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Before Moving into the Stars: Imagine the World You Would Really Like to See…


Good morning. We are here. Give us a moment. It is August 31st, 2012. You are in a blue moon, a full moon in Pisces. Let us begin.

You have just seen the Republican Convention, and it is interesting to us that this particular show, for want of a better term, or production, seems to have left out their candidate. Yes, there was a lot of Romney in it, but it was not focused on Romney. It was not focused on why this man is the leader needed by the country. And it is because those of the far right do not trust him. Those of the far right do not believe he is their man. And so they found it very difficult to support him verbally with any real conviction. There was much more passion for the number two man on the ticket, Mr. Ryan. Everyone loved Ryan, Ryan came out and told it like it is, Ryan came out and really stuck it to the President. Whether or not he lied or was loose with his facts did not matter. It was the rhetoric – it was the feelings behind the words.

And so, there you have a very definitive example of what it is this far right wishes to do with the country. And those who have called them the American Taliban, like the man on the “Newsroom” television show, are not far off the mark, because they are fast and loose with the facts, they are not interested in science or knowledge. They want dogma and authoritarian control. They would tell you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, what is good and what is bad and what they want is a country that caters, caters, to them.

It does not matter if you spoil land or destroy the air or destroy the water, if it caters to them, it is fine. It does not matter if there are thousands and millions of people who are out of work as long as they have what they want. Someone said the other day speaking about Mr. Ryan’s affection for Ayn Rand that her philosophy is, “I have mine, f**k you or screw you.” We would say there is much truth in that. And so, is it really hard for you to understand why we find that the dark path? As we have told you, you are all one; you are each other’s support groups. And if any one of you is sinking, the entire boat is sinking.

The metaphor of the Titanic is a very good metaphor because in that ship you had all classes of people. You had some of the most influential and rich people on the planet at the time on the boat and then you had some of the most poorest of people on the boat. But, when that boat sank, it did not it did not run around and say, “You have privilege, you get to live, oh, you don’t, you get to die.” No. It took everyone down because there was not enough cooperation on the boat, many perished. And so, really what is needed right now is an understanding of the value of the individual and how each of you have a stake in each of you – each other.

And so as you see yourself coming off of this Republican Convention, moving now into the Democratic convention on the other side of this moon, we want you to ask yourselves, which grouping would be considered Sons of Belial, go back to your Cayce reading if you are not sure what we are talking about, and which are the Law of One people? Which are the Law of One people? Because, it is not hard to tell who is who. It really isn’t.

And we know that there are some that are saying, well, but things are so bad, maybe Romney could make it better. You really think so? Is it President Obama’s policies that have stopped going forward or is it the boat anchor of the Republicans in the Congress who have decided that sinking the President was more important than floating the country?

We say this because you are really being confronted at this time with the archetypal options. It is very true you are in a pivotal place in your country, America, but also in the world in general. Because when we say that you must think about the others, we don’t just say Americans, we are telling you to start thinking about all of them, all of the other countries – those miners in South Africa, those field workers in Indonesia, those factory workers in China – everyone. And when you really start to think about it in those terms, and see the progress that is possible when all of the world’s forces and resources are put forward into that kind of an endeavor, when market forces are not given the blind control, then you will really begin to see just how powerful each of you are, how much energy you can bring to change and to the betterment of your planet in general.

You are now seeing pictures of Mars. You are seeing wonderful pictures of Mars and places on Mars that look a lot like parts of Arizona or something. And there are some of you saying, “Wow, Mars might be a place we could go live, or there are others saying, “Wow, Mars may be a place we can exploit”. What kind of a culture are you going to move into the stars with? Because that is really a question that those who live in the stars want you to answer before they will let you venture outward.

Now, we also want to talk a little about the “war on women” because it is really heating up, and we see that the rhetoric is really beginning to sink into the female consciousness. They really are beginning to understand this is an election for their freedom. Are they going to be put in bondage to a government that would make them criminals for nearly everything they want to do, or would choose to do?

Look at what the Taliban does to women, “Oh, it’s not as bad as that.” Isn’t it? You would force back alley abortions on young women? You would force the will of others on these women? They have no choices. They have no free will of their own.

As we see it, this force will rise up and take on the mantle of the challenge that is being brought forth by the Republican Right, and we are in a time, you are in a time, where the feminine energies will coalesce, will come together for common causes – the old, the young, the multi-racials – all of them, because there are certain traits that the feminine has that has to do with the collective. They have always been the nurturers. They have always been the ones who are in charge of the home.

And now you are seeing the males saying, “Oh, no, we are going out and make all the decisions.”

“No you’re not because some of your decisions are very, very bad for the family.”

We would say Mitt Romney’s decision to run for President has been bad for his family, and the stress and strain it is putting on them, because they must watch their father contort who he is to meet all of the expectations around him.

So, as you move into this next week and you watch or you become aware of what the Democrats would like to continue to do and maybe even have some opportunities, if the Congress is loosed up a little bit. Ask yourself, which one is better for the majority? Which one doesn’t create more poverty?

And, oh, you would say, “Well, the deficits are going up.” We will tell you your monetary system is going to go through a major upheaval. Those who are in charge of your banks and your financial institutions have really been siphoning off a lot of your wealth and it is being returned back to the people. It has been discovered and the courts are in the process of figuring out how to return it back to you. Just as the insurance companies have recently been told to find the recipients or the beneficiaries for monies they have not yet given out. There’s billions of dollars they have not given to people because they have not really tried to find them and so, the government has said, “Go find them. Go, find them. Get the money out of your accounts and put it in theirs where it belongs.” That same kind of thing is going to be done with all of this hidden monies that have been siphoned out of the economies.

And so what will happen? How will that money, how will that energy be restored back and create a vitality? It can happen very quickly, you know. It can happen very quickly. And so, be prepared for change, be prepared for decisions that you must make. And remember, making no decision is a decision.

And, we would like to leave you one last thought – which is that your thoughts create. And so as you find yourself moving in this time frame, yes, you must focus somewhat on what is going on around you in the moment, we want you to push yourself one, two, five, ten years into the future, and imagine the world that you would really like to see, in that future.

Is it a place where borders are open? Is it a place where people can travel and visit and get to know each other? Is it a place where everyone is doing things that are beneficial, no one is running around trying to destroy or steal? Or is it a place where everyone is hoarding, everyone is closed up and boarded up and got bars on their windows, running around with shotguns and baseball bats? These options are out there.

So, envision where you see yourself, where you would like to see yourself, and then make a connection with that person, make a connection with that person, and set up a magnetic, electric conduit, to pull you into that place. Because that is what you are always doing, constantly, and all we are suggesting is make it conscious. Don’t go unconscious at this time. It is not a time to let go of the wheel, as they say, or throw the oar of the white water raft into the water. No, hang on to that oar. Guide that white water raft. Keep your wits about you.

And always see if you can not move into the feeling center, that center of your solar plexus, because that place is where lies are found out. You can not bull s**t that place. It is why it has been so important for those in charge to numb it out in men. They couldn’t numb it out in women – it was impossible to numb it out in women. So they have been out there feeling their way through all this time, and it is only because men have been able to turn a deaf ear that you are in such a place as you are today.

If the men out there had listened to their women when they came to them with warnings and concerns, then you would not be as far off target as you currently see yourself, but it doesn’t take much to correct the trajectories – just takes listening, moving into that feeling center and not letting the lies guide you.

It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Davidbri September 6, 2012, 10:02 AM

    Hello All, After reading this message I was surprised to see “0” comments. Although this message seemed more politically based rather than pleiadian based, after sleeping on it and than quick review, it’s very appropriate, but hard to chew on initially.

    Unfortunately, the remnents of an antiquated culture is coming to an end much to slowly, but we are on our way. The Republicans know this deep down and are desperate, plainly illustrated by just how far right they’re willing to go. Everything still revolves around money/economy/power/physical/material. Are these matters of the heart? Of coarse not. And they are not preposing anything new, are they?

    Our “imagination” is the spiritual world expressing itself through us and with us. Think about it. If you are imagining something, it dosn’t exist yet, or does it? Maybe not yet or in this “physical box” that most people are still stuck in. But hasn’t everything that we as a species imagined in the past become reality? Reality meaning its manifestation into physical form. A thought becoming physical. Well what do you know!

    The message is crystal clear. We’re being reminded of who we are and the true power we have. We’ve been seperated for to long. When we OPEN our hearts and minds to the possibility of our interconnectiveness, we begin to see examples of it, and, our memories are sparked. It’s all in our DNA, the culmination of all that has come before. If you doubt yourself, the connection is cut off because you’re closed to the idea. If you’re closed, you slow or even thwart your awakenning. Awakenning to who we are and even what’s going on in our country. If your closed, it’s like not answering your phone, and you’ll never know who’s there, or whats really going on outside your little/confined/shut world.

    So if you paying attention to the primaries, listen. Remain open so you can see the true intentions of those envolved. It’s clear to me people fear democrats because of spending. But really the spending going on now is really “investing”. Why, because with Obama, it’s becoming responsible/accountable/transparent. It’s INVESTING in our, the 99%’s future and no one is left out. Our president is allowing his heart to guide him.

    Trickle down economics dosn’t work because those that equate power with money are more concerned with maintaining their power and comfort, and it never really trickles down, does it. And the elites grip tightens. Totally out of balance with the planet and all life around them, including you and me.

    Thanx for the message. Take care.

  • Avery September 6, 2012, 9:11 PM

    I agree with Davidbri’s response that we are so much more powerful than we think we are and that thoughts create. Thoughts are real and have consequences. They do create. Each thought creates the kind of life we have not only personally, but collectively. This period of time feels like such a critical one and the thoughts and decisions we are making will determine the world we will live in.

    By bringing up the “o” comment, it occurs to me that the election is such an appropriate symbol of the power of choice and thought as we vote in November. Yes, the old world is dying away and we are creating a new world, even if more slowly than I would like. The two candidates running for President so clearly represent the old versus the new. Romney represents restrictive values that were dominant 50 to 100 years ago while Obama is the fresh vision of consideration for the good of all and embracing new ideas that are consistent with humanitarianism and compassion. Is it any wonder that Obama’s slogan is “Forward”? For that is where he is guiding us – forward to a better future for all, not just a few. We are not only voting for Obama or Romney, but their vision of the world and their values.

    I am glad I have the power to vote for the future I want created. I hope Obama wins with all my hear. But should he not, I believe we are still powerful enough to create the world we want.

    Honor the power of thought and of choice.

  • Misty September 7, 2012, 6:51 PM

    I think that the Pleiadians are speaking from the ten thousand foot level and are reading the tea leaves of this most auspicious time and space that we are in, telling us what they see, and helping us to move through it with as much grace, creativity and effortlessness as possible.

  • Davidbri September 10, 2012, 10:16 AM

    Yes Misty, your thoughts and feelings do not betray you. Though, as I suggest to those who seek my help, when thinking about time and space, we have a very limited perspective. So then we can become flexible with the possibilities and as your awareness grows, you’ll realize/remember that time is a continueum and space is completely relative.

    Think dimensionally. Dimension,… defined as being ‘magnitute measured in a particular direction’. As our awareness of the ‘magnitude’,… or ‘greatness’…. or ‘extent’ of our abilities and the workings of the universe grows, we begin to realize the possibilities are limitless. When we begin to IMAGINE what it’s like we OPEN our hearts and minds, and we begin to RECEIVE. You see, we are built for reception and sending, we’ve just forgotten, and are convinced that all our thoughts are our own/indivdual in each of our little heads. Tell me, if you are convinced of something, are you listenning anymore or are you CLOSED?

    The spirits are eager to help, and live, and love, and dance, and sing. They live through us and with us. They are also eager to be recognized once again. More than the ‘intuitive connection’, that is purely novel at the least and very frustrating at the most for those that care so much for those not listenning.

    Sharing thought and emotions freely, without utterring a word. When your training begins, you’ll be reminded not to talk, just think and feel. Then your true connection to all life will become apparent. And,… people won’t think your crazy talking to yourself ;~).

    Good luck

    Finally, I know alot of you out there are awakenning. Your wondering if you’re becoming psychic or psychotic. Try to reemember, we are all psychic and the term ‘psychotic’ is a label given by males and out of fear.

  • Delphiki September 12, 2012, 12:56 AM

    Rand — while easy to dismiss — highlights the struggle between the individual and society, a long-standing struggle against authority. Or, on a more personal level, the tension between our conflicting, biologically-coded selfish and altruist instincts — both promote our survival. So yes, on the one hand you must take care of yourself and nurture your individuality. But, of course, you need not do this with blatant disregard for everyone else. Bringing harm to another is not a virtue. And caring only for oneself is not a good life strategy — you will most likely wind up alone and afflicted. Burn all your bridges and you’ll be an island unto yourself. Naturally, the individual and the collective must be in balance. And balance always presents a struggle. The “middle way” is always a difficult path to navigate, as hedonism and asceticism are opposing faces of the same coin. Only a razors edge separates. The biggest problem with “Randians” is the they believe in truth…objective and rational truth, based on their own selfish desires. And unfortunately, we all know via the Buddha that desires create and perpetuate suffering. The desire for power over collaboration does not create a “win-win” environment. And we all know theta no one is king forever. Someone will always be plotting regicide while the king lives in perpetual fear. This philosophy of selfishness is a life of insecurity. Yes, the physical experience oscillates between experiencing unity and separation. However, the Law of One reminds us that hurting another is simply hurting ourself. “Forgive them of Lord, for they know not what they do.” Impermanence is a difficult concept — constant change creates an anxiety in the physical form, which is why meditative practices are recommended. Do not fight these thoughts, just let them flow. You will not know the journey at the start, you must simply walk the path.

  • Davidbri September 12, 2012, 9:36 AM

    It seems ‘Rand’ illustrates the human struggle after the great cataclism, of coarse being part of our DNA/Biologically coded/building the code of self as we go and makes sense to an extent. I agree,.. to serve oneself is to serve those around you, and vise versa.

    Needs require service/altruism/love. Wants reguire indulgence/selfishness/hedonism. Yes, a reality in todays 3D world, illustrating the eternal dance of good and evil.

    In so doing you serve yourself at the highest level and in so doing insure your survival as well as your evolution. There is no individual, there really is only the whole and we are each a part of the whole. When we let go of our self(Meditation/stopping thought/breathing in resonance with the planet, we take our place within the whole, we become aware of our true purpose/all questions emerge and with each question the answer flowers forth.

    Everything comes back in of itself. We are coming full circle, evolving simply means the fullfillment of the circle. The yin/yang symbol simplifies the equation.

  • PSLopez October 29, 2012, 5:58 PM

    Ummm… “It has been discovered and the courts are in the process of figuring out how to return it back to you.”

    I have not seen this happen. We do not need another economist who is not aware of the on-going realities of the economy.

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