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Pleiadian Spring Equinox 2011: The Light and Dark Must Work Together


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss how:

  • Equinoxes are a day of balance, when the light and dark balance out and why these contrasts are not wrong, evil, or broken.
  • Things at this time that you might think of as chaotic are coming into balance.
  • Those people who you share this world with are your counterparts in existence.
  • The Light and the Dark must work together.
  • Many of you are beginning to communicate again with non-physicals and with those who have been part of your history.
  • The things that have been going on with energy like fracking, meltdowns in Japan, and the Gulf oil spill are occurring to wake you up and get you motivated.
  • You may begin to have past life recollections of being with “those other people” in different times and different existences.
  • Those who have been hiding behind ledgers and bookkeeping are going to find they can no longer do that and those who have been hoarding are going to be found out and asked at first and then demanded to share.
  • When you begin to feel that you are all in this experiment together, you will easily solve the problems because you will have the ability to shift energies, shift resources.
  • Those who would stop the free flow of this energy will be removed.

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