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“Let Them Eat Cake”


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • How this third eclipse, a partial solar eclipse in Cancer, is the harbinger of new themes that will be around for a while, some for many months, some for years.
  • How many things have been bubbling below the surface while wars have been going on – economic, political, religious and judicial struggles.
  • How the Law of One allowed for polarization in the sense of equal and opposite and how there was an idea among the dark forces of equal good for equal bad to compensate for their greed and manipulation.
  • How the delicate balance that has been in America between the Left, Right, and Center is really going eccentric right now.
  • Why your country, anyone of you, would do well to study the history of France right before the revolution and how Maria Antoinette was not callous.
  • How you will see more and more brutality at the top to keep the status quo, however what you are seeing on a grand scale is that the masses are not going quietly.
  • Where is this headed, towards a rebalancing.
  • How what is going on in Greece is a microcosm and those in power want to create a pattern that can be moved everywhere and what they don’t want is a pattern of people over throwing their government.
  • How people are beginning to see who is orchestrating these events.
  • How there are people like Obama who are attempting to discharge a huge potential catastrophe.
  • Why it will not be “business as usual” any longer and if you are one that likes to pick and choose your facts, you will not be able to do that any longer.
  • Why it is a wonderful time to be alive and you are all going to look back on this time and say, “Wow I was there when the curtains got lifted and the secrets were revealed”.
  • How you were in a place where it was easy to hide but that time is gone.

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    magnificent – standing ovation! with gratitude

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