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New Moon in Leo: Lighten Up and Move with the Flow


Good morning we are here, give us a moment. It is August 6, 2013, New Moon in Leo. Let us begin.

You are moving through the summer moons and you are now finding yourself getting closer to certain astrological and yearly cycles that have to do with, we will say violence, there is a history of violence in this period that you are moving into, and some might think that it has to do with the heat, sometimes there are problems in cities and such where there is intense heat, sometimes it has to do with other aspects of feelings, things that are affecting feelings. And of course religions, religions have some of their periods now where they demand certain things and it brings up certain feelings. We mentioned all of this because these are – the next three moons – two or three moons are going to have some heavy aspects to them.

What we mean by that is they are going to feel like they have a lot of weight, really weight to them, and if you are in a place where you feel that weight, in other words you can identify with what we are talking about because you feel this weight, we would suggest doing what our vehicle did just yesterday, identifying the weight and seeing if you cannot off load some of it. Change certain plans or scuttle even certain plans that seem to be adding a lot of weight to the environment, to the emotional environment, we are talking about, but also to the physical environment. Sometimes you have things that are just around you that are weighting you down. It is a good time to sort of start cutting, we have been saying that, “Prioritize and let go.”

Well this is more of the same. Prioritize and let go of the things that are grabbing you emotionally and weighing you down because it is a time of attempting to create more buoyancy, more lightness in your world, all of you whoever are listening to us you each have point of view that you are in some kind of environment and it is either pulling you down or you are lightening up and you are bobbing to the surface. Ideally we would like to see those who are of the mind to lightening up and bobbing to the surface and you can do it, you can do it with simple things, simple, simply removing things just like a balloon or like someone who has been weighed down in the water. You have to get rid of some things to create lightness, to create buoyancy, cut sand bags off of the balloon and these sorts of things.

See yourself doing some of that, some of it is getting rid of things that have been prolonged and you have not accomplished, that’s one thing, another is not even bothering to accomplish it just letting it go, is another. As you find yourself looking for new things to do or are looking for the things that you are wanting to focus on or that you would be beneficial to focus on, seek out those things that lighten you and you will find yourself moving into this time with much more ease. Because it is a time that can really weigh you down and actually crush you if you are not aware that you have some ability to maneuver and control in this environment.

Now, this may sound very simplistic and it is for some, it will not be so simplistic for all, some have got such strong weights on them that they cannot even imagine how to cut them free, and so we would suggest if you have that kind of thing, work on the periphery of it, work on the little parts around it if you can and you will find that like an iceberg you will crack enough around it that this big chunk of something will fall off, will just fall off like ice falling off a roof-top or something.

The world is going through a phase of a change and that changing is happening not just in your neighborhood but is happening globally in many places. And what we mean by that is, no matter where you are you will feel it, you will know it and the change is different for some, but overall it is this idea of lightening up to create buoyancy to be able to bob above the surface and move with the flow. These sound like metaphors and they are also very real.

You are energetic beings and you have been piled on with crap, technology, toxins, pollutions, all kinds of crap have been piled on you and you really need to start shaking this stuff off, really need to start shaking it off. If you find yourself really caught up in technology question that, technology to a certain degree is a trap meant to get you to miss what’s going on here.

So see how much that you can remove from your world without becoming non-functional.

Lighten up. Lighten up.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Kelli August 8, 2013, 12:27 AM

    I hope I can cut the weight I feel exactly what your talking about !!!!!!

  • Johann Fenwick August 8, 2013, 1:23 AM

    Thanks, I agree 100%, but the thing that causes a lot of weight and is hampering lightness is money?

    Light blessings,


  • Timothy Peter Flaherty Jr. August 10, 2013, 11:46 PM

    Greetings fellow enlightened beings, I wish that one would post more information specifically on channeling into a strong telepathic state in which I can converse with a pleiadian directly in a subconscious dream state is there any information on this I’d like to know if so thank you.


  • DavidBry August 12, 2013, 5:23 AM

    Good Morning All,

    Very Nice Message:-)!

    ‘Lightening Up’ is extremely articulate:-). Yes:-),…some of us have been lightening up for quite some time, simplifying, focusing on need and function. Realizing that MONEY AND TECHNOLOGY are a TRAP if overindulged. For now, money is necessary but the amount needed is up to you. You can CHOOSE to simplify your life and there by you will start to change your perspective of work….. and then you will begin to balance with life accordingly as you learn to be self-sustaining and you will find yourself working more at home simplifying and returning to yourself and your neighbor, and the planet as a WHOLE.
    Now we are taking a major step. I will b returning to the woods soon. Being a Sagittarian, I haven’t been formally planning this venture, even though I have envisioned it for quite some time now, I’m not really surprised to see my presence unfold in this manner. As it happens I naturally plan in the moment to achieve optimal results, GOING WITH THE FLOW, OUR TRUE FLOW. The moment in this time frame may approximate a month prior to and after. You will find with time your need for money and spending time earning it is contingent on function not excessive want. It is time to STOP BEING WASTEFUL AT OUR PRECSIOUSE PLANETS EXPENSE!!!!!!!! WE ARE the planet along with all life on this world….. GET IT!!!!!

    I will b leaving a few more messages as I let go of my connection with the internet. I’ve found that the information I receive thru meditation and raised awareness is quite sufficient and no longer NEED the technology in my home. Quite refreshing ;-)!!!!


  • Timothy Peter Flaherty Jr. August 13, 2013, 1:23 PM

    So a Sagittarian huh? I’ve been waiting a long time to find to tell on the matter that something tells me to tell you that I’m an “Indigo Child” I’ve gained knowledge of this in 2010 and have been patiently waiting to find someone to tell this to who can relate in any way. Returning to the woods sounds very appealing I’ve always had thoughts as living as a mountain man going back to our real home is essential I feel, please fill this site with as much crital information on this site before you cut your connection with the interet and leave to return to our real home.


  • DavidBry August 15, 2013, 10:42 AM

    Hello All,

    I’m encouraged by your message Timothy. I’m very close:-).

    There are many messages that I have left for all to be drawn to in good time as each person goes with their flow, a flow that involves all life. The more healthy the flow the easier it is to tap into the collective consciousness. All my knowledge comes through meditation, imagination, being open to the possibilities. You are such a being. If you ask a question you already have the answer:-).
    You have the ability and especially in this special return of the Aquarian Age, to connect with the myriad of divine beings, eager and active in your life right NOW. Your hunger for knowledge is shared by many, a special 1/3 of our species known as lightworkers endowed with special abilities. Indigo children are the heralds of the New Age, coming out of the darkness and into the light. Humans possess the same abilities yet have yet to realize.

    They are being activated as well and their spiritual essence is the same as ours yet their origin is from this planet and we chose a very long time ago to join with our cousins here on this planet known as Gaia, and make her our home by joining her life-force.

    That’s a bit much Timothy:-). Slow steps. Pay attention to the signs. Trust yourself. Doubt hinders.

    If you want to see me, we can arrange it. I’m here to guide those in need. Your psychic abilities are strong to already know I am close. Otherwise, the world is the limit. I’m minutes away.


  • DavidBry August 15, 2013, 3:09 PM

    Earth is very special:-). She sustains us and gives us the opportunity to be a part of her life. She is very annoyed yet supportive all the way because that is what she does. Very Special Indeed;-). That is why we are here. Support. Each Other. All life


  • DavidBry August 15, 2013, 3:16 PM

    Hey Timothy, there is room for one more;-). Maybe that’s why you were drawn to this site;-).! Otherwise, read a few messages back about light-workers being drawn to each other in a big way. Lots of FUN for all;-).

  • Kelli August 16, 2013, 1:23 AM

    I’ve had this strong (ripping out of my body) type of urgency feeling. I need to meditate! I will find something deep within. A desire i cant explaine. I need to be somewhere. theres a grip holding me! And everyone turns and walks like zombies!

  • Joyce August 16, 2013, 4:50 PM

    Hello all,
    This message has resonated with me a bit. About a week ago, I cut my finger with a knife, then practically smashed another finger in my car door (luckily only a temporary bruise, and a couple of days ago, I fell backwards down a hill into a blackberry patch….like brer rabbit. Thank goodness, I only broke two eggs that were in my backpack and was able to save them and eat them today. I’ve got quite a lot of scratches now on legs, arms, and the hand which I used to grab a blackberry branch in order to stop my fall…(and which didn’t work.). At least it isn’t that bad, all in all….especially when I look at what is going on in some places in the world news.

    Davidbri, I’d love to meet you some day too, but currently I live in Seattle. I may visit the East Coast some day as I have relatives back there, but don’t know if, and when….??
    I may move at some point, but the time is not yet for that. I am moved to spend more time outside, having gratitude for this beautiful world, and also sun gazing a bit.
    At any rate, I’m continuing the process of downsizing which is getting easier, but still a challenge. I do like having technology, and won’t stop using it yet. I am receiving guidance through meditation too, but still use my computer and iphone a lot. I’ve heard that we’re going into the 5th dimension by close to 2015. It will be interesting to see how things evolve.
    I’ll be taking hospice training soon, and am continuing on a path to play music as an aid to healing and dying.
    Cheers……Om…… : )

  • Timothy Peter Flaherty Jr. August 16, 2013, 8:46 PM

    I would love to make arrangements to see you, your minutes away that’s excellent 🙂 When you reference Gaia it sounds familiar, I have read from the Kolbrin Bible, avidly taking notes and it goes on to say that the purpose of life is called “Gwenkelva” and that it was said to imagine the entity as being a female and being gods mate, this all was referenced in the Kolbrin Bible along with mentioning of the kingdom of the three spheres, and the mentioning that; The 11 have said that on the 1st level of the 4th density it was agreed to by the power of our thoughts create a lower vibrational of density “we were very successful”. In 4th density as this idea was given power, 3 huge pockets were created and, as soon as those pockets of energy could not hold any more light and all that we wanted to create was manifested, then these pockets of matter exploded into a void of space and time. This process that we used to create the last level of the 11th density. All this was mentioned in the Kolbrin Bible and I have found it to be very enlightening, when can I see you I am very excited at the ideation.

    With love.

  • DavidBry August 19, 2013, 8:33 AM

    Good Morning All,

    Josse (Joyce), Thank you so much.;~)!!! I would LOVE to meet you as well. Still, we all have our daily work/tasks etc. that we must attend to:-). I am so pleased to know of your involvement with Hospice Care. An area of Nursing that has called to me for some time. Although my present position avails me a broader spectrum of needs for service……. and hospice is one of them:-). I’m so blessed to be able to serve others this way. And So Are YOU!!

    Funny you mentioned playing music. Just restrung and tuned my Acoustic, time to pick up where I left off. Need to sing. Love to sing!

    Bless you sister:-)


  • Joyce August 22, 2013, 2:00 PM

    Hello all, and to Davidbri….. thanks for your response. I’ll hope to see you sometime, when/if we’re destined to meet physically…..and if 5 D reality unfolds (whatever that actually means?), who knows what will be possible. Hopefully, this Pleaidian Network will continue because it’s fun to listen to and I do get helpful hints about the state of things and it allows for conversations such as these.
    I went through a program called MHTP (Music Healing and Transition Program). I played a small piano on wheels in a hospital for many different patients and now have a Certificate (CMP…Certified Music Practitioner)..I’m cleaning houses for a living, but going through the hospice training may lead to playing music by the bedside for part time work, but will be good experience for just helping and becoming a better listener in general. Who knows where it all might lead?
    I’m taking beginning harp lessons too, and maybe will add voice at some point..plus other possibilities.
    I also have other interests that I’m becoming aware of too, so ??
    May will all be aligned with the source and be who we can be at our highest potential. : ) Ommm…….

  • DavidBry August 23, 2013, 10:03 AM

    Good Morning,

    It Has been a few years being connected on this website;~). I’m thankful for our Pleiadian Cousins for inspiring this special forum that enables fellow and aspiring Light-Workers to share, learn and grow with each other. There are many who follow along yet do not chime in. Be confident. Your questions are valid and worthy of response.
    Josse!! You are indeed special. Sound/Music Therapy is Wholesome and Holistic;~). The Harp is a special instrument, affecting the whole body, like the organ and choir music. Very nice!


  • vanetta wallick August 23, 2013, 11:17 PM

    tyvm for your insites-I would love to meet people of like mind 🙂

  • DavidBry October 3, 2013, 8:56 AM

    Good Morning All,…

    Our Galaxy Is Our Home, and it’s come time for some housekeeping.

    A mere 500 years ago Galileo spawned great controversy related to the nature of our universe and planet. Known as the ‘Father Of”…..modern observational astronomy,… physics,…science,..and most importantly ‘Modern Science.’

    The need for evidence of reality through physical observation drove the method and accepted understanding, unless it rattled the Romans…, then Our hero is placed under house arrest for years until his death.

    Though his methods were grounded in the lower first thru third dimensions, his OPENNESS to the POSSIBILITIES literally opened doors to a greater understanding of our surroundings, and is his greatest strength after all. Why do we refer to Galileo and his story. Because the same dynamic exsist today and hinders all to many. You know, the 1% vs. the 99% of his time and ours, one and the same. Especially reflected in America’s Republican Tea party and their extreme and carefully planned ploys to maintain control of the masses through fear by shutting the government down. They knew the effects would be far reaching and hope they will put an end not just to Obama Care but to Obama himself. Watch, they will pin the blame through there control of media messages of the NEW RECESSION on him of coarse in the end, as they always do on whatever president reside, but especially Obama. Of coarse if you thought ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ and like uprisings around the world may have been ineffective, the trend still ensues and the NEXT UPRISING in America will be on a much larger scale. Be strong and never stoop to their methods.

    SO,…’Learning to ride the Energies’ ….is HOW we realize how small our GALAXY is, while our expanding awareness of our universe reveals the common principles of energy that unite the universe through consciousness. Concepts that are still contrary to accepted beliefs today, that creates a cynical and skewed prespective despite all the information being right in front of us, just like the people of Galileos time.

    Like Galileo, we are furthering our knowledge of the true nature of our universe and it’s multidimensional nature, meaning simply as we expand our awareness and expanding our prespective, the BIG picture comes into focus,…like Galileos improved version of the telescope gave him.

    Let go of all DOUBT about yourself and IMAGINE the POSSIBILITIES and break the bonds of conventional thinking. When you realize your abilities you will soon be traveling where ever and whenever in the universe, and your thinking about our small planet and solar system will expand to the next level, being our home galaxy.

    Until then, please realize the same energy principle applies to “Adding Your Weight to Like Minded People”, for our progression into the New Age and the developement of New Earth relies on each individual doing there part. Each of you, make a difference and can make a differrence through the power of love/light,…the strongest force in the entire universe via thoughts, feelings or actions. It’s the snow ball effect;`). And much more, and will aid you in remembering how we really operate. LOVE of ALL life NURTURES and ENABLES you to truly UNITE with the greater whole.


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