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Full Moon Eclipse: Pleiades through the Lens of Mercury


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • How the energy from the Pleiades is going through Mercury like a lens at this time of the Full Moon eclipse.
  • How many on the planet are seeking information, looking for answers, and each of you has within you the ability to get the answers without any help at all.
  • How the universe speaks to you and how you are all psychic, you are all connected, however many of you are not picking up on your own communications.
  • How you are like bands in the spectrum and if you are not doing your own communication, then you are denying that band of information to everyone else.
  • How whistle blowers like Wikileaks bring information to you to incorporate into your decision making, into your understanding and your awareness of what is going on.
  • How subtle things that you are picking up would be best not to forget or discard.
  • How you are going to have to be able to see the disinformation and discard it, and you are going to have to see the true information and incorporate it.
  • How you are moving into an era where those who do not have the best interest of the planet in mind and are not looking out for the benefit of all are being challenged.
  • Why think of yourself like the radio person on the Titanic, because you are getting all of these messages; they are not for you, they are for others. You are transmitting information; it is not for you, it is from others.
  • How we suggest that you use these opportunities, these alignments to be quiet and see if you cannot pick up some of the subtle messages.
  • How if everyone who could do that does their job, does what they can do, then information will start to find its way to those who can do something with it.
  • How it is not a time to be dumping on those who have no resources and giving to those who have vast resources, it is a time to really bring everyone in from the cold.
  • How an earth grouping is growing on the planet that is going to eventually, as we see it, really work together, really work together, or perish together. Your choice.

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  • Larry June 2, 2011, 6:16 PM

    I look forward to this evening when home will be easily visible, I can look upwards and point to it and say “That is my home, and one day soon I will return to it.”

  • A Pleiadian June 15, 2011, 1:19 PM

    I know the feeling! I am enjoying my time in the physical, though. They say it’s the place to be!

  • Vladimir Dzhuvinov June 17, 2011, 6:41 AM

    Great stuff! I have deep interest in understanding the politics and the economy of our world and listening to your channelings was great pleasure! Thanks a lot for that!

    I live in Europe. Is there anything we should now here, in terms of the challenges we’re facing here right now and the overall direction of the European Union?



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