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2012: A New Star to Connect You to the Universe


Good morning, we are here. Give us a moment.

It is May the 20th we believe, Sunday, the day of the New Moon in Gemini. Also, there is the solar eclipse, the Moon going between the Earth and the Sun, playing with the energies, cutting off certain pathways for a time.

We will talk a little bit about what communication, transportation, things of this sort happen at a galactic and intergalactic level, and we are going to depart a little bit from some of our normal discussions of this and that, because these are important concepts that we would like those who are listening to us, to now have the clarity of understanding that our vehicle has. So we will taka a little bit of time to talk about it.

You would do well to heed the axiom of the alchemist, “As above, so below,” the idea that the Universe at large is like the big body of a being, just as your cells are the parts of your being. And there is a communication that happens throughout the entire body, and that same kind of communication that happens within the galactic body, if you will. And so, when parts are created, generated, grown, whatever, birthed, these parts have connections. When your own species gives birth, there is the umbilical cord, and the umbilical cord is the direct connection from mother to baby, and it can be cut but those who know, know it is never really cut. The physical cord is cut, but the energetic cord stays there forever. Any mother will tell you that they have a psychic connection to their child. The father does not have it quite as strong as the mother. And so the same is true of stars, the same is true of planets. As they are birthed they have these energetic connections back through the body Universe, and these energetic connections are never really severed, but they can be diminished, and that is what occurred many, many millennia ago here on Earth.

There was a time long ago when the Earth was connected to the rest of the Universe, we will use the term Universe, not so much galaxy, but it is also at the galactic level, but it is the Universe. And it was connected through energetic pathways that have the concept of male and female, if you will, these two pathways go parallel and are in balance, but not necessarily of the same size. And what we mean by that is to be balanced does not mean to have perfect weight on both sides. If you have a handful of Styrofoam or feathers in one and a handful of steel balls or something in the other hand, the same volume will not be the same weight, and so if you are to balance it, you would have far less of the steel balls and far more of the feathers, and that would balance that relationship.

And so the same occurs at the star system level where you have binary stars. There is a larger and a smaller star and these binary stars are more common than you are led to believe because your scientifics can not see, or they are beginning to see, but they have not in the past been able to see the smaller companion stars that are with these others. Sometimes they see them and they think they are big planets like Jupiter, but they will learn even more that they are the other Sun, the other balanced Sun.

There was a time on Earth when there were two suns in the sky, the one you call Sol today and one we would call Nova, or there are other names that it has had, and, when that was in place, communication and transportation and energies were freely, freely able to move from the Earth to the Universe at large. And this was a time when travel from star systems was easy. If you could imagine, you could bi-locate from your home to one of the stars of the Pleiades, or one of the stars of Sirius, or the Orion nebula, or whatever, Orion star systems. You could travel there instantaneously and you did it without any thought at all and you had relationships far and wide, within the Universe as a whole and in the galaxy in particular.

And this was facilitated because Earth was nurtured as a kind of a communication nexus and it was seen to be very, very successful. It started to bring together many different energies and many different civilizations as you might call them, to communicate and facilitate at Earth. Earth was like the translation place. And that is why it was important territory during what we would call the Galactic War. And so there was this desire to grab or hold onto the Earth and to do that it was necessary to destroy one of the stars. But you might consider your asteroid belt today as the remnants of that star, and parts of it became other planets, and other planets that were around it at the time took up residence or were captured by the gravitational pull of the sun system you have today.

And this is very different from what your scientifics tell you about how your solar system was created, but we are telling you they will learn just how common binary systems are. So what this did was this sort of limited one of the two pathways and stopped the free flow of communication and also transportation. Now we say this because you are now in 2012 and there is a lot of speculation of what this means, what is going to happen. And we would say that the Universe corrects problems like this. Just as your body would repair damage to a limb or something, your antibodies and your growth and your DNA would all be kicked in, and you would start to heal. In that same way that Universe can heal a star system and so it is going to begin to work in that capacity. It is going to begin to heal the damage that was done to this solar system. And part of that healing will be a new star, a new star to reconnect you with the Universe, the universe that is out there.

And so what does that mean? Well, once this star was removed, this became a very male-dominated planet, very male-dominated solar system and occasionally there would be attempts to build up feminine energies so that you could reconnect. And for a time there was some reconnection done – Atlantis was such a time, the Egyptian time was such a time, and others. But when those who think they own the planet, discovered these breaches, they were quickly discovered and destroyed. We would not say they were not quickly discovered, but they were quickly destroyed after they were discovered.

But when the next healing period occurs, you will find that there will be great assistance waiting. You all know about war-torn places that are considered off limits until they are recovered, and then all of this aid that has been waiting on ports and waiting on docks and in ships can all of a sudden pours in the place. The sort of thing happens sometimes when you have natural disasters, but it also happens when there are war-ravaged countries that are finally allowed the Red Cross or whatever to come in. Well in a way, that is what is waiting to occur here on Earth. So you all talk about, “When are the extraterrestrials going to come to help?” Part of that is waiting for the solar system Sol to heal, and once that healing process begins, there will be an opening for much of the assistance.

So, right now a lot of that assistance comes through ships, but when the energetic paths are open, you won’t need ships. Just as communication now comes very easily to those like our vehicle who channel, so too will physical things be able to come very quickly when the solar system heals, and we use the word heal also in the idea that much will have to be healed, much of the over-pushing into the male will have to be healed, much of the putting down of the feminine will have to be healed. And if is interesting to us that you are seeing the war on women occurring in the United States at this time. Why do you think that is? Why do you think there is this strong desire to push the feminine power structure back into some place of subservience, a place of no liberties, to put them back in their place?

It is because they know that that particular expression – that particular balance – if it is ever allowed to totally come into fruition, which it will, we would say they cannot stop it, but they are trying. They know that when that happens, the game is up for the male-dominated world, and so they are fighting to maintain their status as top dog. And we are here to tell them, first, being top dog isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There is a lot more going on in the Universe than your limited little brains have allowed you to understand – number 1. Number 2, you cannot stop this flow of energy from healing this place any more than you could stop healing that happens in a person. You can keep wounding them, but the healing will keep coming back and keep coming back until you either kill it, which hopefully is not going to happen, or you let the healing finally occur.

And so, those of you wondering what is going on, watch between the lines in your news. When you see certain groupings being attacked, whether or not they are Palestinians, or whether or not they are the women in America, or whatever, ask yourself, “Is it balanced or is someone trying to keep an imbalance?” Wherever you see someone trying to keep an imbalance, we would suggest that is where the biggest changes are going to come. When you see someone who is looking at creating a balance – that will be the successful ones. If you are banking your portfolio, bank on the ones that are looking to balance things out, not on the ones that are looking to keep an imbalanced advantage. Like the derivatives, those who keep fighting to keep the derivatives, they want to keep an imbalance. They want to create this imbalance where they get the lion’s share and you get nothing. Why is that? Anyone of you who would take the time to think about it will feel pretty sick in your belly when you think about someone who would want that. And, rightfully so, because you all are beginning to reconnect, and that sense of balance and fairness is getting stronger and stronger and stronger.

And so the occupy people, yes, they are going to be put down, yes, they are going to be pushed around, but it will just build and will create even more and more and more of a thirst for that balance. You cannot kill it off because it is a natural behavior, it is a natural thing and Nature will win over the desires of man to control every time. Go try and stand up against a tornado, go try to stand up against a hurricane, or a tsunami. We will watch. Understand?

So with that, we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Claude May 22, 2012, 4:35 PM

    This is wonderful and it is good to know that our beautiful brothers and sisters in space are here for us to help us to understand what is happening and assist us through our journey.
    Thank you,
    I extend my wholehearted love to you all and long for the day when we (all Earthlings can meet freely in space in harmony).
    I will sing my song to you.xxx

  • Claude May 22, 2012, 4:39 PM

    Viva La Plaedians
    Viva la Koldasians
    Viva la Grandorians etc, etc, etc.

  • Catherine May 23, 2012, 6:23 PM

    So many connections and in real time for us here now. I see it and smell it everywhere. Hideous deception that less and less of us are prepared to swallow. If my being here makes me fortunate enough to do what i came here to do then i want to scream thank you from all of us to all of us, by word, by deed. I love. Thank you. That is all, in this moment of understanding there is nothing else. Nothing that can matter more. Thank you thank you i love you all!

  • Windwalker May 25, 2012, 2:59 AM

    Awesome..love the Messege

  • Dgodrummer May 29, 2012, 12:05 AM

    Very nice to hear the message this eve. Much fits the picture I’ve long held inside. Now it’s coming to fruition. Seems the gems are abundant and numerous, more and more every day. These messages are appearing from multiple sources. I’m discovering the unity rising, growing, consolidating. Very Beautiful!
    Sovereign Integral is speaking loud and clear! Remember our missions, our purpose for why we arrived here… our tasks. Allow the internal voice to guide. It’s all happening now.
    System Busters Unite!

  • David September 20, 2012, 10:27 PM

    I have been doing an exercise which involves spinning clockwise 33 times x 3 (99 times per day). I cant remember where i read about it but I think it was here. If so, can you tell me where to find it again.?

  • PSLopez October 28, 2012, 4:34 PM

    October 28, 2012 ~ I appreciate this Vehicle for Communications here, including the Audio to go with the Text. I am gradually learning to distinguish between what I believe with faith from what I truly know as a fact. I remain open to further evolution.

    We cannot let all this stuff to stop us from changing what we can here now in our personal connected reality. Escapism takes many forms and often leads to another form of enslavement.

    Namaste! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan c/s

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