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Information is Not Knowledge: Become Your Own Authority


Good morning. We are here. Give us a moment.

We believe it is September the 15th, possibly the 16th. Let us begin.

Much has been going on since our last chat and there have been some events that have grabbed the national and international spotlight and have focused the attention of many on the workings of a few. And so what does that mean, what is the lesson to be learned from all of these outbreaks that seem to be happening internationally, whether it is what it is happening in Egypt or Libya or Afghanistan or Syria? Or whether or not you have your own problems in America, home-grown terrorism like this young boy they found in Chicago, or the perpetrators of this inflammatory movie from California. And then you have the elections and you have all these monies flooding into elections. You have the candidates jockeying for positions within the backdrop of all this turmoil and all of this agitation.

From our perspective this is really the times you are in. You have as in no other time before, the ability for individuals to affect the world, whether it is a few individuals putting together an inflammatory movie, or a few individuals inciting a mob, or a few individuals who misinterpret what is happening and distort what is going on. All of these individuals are affecting the way these events are perceived by the masses. And so you have this magnifying effect of the individual into the mass conscious and they can be famous or they can be infamous. They can be speaking truth or they can be speaking bold-face lies. There is no one out there regulating the individual, at least not in the way that lack of these technologies to magnify, would have allowed before.

Fifty years ago information would not have been readily available to be dispersed in such a wide grouping without first going through censors. You all remember the time when you had the big three broadcasters and they could never do anything that went outside of the censors and so you had scrubbed events, you could not have obscenity, you could not have nudity, you could not have incredible violence. There was a governor, a government standing between you and the masses and that has been dismantled to certain degree. Now there is still government and controlling entities that wish to be involved in this and want the capability to filter, and it is unclear whether or not their agenda will win out. Will you return to a time of restrictions and censorships and such? In some places it is still quite valid, whether it is China or mid-East, some of these mid-East countries and such. Then you have other places where it is quite, almost impossible, to stop the flow of information.

And it was written in the Bible that when these times would come, information would increase. Now information is not knowledge. It is going to be very important for the individual, all of you, everyone you know, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues, your enemies, if you have them, your adversaries, that everyone begins to see a much clearer picture. Because just as Mr. Romney learned in the last cycle – that misinformation or lack of information can be detrimental to your message and you can distort or disqualify yourself to the masses.

So to are others on all sides of this, learning the value of getting the facts first and that implies a level of personal filtering of information that each individual is beginning to learn, whether you are a protestor in an Arab country who has never, ever, ever understood the idea of free speech before because no one ever had it, or whether you are someone who has free speech and uses it to scream fire in a theatre. You learn that that’s not what free speech means you can do.

And so each individual will be asked to become their own filter for information and that is why we have told everyone who we speak to, to really nurture you bull sh*t meter, that belly chakra, that solar chakra, that allows you to know, you to know truth from fiction, that allows you to quickly feel the validity of what is going one. Because as you become more and more and more attuned, then you will be able to really… this is what we are talking about – you are in the rapids, you are in the white water rapids, a rapid fire events. And whether you are a mob in Egypt or Libya or Tunisia or Yemen, or Chicago, you really need to understand that a) you are going to be accounted for, you must account for your actions, and b) are you being manipulated or are you allowing your first amendment or free speech rights to be guiding you in integrities, in your integrity.

Because there are those that do not care about you, they simply see you as a means to their goals. Information is coming out now that many of those in the Egyptian uprising were paid to riot, paid to demonstrate. Who would pay them to demonstrate? Why is it important for that grouping that demonstrations appear? You must ask yourself that. Who is it that wants the perception of the world to be that Egypt is this anti-American country, or Libya or whatever? Who is it that wants you to think that Afghanistan is your friend? Why is it so important for someone to portray them as your friends when you are being shot by friendly fire? Doesn’t sound like your friends to us? Who are these people? What are their purposes for these kinds of distortions of the truth?

Not everyone who craps on you is your enemy, and not everyone who pulls you out of crap is your friend, and being discerning enough to know the difference is a prerequisite for the next stage of development on this planet. And there are those want you to go right back into the blinders and being fed sh*t and told what the world is. Many want to go back to that comfortable place of ignorance. But the world isn’t going to allow it; the energies of the time are not going to allow it. You cannot go back into business as usual because business as usual is creating an unlivable world for you. So you all need to become cognizant, conscious and co-creators of the world you wish to live in.

And so listen, watch, but also feel, because if you do that, then these magicians who wish to use slight of hand to fool you into certain behaviors and certain actions will find that their tricks do not work on you. You are seeing this slight of hand. You know they are pulling rabbits out of their hats, or terrorists out of their hats. You know that they are peeing on your leg and telling you it is raining.

Because actions will have to be taken based on fact and if actions are taken based on fact, then you can be assured that the actions will be correct. But if they are taken based on false information, you will find yourself in the same place Mr. Romney was during the attacks on the embassy, being seen to be very foolish. How did the President say it, “Shooting first and taking aim later”? Not exactly the way you want to be portrayed if you are running for President or if you are intending to be part of the evolutionary growth of this planet and your species. It is an individual mandate because each of you are making a choice for the future and it is that group choice that is so critical for you all to make at this time.

There is another saying that our vehicle is reminded of “cooler heads prevail.” It is important because information is never complete during the fog of battle, during the brunt of the storms. It is not the time to make long-term decisions. It is the time to hunker down and allow the events to unfold so that you can act based on facts, based on truth, and not overreact.

You recently had the man who landed on the Moon first, Mr. Armstrong, Neil Armstrong, pass-on, translate as we put it. It would really be helpful for all of you to go look at how he landed on the Moon. Why did they choose him to land on the Moon? Because he had this ability to read the facts and act only on the facts and to be cool and calm in the heat of the moment. And so when he found his craft careening off course and landing him in a jumble of rubble, he was able to act and miss the rubble field and land the ship safely.

That is what we are talking about. That is the white water rafter who sees what is coming and makes the right choices, based on facts of the river in front of him, not some preconditioned reaction. It is those preconditioned reactions that many of you have been conditioned for that can lead you into some really embarrassing and possibly dangerous places. There is more of this coming; there will be more need for actions based on facts, not ideology, not national pride, not any of these external forces – facts.

So be careful of the ideologues that want to tell you how to think about things — on all sides. Become your own filter, become your own authority.

It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • michal September 19, 2012, 5:38 AM

    hi, thank you for this information. I feel exactly like that. as though i cannot believe anymore all the news coming from everywhere, i cannot trust these sources of information and need to make my own undersanding of situations.

  • Davidbri September 19, 2012, 10:21 AM

    Hello all,

    The message is quite clear. Think of it like the there were two canoes in the rapids, and each canoe represents the intentions of opposing forces. All you need to do is take up your oar, and put it in the water, and paddle. The more oars in the water, the more successful we will be moving in the right direction for ALL. Each oar represents our individual intention. The rapids of change are upon us and the increased frequency will continue.

    Yes, information can be skewed, objectivity is the key. The emergence of the Independent/Green party is but one example of our evolution as well as the growing number of us who do “filter” the information that comes in with our hearts and minds. Try to listen to both sides carefully. Let go of your wants and focus on the needs of all. It’s time now. We are all part of a greater whole, on many levels and in various multidimentional ways. This way the truth about the true intentions of the parties involved will be plain to see.

    Lastly, try to simplify the equation. Clearity comes through simplicity. Those who are slowing are growth are those who are in pain and have been lacking that which they need the most. LOVE. So if your a lightworker or you suspect you are than look it up. Simplify the meaning as it may be shrouded in various religious dogma, and then the essense of our unique and ominous responsibility to each other and our planet, our galaxy, our universe,… will be apparent. By nurturing those around you, you nurture yourself.

  • Stephanie September 20, 2012, 10:14 PM

    It is mystifying that there aren’t more comments here. To David, I just want to thank you for your uplifting, loving and hopeful comments. I do truly believe we are on the brink of something wonderful – a shift to a higher, more conscious, more loving and collaborative way of being on the Earth. It may not be apparent by what we see and hear around us, but there’s something deep within me that knows and has always known. And yes, Love is really the answer. Also, I would like so much to finally able to see our friends from the stars too. David, do you know any websites or groups that can support each other in this extremely pivotal and often difficult time? Thank you Pleiadians for your enduring love and guidance.

  • Davidbri September 21, 2012, 9:30 AM

    Dear sister,
    People are afraid. They don’t understand whats happenning right now. Thay don’t understand our connection to this planet. Yet, they can’t help but be affected by the galactic alignment. So they interpret it as and act out “gloom and doom,” in thier 3D world. Soon they will really be scared when we are fully immersed. Really, they don’t need to understand. They need the very few of US to understand so we can help them along. It’s not going to be easy work. Though undoubtedly the most fullfilling.

    It is so hard to share with those who have yet to transcend belief, and ultimately know/remember the truth of our people. Especially daunting trying to share with our immediate family. Pay attention to the signs/symbols and knowing you’ve accumulated during your life. Let those lessons and knowing guide you. Listen to your inner voice of good coming from your heart. Just breath and your brilliance will shine through.

    As I become the authority of the information/knowledge I’ve received for the past 42 years, it becomes part of me and is expressed through my intentions, seen and unseen. In other words, if we focus on setting EXAMPLES, through our actions, for those around us, they will eventually understand, as we pull them out of the darkness. We can no way explain it to them or share it with them, there is no how to manual to hand out. It is only their experience that will lead them and then we will be there when their experience inevitably shifts. They need to know they are welcomed. Then it will be up to them. They may need to keep at it a little longer, but we mustn’t loose faith for they are our brothers and sisters, aren’t they?

    We are moving out of darkness which is why we are waking up. The true nature of light is being revealed. The darkness is very wanting and greedy and will not let go so easily. There in lies the nature of our universe, our world.

    I’ve also been wondering about other websites. My next stop will be Alcyone or Siries. Alcyone may be waking up with us,… through the pleiadias. Look it up;~) and be the “authority.”

  • Davidbri September 21, 2012, 11:25 AM

    There’s more sister,

    And everyone can benefit.

    You are elini’ka. You are from a royal line. You’re of the highest. Your name/spirit is shared by many, part of the whole that is you. You’ve been drawn to this website for a reason, as have I.

    Your name was given to you at conception by your spirit/anscester/mothers through your mother. The mother may not know, so the mother goes through her process, and the name comes through at birth. If you look up your name and the names of the people that are closest to you, you will be amazed at how each person embodies/enacts the meaning of their name. Now if it’s hard to comprehend the meaning of your name during your initial search, then the meaning is more profound and you have yet to discover the true nature of your role in the universe. But I’m sure in no time, it will be obvious to you, sister stephanie.

  • Catherine Hughes September 22, 2012, 6:46 AM

    trying to find the right words to prepare people is what I find most difficult but at least I feel I have narrowed down what I can do. Have faith and speak calmly that in itself will speak volumes.

  • HierWitness September 23, 2012, 1:16 AM

    We could always create our Future, and the experiences we come involved with this 3rd dimensional life in a “Domesticated Money –Ran Society”. by thought, choice, and chance. Think about the infinite possibilities of positive’s outcomes vs any fear of the future or the current state your in, “Hey it could be worse”… As they would say and by chance or thought and choice the outcomes could be positively infinite.

    Correlate that to everything and always go to the source of any problem to find its source and pro-create or pro activate the new future or the new human experience from the experience

    By thought, choice, and chance. infinite “Positive” possibility
    can present themselves and from there infinite opportunities awaiting to be capitalized on not just by “Means”.

    Any other thought of failure/End of the world scenario “Could be a option” Stats/Probability says “Yea why not”….And as the possibilities could be endless of negative things too, by thought only and choice manifestation of manipulation and deception for a great disclosed cause brings by chance cause more probable causes..

    hypothetically speaking
    So lets correlate that to our life? purposeless infinite cycles of Consumer Behaviors, oh wait which are happening currently in time and have been studied in the past-times as Market Research, While history book only publish the good stuff, great war stories, special ops, super powers in the current society of those event, As we study civilizations, and then realize our society or that our civilization has been based on means to survive at all means besides being self provident without monetary imaginary means and systems of belief/speculation called the economy which then Aids to negating the human experience, which was our purpose to for life as you only live once?, the purpose to experience a progressive humankind, not celebrities and icons/idols of the moment time, most people wont see the things until the aftermath is over from all this creating of nonsense, purposeless b
    esides self beneficial to a 3rd dimensional body.

    Nope not convinced that this was planned for humans beings on earth to experience at this way of life in our time period lol , maybe for a moment.

    a awareness of self from body a system of thought processing before the body proceeds and breaking down everyday thoughts/your priorities and unified opportunities that could possibly occur from thinking a certain way understanding your body in time” Brain Performance” either Memory, Attention, Speed, Flexibility, and Problem Solving,- to strength your self awareness/consciousness you use all these parts some better than the others. Find out which ones that can boost your brain to process your simulated options / risk are obvious and benefit suitable for life and all, not beneficial to the wallet but to your world your environment your life and enhance your thought process to handle the way you think more effectively and cut yourself away from brain storms that come from a mind that is now using creativity of conscious thoughts and choices not based off fear but infinity that can create from interests, and make simulations to evaluate the infinite in good self conscious mind not just body in time..route your life as if you were a profile with options on a screen without a computer telling you statistical information but now a knowing of your self/ Brain power and all optimizations / simulated trails or trial and error for yourself ….awaiting if you choose to think and solve and take action, and truly own it , since it is infinite, Remember beyond the 3rd dimension before your knew your body and known your self, your true energy I AM PRESENCE in these words of meaning and all words that bring meaning to the experiences we face as human beings in this world of time and world of money driven dreams not our true infinite

  • Davidbri September 23, 2012, 9:30 PM

    Until the time when money is obsolete, it must be viewed as a need. A means to live and survive. Yes, money/happiness is a very skewed dynamic that will lose meaning with time. In it’s place will be only what each has to contribute. Each equal. The smallest as important as the biggest.

    Infinite possibilities relates to the individual/soles only. It simply means the individual will slow their growth in this world if they make the wrong choices. People are driven by want/money to ease the pain, it’s that simple. Never mind that this drive also causes pain for many. Collectively, we’re moving forward and again, those that can’t see, well, we’ll forgive and help them along, won’t we.

    Try to realize that the meek shall inherit the earth. This is what was meant by Jesus. Please understand that I do not subsrcribe to any religion yet in of himself, he knew. True power comes through humility, not money. The more one struggles, the more one grows. We will be the ones that forge the future of our planet. With all its glory.

    Heirwittness, or Shahid maybe? It’s not the end of the world coming, only as we know it.

  • HierWitness September 24, 2012, 10:20 AM

    Theres always factors and always experiences from experiences, that we must adapt to, its part of the process of transitioning, transforming by cause and effect from thought but made action by body . so anything applies for any world we live in, and must go through a process that we or I act on, we for the time being can see what it is. needs for the life are factors but life only needs to sustain the body, mind, soul with what ever system is developed for there civilization or community or economy.

    As we know from what we knew from what is known all along before we were placed into the flesh the bones, the atoms, the energy that supports life and generates and make possible. We infinite energy , multi dimensional being until we know differentiate our mind from body individually, while physical so when the experience or transition occurs in this world or future based off time or no time, we will know the form we will take by knowing from the illusionary world from what we make from thought, choice, and probable change of that. Our Human experience that we know of.. our Minds mimic it only, since human form is all you know. deeming that this is all we know by the visible eye. but as humans breathes air and consume food to sustain life, humans beings , we tend to desire and consume and want more than what is needed so we develop thought schemes to be self beneficial or to take advantage of what allows them to capitalize in the momment cause you only live once in most current knowing in a time run world by factors (x) before the mind, soul, id, spirit, inner self knew V.s our physical perception of what we think we know. Hypothetically speaking since there is a god-like being infinite energy source -energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another. the one that we all come from, that governs our true ability in time and grants us physical and mental /true form power in the physical world or in other words discipline in this world but has been used for ways of life Vs. around projection models of profit not for the better of human life , were MAN doesn’t control or claim authority over Man, we are in as all beings one in bodies , a energy source, transferred from one from another, as individuals, as far as we know and can see but from a distant planet one as whole group of beings that live on a planet named earth, we are physical therefor change of what we know must be reinforced by our mind our spiritual self our what ever you consider word for the meanin of you without a physical body. Remember we adapt , we change to survive, we transcend our self, ascend our self, to adapt to a world that brings more complexity, accountability, responsibility not less opportunity or equality in everything we say an do with knowing themselves and environment , all in all could be simpler from what we know but not lazyinezz so get awake or be awoken in which every form it is , by fear, by loss, by changing the process, that effects you, your emotions or life, not always have to be negative that just probable but changing in to the light brings clarity of all things in a world that is dark, be diligent cause knowing drives the being within us. but infinite possibilities from the know give produce positive or negative probable futures with a multi dimensional body or not, these bodys were truley a gift and its time to be awakened of our true self and understand what we know on a global scale/standard, sciences, math, english, religions, politics,stocks, and correlate facts that stand truths to the world you created and see the probable projections and act now for the world you live in and for the world you will soon be apart of since you know the facts. not just theory in a world that is planetarily connected universally now by the internet where information of fact and fiction coincide at a instant and drive the moment of thought which we then take into consideration from accumulation ( universal knowing from city,county,state,national,international,planetary,galactic region, universe, from multiple infinite universes) of what we have known and make decisions on for our physical form still from a multi dimensional view point from ourself our mind our will our spirit our soul that cannot be seen or weighed on a scale as mass and matter but know it is there, stop and think about it, by thought you can unlock more potential o, innovate, collaborate, progress, not consumer spendings and understandings but taking it to the next level in development of soul-mind-body . at the moment decipher your own systems that we create because in this world vs our true nature not of systematic domestication that was and can still be an experience without factors that we through in there that cloud or complex the census but bring prosperous infinite probably positive changes for life, DNA, soul,Mind, physical body, we are the new engineers of our physical world and can take that beyond but the obvious the obvious thought can destroy what we make that is good or bad from factors that we individually know of the current state that we are in gas, solid, liquid that is visible. the body is of what we know, but our mind and soul is what can be infinite. as relative as laws of physics allows this to occur in our 3rd dimensional world. time re program from the experienced world of know and take it to the unknown of light, since we have drifted away from the bigger picture. this isn’t for recognition just awareness of what was commonly in front of us dangly taunting us since the beginning of what we had from what we have now in the physical world yes amazing advancements but driven by half prosperous probables for life and other for posits and sales models to produce more supply fro the demand where the wallet can dictate ones life but not make his entire experience, we can live equal with what we make but more of what we make then it will take over a mind that doesn’t know, so change as we know it your right, but not the end. experience from the experienced but it is always a first experience when you become consciously aware of what you do. true world problems but that only effect the physical seen, emotions energy in motions flows through all bodies either in motion or at a still, your mind governs the body. not the actual brain but all the parts come together as one and react instantly. remember the functions and break it down for this world and for another world


  • Davidbri September 25, 2012, 10:10 AM

    Good morning,

    Indeed it is, for my eyes are openning to the essense of the money/culture problem. The rich/powerful are simply ADDICTED. They can’t control themselves. The same principle applies to all of us. When a person graduates college, they go out and start spending, some before they even begin to make the money to support that spending/credit. When a person spends on something they want, endorphins are produced and they get high. Then, a person will either bring the purchase back out of guilt and sense of responsibility, or the person will soon make another purchase when the high wears off, which is very quickly by the way. So you can see the exponential nature of the money addiction at the individual level.

    Now imagine the impact of the collective intention/addiction and its profound affects on the whole collective, NEVERMIND our PLANET!!! Gaia is not happy with alot of people.

    When we see a homeless person, we give spare change, even
    a drink from our cup of water. They have disconnected from the prevailing dynamic/system that has been heaped on them,…ALL OF US. Ther was a time on our planet when we lived in balance with nature, and the homeless are courageousy living off the grid, not unlike the Neanderthal. Think about it. So many are perceived as crazy and delusional based on their intense awareness of spirituallity. Always remember, the spiritual world manifest the physical, not vice versa. The homeless are NEEDY, NOT WANTING. Talk to them, they will tell you what’s on there mind if they feel you are safe to talk with. There is alot of fear and hurt out there.

    So now we have the other extreme with the rich, so called elite. Out of control and disconnected. Rationalising their imbalanced behavior based on laws and culture dictated by men for along time now. People who would say, “I have a right to everything I earn, I worked hard to get where I am.” Thats alot of “I’s”. Completely out of touch with the sense of need, accept the need to be loved, trying to fullfill that need with money is an endless void of waste and destruction and COMPLETE DISREGARD for anyone or thing but SELF. It’s quite an awful thing to think about but the truth isn’t always easy to hear or read.

    When want enters the equation we must discriminate. We need to be responsible with our money for the many/whole/planet/universe. This “I” world of want is silly and destructive. This is why there will be those that don’t survive the long term transition in our midst today. Try to understand, as we evolve, the opposing forces will grow just as rapidly, right along with the good/glorious awakenning we are experiencing. Navigating this transition with GRACE, is based on this simple UNIVERESAL LAW. Yin and Yang. Realizing this law enables each individual to accept what happens without expending to much thoght/energy on the fact we have limited control. It would be way to stressfull and cause imbalance at the individual level, having a dominoe effect on the collective. The best we can do is the best we can do. As each individual wakes up, the collective consciousness/awareness grows. That’s what is happenning as we enter this glorious time, known as the Aquarian Age.

  • Stephanie September 25, 2012, 2:19 PM

    I’m so grateful to have found this website. Thanks to all of you wonderful people who are sharing you feelings and important information. To David – A very special thanks for offering inspiration and guidance. I feel a deep kinship with you. Sometimes feel I’m not stepping into my true power and Divine intention, but then I also feel it could be that since very young I have had feelings that were self critical instead of nurturing, loving acknowledgement and acceptance of the gifts I already have and use daily. I know I want very much to connect with others of like mind to create more support and increase the frequencies that will draw our galactic family closer to a collective ascension. I can’t wait to celebrate with all humanity in our liberation which is at hand. If you are not aware, this is a wonderful website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ulWK-Ni-xiw as are all the Dr. Steven Greer videos and presentations. There are many courageous people doing so much to help distribute the information on our star brothers and sisters in the face of much darkness trying to stop them. Fear has been instilled so much in the hearts and minds of humanity, but it is not real and can be released and healed through love; we all need to ask for the light and love that is our true nature to fill us with divine direction and expand our awareness to remember that we are one with each other, all of creation, all seen and unseen worlds. l Heartfelt thanks and blessings to you and all beings of Light & Love.

  • Davidbri September 26, 2012, 9:48 AM

    Thank you so much bloggers!

    We’re truely blessed. Your feelings are full of love and encouragement. We’re strengthenned by your energy. You have so much to offer. Sweet Stephanie, with your crown of laurels, have faith in your inate/given strengths,..for you have been a high achiever for quite some cosmic/time if you will. Your honorable achievements precede you, as well as your ancesters from before and after. Thats alot of presure right off the bat. We’re proud of you for enduring and seeing the toughest times through in this life.

    Being of a royal line you are born already with alot of responsibility and scrutiny. There are indeed high expectations by are brothers and sisters and the disposition of skeptisim is not indigenous to the 3D world. Remember, the spiritual/energy world manifests the physical.

    As the Pleiadian channelers have casually indicated/predicted, their will be more and more blogger/lightworkers coming to share and support at this website. It’s already begun and as we become more in tune, they will be called to places where like minded individuals gather. That collective awareness and sharing, together with the increasing activation we’re experiencing, will stengthen the growth of our planetery community and prepare us for our future roles here and among the stars.

    As comments flow along with the flood of photonic energy as the next few weeks progress, don’t be surprised if you feel a little shakey or start to get headaches. Try to think of these symptoms as growing pains. Remain calm so you don’t cause any stress-induced symtoms that may be detrimental depending on your unique dispositions/disorders.

    Lastly, start shutting off the TV and instead, go outside at night. Gaia wants us to burn wood to reconnect with her, and in essense, our central sun, which strengthens are ability to receive and nurtures Gaia. And most of all, start looking up. You’ll be amazed by the stars like never before, not to mention the activity already fording.


  • jason September 29, 2012, 5:20 PM

    thanks so much for all these insightful comments and info that creates a better understanding of the situation at hand, if i could please be informed more personally through email or in person that would be amazing. one love

  • Stephanie October 3, 2012, 10:55 PM

    Davidbri, I would like to talk more about physical kinds of symptoms you mentioned. I’ve had some of these and I did remember reading long ago that these things would happen, but when it’s happening it’s sometimes difficult to stay centered; and I do feel energy, both personal and collective, both higher and lower frequencies. Traditional medicine tries to look for something they can medicate, but I believe if we have support as we do here we can bring balance and healing to these temporary disturbances. It would be nice if we all had the ability to email each other if we have more specific things to address that would take up too much time in this forum or not be as relevant to everyone. Much love, happiness and comfort to all beings as we continue our journey to a new dimension of peace, harmony and healing.

  • Davidbri October 5, 2012, 12:06 PM

    Dear People,

    With regards for any physical symptoms you may encounter, elevated blood pressure or heartrate will cause you to feel shakey or induce headaches, even nausea. In essense, any symptoms are related to increasing energy/vibrations. The ability to remain centered relates to your acceptance of such symptoms. They will not cause harm. The only harm that may ensue depends on what you may do about it or how you perceive them. What to do? Nothing but remain calm. They are transient. And, rely on your intuition. If there is something that you suspect is going on other than your awakenning/activation, just see whatever healthcare provider you may have. That dosn’t mean blindly accepting their counsel, but it will raise your awareness. I would always choose alternative/holistic/homeopathic treatments if possible. Pharmaceuticals are very questionable, especially psychotropics. Diet, exercise, rest and meditation are the best ways to address your stress, because that is ALL it is, stress. Stress can be good, not just bad.

    Lastly, be careful about who you share your awakenning experience with in the medical field, you don’t need to be labled by those that don’t understand, it could be detrimental.

    My love to all of you…

  • Davidbri October 11, 2012, 12:40 PM

    Hello All,

    I have been drawn to a new website, which for all know is not new but it is for me. It is congruent with the messages being shared on this site and will compliment our understanding of the activation/acention we are all experiencing to some degree, as much as you will allow. Ascension is termed transcention and appropriately. Enjoy. http://thenewhumanityisnow.com

  • Davidbri October 11, 2012, 10:34 PM

    Dear People,

    I have some additional ‘information’ for you regarding the symptoms of our activation. I’m sure some of you have come across a few on your internet journey yet I wonder if you’ve read Grandmother’s list of symptoms seems quite comprehensive. I was drawn to this site, http://www.paganspace.net/group/2012awareness/forum/topics/starseed-symptoms-due-to, because I’m down right sore and have been for a few weeks now. My neck is killing me and now my upper back. Not to mention an emotional outburst here and there, my dreams are vivid and intense. Trying to rescue my sister from her pain for her acceptance. The list goes on.

    Please don’t worry. Just go with it. First are minds open up, being this past few years, then our bodies really change. Thats what is happenning right now.

    I’m rattled but OK. And so will you all who are at the forefront. Remember, some of us are more primed then others and I’m really amping up.

  • Davidbri October 12, 2012, 6:28 AM


    Last night was quite intense and wonderful. After I found Grandmothers list of symptoms we began to converse telepathically. Her signal was quite strong. As our thoughts coalesced, I was not surprised to learn why some of us are being activated at a more rapid pace then others. Quite simply it is those of us who are lightworkers, and have been for our entire lives, in the vessel we are in now as well as all past vessels and everywhere inbetween, I’ve been reminded and the knowing/memory was clear.

    There’s more information to come….

  • Davidbri October 12, 2012, 10:02 AM

    Ok everyone,

    I hope your ready. Here goess.

    Our transformation is happenning at a very rapid pace and 12/21/12 is coming quickly. If you havn’t reviewed the metaphysical/physical symptoms that are evolving you should because it will prepare you and help you accept these changes with grace. You are being affected at a cellular level and as your cells change so will your perceptions of reality. Those of us who are ready for the transcension will rise up into the glrorious spiritual realms from whence we are from. Those that are not ready will remain to forge the New Age of our precious planet earth. Yes, the republicans etc. Sounds scary to leave our beloved home to these people yet they are one and the same as us. They are simply not ready to ascend/change to our fullest potential. At that time we will be living through them as the spirits live through us now as they have always been. This is how we will help pull themup to speed. They still have work to do. Thats not to say that it will not continue to be a difficult journey for them but remember, they are going through the same changes we are, yet their ability to accept these changes will be arduous to say the least. Also, there will be lightworkers that choose to continue within vessels known as humanbeings and will be here in the 3rd dimention to help as well. It is quite a gift to live in this reality yet trly to understand, if you choose a vessel you must be patient and allow your life to unfold for you will continue to be subject to the rules.

    Further, those that choose to ascend, you will be able to choose a vessel wherever in the universe you choose. The multitude of planets that support the miriad forms of life in our univers is stagerring and quite beautiful and exciting. Still, I believe our first reponsibility lies here on earth. It’s your choice.

    Finally, I’d like to thank our Grandmother Twylah Seneca-Oneida for helping me remember and empowering me to help and love all of you on this site. She is here for all of us and all you have to do is invite her into your hearts and minds and she will come to you when you are ready to receive her very special guidance.

    Enjoy and have fun in the rapids and don’t be afraid. We are here for you and are with you every step of the way. ;~)

  • Davidbri October 14, 2012, 10:01 AM

    Now lets enjoy the day.

    Find R.E.M. and play some tunes, especially “Out of Time.”

    We are mentally and emotionally equipped to enjoy and prosper through loving life. It is our birthright. It is mine. We deserve all good. We claim our good.

  • Davidbri October 14, 2012, 10:09 AM

    Michal I’m here for you. John, our relationship has no need for words. I realize the purpose of my isolation was that we could realize the glory of our reunion. You are both indeed among my most precious of friends and I love you dearly.

  • Davidbri October 14, 2012, 5:14 PM

    Heloo all,

    This time is full of growth and we all can/will see the signs bursting through. Look into a mirror. Notice your right eye. Nough said. We are balancing, step onto the BEAM.

    But seriously, the time of preperation for survival is upon us. We have the resources everywhere around us.

    First,… if you havn’t begun to , Gather Wood. It needs time to season. Don’t go crazy. It’s everywhere in the wood and on the side of the road. Clean is preferable. Small dead great for kindling and large for fire starters. Use sparingly and only as much as you need. More about fire later.

    A wood stove and the neccessary components. Any size, you will live around it. An Ax. A saw. A stone. Collect rain water. Learn to filter or use exhisting technology. The water will taste funny for a while as the planet continues to purge. Salt.

    Food will be in supply but very short. There will be enough to see you through to learning to forage and hunt.

    A Bow.

    Try not to hourd and share what u can. Barter. It’s about to become very quite and busy on the outside and very vocal and calm on the inside.

    Seafarers band together, we need you the most.

    Everyone is here to share their unique gifts, and knowledge and skill to ensure our success. Good to get your feet back on the ground. That will get you started. Go easy and simply work it into your chores, a little bit every week. You’ll be glad you did.

    More later. Go with love.

  • Davidbri October 15, 2012, 7:02 AM


    Here we go. “Survival” posts will be at the forefront. The sooner you get started the better off the entire community that you reside will be. We NEED each other. The focus from want to need is truely refreshing. So many of us have already begun to move in this direction during the past years, and its building up to this moment in time. Time is RELATIVE. This is why those that are more ahead of the game have a special oppotunity to share the wealth. Thereby the idea of wealth shall transform along with us. The idea of possession transforms. Becomes a strong sense of endowment.

    WE ALL HAVE the resources in our possession, we need only what we need and the rest is meant to help your community, which
    begins with your NEIGHBORS……..

    Two blankets. Two sweaters. Seven pairs of socks. Seven pairs of underwear, with T’s or bras. For one person’s most basic of needs. The list goes on….

    You become creative about your list based on your journey. My personal list includes a wet and a dry suit. Smart camping gear and garments. Secure rain barrels. More about WATER USAGE later….. Grandmother and Mother are very passionate about this matter. They are very annoyed. Yet, they will guide you with respect and dignity. They value the experience they are sharing with you, through YOU. Enough for now.

    Take your time. Don’t rush. Gather what you can and don’t let your chores upset the balance in your life. Family needs first. A little bit, in every area of your life each day goes A LONG WAY. Tiny little, ittybitty bytes. As you flow through your day.

  • Davidbri October 15, 2012, 7:25 AM

    Be Gentle with the other side. It is still here and it expresses and exposes itself. This aspect of our journey may be diffificult to process so here we go….

    Although the affects of our inner duality fade and disolve in the spiritual realms, they continue to be enacted in the human realm. We begin to coexisit with the other side, that represents our evil counterparts. It is by no means pleasant. But we are POLITE. RESPECT your neighbors POSITION. It is not our way and you are blessed. They will toy with us. Sarcasm. Very creative coertion. We know the difference and seek only good things. Grounding more and more as we go. There is much to learn as we grow together, both sides.

    For now. You are impervious, or..you are becoming. The dual takes on a different form.

  • Davidbri October 15, 2012, 5:41 PM

    Dear Family,..”Life supports Us”….

    Life created us to be fulfilled. We trust Life, and Life is always there at every turn. We are safe.

    Listen to ‘Stardust’ performed by Nat King Cole. Enjoy.

    Lightworkers,…you are realizing who you are. I submit, you are leaders of the new age on our planet. We are the first of our kind to wake up. We are wittnessing our loved ones cleanse and purge their pain in this moment, as we did as the right was stirred. It is our duty to be wise and loving. Allow those around you to guide you. They will make their needs known and we wll lead them into the Golden Age.

    This site is our special meeting place.

  • Davidbri October 16, 2012, 5:09 AM


    We Now Go Beyond. Other Peoples Fears And Limitations….

    It is our minds that create our expeiences. We are unlimited in our ability to create the good in Peoples Lives.

    The Train. It is a vehicle. It transporsts us to our destination. It has many stops. It adheres to a schedule. A schedule that is composed of the requirements of each individuals Needs.

    Our primary goal as lightworkers is evident. We must allow our family to adhere to THEIR SCHEDULE. Give them the space they need to grow and nurture when needed and when they seek you out.

    Be covert in your duties. You’ve been allowed to recognize the unique symbolism in your life, the clues. Use your experience and be in the moment to aid, not your knowledge. Impositon hinders.

    Go with Love

  • Davidbri October 16, 2012, 11:50 AM

    Dear People,…

    The Siprit World Experesses With Wonder and Grace.

    As I take a short break from my work, I am drawn to my bird book, seeking to identify a recent visitor, who perched less than 2 feet of me. He showed me himself, chirpped hello, and flew off to continue his business. The book was made handy three days prior and easy to uptain, now being in it’s rightful place.

    I literally open the book. Look down. And there is Tyrannus, The Eastern Kingbird ;`),…. “Hello Tyrannus.”

    Prefers open fields and prairies. Resides in groups of twenty, migrating together. Male and Female defend their territory, and nurture their family. Act unafraid of those perceived to have an attitude. Bold behavior. Gives rise to the common name King. Keeps watch from a high branch. Always returns to the same perch after rendering service.

    Sharing Spirit Origin and Diversity. A short but sweet time, being a bird. Respect all life and honor their right to exist as they choose in that brief moment. The wonderous gift of life spans ALL life.

  • Davidbri October 16, 2012, 8:00 PM

    The Planet Is Alive And We Are Part of The Whole

    We have felt our dear mother shift. As we cleanse, so does our mother.

    Survival Continued…..

    Water is a precious Commodity. Learn to conserve. Baths not showers. Showers are a luxery, keep it short. Do not to run your water needlessly. Use only what you need. Drinking is the primary use. Good habits start now. Change is slow. Be mindful.

    Camping Gear. A flint.

    Respect your neighbor and you will gain their respect. Trust your neighbor. Love your neighbor. Be cautious with your supplies.

    Defend, never offend. Use only the force needed to ward. Forgive yourself for what you may be called to do out of love for your family’s security.

    Love your enemy.

    Keep only what you need and learn to fasion the rest. Learn from each other for your neighbor’s knowlege and love are your most valuable resource, along with your mother earth, for we are nothing but an extension of her, sharing in her experience, living as one.

    There is no gloom and doom. It’s not the end of our planet. It’s a new and wonderful rebirth. We are all simply making adjustments. Preparing for a simpler way.

  • Davidbri October 22, 2012, 9:30 AM

    Hello All,

    I think you will find this site instrumental;`).


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