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The Pleiadians on the Conflict in Egypt


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • How the astrology of the day is a blueprint for what is going on in Egypt and the rest of the world, why where you are at as a world at this time is not a coincidence, it is a plan that is occurring in the stars, and those who can read it can see the bigger picture.
  • Why the spring time thawing of water on an icy river that has been rigid and stable on the top with slow moving undercurrents is a great analogy for what is happening in the world as the rigid political and economic situations are sent cascading down the river as the currents rise.
  • How the peoples of Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries that are stirring with revolution are seizing power to affect their worlds, and why everyone, no matter where they find themselves in the world needs to concern themselves with their immediate surroundings.
  • How the masses are working in cooperation to bring value to the individual.
  • How it is your acceptance of the status quo that allows it to be the status quo and if you don’t accept it, you change it.
  • How Mubarak is discovering that his castle is made of sand, which is apropos for Egypt.
  • Where is all of this leading – to a global shake up as people demand their share of the world’s resources and their piece of abundance and prosperity.
  • Why the wealthy top 2% must get their ducks in a row on how they are going to share the wealth because it is not going to be a case where they can build a gated community and keep the masses out any longer.
  • How Obama understands that this is not a time to draw rigid lines in the sand that cannot be crossed but a time to be on your feet like a surfer moving with the energies and riding them like a wave.

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  • mg February 12, 2011, 8:54 PM

    i feel i have been brought to a higher level of consciousness. I am aware of things that i’ve never been aware of before… my higher level of consciousness is affecting my work in which i am is a writer. my work has never been like this before… what is going on? please contact me

  • DavidBry August 16, 2013, 4:39 AM

    Good morning,

    On Your Feet Like a Surfer
    Riding the Wave
    Moving Yet Grounded
    Life’s Ocean Engaged
    A True Test of BALANCE
    Aware of the FLOW
    Open Your Hearts
    And Then… You Will Grow:~).

    Let us all focus or support and love to the people of Egypt for at this time old way are still apparent, just different players. Leo is not making things easy yet this work needs to be done. Remember, humans have been very slow to change. That is why the power structure in Egypt remains military in nature. Take heart and focus your love and understanding and compassion to support the needs of all to set this straight. Throw away your doubts for they hinder all of us!!!! Since we share consciousness, we can help in ways many can’t even imagine,…..YET;~).


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