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Go Forward or Stagnate: It’s Your Choice


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Good morning we are here.

It is March 8th, 2012. Full moon in Virgo. Sun in Pisces.

We will talk for a moment about the idea of hidden agendas, what people will show the outside world and what they will keep hidden, and how many people in authority have been keeping certain aspects of their personality hidden or at least not making it something in the public.

You had this man, Rush Limbaugh, speaking on the radio, vile, awful things about a young woman and he kept amping it up, worse and worse and worse until on the third day or fourth day he said, “If we are going to pay for something for you, we want sex videos of you.” And everyone who was listening to him said, “what!?” All of a sudden this man showed something of his inner thinking, a level of depravity. It was one thing to be a vile conservative spokesperson, it’s another thing to be a depraved degenerate asking young women to create sex videos for your pleasure.

That was something that everyone who was even a Rush Limbaugh fan said, “what, you sick old fart, you!” and that is what is causing him a lot of trouble. And what is it? What is was, was he kept digging and digging and digging until he pulled the gunk out of his psyche and spewed it out onto the radio. There is another instance of a federal judge who we believe blogged a joke, a very degenerate, terrible joke about the President, and about his innate feelings towards the black people of this country, and all minorities. And this was a judge who showed his inner aspects of himself. Now you can apologize for these things and people can accept your apology or not, but the fact remains that somewhere in your degenerate thinking this kind of thing is funny, or this kind of thing is okay, or this kind of thing is what you are really thinking.

And ideally as this month unfolds, as this moon unfolds, more and more of the real thinking, what is really going on inside the minds of people can begin to come out.

We have been seeing a lot of this with some of the election information coming from the Santorum man, what he really thinks. Romney, what he really thinks. And this is important because for too long you have allowed yourself to accept the face that people give you, the false mask that they wear. You are okay with that, and so you let these people stay in charge of things. You let them stay judges or you let them stay influence personalities on the radio or whatever, but this information is really necessary for you to understand their true purpose, their true agenda.

And again, this is a time of information coming forward that you can make informed decisions about.

Look at Obama, he is doing his damnedest not to get into a shooting war with Iran, yet you’ve got people all around him beating the drums, beating the drums, “war, war, war.” What he knows gives him the confidence to pursue the diplomatic solutions that take time. Surely you can jump into a war right away and just start killing people and let G*d sort it out, but a true wise man takes his time, measures his steps, walks a path that is clearly for the benefit of all. But the drum beat on the right and the drumbeat, even a little on the left saying, “oh, you’ve got to do something.”

What you don’t know could fill volumes of books.

And so what do you find out about Obama, that he really, really, really wants a diplomatic solution. He is not a chicken hawk looking for a reason for a fight and that he is taking the more difficult path. Why? Because for him and what he knows, this is the one that will reap the greatest benefit, economically, socially, geopolitically, in every way. It is what he tried to do – we believe he had some great success in Libya. He did not want it to be a fighting war until it looked like there was no other way to prevent mass slaughter. Now some would say, “what is he doing in Syria?” Syria is a different issue.

When Tiananmen Square massacre occurred back in the eighties, the United States didn’t jump in and go to war with China. Why? Because that is a big mistake, and although it is a terrible thing to watch happen, that wasn’t the solution to the problem and the same can be said now of Syria. Yes, it is terrible to watch this man shelling his people and killing his people by the bushels, but they are not Libya.

Now those who have no idea of the geopolitical arena, those who think they can see Russia from their back door, so they know everything there is to know about Russia, it is easy for them to have simple solutions. But you are not in a time of simple solutions. You are in a time of very complicated, very complex solutions.

The times for simple solutions are in the past. We are not sure they were ever so simply that they did so well, look at Vietnam. Ask the Russians about Afghanistan. All of these things seem to be so simple, but you did follow these simple rules, these simple ideas. They will no longer work. You cannot unilaterally control the whole world as a country, as a culture. It is foolish to even contemplate that, and so you have more complex leaders who are able to work these larger more complicated issues out, and yet you see on the right this great desire to make idiots out of all of you, as if – if you are stupid, they can do stupid things, but you are all getting a little too sharp for them, you are waking up, like all of the women to the assault on their fertility and their bodies.

Our vehicle heard a funny joke, the Republicans think the same way about the economy as they do about women: they don’t know much about how it works but they can’t wait to get their hands on it and screw with it.

What we are saying is you are seeing the inner workings, the inner drives, if you will of people. This is what Pluto is doing; Pluto is going deep into people’s psyches and pulling the muck out to the surface, clearing the swamps so to speak so that you as an energetic being can be informed about your decisions because you are in a consensus reality and as long as you have been dumb and numbed down, others could feed you what you needed to learn, what you needed to know. But when you start to wake up, when you start to look around you, you are like a child that no longer wants to eat simple foods. You are like a child that no longer wants to be read simple stories out of simple story books. You want the newspaper. You want to know what is going on around you. And that is the kind of energies you are in, that you will come forward with more and more and more desire for knowing.

Now there is another aspect of this that you need to think about. What would you do with what you know? And this is where the idea of real forgiveness and a real understanding that you are not that different than what you vilify because it is part of the human condition. The great heights that people can go to, the soldier that went in to save his family members only to perish with them, or the Rush Limbaughs who denigrate a young girl, two aspects, two extremes, but if you can say one thing about them, they are both humans and so they are both yours.

And so, to the extent that you can feel wonderful for the heroism of this one person, have compassion, have forgiveness, have all of the qualities for the other as well. This is not a time to be sloughing off people; this is not a time to be cutting all of these off. It is kind of like being out in the water in a life raft. Yes there might be a sick person on the life raft; maybe there are others that are quite well.

This is not a time to throw the sick ones overboard, because you are all in this together.

Know that if you can get that sick person rescued with you, you have done a wonderful thing. And so be careful of the beating of the drums to go after every transgression because if you are going after these little ones now what are you going to do about the big ones that come up later. What are you going to do about the really big, big ones? We would suggest that just like being on that life raft, it’s going to be more important to think about survival than about etiquette and protocol.

The sun is very active right now. It is bombarding your planet with energies. Why? Because it is being bombarded with energies from the Galactic Center, which is causing it to froth and bubble up and to send energies to you, to the whole planet.

See yourself collecting that energy, see yourself going outside with buckets and whatever, pans, anything you can that can catch a cup, to catch this energy because it is going to nourish you, it is going to help you grow, beyond the current stagnant place you have been. Like what happens in the winter when the winter turns to spring. All of a sudden the energies start to assist you in growth. Is that a time to go back and say, “well, really, I want to go back to no growth?” For one, you don’t have that option. Tell that to the blade of grass that cracks through the concrete. The other is – it is not your nature.

Your nature is to take this energy and grow with it, all of you. So see that happening. See those who have been hiding themselves coming forward and maybe asking forgiveness, maybe not. But see if you can forgive them anyway, because forgiveness is not done for the person. Forgiveness is done for you so that you can take your mind’s energies and put it somewhere else more constructive, more uplifting.

Do you really want to spend all of your time running a campaign to crush Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, or do you want to run a campaign to bring free energies, bring cleaner food, awaken people to the dangers of a toxic planet?

It is your choice: one allows you to go forward, one stagnates you where you are.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.

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  • Deb March 10, 2012, 4:40 PM

    Loved this article. Thanks so much x

  • Mike March 13, 2012, 3:24 PM

    I have noticed a similar behavior on my part. There are many things that might have been stored so to say inside me and lately I have been feeling the need to just burst with all of them verbally. Its sometimes very shameful because maybe its a behavior we are not in tune with , its exactly what we do not want to become that is coming out. Its been such a long time that I do not manifest anger or a sudden burst of disapproval and That is exactly what i have been feeling from the last week up to today. And I really try hard to say to myself, just let it go try and see the positive sides of that which you are criticizing. But at the same time I must admit it is a tough battle with ego. Ego is such a pain in the ass. Its so hard to rewire your thinking and forget all that you learned.
    We are so bound to our five senses and that is such a big battle. Everything we do is related to them. So how then do we learn to rewire our thinking. I have always felt that the key to humanity is survival. Or at least that is what I have been taught, that the main reason for existence is just survival. And this is directly linked to our senses. seeing so that we can direct our movement and use our body to perform tasks. From this sense is also connected a sense of perceiving what we classify as beautiful or ugly. And what has created those classes? Capitalism perhaps? Our place of birth, our customs our opinions. What is real beauty, and what is real ugly? Is there really such a condition … Or is it just something bound to this dimension of duality we live in. So then is it of use to battle it. Then we have the taste, sweets, bitters, sours and so forth. Who taught us these flavors. We all know how we love to taste something sweet and how bitter repels our palate.So we will try and nourish our bodies with sweets and things to our liking. We have our hearing which orients us to subtle sounds or for some heavy rock metal. In the end its all about what a personal opinion dictates. Our skin tells us if we want cold or hot and not to mention our hearts that most of the time is communicating with us via what some might call gut feelings or hunches. These senses are all connected to our survival and how we want to survive. They determine how we move around in society and we create opinions because of them. Have we been feeding our senses the wrong information.

    And why does it feel like im suddenly swimming against such a strong current!? Time feels like its going by so fast and at the same time it feels harder!

    When I think of the division that exists within humanity I cant help but thinking agrarian lifestyle is the solution to many of our problems. If humanity focused on improving lifestyle for the collective it would be so much more pleasant. What ever happened to people growing their own food. Why do we have to allow huge companies to grow for us and get rich when we can all do that and consume much less resources. Take from the earth as a need basis. What are all these jobs in the earth that I see no contribution to humanity. Politicians that deal with world policy… The only thing I see is a bunch of people trying to control earth’s resources to their liking and enclosed in borders. I was born in earth. Why do I have to be limited to one country. Eliminate all borders! Then we have the problem of language and religion. what are we gonna do about that? That is a huge division. When a group believes in something they cannot see or touch. That is a huge battle. Cannot be won with strength or missiles or anything. That will keep going. So that is why I always faithfully follow these messages. Because A big part of me resonates with the idea and i strongly believe in the reality of beings coming to visit us. Do you know what this means!? Its a complete rewiring of our ideas. We must forget all that we know and start again. Our history books, all wrong our science books all incomplete our religious ideas obsolete. It is why I choose to believe in this. And If I can ever become an ambassador or a host for an entity and channel to the people around me I’m willing to do it. Also because In a way I seek contact. I think all of the people that read and listen to these messages, are thinking the same, we want this contact. Only when a huge event happens is when humanity truly unites itself. And hopefully it will not be a life threatening event that will force us to work together. Hopefully it will be a life lifting event and we all chose to ride this wave together.

    One of the strongest desires I have is to truly know Planet Earth. And sometimes money is not enough. But if I had it i would use it to travel all over the planet experiencing every country the climate I want to see caves of crystals, ice swim in rivers climb mountains swim with dolphins. And When I think of the idea that there exists beings out there that their job is to observe us. Man I feel jealous. What I wouldn’t give to have a job where my duties were to visit different planets and record what i learn. I might sound idealist but There is such a strong thirst in me to travel and just live life. I dont want to work for a company that gets rich from an end product that in the end will hurt the planet. I just think that we can be far more creative that to just develop items that feed our egos and separate us. Why cant we have a company that specializes in teaching people how to study roots of trees and let them all go out and interact with the earth instead of having companies creating plastics and papers.
    If you have read this far, then I hope I was able to successfully communicate my idea. After all its our choice to go forward of stagnate. And unfortunately I feel humanity needs a change because we haven’t gone forward in a while. Just repeating cycles with the same lifestyles. My best wishes to all and may we all one day meet and create better ideas for our planet.

  • Trigger March 16, 2012, 11:21 PM

    Hello to Mike and Friends!

    Yes, how wonderful it would be for all of us to meet again!
    For many years now, I have heard “A Joy Awaits That We Can’t Yet Imagine “. . . .A Joy that already exists, within the fabric of time and space , within the Universal Essence of who WE are . . .Now is the time to unleash that joy and bring the light energies to all.

    I remember as a young person being socialized to not express real emotion, to not express being too happy or too sad ( “wouldn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ and make anyone uncomfortable!” was the message)
    Those barriers are gone now.

    And yes, Mike, as you say, we can reunite with our beloved brothers and sisters of this planet and our Family of Light from the Stars, through our joy, our hearts, our consciousness, and help pave the way for an ever greater reunion here on Earth. Let us all move forward, together. There is no time left, or need, to stagnate.

    And of course, a very heartfelt Thank You to The Vehicle and The Pleiadians! You are such great and beautiful Guides.

    Grateful in Toronto

  • Michelle March 17, 2012, 2:52 AM

    It is good to connect . I am also so grateful that the wicked and degenerate spirits are having light shone on their minds.
    Yes …Thank you I just found your blog tonight.

  • Sherrie March 24, 2012, 5:14 PM

    I totally agree with Mike. I feel like I’m bursting at the seams and just want to scream WAKE UP to everyone around me but I know that everyone has their own path to follow so I keep it to myself. I also feel like time is moving much too fast – like all of a sudden it’s even hard to get normal tasks done – I am always out of time it seems. I knew this year was going to be challenging leading up the winter equinox so I expected it but can’t wait till 2013 to gets here.

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