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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Prioritize and Let Go


Good afternoon we are here give us a moment.

It is Friday the 24th of May 2013, Full Moon in Sagittarius with a lunar eclipse, the third triad point of the eclipses of the last few weeks. Let us begin.

First, we will start by saying it is a very, very, very intense full moon that you are under, the alignments with the proximity to the sun and the proximity of the axial alignment or equatorial alignment with the sun which causes a lunar eclipse. All of these things are really lining up the energies, and we would say they are here to do two things: one, to guide you in the proper directions that you all should be going. Now, when you are in a boat and the wind is blowing a certain way, it is easier with the wind at your back, the wind is giving you a gift of energy to move you, and you can decide to go against the wind, but you will not make the kind of headway that you would if you can put the wind at your back.

And here we are outside; you can hear the wind blowing even now. As it is – the wind at your back. Now what this can also do is, if you were going in the incorrect or against the energies direction, then you would feel the pressure to change course, to change direction. And there are many things going on in the world at this time that have to do with prioritizing and letting go, two very important things that need to happen in everyone’s lives – prioritize and let go. And the wind is here to assist you or to influence you. If you decide to spit in the wind, then the wind will alert you to that decision not being such a good one, but if you are going to open your sails and let the wind be at your back, then you will feel the energies move you with great force and with great swiftness.

And in one of the places you can see this occurring is in government, is in the American government.

You have all of these things that seem to be popping out, and all of these currents moving, but really what you are seeing is a cleaning house, an allowing of the sun and the wind to come through and clear out the crap. And let us ask you this, “If you’re looking at Obama, are things coming out about him all that terrible, other things that the administrations or the liberal power people coming out with, are they really all that terrible?” The answer is no, not when you consider the kinds of the things that have been done by other groupings, particularly the last one.

How can you equate the improprieties that have been put on these Tea Partiers with the IRS to getting into a war that you don’t even have to get into, to lying to people – boldface lying and knowing you are lying – to allow yourselves to get into a war? How can you equate the two? Here you have things coming up and you find that quickly those in charge make changes, bring the people who are responsible forward, discipline them when necessary. Was that kind of thing done in the past, not really, now when you look at Scooter Libby and things of this sort, how the last grouping wanted to give everybody immunity and pardons. Why do you pardon people? Because they had done wrongs that you don’t think are too bad, that they are things that someone traditionally would you would go to jail for.

So be alert to the weight of some of the things that are coming up, being cleaned out of the closet because you will discover that they are really rather light weight things because the really heavy lifting has already been done. The really heavy lifting has already been done. So those of you who have had to clean something really, really intense like this a basement or something that has been left for a long time, this is more like the final sweeping out after the basement has been cleared, after the mold has been found. Now you can move through this part of it very easily because the heavy lifting has been done.

So prioritize and let go. That is important, it is important for all of you from the smallest things you do to the biggest things you do. Because you are at a place where your vibration is going to be speeding up and things are going to start coming at you faster and faster, and so it is a really a good time to be ready for it. If you were a baseball player this would be the time to be swinging the bat and getting the wiggles out and stuff because you are about to get in front of the pitchers coming at you from a very, very, very fast pace. So ideally you are in a place where you are preparing for that. And that is what the energies are all about, cleaning house, discarding what is not needed, amping up for the energies that are coming fast, very fast.

And while we’re on the subject, as you find yourself learning things, really take the time to run it past your feeling centers because we know that many of you, when you take the time to listen to the news or listen to the newspapers or the stories that are popping up on the Internet, if you take the time to run them past your feeling centers you will be very, very, very capable of discarding the unimportant because it will just have nothing for you. It will not affect your world, it will not affect what is on around you. And then you will know what is important because you will feel the effects of it much stronger, and we don’t want to make light of the Oklahoma tornado but that is exactly what we are talking about, that kind of energy moving through the planet to clear things away, to set your priorities.

Ideally it doesn’t have to come in that fashion, but maybe you are so stuck that that’s what you need. Again we don’t mean to make light of this, but these kinds of things this kinds of disregard for the force of nature comes at a great peril. But if you can learn to ride the energies, if you can learn to put this wind at your back, then you will find yourselves moving forward with great speed and force.
Prioritize and let go.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.

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  • Timary May 24, 2013, 3:45 PM

    Many thanks to the Ps and to the Vehicle! I look forward to these messages.

  • gary mckenzie May 24, 2013, 7:12 PM

    There’s a strong Wind a-blowin & I for one would like to keep it at my back. And what better way to stay the course than to prioritize and – Let Go…

  • Charlene jaramillo May 25, 2013, 9:28 AM

    Thank you… I resonate to your messages and look forward to hearing from you.

  • Joyce June 11, 2013, 12:45 PM

    I did feel like the wind was at my back during the last month, and I was able to prioritize and let go of a lot of things.
    Thanks for your thoughts.
    I look forward to the next posting.

  • zaza July 15, 2013, 5:26 PM

    I enjoy reading the articles. Thank you.

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