising of the true value of energy.
  • How what allowed Atlantis to survive for tens of thousands of years was the understanding that energy has consciousness and that the use of ceremony and ritual related to the gratitude for energy helped balance the energies desire to exist.
  • What you are going to see going forward is a revolution in energy not just people and it is going to ask for less demand of its gift.
  • How there is (almost) unlimited energy in the universe but it is not there to be discarded and treated as garbage.
  • How each of you is going to be asked to raise your consciousness to meet the consciousness of what you consider to be inanimate objects and how if you want to see the earth turn back to a place of balance, be moderate in your demands for energy.
  • How Japan is modeling for you that decisions must be made with the consciousness of the energy in mind whether it is nuclear, gas, petroleum, whatever.
  • How Atlantis survived and thrived for a long time by tapping into the energies from the sun in a moderate way that was nurturing of it and what brought them down was when that consciousness changed into a desire to squeeze every ounce of energy and control as much of it as possible which brought about the death of a continent and amnesia across thousands of years.
  • How you can affect this with your thoughts and actions and how everyone is getting the message, but the question is, will they hear it or ignore it.
  • How you are going to be asked to step back from the technological world.
  • How there will be disruptions in energy but each one will contain a seed of a healthier more sustainable environment.

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  • Mike Goldman April 1, 2011, 6:42 PM

    If we used biodegradable plastics from hemp instead of petroleum derived materials we wouldn’t have such an environmental problem with it.

  • Renee April 5, 2011, 11:08 AM

    I love listening to these podcasts. Many questions have been answered but so much more in confirmation in things I’ve been feeling for a long time. If it doesn’t work for everybody, it doesn’t work. I have tried LOA and getting rich only to go the opposite direction. I was doing everything “they” told me and nothing worked. I now realize that it is a blessing because I want to make a system that works for everybody, not just the rich. We must learn to say No, have self control and tame the “more” that is wild within us. I am learning we need way less goods and a lot more love. The beauty is, when there is lots of love, we don’t need as much! We become happy like children. Its so beautiful. Thank you for setting up these podcasts.

  • PilotPete May 5, 2011, 7:34 AM

    I have found the venus project has many ways to help us on these fronts. Please check it out, and email me to let me know what you think!

  • Davidbri April 9, 2013, 2:45 PM

    Good morning,

    “Thinking About Home More And More”

    The theme here is ‘Understanding Energy.”
    The idea that we must consume energy despite the source is foolish and senseless. Energy is the common factor. Never lost or GAINED, it transforms according to it’s usage. Use it wisely. Energy is the source…. THE WELL…..

    Our SOURCE, …Our WELL…A deep inexhaustible, divinely centered energy source of nourishment and meaning in the universe. Yet when centered around the predispositions of human affairs on this planet, there must be PLANNING so that balance can be regained. Try to discern the most simple sociologic as well as the biologic motivators. Energy is the source…. THE WELL. Terra is our source as human beings. She is our well. In order to realize our galactic well and beyond, we need to first learn to live in balance with our immediate source,…our planet,…our well.


    P.S. Have you been thinking about a particular star system?

  • DavidBry September 4, 2013, 10:01 AM

    Good Morning,

    Time Looses It’s Meaning

    The ‘Energy’ flow is so liberating. We are being drawn to this message once again. Perhaps the most important of ALL. The most Instrumental for opening yourself up to our true nature and the true nature of our universe. It really is a no brainer.

    Collective consciousness is based on energy. Knowledge and wisdom flows freely.

    When you look at a brick, it seems solid and still,….yet really its moving right along at quite a clip.

    The atoms move so fast you just can’t see them. But clump a whole lot of those buggers together and lo and behold, you have a brick. And then you have two and more. Then you have a house. I’m so thankful for my shelter. I poor all of my love into it. And in return, my home poors all of its love into me;`).


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