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How Quickly Things Can Change


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In this channeling:

  • How Gaddafi’s demise is a reality check for people in power.
  • How you are only as powerful as those around you let you be.
  • Why if you threaten the populace it will come back at you.
  • How Mr. Gaddafi played his part very well; you all needed someone to focus on.
  • Why the Occupy Wall Street grouping will not be “boxed.”
  • How those that have allowed themselves to become victims of corporations will find there are others waiting to stand with them.
  • How Occupy Wall Street is taking on a world context now.  You are really getting close to 2012.  Coincidence?  We let you decide.
  • How it is much easier to deal with a populace that is numb than one that is conscious and looking and interested and passionate.
  • Look at the young ones, you have taken their future.  You have made it uncertain.  Did you really think that they would just roll over for you?
  • Why we hope that you will see another path and use your control of resources for the positive future that the populace is demanding.
  • Why if you think you have built a strong enough barricade, think again.

Channeling podcast:

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  • Trigger October 28, 2011, 6:23 PM

    To The Vehicle of the Pleiadian Network Channeling

    I am very impressed with your messages and your channeling. I was guided to your website a few months ago, quite spontaneously, one day at my office while waiting for a client. I now eagerly look forward to your channelings. Your delivery is brilliant, and the content is powerful. While I am Canadian and in the healing arts, your dialogue of the political events in the U.S. and in the world provides an excellent framework for our global, national and personal circumstances. I learn much from you.
    I was first introduced to the name “Pleiadians” by my first client many years ago. About a year and a half ago, their name came to me more clearly, and has now guided me to your wonderful website.
    Listening to your messages feels like coming Home for me. And when I feel exhausted by this long journey, I am instantly energized, hopeful, inspired and connected by your words and the way you express the messages. The messages help affirm how I am already living and what I already believe, bringing necessary reminders of clarity. I have shared your great work with friends and colleagues.

    Please continue to offer this great service. It is very helpful to me and to many. And of course, inherent within this note is a genuine thank you to the Pleiadians you channel.

    Grateful in Toronto

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