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Galactic Center Energies: The Comet Elenin and the Evolution of the Solar System


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • Why comets are important elements in the evolution of a solar system.
  • How comets create change points in the energies, change the quality of the entire solar system, and always portend a change of energies.
  • How comets are like a grand design entity that is cooking with spices, sprinkling a little here and there, peppering the mix, and the solar system is the dish being prepared, while the Oort Cloud from where the comets emerge is like the spice rack of the solar system.
  • How the Comet Elenin is again moving into the position where it has caused energetic effects on the earth and this time it is closer.
  • How certain earth effects are probable, around the Ring of Fire, all of it up and down to South America, Chile, Peru, Japan, and Australia – all of these places are potentially targets or candidates for relieving the pressures and resettling the energies.
  • Why those who would look at the past are missing an important thing, you are not in the past, you are in the now and it has a different energy signature, so the same event can cause a different thing.
  • Why it isn’t the energy level it is the environmental energies that are being played out here and the environmental energies have changed or altered since moving into the Galactic Center Energies.
  • How there are potentials and this comet is going to teach some new physics to those who watch it.

Channeled March 10, 2011

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  • Francine March 18, 2011, 4:46 AM

    The latest channeling session just abruptly stops. Is there more?

  • A Pleiadian March 21, 2011, 10:26 AM

    There was more to this channeling, however the remainder was not intended for the public. Our apologies for the abrupt end.

  • Davidbri October 18, 2012, 5:55 AM

    Good morning….Evolution Always Upon Us; We Trust The
    Process Of Life

    There is a rythm and flow to Life. We are part of it. Life supports and brings only good, positive energies and experiences. We trust the PROCESS of Life.

    I hope you enjoyed the fireworks this morning, I did ;`).

    We are always in the midst of the ‘cosmic seasoning’ so to speak. We can see it with our eyes this very morning. Imagine if you will the beginnings of planetery life. Our ‘Beloved’ Pleiadian Channeler’s analogy is appealing and informative. I LOVE to cook.

    The universe as we know it IS always evolving and our planet expresses the nature of this evolution through all life. Now imagine our planet in the beggining of its time. The most basic form. The center or inner sun/energies anchor the complex rocks/crystals if you will, which contains fluid that cushions and acts as a medium for the energies to coalesce, not unlike our spinal/brain fluid, a living origin in its purist form. A meatloaf with just the meat and fat.

    Now, if you were the cook, you would choose the first seasoning and add just enough as to compliment the dish,….SALT. A mineral. Essential for the balance of the dish and the balance of our biophysical…homeostasis. The meatloaf begins to take on a life/character of it’s own. Like each planet has it’s unique character. And the dish evolves as you follow your nose. You may follow a recipe/plan or you may CREATE as you go. The additives each have there own character as well, and the combinations are endless.

    My mother beleives a true chef does not follow recipes, he/she creates them as they go :`).

    Try to follow your nose/instincts as you look back at past Pleiadian Messages, as you should. These messages are simply a beggining, a nudge. They open the window of your heart and mind and allow the refreshing breeze in. The breeze helps us remember. Save hardcopies and save the recordings. This allows you to pass them on to your children, brothers and sisiter. It is a beautiful story and you may not even need to save them for the knowledge and experience already lives within each of you. The knowledge you aquire is not meant to convince. It is meant to enhance. You are being reminded of the most wonderous and exciting story, that you will share with your children around the fire very soon.

    Don’t forget the marshmellows, it sweetens the moment :`).

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