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Battle Lines Being Drawn: the Struggle Since Atlantean Times


Good afternoon, we are here. Give us a moment…

We are in the time of the Full Moon in Libra. It is April, we believe, the 6th, going on the 7th, and there’s much going on, that is both outwardly happening and also happening below the surface or out of sight. The energies that we speak of have been amping up more and more. We see you in a time, this 2012 period of exponential increase, and those of you who know what that means, it starts out very gradual, but then it reaches this point where it really starts to go very quickly. And you are in that exponential curve of energies. And what that does is that brings out the desperation in those who wish to struggle with these energies.

Now, what we mean by that is, you are like a bird catching one of those risers where the air goes up, and you can spread your wings and glide with it and go high up, or you can really, really work at not going up. You can pull your wings in, you can sort of drop, maybe even get on the ground and sort of huddle, and let the air that would have risen you up, occur without you.

And those who would keep you from catching this energy wish to clip your wings, whether you are female and they wish to clip your wings financially, and through health, and choices, or whether or not you are a minority, and they wish to clip your wings financially, or with services that you have been depending on and are being withdrawn from you, or whether you are someone who is even on the higher echelons of the finances being knocked back by bad press and being told,  “You are evil, you are all evil.” Nothing is so black and white.

You are now in a moon period with Libra, Libra is the balance, Libra is the scales of justice. You have right now, your Supreme Court deciding whether or not your group health program should go forward or not. And you can see the battle lines being drawn between those who really just want you to be on your own, and don’t bother them, and they don’t bother you, and it doesn’t matter. And those that wish to be more as a grouping, those who wish to work together.

And this has been the struggle since Atlantean times. This struggle came about very, very prominently in Atlantis. Those who wish to continue with the Law of One, and everyone is connected, and those who wish to not. Those who wished to see themselves as better, more deserving. And if you can think about it in the eyes of the Prime Creator, this is foolishness.

Whether you believe in Jehovah-God, or Allah-God, or whatever, if you believe in a Deity, do you really think the Deity made someone less than you or more than you? If you could look out at the universe and see its wonders, you would know that the creator of all of this is quite an advance being. And so why would all of this suffering be allowed? Why would all of this fighting and division be allowed?

For its learning, because there are certain things that you must learn, to grow. Think about it as a child. You all went to kindergarten. You all went to the lower grades. We are speaking now mostly in America, other countries as well have similar things. Some of you went into higher learning.  All of these things were meant to get you out of a place of ignorance that was leading you to a place of very low vibration. If you could just be left alone with no learning and no schools and this sort of thing, you would achieve only a certain level and nothing above that.

Imagine all of a sudden all of the schools were to vanish, and think about like two or three generations after that. So, the schools are gone, all of the learning and the books and things of this sort are gone, and you have two generations, forty years. Your society would have degenerated. No one would even know how to turn a light bulb on. How quickly it would all start to disintegrate. So it is this group learning, group connection that you then weave through the years, through time, time lines that allows you to build and build and build. And if you could imagine this is a form of energy that you are sharing. You give it, others receive it. They give it, you receive it. You build this energy together, and so how can you build energy together if you are not together?

And one of the groupings that we see now that is really starting to tear things apart is the Tea Partiers. They have decided that every grouping needs to be dealt with in some fashion, whether they are the minorities, or the women, or whatever. You name the grouping, gays. They want to really start to stop this coming together that they see happening.   Can’t have gays being families, can’t have women deciding whether they want more or less children, can’t have all of these things. Can’t have people not worrying about whether or not catastrophic illness is going to destroy them financially.  Can’t have that, must have them worrying about these things, must have this all happening. What is that?

Now, as you move past this period, if you will then begin to see more and more and more of the contrasts, they will really start to become very obvious. And one of the things you will see more and more and more of this divisive crowd, is they will try to make the other side be guilty of what they are doing. You will see a lot of this. “Oh they do it too”, or “They’re doing it as well” or “They do it more”. But under the scrutiny of facts, it will not be seen to be true. It will all be rhetoric; it will all be words attempting to shift consciousness. Now, what we are here to tell you is that many, many, many people are switching on, and they are not going to be taken easily by words. They are going to look for the feeling, the energies. They are going to see how they feel about something, and we are not saying in a touchy-feely kind of way. We are saying in a very visceral way. They are going to get sick, they are going to feel nauseous when certain individuals attempt to use words to sway them. And others, they will feel enlivened and invigorated and an upward feeling. And they will know who is bullshitting them and who is not, who has the best interest of everyone and who does not, because if your interests are so opposed to everyone else’s, then you are really a part of a problem that this energy is here to correct.

It is kind of like trying to get an orchestra to play well. If you are going to sit there and keep not playing, not following the music, not following the conductor, then you will find yourself not in the band, not in the orchestra. Because this is a time when you are really starting…

Have you ever seen when there is, just before a concert, there’s all of these stray sounds and people testing their instruments and all. And then you hear that knock- knock, you will hear the knock of the conductor. That is what is going on here now. And so, those who are intending to be part of the orchestra and make the beautiful music that this orchestra has been brought together to make, they will sit up straight, and they will grab their instruments, and be ready. Those who are here to make sure nothing of the kind happens will start to kick things around, knock things over. And so you will see who is doing what, who is which kind of an individual.  We will tell you there a lot fewer of those who want to stop the music or prevent the orchestra from having its play, its debut, but they are very vocal and they are shameless.  So, as you begin to notice more and more and more of the accusations that seem to not feel credible to you, versus the accusations that do, you will begin to notice who is fanning the fires of which, who is attempting to get everyone to cooperate and to bring their uniqueness to the party, and who is attempting to destroy in every direction – the land, the air, the culture, the civilization.

And we are here to tell you, this energy that we speak of works in a miraculous way, and so tap into it, feel it, sense it. And if you feel that you are being attacked in some way, use this energy, feel this energy building a barrier, a bubble of energy around you that qualifies anything that would step into that energy field because that is what you will do. You will build this energy as a grouping and you will begin to push out and you will see it. You will see it begin to clear up things in a hurry, whether it is the land and the air and the water, or whether it is the psyche and the working together that people are doing. This country has vast resources, but you don’t have to destroy your land and your water and your air to exploit them. You will be surprised just how little of that you really need to do. One of the big ones that is coming is energy.

You are going to be weaning yourself off of this oil monkey. To those who tell you, “Drill baby drill”, they are attempting to destroy. They are not attempting to build. It is a process going on and that process is turning you as a people to a new paradigm, and greed and destruction are not part of that paradigm.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.

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  • Catherine April 8, 2012, 6:36 PM

    i see it everywhere and I feel the quickening. Look up to the skies and see. Summer skies approach the north, look up and see yourselves within the context of our place in the universe. Look with every part of you towards that light, together. .. As one!

  • Dominic April 20, 2012, 1:47 AM

    I think I can feel this energy. As I read more and more, I feel a sensation inside of me which I cannot describe. If I close my eyes and concentrate on this feeling, I feel the energy grow.

  • A Seeker April 20, 2012, 11:42 AM

    Please reconsider your political assertations, for I feel you have misunderstood the true nature of taxation and welfare…It is divisive and a form of financial slavery . In the name of compassion and fairness, a system of take from one and redistribute to others has been institutionalized. This breaks the personal and interdependent relationship we should have with each other. To be your brothers keeper should be more than pay your taxes. There is a blessing that goes along with helping your fellow man “face to face” that has been all but eradicated by this system. Welfare of all types (medical, food assistance,etc) should emminate from the most personal of relationships at the most local of levels. The system replaces the blessings that accompany aiding those in need with a sterile, cookie cutter, poorly functioning government program. People merely “give at the office” or in the form of taxes and do not engage in philanthropy because the government does it for them, thus foregoing the wonderful blessing of giving. In the past, before the “Great Society”, welfare was distributed by community and family and was successful. This strengthened the human bond at all levels of these interdependent relationships. On the political side, bankers and governments are using entitlements to break the peoples’ unity and perpetrate a crime of political “death by debt” to achieve their one world government aims. Freedom from debt and central financial/social control should be the goal. That is true freedom. It is only in a political environment, free of debt and control that our full potential will be achieved. As for the social divisiveness of the Tea Party, I concur with your assertions. No one group is perfect, yet freedom from government debt and intrusiveness in our lives and communities is a tennant of that movement and should be encouraged. The nanny state is not working now…bigger will not be better. You mentioned we should all come together, my question is why do we need a government to fascilitate that for us?

  • Star April 20, 2012, 9:28 PM

    I am so excited! I have my instrument and I’m ready to play!

  • rainwater May 28, 2012, 8:22 PM

    I keep trying to purswade myself in a dilusional manner that certain, (seemingly unimportant) facts which reoccur within myself are indeed circumstantial and not connected, im finding more, each day, this an impossible task. I have faith in mankind, is it that within me i find unbelievable?

  • Jerry November 24, 2012, 3:27 PM

    I too feel the energy.
    But, unfortunately, when I look into the sky I see many Chemtrails.

    I suspect they are part of the propaganda, brainwashing & mind-control apparatus.

    May the Force be with us. Jerry

  • Davidbri April 8, 2013, 11:18 AM

    Hello All,

    “Starting To FEEL Homesick”

    We See Our Parents As Children,
    Needing Compassion And Love

    Because we choose,
    who our parents will be,
    Perfect they are,
    for fulfilling our need

    To learn everything,
    that we have to learn
    If we learn to forgive,
    we set ourselves FREE.

    Cultivate With Good Conduct

    Taking another look back at past podcast, take a look.

    As we move forward, dignified composure is required. The process of SOCIAL READJUSTMENT is tuning up a bit. Base your responses on the inner worth of each person, so you may avoid prejudice. Be courteous for they will be falling and we will be climbing and ever gaining altitude ;~). Create order and progress in your family and in society, don’t discriminate,….cultivate.


  • Justin cooper August 12, 2013, 12:40 PM

    I have been going through an emotional roller coaster everything I have been doing in this present incarnation had been to teach me that if u feel it in your heart u are on the right path. There is no wrong or right it’s just the level of one you want to resonate with we collectively need to love and care for everything I could go on for hours love u all.

  • DavidBry August 13, 2013, 4:30 AM

    Good Morning,

    Hey Justin. Good for you:-)!!! Yes, and our hearts don’t lie. With that, consider that our minds can play tricks on us. Especially if we overthink. The same may apply for our hearts, and wanting to over-feel, considering the need of all life around us, especially our fellow human-beings. Still, it is very difficult at times because everyone really does matter. Perhaps focus can be achieved through PRIORITIZING. What are our most profound COMMITTMENTS???? Well, if you have children, that would be a good place to start:-)! And so on,…focusing your love and light accordingly. That is not to suggest smiling at and accepting everyone with compassion and understanding, giving a little bit to everyone. If everyone did this, those little bits of LOVE and LIGHT will begin to add up BIG TIME:-)!!!!!!!

    There are many different paths. With raising awareness, you will be able to CHOOSE more wisely and effortlessly with each day that passes, while all paths will converge into one. Follow the LIGHT as you return:-).


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