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The Golden Age: Feminine Energy is Returning


Good morning. We are here. Give us a moment.

It is June 4th, 2012, and where to begin? There are things happening in the sky. We will talk about the Sun in Gemini and the transit of Venus. Of course there is also the eclipse of the Moon in Sagittarius behind us. Now, what is Sagittarius close to, is it not the Galactic Center? And so here you have the Sun in Gemini. What is Gemini? Gemini is the communicator. Gemini are the twins. Gemini has a lot to do with balance, very similar to Libra – this idea of balanced communication, of balanced transmission. And now you have Venus which is the feminine moving into this alignment. This is a very big one. To those who pick it up and go out and be part of it, you will feel this great surge of energies.

Recently our vehicle has had doing some work having to do with (humph) the idea of a second sun, and how once there were two suns in this solar system, and how when you have two suns you are in a balanced relationship with the energies of the galaxy and of the Universe. And when you are in that kind of balanced energies, you can communicate very easily with other star systems and it was quite possible to move into a place of bi-locating, teleportation and commerce and communion with other places and far distances, instantaneously or at least quicker that you can blink an eye. Now, that was changed during the galactic war and now you have the single sun and you have been very, very, very imbalanced towards the male every since. And every time the female attempts to rebalance, the male foot comes down on it.

Now, the Universe at large believes in balance, balance is… If any of you have every thrown a pot on a potter’s wheel and you get the wheel spinning, if that part you are working on starts to get lop-sided, you will not be able to work on it much longer, because the forces will cause that part to go flinging off of your wheel. The imbalances -. many of you may think of car tires, and if you have a car tire not balanced, you will begin to start feeling really rough roads and eventually your tires will be destroyed, damaged beyond use. And so that imbalance when you are getting spinning and spinning and spinning really starts to show itself. At slow speeds you don’t even notice it; at high speeds it can rock the structure completely to destruction.

And you are speeding up here on the Earth, you are speeding up in solar system of Sol and that speeding up is going to demand a rebalancing of the feminine because if you don’t do it, destruction. And let us say this; the Universe is not going to allow you to really make that decision. It is going to make that for you. Feminine energy is returning to the solar system of Sol. And so you have to ask yourself, “Are you going to embrace it, are you going to find it and bring it into your own being so that you are balanced or are you going to really push against it and really say no and be thrown aside, thrown off the spinning plate, because that is really the options.

As so as you see Venus moving in with the Sun and Gemini and Earth and Sagittarius behind you with the Moon, think of all this alignment and how it’s going to move energies from the Galactic Center through to Sol, through the Earth and through Venus. The entire solar system is heating up, how much hotter is Venus getting? What is going on in Venus? What is going on in Mars? Mars is getting an atmosphere. Mars is starting to get cloud covers and things. What is going on out there? Are you seeing a return back to some semblance of balance in this solar system? Absolutely.

And so those who have vested interests in the status quo – we would suggest that you really begin to wonder about whether those interests have a future. Because if what we say to you now, what we are telling you now, is going to come to pass, where are you going to be with nuclear energies, where are you going to be with fracking, where are you going to be with the destruction of women’s rights, where are you going to be on the side of history with those kinds of thinkings? You are going to be the albatross, you are going to be the dinosaurs of the new era. And so see yourself discarding these things. Those of you who are listening to us and those you may talk to, see yourself letting go of the things that are hard to hold on to.

If you are spinning and this thing is hard for you to hang on to, maybe your need is to let go, whether it is religious beliefs, or scientific beliefs or cultural or whatever, your ideas about men and women, your ideas about who you are and what you are. If it is turning out to be very burdensome to hang on to it, maybe it’s because it needs to be let go of because behind it is going to come a clearer, more balanced understanding. You have had similar things like this happen before on your planet when you went from being a flat Earth to a round Earth, when you went from being an Earth-centered to a Sun-centered concentrations, ideas. Other ideas had to be discarded to grab the true idea, the true knowledge. But once you grabbed it, then you could use that knowledge, whether it had to do with farming or weather or navigation or whatever.

All of these things are very similar to what is going to be enhanced going forward. Better food productions, better traveling, better energy productions, are all waiting on the other side of this. And so if you can just allow yourself to say hey, all of that stuff we have done before really isn’t going forward with us. Think about when you were in school and you went from one school to another, you graduated out of say intermediate school or whatever, you had a bunch of books and things like that were in your school. Did you take them all with you? Did you cart up everything that was in the school and take it with you to the next school? No, you left it there because you knew where you were there would be new information, new books, new knowledge, new libraries to be discovered and perused. So see yourself graduating and leaving the old school behind, thanking it for what it has taught you, but knowing that where you are going, higher learning, higher knowledge, more true information awaits you.

It is not a time to be fearful. It is a time to be joyful. But it is also a time for a little bit of sadness, because you are leaving something of familiarity behind you. But where you are headed as individuals and as peoples have been foretold in your writings for a long time, in your philosophies for a long time – The Golden Age. Will that Golden Age have fracking, Fukushima, nuclear waste, and garbage points in the Pacific? We do not think so. That does not fit a Golden Age and so those things will be discarded, eliminated, removed, left behind.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Catherine June 7, 2012, 11:39 AM

    Yes embrace new technologies that consider ecology and be a part of the balance by including this belief in the things you do and the ways you live. Thank you for your continued support.

  • Dominick Durso June 7, 2012, 3:31 PM

    I have a question for the Pleiadians about Fukushima Nuclear plant. There has been reports of large fish washing up on the west coast of the United States. These have been reported to be radioactive at a high level. Its my prayer that a solution for the nuclear plant will be found, so the sea life will not have to pay the price for human mistakes.

    Thank You and blessings

  • Jane June 7, 2012, 9:50 PM

    Read what messagesfrommichael has to say about the help
    from ETs for lessoning the effects of such things on the planet.

    David Wilcock also reports about the divine intervention of the

  • Windwalker June 8, 2012, 2:22 AM

    Love the Messeges..Awesome.and Powerfull

  • Victor A. Cruz June 8, 2012, 10:14 AM

    Hi !!! I hope that when you guys come back, you will be able to read this or have someone forward this to you. I have traveled East to West and I have seen your vehicles and many more vehicles in the mountains and canyons. I have seen the chemtrails allover the United States and I have recorded everything I have seen and put into youtube videos. prepareawarenessnj12 is my username if you would like to see the videos I have. I hope that you guys come soon because they are preparing for this to stop us from the changes that will happen throughout this year. They have used HAARP, to manipulate our weather and block our skies. I am positive that you will help to stop this, its affecting all our immune systems with the Aluminum and Barium they spray in our skies. I hope this info helps. Many thanks, and I shall wait patiently until you come back for us.

  • Allanah Stanhope June 9, 2012, 4:08 AM

    Thank you for your enlightning words, I have been going around for months, saying things like awakening, inlightening, she, as in moon, and it is wonderful to realize that the words spoken on this site, are the same, that I have telling people…as all will come to pass..

    Now I know I am home, I am Peladian, of previous incarinate, Arubia, was my name.

  • Dustin Castro June 15, 2012, 3:36 PM

    I’ve seen your vehicles too and you know when. That was really a beautiful night when my heart chakra expanded. When i called on Archangel Michael. Thank you all so much, I cannot be thankful enough for your wisdom and guidance.

  • Trigger June 18, 2012, 3:10 AM

    Hello Again To The Vehicle, The Pleiadians and Friends on The Pleiadian Network

    A sincere Thank You to All for your beautiful offerings. It is very heart-warming to see so many friends sharing their truth and experiences, all of which continue to raise the vibrations and build a beautiful community and planet. As always, I am thoroughly enjoying, and learning from, all of the channeled messages, and all of the wonderful comments.
    Thank You for introducing us to the concept of a Second Star in our Solar System. When I mention this Second Sun to friends, there is an inherent “ah yes”, a “knowing”, they express quite naturally. I have been pleasantly surprised by such an immediate acceptance of this concept. I have also had similar responses when sharing the fact that the Pleiadians and other Beautiful Celestial Beings are here with us, now, assisting us and will continue to offer us the possibilities of great gifts. Many who I thought might be resistant to such an idea have privately believed in/considered the existence of extraterrestrials, and once we discuss it, friends then feel more comfortable in sharing their beliefs and experiences with others. It is such an exciting time to share!
    Your discussions of the healing of our Solar System Sol are so very empowering. Since we are all part of The One, as we heal ourselves, so too are we helping our Solar System, and all other aspects of The Universe, heal, to come into balance. There is no insignificant action. While “external” energies may be helping our Solar System heal, so too can our own energies assist in this process. In a period of deep healing many years ago, I had been given dreams foretelling of such changes, as well as spiritual experiences, both of which are now confirmed by your last two channelings. Thank You. At that time, to stay committed to my healing, I would affirm, “I forgo the superficial pleasures, to uncover the deepest treasures.” And so, these treasures, these gifts, appeared. As I let go of that which no longer served me, a whole new life blossomed, greater than I could have imagined. I look forward to uncovering even deeper treasures.

    Grateful in Toronto

  • Cole Hudson June 21, 2012, 3:49 AM

    if you hve found your way to this site as i have,i dont need to explain the process that one goes through in becoming awake,and how eventually everything begins to point all to the same conclusion, i started waking up i would say as i ended highschool in 08, i was unaware of the pleiadians as even a concept, then around the time the desaters at fukushima where taking place, i remember being worried about radiotion being carried to the west coat lol, then i stumbled upon david wilcocks 2012 enigma, and that is what i would say opend the flood gate if you will in the sence that all the pieces fit and made sence but also gain an even greater idea and curiosity, each day i see even more evidence of balance happening, no sooner am i wondering something or looking for proof of my research, and the answers or validation of the intuitive thought if flashed in my face either through signs,news,shows daily convo you name it,

  • Rama July 10, 2012, 7:54 PM

    Maybe im not a Pleiadian, but I wanna be in tune with people from others parts of universe, as I admit I belong to some part to the universe too, maybe im a just a human being, but it is not easy to carry on with the weight of the universe put upon me, and maybe even with gravity that the earth put upon us, and that we are just alone 25000 years light, that deserves a celebration dont you think? Hope you take this message gently, not excluding to my persona. Thank you.

  • Allanah July 14, 2012, 7:48 AM

    Just wanted to tell you, that I am a Pleiadan, my star name is Arubia, it was my first life, into the Stars, I have always known, and had a calling to the skies, I am a Clairvoyant, Medium, Telepath, so dont hold the burdeon on your shoulders, for we are all her to help you, we are the family of LOVE and LIGHT,.please contact me….many thanks, Allanah.

  • Miehver July 14, 2012, 1:58 PM

    Hi my name is Miehver. I used to belive that everything is conected and so,, But it doesn’t feel like that anymore. All the old parts of my life has been teared apart, and it is almost as I stand alone in a new country.
    I used to look up to the skyes hoping to see a sign, that the help was comming, but all I see is emptyness and nothing else.
    I can’t even meditate anymore.
    Yes I feel sorry for my self, and I hate it . Life can be so rich if youonly dear to take the oportuneties that reveal it self on the road.
    The words of the pleiadiens always soots me and there is no doubt indeed that something big is going on behind the curtain.
    Ass I used to say back in the days; F**k the illuminati.
    And may we all have peace in our lifes from this day and forever.

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