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Stop Being Unconscious


Listen to this Pleiadian podcast below.

In this channeling: 

  • How 2012 is a very, very pivotal year and as you move more and more through this particular pivotal point, you will begin to notice that your thoughts are really affecting your world.
  • Time will begin to show its malleability.
  • The time between desire and manifestation is really beginning to collapse and your ability to manifest is stronger than you’ve ever known, and you can now really begin to consciously create the world that you wish to inhabit.
  • You are headed to a place, where individual freedom and right to exist will be honored.
  • How it will become more and more important as this year progresses for you to really intend not just for yourself, your family and community but for the larger community.
  • The dark team has put on you the false belief that the economy and the environment are at odds but that isn’t true, there are technologies that would allow you to balance man’s need for energies with the earth’s desire for abundant living.
  • These wars that are being drummed up, hear the drum beats sort of die off and people stepping back from fighting.
  • Obama is making it clear that war is not going to be the American solution to everything.
  • The military has run rough shod over your economy for too long.
  • How co-operation is going to be very important at all levels as you move through this time.
  • How you as a species, have more in common than you know and the needs of the individuals and the needs of the populace for clean water, clean air, for not destroying the bedrock of the planet, for not allowing toxins to leach into the environment, these kinds of things are in the best interest of everyone.
  • See yourself having a larger perspective and see it happening to the most dimwitted thick skulled people on your world.

Channeling podcast:

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  • Trigger January 9, 2012, 2:03 PM

    Hello Again to the Vehicle, the Pleiadians and Friends on the Pleiadian Network

    I was about to send my comments for your January 1, 2012 message, and to my delight I noticed that you had sent another channeling today. A superb message, as always. Thank You.
    Yes, what you are speaking of are not just words. When we live something, we know it to be true. It is real. The abilities of telepathy, channeling etc. are all abilities we have, and can just develop them more and more. They add to our quality of life. I have been communicating telepathically with my animals and increasingly with others while staying grounded in the responsibilities of day-to-day life. And yes, sending positive messages and healing energy to those who are the most troubled, those who may have had a very destructive impact on our own lives, is a great contribution to all. This really shifts how we live, feel and view the larger world. It brings in joy at all levels. This is part of holding the sacred space for our self and others. Many years ago when I was in a deep healing, I remember saying to myself “to forgive, is to completely live” and feeling deep compassion and care for those who had intentionally disempowered me. As a child, I would do this all the time, to the point where a disruptive family member would ask me why would I ever consider being kind to them.

    As referenced in my comments for your January 1, 2012 channeling, below is a simple practical story of one of my experiences working with Time. Perhaps friends may find it of interest.

    The concept that I can actually influence Time is something completely new to me. Your work is really helping me understand the truth and great value in this, for, as I mentioned in my comment on Dec. 21, I have begun to work with Time in new ways, out of the old paradigm of limitations.
    Here is the story: About 10 years ago, I was teaching a workshop that required considerable preparation of materials to move and set-up. Despite my best efforts to plan and organize, on the day of the workshop events unfolded that caused me to become very late. As I tried to deal with these circumstances and get myself and my materials to the workshop, I felt Time slipping away. When I realized how late I was, I started to feel stress and anxiety. I needed at least an hour to set up and another hour to move the materials plus another 30 minutes or more to get myself ready. When I looked at the clock, I had 45 minutes until the workshop started, and I hadn’t even showered, changed clothes or finished packing, not to mention driving there and setting up at the location. How, I wondered, would I be able to create an extra 2.5 hours or more in less than 45 minutes? Canceling the workshop was not an option, and I could not start late as other events were booked in the room immediately after my workshop, which was only 2 hours. I realized in a moment (I am sure with the help of my Spirit Guides) that I was creating my own barrier to Time by being stressed by the limitations of my perceptions of it. The stress/anxiety I was feeling was a very real energetic barrier to my ability to get everything done efficiently. The stress was like an additional wall that was holding me back, a wall that I could feel as a subtle pressure against my body.
    I took a deep breath, opened my mind, felt energy move through my crown chakra and my body, and viscerally, shifted into a more whole, expanded, “different” state/frequency. I could feel everything, quite literally, slowing down almost as if I was moving in slow motion but with a high speed of efficiency and flow, with no resistance at all. I said to myself there is no problem, there is no barrier, and of course I will get to the workshop on time. I gently jumped into the shower, changed my clothes and in “no Time” at all had the car loaded with my boxes of supplies, drove across town to the destination, unloaded and set-up. As the participants of the workshop started arriving, I was finishing setting up and only 10 minutes late, which worked out well since many participants were late in arriving. The Timing was perfect. I took another deep breath, shifted back to the Time of the day, and enjoyed the workshop. And all was well.

    To really experience slowing down Time in such a practical manner was such a great initiation for me. I have had many other experiences with Time in practical and other dimensional states as well. So, yes, what you speak of is true and can be experienced on so many levels. It really is our choice. And it really makes life a whole lot easier!

    I would love to hear how other friends are experiencing working with Time and any of the other areas discussed in the channelings.

    A functional question: I really enjoy listening to the podcasts. Is it possible to request the audio podcasts of the past channelings where only the written text is presented? Thank You for your consideration.

  • Lozange January 13, 2012, 6:39 PM

    This message felt like a tonic for the soul. I personally feel very hopeful for 2012, unlike the doom predicted by those who try to interpret the Mayan calendar. When I meditate too, I see sometimes a citadel in the sky like nothing we’ve ever seen and it’s beautiful and inspiring. I can’t wait for this year’s manifestations.

  • Mr. January 16, 2012, 4:00 PM


  • phillip davidson January 23, 2012, 5:39 PM

    i REALLY need to talk with a pleadain but not over the web or cell

  • phillip davidson January 23, 2012, 5:41 PM

    FIND ME. we all know you can

  • A Pleiadian January 23, 2012, 6:15 PM

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. Know that we always appreciate reading them 🙂

    @phillip, our best advice is to be still and listen or you won’t hear. Take some time with a pen and paper and let you mind wander.

    – Editor

  • Joyce October 14, 2012, 3:12 AM

    I’m coming back to listen to these earlier podcasts, from Oct. 2012,
    I love listening to them again because I’m hearing them in new ways. The concept of changing time is wonderful, and I’m consciously contemplating that now. I have experienced many time thinking I’d be late to something, then arriving exactly on time, even if late, and have stopped worrying about it as much. Maybe I was changing time then, but didn’t know it?!
    I also love the idea of envisioning the rest of the world as waking up to a larger perspective, and in other positive ways.
    I’m glad that the Pleaidians like reading these responses. Consequently, I’ll feel OK making more, as I revisit other podcasts because it’s fun, and I’m enjoying reading others responses. I didn’t do this at first, but it was suggested at some point, and is a good idea because we can learn from each other.
    I liked the advice that the Pleaidian gave to phillip also. I may try following that advice myself.

    Thank you for the fantastic and inspiring podcasts.
    My bull shit meter is working pretty well. However, we’re in the middle of the Presidential debates now in October, and it isn’t apparent that the bullshit meters of half of the US population are working yet. Those readers in the UK of BBC news seem to have their bullshit meters working judging from the comments after the vp debate. I hope that the majority of Americans wake up pretty soon. Then again, I don’t see the whole perspective of the unfolding process (as you mentioned in the last podcast) so can’t be a judge on this.

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