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Ground Hog’s Day Channeling


Listen to this Pleiadian podcast below.

In this channeling:

  • How the movie, “Ground Hog’s Day” relives a day over and over, till its right, not that it is a perfect day, but the most lived day. That is a theme to think about going forward.
  • How the idea that you can hide things about yourself is very 3D and how the veil keeping you from knowing more is lifting and going forward you cannot hide information.
  • How you are not here to be an extremist, but to have moderation in all things.
  • How you will be able to tell when you are being hoodwinked.
  • How social medias are showing you what is possible in the electronic world in terms of relating, sharing information and finding like minded groupings, and if it is possible in the electronic world, the intuitive, psychic world has it in spades.
  • How all sides have little pieces of what is needed to come into balance and how the biggest piece, the one kept from you, is your own inner knowing.
  • As you move further into 2012, see yourself like the Bill Murray character learning and adjusting, learning that falsely showing affection does not work. Only when it truly comes from the heart does it work.
  • How the last day in the movie is a selfless day, the day he breaks out of that cycle.

Channeling podcast:

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  • Thomas February 6, 2012, 8:51 AM

    This is one of those talks that actually spoke to me. Thanks.

  • Iris February 6, 2012, 11:24 AM

    Always a pleasure to find a new channeling on this site. Transparency (whether wanted or not) certainly is playing out in the news headlines. Here’s looking at you, Komen. We all seem to be pulled towards exposure of our true selves. A very good thing, imo. It certainly will free up a lot of energy to use towards change rather than using it to hide. You’ve inspired me to look even more closely at how I act and how I think. Lately, I find it’s best for me to follow my impulses without dissecting them into oblivion. I’ll let you know how that works out!
    Thanks for your service.

  • PSLopez October 29, 2012, 11:17 AM

    A very good sharing I had to hear it out a couple of times. At first I did not bother because of the ‘silly’ title. It helped me to consider my own extremism in favor of a middle balance. Then view points are seen in relative comparison. I try to be natural.

    Anyone for real can feel free to contact me. Many folks around me in my actual life offline are turned off to this kind of Information and Knowledge. There is a kind of prejudice against Pleiadians I endure.

    Namaste! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
    Email peta.aztlan[at]gmail.com c/s

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