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Pisces New Moon: Galactic Energies, Conspiracy, and Change


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • Why as you shrink time many events happen in rapid succession – things that you would ordinarily think would take a long, long time.
  • How one moment you have a Tunisian boy martyring himself, and then what seems like days later huge edifices of control and power seem to fall by the way side.
  • How things that have been going on in secret are now becoming quite obvious, and those who are a part of this corporate oligarchy really didn’t want this transparency to happen.
  • How they were hoping to get some of their agenda codified into your laws before you looked up and saw what was going on.
  • How they have demonized the word “conspiracy” and turned the word into crazy thinking.
  • How they have done such a great job of trying to control you with fear.
  • How debts can be washed away like sand castles on a beach.
  • Why it is important to not get too caught up in what occurs because it will change again, so if you think some law in Wisconsin is going to change the world forever, think again.
  • Why the Aerosmith song Eat the Rich is descriptive of the times that are coming.
  • Why those who wake up and don’t insist on fighting the currents will see this as a wonderful ride.

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  • S.H. March 10, 2011, 8:07 PM

    I cannot hear anything when I try to play this podcast. I have volume all the way up. Tried some others I could not hear also. I was able to hear Summer Solstice, 2010, but not very loud. May want to check this out. Thanks!

  • Jerry November 24, 2012, 3:09 PM

    Greed for power & wealth is the biggest problem in the World.
    Money IS the root of ALL evil.

    May the Force be with us. Jerry

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