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The Deciding Vote: Not a Time to go Unconscious


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment.

It is July the 4th, 2012, happy Independence Day to all in America and let us begin.

There has been some movement in the reality in America, particularly in North Carolina and we would discuss it for a moment. You have this idea of what you think is going to happen and everyone has their reading of the tea leaves, they can see the way the wind blows, all of these concepts and they think they know how things are going, and so they tend to act on what they think is coming. And then along comes something like the Supreme Court judgment on the “Obamacare,” or the override of the veto of the fracking bill in North Carolina, and it just sort of takes everyone by surprise, the shocking changes in what was expected to happen.

And we find it very interesting that one was pro-progressives and one was anti-progressives, well, the one for the fracking bill was considered a Republican idea, and the one for the health care was considered a Democratic idea. But the idea is that whatever you think is happening there is a great potential for shocking changes, for surprises. And so as you find yourself in this time of uncertainty, you would do well to think about it in terms of, “where is the energy going”, understand and what we mean by that is there is a flow of energy. It is like a river, and occasionally it is hitting places that seem to be little eddies, little current places, but those places are beginning to break up, kind of like an ice-breaker. You have seen rivers when they start, ice begins to melt and so all of sudden big flows of ice and debris break free and start to move and if you are not paying attention, you might find yourself being inundated with debris and ice and such.

So it is a good time to have your wits about you, and that is what we are here to help you remember, that this is not a time to go unconscious, this is not a time to let yourself turn off your feeling centers, turn off your intellect, turn off things. This is a time to turn them on, to be hyper vigilante, hyper aware because things are changing. Again, it is like being white water rafter, it is not a time to start to enjoy the scenery. You better grab yourself that oar and do your job, or the entire boat is lost.

And so there will be more and more of this idea that people need to come forward and be counted. It is interesting what happened in North Carolina was an unconscious woman allowed herself to be counted on the wrong side, and you are all so conditioned to believe that your opinion doesn’t matter, your vote doesn’t matter, your ideas don’t matter. Here this one person’s vote made a difference. Same thing happened with the Supreme Court, one person’s vote made a difference. These are metaphors for each and every one of you to start thinking about yourself as that Supreme Court Justice, as that Congresswoman, and be conscious when you make decisions.

Now there are too many on this planet that think that because things are going so badly economically that they must shut down. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is the time to really start to network and get really hooked in with your neighbors, and really hooked in with your family and friends because you are going to need to be a little bit more dependent on each other, not a little bit, a lot.

Now it is interesting to us many years ago, Reagan was giving a warm up speech, it was not a speech, it really just a testing of the microphone, but what he said was that the aliens have made themselves known and the earth has to deal with an alien culture. And he was saying this in the sense of how quickly you would all forget your differences and of course it was a joke, but was it? What did Reagan really know, that you are being approached by other cultures from beyond your earth, that they are trying to let you know of where you are in the scheme of things, and how you’ve come to be here, and what being here really means, and how you are stuck here because certain pathways that have been disrupted, and how those disrupted pathways are going to be reopened.

Remember the Berlin Wall? Wonderful idea. You had these two cultures that were separated by a big wall and all of a sudden one day the wall came down, one day people with hammers and chisels could go out there and take big sections of this wall away, and the flow of people both ways was once again allowed. That is what is coming for you, a free communication, a free transportation, a free exchange with the larger universe. And you will begin to realize where energy comes from, where information comes from, where you came from, what it means to be alive, what it means to be dead, when no one dies, we’ve said that many times. It is quite true.

So, as you see these things unfold and the shocking changes coming, first let us say, “Nothing is permanent, nothing is permanent.” Many of the things that are being laid today will be changed going forward, even “Obamacare” will go through many morphings as it works its way more and more and more towards single payer. We will give you a little hint, the insurance companies will be seen to be gouging and maybe some improprieties will begin to put into question whether or not these insurance companies have your best interest in mind, whether they want to play fair in this Obamacare Heritage Fund concept that has been put out there as Obamacare. So you will see changes, you will see Congress saying, “Hey wait a minute, we brought you into this to be partners, you are not being partners, maybe bringing you in was not such a good plan.

But first, you take things in steps. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” It’s funny the elephant, is it not the Republican animal?

So, happy Fourth of July, happy Independence Day. Keep in mind that those who came before you were very intelligent people and that they knew the dangers and did their best to prepare for them, but it is you who are here now that must act as one people, one nation. Those who would fragment you to control you, you will find out who they are. You will learn their names, you will learn their intentions. Just as this woman who cast the incorrect vote, everyone knows her name, everyone knows who she is. She would like to have crawled into a crack in the floor, but she could not. Same thing with Justice Roberts, he would like to have been able to cast his vote in secret. That is not how these things are done.

You must, you are going to learn who are bringing forward these ideas, who they are that wish to influence you, whether it is in the elections, or in your food, or in your medical, or in how jobs are created and where jobs come. There’s a lot of manipulation out there that is trying to make you think that it is raining when they are really pissing on your leg. Interesting saying.

So wake up, be conscious and realize that each one of you carries that deciding vote in your reality.

It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Trigger July 14, 2012, 8:14 AM

    A perfect message at the perfect time. Thank You for another wake-up call. It is so very important that we continue in the process of awakening, with our commitment and to persevere through any challenges, as you have taught ” turning lead into gold”, “flipping” any lower energies into their higher states. We are all alchemists. Yes, we are all the Supreme Court Justices in our lives.
    The Great Light has arrived and the transformations are taking place, individually and collectively. Good things are happening. Great Things are happening. So let us all continue to “grab our oar and do our job” as you so beautifully state. Imagine if each person did this, how easy the ride would be.
    I listen to your offerings on my CDs as I cook, drive, do paperwork, for the messages are at many levels and their energies are so very powerful and healing. I have put your statement “Be Conscious When You Make Decisions” on my bathroom mirror, as a constant reminder.
    As always, Thank You.

    With Great Respect, Love and Gratitude

  • Kimberly July 23, 2012, 11:07 PM

    I’m amazed how I’m awakening and noticing people around me that are awake. I’m also noticing people that are irretrievably mislead and can no longer differentiate between the lies and the truth. How can we reach these People? They are so brainwashed , they can not see the truth when you show them?

  • mathilda August 4, 2012, 1:40 PM

    What an interesting revelation! To read what I have felt, I thought, in isolation. However, no longer that. Thank-you for the encouragement to be totally here, and conscious.

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