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Add Your Weight to Groupings of Like-Minded People and Magnify Your Capabilities


Good afternoon, we are here, give us a moment. It is August 21, 2013, Full Moon in Aquarius. Let us begin.

The summer moons are a time of great agitation. What we mean by that is the heat and the intensities that build up during this time period, part of the cycle of the earth going around the sun, heats things up and causes a lot of agitation just as if you were to heat up a pot of water, it would start to agitate. And it also softens things up, it also allows for movement, and so it is a good time for things to be cleared away. It’s a good clearing time. And so you are seeing that on the planet, you are seeing certain movement and certain clearings and such, and some of it seems very, very dark in the sense of what is going on in Egypt or what is going on Syria and in some other places where there seems to be all of this agitation that is leading to a lot of conflict. And that is one way that agitation brings about certain outcomes.

But ideally it is a time when things are getting done that will have value moving into the rest of the year and into the rest of your lives, so it is a good time to get things done, whatever they are. And we know that many of you feel isolated, many who might be listening to us, feel isolated and wondering if others of your interests are out there and what they are doing. And what we would suggest at this time is, all of the things that we have said up until now, prioritize and let go, make sure the things that you are working on have value, all of those sorts of things, but also now, see if you can pop your head up a little bit and look around you and see if you can find others of like mind. Now it’s not critical that you really jump into a grouping or something that is not what we’re saying, but see who else around you has similar interests, similar experiences and similar ideas about what is going on. Because ideally you will begin to start to collect as groupings among like-minded people so that you can add your weight to theirs as well.

And the reason that that is important is because in groupings you magnify your capabilities and so it is a good time to start thinking in terms of, “Who am I associating with? Am I associating with anyone? And if I’m not, is there anyone I would like to associate with?” And see if, just send it out, we don’t want everyone to just all of a suddenly go “lonely hearts club” or something or join groupings or become, whatever. We are more interested in having you create that magnetic pull that says, “I’m available to work with those who are of similar interests and similar energies. And just put it out there because what you will discover is that you begin to synchronistically discover these people, discover these groupings, discover these, whatever. And so put it out there that you are available for like-minded people who have similar interests and can help you and you can help them, put that out there, and then just leave it as a broadcast, leave it as a calling card and see what happens.

Because you are moving into a time when groupings will attempt, small groupings will attempt to move the masses, and it will be important for the masses to counter that by coming together. And the reason these small groupings believe they can push the masses around is because they don’t see the masses as being in a grouping, they see them as just individuals all looking out for themselves. And so they think they can hoodwink you, they think they can bamboozle you, but they will discover as more and more and more like-minded people come together that they are, the like-minded people, the ones who are being bamboozled, will discover their great power and those small groupings will discover their lack of power or they will have to admit to their lack of power.

You see when someone can do something in secret, then no one else can challenge that secret, but when you come out, when you stand in front of a grouping of people and you are no longer able to hide behind whatever it is you are hiding behind then, it will be helpful to have a grouping that can now hold that individual, hold that small grouping to account for itself, whether it is governments or whether it is regulatory groupings or small companies or people in the small companies, the power structures within the companies. Sometimes the companies are not really behind the work of the few that are doing something, that are collected at the top.

And that is a theme we would like to see you contemplate, that you are part of a larger grouping that has been disbursed and purposefully dispersed, purposefully knocked around and knocked into and cast here and there, but just as magnetic particles – you might throw a bunch of tacks on the ground and it looks like there’s not a problem there, well if you and grab a magnet you can collect up those tacks very easily. And so there are ideas, there are causes, there are things like this that will be the magnetic pull, that will pull these individuals in and create a lot of weight – a lot of weight. And so it will be interesting to see how that counterbalances the small groupings that are doing things behind the scenes in an attempt to not be seen.

First they will be discovered and then they will discover just how much the masses don’t like what they are doing. And that kind of a judo flip is what is in store over the next coming moons. There will be this flip of certain small structures as the mass peoples, the mass groupings discover what is being done and then show their displeasure, show their concern, whether it is something like fracking, or what is going on with the voting, or dumping toxins on the side of the Detroit Rivers, whatever. These kinds of acts will not go unnoticed and the power of those who notice will be found and utilized.

So hearten yourself with the idea that there are people of like mind, like you out there, and there are people who are finding the interests that you find interesting, also interesting, and they are looking for a way to collect – well not necessarily all, everyone just coming up into, like they’re doing in some of these countries with the grouping getting to gather in squares and such. That is one way you can collect but there are other ways, the internet, the computers, they allow for these other ways as well. It is not coincidence that these technologies are available at this time to bring together large groupings very quickly. That is why many governments want to control it so much because they think – they know how quickly something like the Internet can pull together mass weight.

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • DavidBry August 24, 2013, 4:40 AM

    Good Morning All,

    Its seems I will not be going off line after all. At this moment anyways;`).

    Thank you cousin for your services, once again, giving us the focus we need to move our growth along. There are many unscrupulous acts being committed that value money/economy/power!!! With disregard for all life. They rationalize with so called safety measures that somehow make there mission justified yet with hindsight we all can clearly see through our history when we play with fire we WILL GET BURNED. So if you are not part of the problem, then you NEED to BECOME part of the solution. Clearly, even if you are not in the drivers seat of the small groupings running the show, you are still supporting their mission if you do nothing. Especially if you value money in the same way they do and equate money with power:`(.

    The TAR SANDS pipe line being more than proposed to be constructed through our precious north east wilderness and communities is absolute MADNESS. It makes no sense to invest our money and time and space on such a MONUMENTAL TOXIC MESS. We know what’s going to happen, expecting more pollution, never mind carving a huge wide swath of destruction through the wilderness, affecting countless life forms and their habitats,… DESTRUCTION on SO MANY LEVELS!!!! They need to STOP!!!

    We can invest ourselves in safe/JUST ways to generate needed energy and therefor we need to invest our individual energy, each of us, and COLLECTIVLY, to see this sort of childish and selfish behavior finally comes to an end.


  • Timothy Peter Flaherty Jr. August 24, 2013, 1:44 PM

    I absolutely love when that calling card says, “I’m available to work with those who are of similar interests and energies” and I noticed the secret is just to best! 🙂


  • Peter S. López August 24, 2013, 11:44 PM

    Greetings! Interesting sharing above. Yes, I think we are at the stage now in our collective evolution as a species where we need to see ourselves in an historical context. See that each of us are an actual product of history and related historical circumstances. There is the mass and the individual being.

    We need to work on our own personal Spiritual Liberation as we advocate for Global Liberation on a planetary scale.

    Namaste! @Peta_de_Aztlan

  • DavidBry August 25, 2013, 3:41 PM

    Good Afternoon,

    History is simply that and nothing else. We learn through history, The wise can see the future, especially if the past is clear to see as well;`).

    What is spiritual liberation if not for the connection with all life. The self dose not exist;`). There is only the WHOLE. There is no personal, there is only the WHOLE.

    Personal bubbles are bursting everywhere. It’s not about the self. It’s only about the people you have the opportunity to serve. That is spiritual liberation….;`).


  • Joyce September 24, 2013, 9:21 PM

    I am looking forward to the next reading??? : )
    Om Shanti

  • JEAN September 25, 2013, 12:56 PM

    Is our channeler OK? Waiting to hear more of the P’s wisdom.

    Love and Light

  • Thomas October 4, 2013, 11:37 AM

    Thank you again – the coolest site on the www

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