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Energy from the Galactic Center: No One is Going Back to Sleep


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment. It is July 18, we believe, 2012, let us begin.

There is an anxiety that is permeating the ethers at this time, and many are feeling it, many are picking it up as a frequency, as a vibration, and as all vibrations reflect off of surfaces – what causes echoes and things of that sort – that frequency is reverberating off of individuals. Now, when you think in terms of an echo, of a vibration, there are things you can do to that vibration when it hits you. We are speaking a little bit scientific here for a moment, but the analogy is true with people as well. You can be a perfect reflector of the frequency, in other words, if the frequency hits you, you can turn it back around, and you can reflect it outward, or you can modify it. Let us imagine say a sound vibration hitting a rubber wall, the rubber wall will not reflect it, the rubber wall will absorb the vibration converting it into heat, or whatever and deadening it. That is one thing you can do, or you can be a prism, you can reflect the frequency in a different vibration. You can be hit with one color and you can reflect out yet another.

And that is what is we would like you all to imagine that you can do. You can either be the rubber wall, the black wall if you will, if we are talking about light, where nothing is reflected. That is one thing you can do or you can convert it into a vibration that is what you are — what would be a better version or a more conducive to harmony and such, understand? So you have this anxiety and it can hit you, but you don’t have to reflect out anxiety, you can reflect out the opposite. You can reflect out peace and good will and this sort of thing, understand?

Years ago our vehicle was in England and he and others were touring England together, and there was a time when the cars got separated and the lead car was lost. And so the other two cars that were following were in need of figuring out their own way to proceed. Now our vehicle was driving one of the cars and he realized when the lead car was lost that there were other people in the cars behind who were now concerned about being lost, and so he had an opportunity to feed that fear or to alleviate that fear. And so he knew in a moment that he could show no concern about losing the lead vehicle and simply said, “No problem, we know where we are going. Let’s get back on the road and we will meet up with them further down the road.” And that vibration, that fear that went out that, “We’re lost, we are not going to be able to catch up, we are going to be lost in England, we’ve messed up our tour”, got bounced back as, “There is a stable person in charge, things are going to be adjusted and everything will be fine”. And that vibration went backward into the grouping, everyone mellowed out, and they proceeded on. So instead of the chaos that could have happened if the concerns had been able to build, a more calming affect came in.

Now this is the kind of thing that is happening all over. There will be information coming out, there will be vibrations coming out that seem to indicate, “Oh my God the sky is falling!”, but really it’s not, and if you can simply turn that anxiety, fear, whatever into a more positive energy, and reverberate that back out you will see things can be made better very quickly. Now it’s hard to explain all of this because you are wondering what we are talking about, but there are things going on, whether it is what is happening in Syria with all of the battling, or whether or not it is the other potential wars that are going on out there, or the fight against the FDA, how they are apparently in cahoots with the pharmaceuticals and the big companies that are controlling things. And you are all feeling very, very pulled around by this and who can you trust?

Understand that as a collective you have more power than these organizations and they will be… as you focus more on stability in your own world, then their lack of integrity, their true nature will become more and more apparent and actions can be taken. You see when you are just as much in a flux and crazy and whatever, then it begins to look like the people who are trying to control you, maybe are on the right path. You can’t be trusted, you don’t know what to eat, you don’t know how to take care of yourselves, you don’t know anything, you are like wild animals that need to be caged and controlled, but as you come back instead with clarity and dignity and a strong inner energies, say, “No this is not going to work for us. You cannot control us with regulations that take away our abilities to make good choices for ourselves.”

As that kind of energy builds these opposing forces will begin to collapse because they are not very strong, you only think they are strong. You are like the elephant that grew up chained to the post, now it is simply a little rope holding you to the post. You can pull it up at any moment, but you don’t believe you can because you have been raised to think that you are chained to that post. You are not anymore; you never really were, when you were a child maybe you were, but not now.

So as you start to see more and more of the craziness that is the governments, the institutions, the, whatever that is out there, the corporations, that seem to be doing things that are totally crazy, don’t get crazy, get centered. Draw in your energy. Draw in what you need because then you will be seen as a stable force, as a stabilizing force that can now push against these ill winds. Understand? Be like an anchor, anchoring bolt, don’t be willy-nilly running around the deck shouting, “The sky is falling!” Take control of you and your surroundings, and talk to your neighbors, and you will begin to see how that becomes a force that these ill winds, we will call them, cannot knock down.

This will all make a lot more sense as you begin to learn more and more and more about just how really crazy these corporations and governments and government organizations and international organizations really are. You are going to be shocked to hear some of the things they want to impose on you, but instead of worrying about them imposing it, think about more, be more in tune with what it is you would do yourself if you were in charge, and then see that vibration building, see that. In other words when they are hitting you with this, “We control you” vibration”, you hit them back with a, “No you don’t, you are not telling me, I am telling you.” Because they are only as powerful as what reverberates back to them.

They know this, that is why they have trained you to be obedient, because they are hoping you will self-police, that you will be the forces that knock down the rational changes, but they are wrong because you are all waking because that is what this energy from the Galactic Center is doing, is waking you up so you are not going to be this controllable weak minded grouping. You are going to be a grouping that really looks around and says, “What, wait a minute, the Emperor has no clothes, is anyone noticing that? I can see it, can’t you?” So think about this as a time when the big wheel of the bicycle is taking over using its strength to flip the little wheel on its back and see the little wheel as the 2%.

It is interesting to us because we are watching your elections and our vehicle is very interested in the campaign of Mr. Romney. And just watching what he does and what he says and how he distorts, how he hides and how he is anything but transparent, how he flip-flops and he is wondering, our vehicle is wondering, “Are people not seeing this? Does it not concern them that this man hides his information and flaunts his powerful friends in your face and seems to have no solutions and has a record of sending your jobs overseas? Yes maybe he was not at this company after 1999, but it was his company following his policies. He does not have an explanation for that. Has anyone asked him would he have changed anything, because we will tell you he would not, but he might not tell you that because he is afraid of you knowing who he is and what his agenda is. He wants you just to hire him and then find out what his agenda is.

Wonderful, how many of you go to the grocery store and buy packages of unmarked goods and take them home to eat? Really, you do? No, that is what the corporations want; they want it just to say, “Happy Time Food, Eat” on the box. Nothing about the GMOs, nothing about all the pharmaceutical chemicals or whatever that are in it. “Oh you don’t need to know that.” But you are rising, you are saying, “No we want to know, is there GMO crap in this food, what are the chemicals you are adding to it to preserve it or whatever? What have you put in here that isn’t what the label says it is?”

It is interesting to us that the corn people have re-labeled high fructose corn syrup and calling it now corn sugar, as if corn has a sugar. No, it is a manufactured product made from corn. You know that you can make plastics from corn? Do you want to eat plastics? It is interesting to us because, really you are seeing the fight over hiding information and revealing information. And this information goes all the way back through time because there is a lot of historical information that is hidden from you. “Oh you don’t need to know about those early, early days. You don’t need to know about the galactic war that scarred your solar system. Just go back to sleep, sheeple.”

Well, we’ve got news for those who want you to do that, the wake-up call is getting louder and louder and no one is going back to sleep, and we applaud that because that is the ultimate exercise in free will when you know all the information and then you act. Acting without information is ignorance; acting in full information is the opposite. And so here you are learning and discovering, and information is coming out and your brain is beginning to comprehend, and maybe you are angry, and maybe you are even furious, but also learn that this process was designed so that you would not be caught sleeping when these energies came.

And with that we will leave you. It has been our pleasure.

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  • Catherine July 20, 2012, 2:52 PM

    Yes this is exactly what I am seeing and feeling. …. That so many are seeing and feeling it. Yes we are so strong together and it is that unity that will convince others who are on the fence about our destiny to not be afraid. …to take a chance and dream. As the children we are, to have the faith to dream.

  • steve leach July 21, 2012, 3:18 PM

    Just read getting lost in cars in London. If you had cell phones, you could have reconnected. I support Lilith fair and female Empowerment on Earth. What do you support?

  • E July 31, 2012, 7:54 AM

    I have question which I hope you may address in your next post. It regards a rumour that that there will be a Pleiadian intervention on August 8th at the Olympic Games in London. Is it possible for you to confirm this?

    Here is what it says:



    I appreciate you reading this and hope you will answer this in your next post.

    Thank you.

  • Stephanie August 3, 2012, 6:00 PM

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful website. I’m so happy to get such wonderful support for how I’ve been feeling and I am beyond ready for our family of light to finally come together to create what is really heaven here on this precious planet Earth. I have some pending travel plans in the coming months and I’m wondering if there is any guidance or a way I can stay safe if there are transmission interferences – I don’t want to leave the planet yet in some accident – I’ve been waiting for this celebration for soooo long.

  • Trigger August 19, 2012, 9:48 PM

    “Don’t Get Crazy, Get Centered.” What a perfect expression/slogan for our times! So simple, so powerful. When I first heard this statement in yet another of your great channelings, I thought “wow, what a great bumper sticker.” “Don’t Get Crazy, Get Centered”. This can apply to all of us in any situation or circumstance, small or large. And then you so beautifully state “ Draw in your energy. Draw in what you need because then you will be seen as a stable force, as a stabilizing force that can now push against these ill winds.” Imagine if we all saw “Don’t Get Crazy, Get Centered” on billboards, t-shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs, facebook . . . and if we all started to live it, or at least really think about it, imagine how we would all get along so much easier and how solutions to so many of our challenges would easily appear. Another great Pleiadian statement. Thank You for all that you are doing for us.

    As always, with Great Respect, Love and Gratitude

  • Michelle November 21, 2012, 4:41 PM

    When I read this , my father..died a few days before this post was made…Its Nov 21 and I am re-visiting this post. “Dont get crazy, Get Centered” YES this deserves to be re-visited again. This will be our family Mantra for the rest of our time on Earth. It is fun to play with time and manifesting has become a way of life. Thank you for your communication. We are listening. We trust and are grateful to be connected.

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