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Sun on the Pleiades


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • How you have been told that you are in a transition, but you are left to wonder what it will really be like? Will you fall into a rut or rise above and make a new path?
  • How the universe has these tasks or jobs that are a part of its cycles and how this cycle allows for the idea that you step up an octave now and take things to “the next level.”
  • How you are acting and responding to the energy that is knocking this planet and this solar system, all of the solar system of Sol, into the next octave.
  • Why it is important for the next two moons, to really use the opportunity and the energy of the astrology to find what it is that is holding you back or holding you down.
  • How many of you have been wounded and why this needs to be cleared and healed at this time.
  • How you will find new experiences finding their way to you.
  • Why it is important to show the universe that you believe in your thought manifestation, you believe that you are guided and that your life is a spiritual path.
  • Why so many of you will feel the need to purge at this time.
  • Why you need to have this part of the journey done to press onto the next.
  • How this is the lesson of Sun on the Pleiades at this time.

Click the play button below to listen to this channeling:

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  • Alexander May 27, 2011, 3:41 PM

    I feel like there’s more to what I am. It feels like there is something calling deep down, something surpressed, something I can’t explain.
    I want to remember!

    Will this come forward naturally or is any effort required, and in that case what kind of effort?

    Love and Light

  • Ivar June 12, 2011, 3:34 PM

    From all represented material I can listen just at 2(!) interviews… Why others have been removed (or blocked)? … Nothing changes… Sooner one will become telepathic than there will be given full information for all people… So sad!…

  • A Pleiadian June 15, 2011, 11:47 AM

    @Alexander: Remember to set your intentions. Then make space for the information to come through. Try auto-writing (stream of consciousness) first thing in the morning. Do it daily and give it time.

    @Ivar: You should be able to listen to all audios on our site. Perhaps you’re having a browser issue?

  • Alexander June 21, 2011, 6:06 AM

    Hey, Alexander here again.
    I’ve searched auto-writing and found that it could be done i many ways. Is there any technique you recommend or is it strictly personal? If hadn’t gotten it wrong, I feel that the ‘Law of Attraction’ plays a big part in this.

    Also I’ve begun keeping a dream journal to help my dream recall, as I’ve had dreams when I’ve seen the world change, and seen the light when talking to people about ET’s etc.

    Haha, I seek answers, but I’m far from alone 🙂

  • DavidBry September 10, 2013, 8:51 AM

    Good Morning All,

    This message is paramount regarding our growth and well being. Lightworkers…the better we become at letting go of ourselves and see to the needs of those who pass though us everyday, the sooner we will advance our collective to our destiny;`).

    “Blaring Your Music Too LOUD!!!”

    The SUN always helps. Always nurtures…always heals….and without condition. An excellent example to follow. As our understanding grows, our appreciation goes right along ;`).

    Now just imagine that the SUN is much more…. a Portal. A portal from which vital energies are being emitted…AND received as well. It goes both ways, the essence of the flow.

    Very basic and elemental with regard for the Universe, the greater whole.

    As you expand your awareness, by LETTING GO of whatever is keeping you from progression, you begin to realize it is simply your-SELF and only your-SELF that is what’s holding you back.

    Break old patterns. SEE your SELF being successful. IMAGINE you at your best. Take your time. BALANCE is the key to smooth and steady growth. You can’t rush things so why try. Attention to the flow around you and letting each need around you guide you one STEP at a time.

    Remember… to practice to Let go each day. Stop your thoughts. Alpha Waves allow you to receive, allows your AWARENESS to grow. Beta Waves ensue with to much thought control and the constant doing that goes with it. Like BLARING your music/tunes really loud, you block everything else out save your favorite band. You can’t hear anything else coming in. You don’t want to. And you don’t realize what’s going out as well, and the effects you are having, like on the person in the next room who is trying to study or something. But your thoughts and feelings effect persons in the next state and in another country, understand.

    Practice. A little each day. As your awareness grows, so will your connection with the collective consciousness as well as your memories and knowledge you already possess. From there, the information will flow. All you need to do is LISTEN.


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