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The Tides of Change


Listen to this Pleiadian podcast below.

In this channeling:

  • How there is a lot of turmoil engulfing the planet, and seemingly opposing forces are coming into play, but you are in the midst of a process that is timed.
  • How Neptune moving into Pisces will start to dissolve all rigid constructs that all go back to a previous era in your history.
  • How it is easy to feel apprehensive about what is going when you see yourself in segregated groupings and these segregations are false.
  • How the water is “coming in” quite naturally to dissolves the rigid constructs.
  • How when you try to fight the tide, you get knocked around.
  • How you cannot wall up life from experiencing its freedoms.
  • See the rulebooks that have been keeping you at each other’s throats dissolving in the wave of energy.
  • How we are not here to speak untruths, we are here to help you understand the process.
  • How Mr. Eastwood’s Super Bowl commercial, where he says, “it is Half Time in America,” is a wonderful metaphor for where you are as a species.
  • How the only concern that you really have is how to let go of some of the things that have been holding you back as a species.
  • How certain technologies and modalities have been kept from you that can help.
  • How the free energy movement is coming.
  • So, be careful of the rigidity that you bring with you from the past because it’s going to dissolve, going to need to dissolve, for you to see beyond the scarcity that has been gripping you for so long.

Channeling podcast:

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  • Trigger February 9, 2012, 4:14 AM

    Hello Again to the Vehicle, the Pleiadians and Friends on the Pleiadian Network

    How lovely to have come across your channeling early this morning! Thank You. It is such a beautifully expressed integration of your messages.

    Yes, the understanding of a process may create a calm, efficient and therefore enjoyable and fulfilling experience, which may lead to a sense of accomplishment for one self and the greater good. This process of accomplishment cultivates inner confidence and a connection with our own power, for we have the opportunity to become conscious that we are full participants, co-creators, in this process. As you discuss, the awareness of the process helps to remove/dissolve the barriers of uncertainty and fear, leading to a more free, whole and positive experience.

    Your example of cooking illustrates this so beautifully. When I cook medicinally for clients, I first tune-in to the energies of the clients and their health conditions. Then I visualize all that I will do and cook. I then write every step out on paper to maintain my focus and to free my mind from details so that I can cook the food in a flow of energy that is guided by intuition with skill and knowledge. When I prepare for, and understand, the process, the actual cooking part becomes effortless and fun and suddenly so much is accomplished in such little time. At the end of the process, I feel good about seeing the great accomplishment I achieved, how it is helping others and how it was much easier than I had anticipated.

    I continue to experience much of what you are discussing and it is great! I had a really enlightening experience last week with a lawyer who justified his dishonesty by literally saying he was “old school”. With very few words exchanged between us, it was clear to him that he couldn’t sustain his lies. It was like he was standing in this tide of energy you discuss, and as he tried to challenge the facts/the truth, one could see, and feel, his “ hard-core patriarchal stance” shaking and draining, being swept away. And I didn’t have to do much other than politely call him to account, to gently remind him of the truth! It was so easy, and took very little time – so much easier than my concerns. Wow, life really continues to become easier.

    So, a Big Thank You again, for teaching us about this tide of energy and for helping us understand this natural bigger process of our time! – And for helping us create a new way of thinking, being and living.

    Grateful in Toronto

  • Char February 13, 2012, 2:58 AM

    I love your analogies! They really paint a picture for me while listening. And I always resonate with what you say.



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