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Significant Living and the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement


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In this Channeling:

  • How those in power are looking at this “Occupy Movement” wondering, “Is there any way to utilize this grouping” like they were able to co-opt the Tea Partiers.
  • Many groupings are now finding their way into the “Occupy Movement.” We see it growing quite organically over the next few moons.
  • Those who struggle to understand it would do better to figure out what the movements wants – it’s pretty basic: the idea of a roof over people’s heads, significant existence, where the future is something to look forward to, and not something to be avoided.
  • As long as cultures can deliver significant living to its populace you will not have these kinds of problems. When it begins to look like they don’t care, when it begins to look like, “well go ahead and die”, then you will begin to see the cracks in the façade.
  • So you think you can pepper spray a couple of youngster and make them go home? Or corral a few hundred people on a bridge and that will be the end of it?
  • Does it really make sense to tax people who have nothing, is that really necessary?
  • Every dime you take from someone who is poor that you give back to someone who is rich, you are doing more harm to that poor crowd than you are doing benefit to that rich crowd.
  • What can you do to intend or bring into your focus the kind of place that you want to inhabit? Do you want free energy? Or do you want energies that don’t burn fossil fuels?
  • It can happen because enough of you want it, then it begins to become the consensus reality. There is a strong consensus reality beginning to grow for the electric car.
  • There will be a day when faster than light travel is routine, when time travel will be routine, when you will be able to manipulate through the dimensions routinely and you will then find yourself moving further and further into that idea of significant living now, living with purpose, and living in a level of safety and abundance that you deserve as creatures of the Great Spark that you are.

Listen to this channeling:

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  • Starlight October 16, 2011, 6:46 PM

    Well, I thought I was thinking weirdly when in actuality…I have a deep knowing that all the bullshit of illuminati, etc….are perhaps for the first time in earth history will be crashing down! this is what 2012 is all about. Perhaps I do get info from heavenly sources after all. DO YOU KNOW just how many evils will FALL, if the whole world bands together with light workers? HA. Sep 11, I knew in my soul was a farce…Banks, big fees, secrets, etc..all a part of CONTROL for the past history, but NOW IT IS THE PEOPLE that will take back their power and they will be the real light workers, along with others that will tear down this evil world of those certain ones who MAKE UP THINGS to destroy! Am I channeling this, or is it my opinions? hummmmm…..anyway…. so whatever..Our very self esteem has been bombarded by UNLOVE. FEAR is shoved up our asses by the media. WHO IS THE MEDIA? who pays them? hummmm again. DONT EVEN look at news , unless you kinda want to..but dont get caught up in worldly news. That is what the media wants you to do. REMEMBER the other worlds, who want to love and embrace you…so WORLD JOIN TOGETHER, and be so KNOWING, that the evil illuminati will fall cowering at it’s knees…WE FOUND YOU OUT! Paleidians are on my side..and remember as GOD said, NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER, OR YOU! Join the movements around the world the OUST EVIL!!! is is happening!

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