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Pleiadian Network Vernal Equinox Channeling


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Good Morning. We are here. Give us a moment…

We are on the 20th of March, 2012. It is the day of equinox. Where to begin today. So much is going on within the earth sphere Terra that anyone who is not feeling the bubbling energies is kidding themselves. They have become so numb that they would not know someone burning their toe. Remember the cartoon characters when you would see someone would put a match under someone’s foot, give them a hot foot to get their attention. If you are not fully engaged and attentive to the changes, to the energies going now, then someone should give you a hot foot and wake you up. Let us give you that hot foot now because you are seeing great, vast energies impinging the Earth and it is enlivening all the beings on this planet. Not just humans, but the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, those animals that live in the sea. Everyone is getting it, that there is a change, a shift in progress.

Now, there are those who would fight that shift. There are those that do not want the aggregate life forms on the planet to realize their value and their strength. So, they are going to push back, they are going to push back with great ferocity, like what is going on right now in Syria, what is going to be occurring in New York against the Occupiers. They have made a decision that they are going to fight this. We are here to tell you they are very small, very isolated grouping and they will see themselves be torn apart if they insist on struggling and fighting. And so, whether it is the groupings that wish to destroy the land and the water, and the air, whether it is the groupings that wish to control and subjugate, whether is the groupings who wish to poison and cheat, whoever, they will all begin to find themselves struggling an uphill battle, struggling against the forces of gravity, of levity, of the universe pushing at them. Imagine, you’ve all seen the images of the atomic bomb when it blows up and what it does to a house or something that is in its way. It tends to want to push back on it. It get s ripped first forward as it gets sucked in , pushed backwards and blown away. Blown away. Theses are the stop action, slow motion photos you have seen during the testing of these weapons. Well, the energy that is coming through is a lot like that. And so, you can lighten up and let the energies flow through you or you can gird up and try to block it and you will be like one of the homes or one of the buildings in the atomic bomb videos you all have seen.

There is great wisdom in much of the Star Wars series of videos and movies and particularly when the Jedi master is teaching young Luke about the Force. He says it is an energy that flows through you, works with you, feel it. This was Mr. Lucas trying to tell you all about what was coming in 2012 in his own way. So, see if you cannot be uplifted by the energies, see if you cannot see it as a way of rising maybe to a higher standard of living, a higher tax bracket, whatever. Understand? See yourself being uplifted by this.

When our vehicle was living in California, he used to drive to and from this one place on a bicycle. It was a place called Suisun City, which is Indian for West Wind. It was a very breezy place. And whenever he would ride it into town, it was 10 miles on a bike. He would ride into town and he would fight the wind the whole way. He would fight the wind, fight the wind, fight the wind. But then when he return back to his home, the wind would be at his back. He could ride without hands on the wheel, he was very adept at doing that. So he could open the jacket like a sail and use the wind to guide him home. It was why he liked to bicycle to the town because he knew the ride home would be easy. We are here to tell you that his time period is like that for many of you if you could just realize the wind is at your back, and you can open your jacket and really get a lift from it. See that, see yourself as someone who has struggled for some time to get to a position, but now, it’s time to let gravity, levity, let the wind assist you, whether it is a rising tide of financial successes., whether it is a rising tide of knowledge of eating better and being healthier, or learning how to work with your neighbors and become more coherent, cohesive as a community. Whatever. Theses are the things that you will begin to see.

You will see group actions for people who want justice for what is right, what is fair. Those who would fight justice, fairness, are going to find themselves struggling and those who would assist in fairness and what is right will find their steps lighter and easier.

The elections are moving forward and we see Mr. Romney moving closer and closer to the being the Republican nominee. But we also see the economy rising, we also see good news on many fronts which will assist Mr. Obama. And you really need to wonder about the Republican grouping. Does it not look like they are the ones who are fighting everything? Isn’t it obvious to anyone that they wish to push you back to some place. Some say the 50’s, we would say the 1650s or the 1250’s. They wish to bring you back to the Dark Ages, make serfs out of you all. But that is not where you are headed. It is not where the planet needs to go and the people who are here knew what they were coming for. You did not just happen along at this time. You made conscious choices to be here, to take part in what is occurring because this kind of thing gets your jones up. Understand? So be uplifted, see if you can begin to really notice the glass is half full and is continuing to be filled up now.

Very good. It has been our pleasure.

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  • Iris March 26, 2012, 8:22 PM

    Great post! I like that you are transcribing it as well.
    The advice about using the energy to uplift ourselves, in whatever form we choose, was very welcome.
    As always, thank you for your service.

  • Davidbri May 17, 2012, 9:14 AM

    I’m elated that the collectives’ thoughts/messages have finally found me. I’ve been aware of so much all my life, and have never doubted my feelings. That awareness has since transformed from belief to knowing. The most pronounced of all was the need for the feminine to come forth again and take their place in our small world, and only then will we realize balance. The connection has become quite apparent this past year and as I’ve accepted the thought/energy from our kindred, as they have guided me toward our destiny, our purpose, they’ve helped me nurture my hightened senses in ways not possible on my own, senses I’ve had since childhood, senses I’ve never doubted or ever had the need to explain. Unconditional love and being open is the KEY. Somehow I thought my growing psychic powers were an exclusive experience at first. Now, as I continue to follow my path, all my questions/beleifs are coming to fruition. I’m not the only one that this is happenning to. And, I’m not surprised. My feelings that a BIG change for our species is coming soon is simply the truth.
    Go with love, be humble, be attentive to your intuition, value life above all. I love you ALL, friends and foes, and without condition.


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