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You All Are Really Part of the Problem


Good morning, we are here give us a moment. It is Monday, February the 25th; it is a full moon in Virgo. Let us begin.

Well, here you are already ending the second month, it was a very quick month, but it is still… you are finding yourself moving through time very quickly. For those of you who are marking time, you will discover that there seems to be a lot getting accomplished in short order. What we mean by that is there are things that you have been putting off that seem to be either falling away or getting done. And that is the time you are in, where you will either get to something that you have been putting off or let it fall away. And so, as you dig more and more and more into your own personal lives, you will find other things that you have been putting off, things that you haven’t touched in a long time, things that you have forgotten, and you are putting your house in order. Understand?

And that is an important thing to do in the springtime as well, you are moving out of the winter moons and into the spring moons. It is important to do that in general, but this particular one has a bigger, larger sense of urgency to it, sense of accomplishment, desire for accomplishments. There is this strong desire for accomplishments at this time, and you want to be able to not just get things off your plate, you want to get them off your plate in a way that you can really say, “Feather in your cap, done, move on.”

And this kind of energies is very, very much part of the moon cycle that you are in right now, where you are knit- picking to detail – you are really getting down to the details of things. In other words, maybe you’ve got that box full of things and you just keep throwing things into it. Now you must actually open that box and begin to really go through it. Are you going to keep that old pen set, are you going to keep that stuffed animal, or are you going to discard it or give it away? Because that is really the crux of what is going on here, is that many of you have been putting off important things, and whether it is the government putting off how they are going to deal with their finances, or whether or not it is individuals putting off how they are going to pay their bills or move forward in acquiring some of the things that they need or desire, and then down to the individual – whether or not he needs to work on his diet or work on his exercise or even down to getting a haircut or things like that and how you are going to have your hair styled, and things.

Everywhere across the board from the biggest to the littlest is going through this process of getting around to things that you’ve been putting off. And so see that as an important piece of moving on in this time period because if you don’t then you will not have the house in order in order to move forward.

And we’ve said the word house twice because a lot of what’s going on is happening in your Congress, in the House of Representatives. That is really one of the places where this kind of housekeeping, clearing the deck kinds of thing needs to occur. It is where your elected officials are. Because there are elected officials who have decided not to work with their colleagues and that was never meant to be the purpose of the House, to create this place of fighting and such, where no one is cooperating. It was meant to be a place where people came together and cooperated, and saw and listened and learned from each other, and began to see that this is a big country, and you are all trying to work out how to be one people. It is not easy to be one people when you have such polar opposites. How do you come together? Well one of the biggest words out there is compromise and it seems to be a bad word to one grouping.

And you must see your neighbor’s views as having value, and we say this to the left looking at the right and the right looking at the left. If you do not see the value in your polar opposite then you are missing something really big here now, because that is where you are. You are at this place where these polar opposites have pulled you so far that you are teetering, you are teetering. And you must bring these things back into the center, whether it is male and female, whether it is right versus left, whether it is one type of economic thinking to another kind of economic thinking, whether it is how you think about monies in general, how you think about wealth in general.

If there is not this desire to balance things then those people who are not in balance will fall off. You are…it’s like being in a carnival ride where people who cannot keep their balance don’t stay on the bucking bronco. And so you are in this place, you will see opportunities to face your polar opposites, bring them together and make some lasting decisions about how you are going to bring them into balance.

And the Republican Party is really in trouble because they have let one particular faction drag their entire weight so far to the right that it seems like there is no place to go, and yet they keep finding more places to go, and they are becoming less and less and less significant and more and more and more threatening. And we use the word threatening because that is what they do, they threaten the stability of the rest of the economy and the rest of the people of the country, and then through that, the rest of the world. And so it’s real important not just in this country but in all countries that you really begin to see the need to find that balance, whether it is male-female balances, economic balances, political balances, ideological balances – whatever it is.

Now if you find yourself polarizing, it’s time to really think about what the other side has to offer. In other words, one of the things about polarizing is you really begin to think that you are the right, you are the correct and the other is incorrect. You’re the better, they’re the worst, and when you start thinking the worst about anything, your ability to compromise and move towards the center is severely, severely limited.

And so you cannot look at women and say they’re just not as valuable as men, you cannot look at Republicans and say they are not as valuable as Democrats, and you cannot look at Democrats and say they are not as valuable as Republican, you cannot look at a grouping and say you are not as valuable, you are not as important. Now, this is a theme we have brought up many times but you are right now in that place where it is going to get easier to bring balance. Why, because you are going to begin to feel the pain of imbalance. You are going to begin to really feel the tensions that come from living out of balance.

Now we told you before the end of the year that the fiscal cliff could not be avoided, and yet it seemed that it was avoided, but was it? No, it was just put off and now you are here facing this fiscal cliff again, without the taxes, but it is still the fiscal cliff for all of the economy, whether it is military, non-military, whatever. And it is going to force you to really begin to prioritize what is important to you. Is it important to you to have wars in all these places around the world, is it important to you to have roads that are collapsing, bridges that are collapsing, populations that cannot sustain themselves. What is going to be important to you?

And there is going to be a very strong pressure to find solutions that have nothing to do with money. Let’s say that again, money, the idea of cash, real money being the hindrance to things – is one of the hindrances to things. Money is a creation; money is brought in to allow you to have wealth moved around easily, well, maybe that’s a problem. Maybe wealth has moved around too easily. Maybe it is time to really know what value is, what things really have value, Because you will begin to feel it, the pressure will build, and don’t be blaming other people. Every one of you have something to do with this – everyone. And so you all are going to be part of the solution, because you all are really part of the problem.

If you can solve this one, and you can, you will be heading towards a much more balanced existence. And so we watch, we watch to see how this will unfold. We know that like all births there will be some pain, but we also know that the joy of accomplishing at this time will be much more lasting and will be the thing you remember in the future, like having children.

So, with that we will conclude. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Trigger February 27, 2013, 12:23 AM

    Excellent, and very accurate, articulation of the Personal and Political at this time.
    So very refreshing!

    Macrobiotic Theory “101” at its best expression.

    “Accept Everything With Great Pleasure and Thanks.
    Accept Misfortune Like Happiness, Disease Like Health, Poverty Like Prosperity.
    And If You Don’t Like It Or Cannot Stand It,
    Refer To Your Universal Compass, The Unique Principle [= Balance].
    There You Will Find The Best Direction.
    . . . . . . . All That Is Antagonist, Unbearable, Is Complimentary.
    “The One Who Embraces His/Her Antagonist Is The Happiest One.”
    – George Ohsawa, Macrobiotic Forefather

    With Great Gratitude and Love

  • Benjamin Curtis Langston jr February 27, 2013, 4:43 AM

    dear star people i love… full stop can i ask a question not relative to the subject matter ? are the gelactic federation of the luciferian doctrin?? i ask this as this has been speculated on by many please just be honest as we come from a duality where a it s said we only understand right and wrong left and right up and down. if thats the case and we have been recieving lower vibrational frequencies the we can handle bad new just as much as good news please be bruitaly honest as we as a people are very capable of undersanding and making our own minds up. peace to all posative and negative keep the balance folks 🙂

  • Benjamin Curtis Langston jr February 27, 2013, 4:44 AM

    ps forgive my spelling 🙂

  • Johann Fenwick February 28, 2013, 9:48 AM

    Dear Star People, I agree with Mr Langston jnr. My problem is: if we are part of the problem, can we believe there are Star people? Just another point: One eagle will stay with that group and protect that group? The dark cabal has spin their dark web around us and has divided us. So if we have to do it alone so be it. So all parties must take the consequences then. And another statement: Please come down and stay on planet earth for awhile.

    I am really tired of all the promises the past few years from channellers. And it seems all the people in the space ships have all the info? Is the following going to happen this year (2013). Just answer yes or no: 1. last celestial sign to appeal? 2. formal proclamation of disclosure? 3. Mass first contact?

    I still wish to talk directly to the Pleiadians. Light blessings.

  • Marco Voogd March 1, 2013, 1:23 AM

    Wow, to read this and life (as an European) in your country for the past 7 years is a shocker. The only value which exist in the U.S is money. Without this you simple do not exist, or that is what I have seen. Yes, I agree that there is so much more than money in this world but at the same time I do believe that there are very few people in this country who are able to see this. Green is great, but I am talking about the green of plants, trees and that. I honestly do think that all the BS about politics and that is not even worth our time.

  • Benjamin Curtis Langston jr March 1, 2013, 3:54 AM

    greetings and salutations 🙂 star people i have noticed that most channelings refer to the american people and their government i understand the USA being the major player in global mattesrs however being from Scotland i would love to hear some global channelings directed at our personal government issues that tie in with our visual recognition i expect that channelings are for all mankind but somthing we can see and here in our own countries relative to our own personel inviroments would go a long way for each individual countries population wake up. please take this in to consideration thank you also tell your galactic fams bennie boy said allrighty 🙂

  • Davidbri March 1, 2013, 11:09 AM


    A very healthy perspective. Thank you channeler.

    I believe there is some confusion related to the definition of channeler. There are different ways of channeling and a host of psychic abilities that may or may not apply.

    I believe our Pleiadian channeler is a TRANCE medium. He may not be in contact all of the time,…. like a psychic or sensitive may be. And that is not to say he is not either. We all are really, we’re all not AWARE just yet is all.

    Johann, Welcome. Try talking directly to the Pleiadians yourself, …just go outside and listen. Sooner or later you will hear and then you will realize who has been speaking to you all along. First listen to gaia, our planet earth, and then you will receive clear as day from anywhere you choose once you can distinguish between what you think/feel are just your own thoughts or really of your presence in the collective thoughts of all. Give yourself time, may I say young one? Full of grace and mercy and seeking understanding so that you may be all of that and more ;`).

    Stop your thoughts and keep still. All the information is within you anyways.

    No ONE has all the info, at any level. We are all in the same boat. Just keep doing what you can do and pace yourself. And Oh, get to know the neighborhood and keep looking up.

    You are very important.

    Hope I could help… a little.


  • Rob March 22, 2013, 2:44 AM


    Your words are pure and true. I love your writing. I am a young one, and will follow your advice….to listen, be still….just Be.

    I believe that all we need to know is within us all, along with boundless potential. We have been bound by our perceived limits.

    Stay well, love to you all

  • Davidbri March 23, 2013, 9:14 AM


    It is difficult maintaining Alpha states when so busy. It’s like riding the WAVE OF LIFE.

    Learning To Surf

    Balance is the mission as always. Practice being still each day, and you will begin to PENETRATE the higher dimensioins as you nurture your SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS.

    Give yourself TIME.

    As you become more aware of the true nature of TIME, you will be well on your way to perceiving the fifth and higher. But first, you must connnect with the FIRST and the SECOND. The ALPHA WAVE is the way.

    Repair vs. Potential Energy

    If you are in need of repair. Be cautious during your tough reform, when you choose to move forward, small steps are good and balance will ensue.
    Then you will tap into your potential energy. Then you will be capable of GREAT things.
    My reform is your reform. We will endure and grow.

    Hello Rob;~)…welcome.
    Your origins have revealed to me the world of Norse. Truely, in your case, the Taming of the Great. Your qualities as a leader precede you. TIME to put your your abilities to good use,…yes? At your pace of course. Good luck is with you if you see yourself as being successful.


  • Rob March 26, 2013, 3:06 AM

    Thank you Davidbri…yes, to good use.

    I feel growth each day, with no rush, only love and patience.

    Stay well.

    Love and Light

  • Davidbri March 27, 2013, 11:11 AM


    Learning To Tune In,… Her Cycles Are Our Cycles

    Getting to know Phoebe

    Our Moon not only REPRESENTS the cycles of all life on our planet in a host of ways,… evident in the multitude of depictions in art, literature, religious and spiiritual practices as well as through musical expression and dance,… through the history of our time here, but more importantly,…. she MODULATES. She plays an interactive role by modulating incoming and outgoing signals/vibrations thereby affecting frequencies. The position of our Moon is the key to understanding our relationship with her and her role as MEDIATOR. Over the milenia we have seen the affects she has on our planet and all her GROWTH CYCLES. It is time for a deeper understanding. An understanding that will aid each of us during trying times as well as help us enhance our innate abilities that we are now learning to use.

    The composition of our moon is a good place to start. She has a magnetic field generated by her molton core. She acts like the lense of a telescope. When her orbit comes between a distant eminating star system or group of star systems as she orbits our world, those eminations or energy waves kind of change in amplitude and affect each form of life according to the individual expression of each. The Astrological term HOUSE begins to describe her affect nicely with relation the position of neighboring star systems.

    Then there is the relationship our moon has with our star, the Sun or Sol,…and our planet. When our moon is FULL, the Sun’s position is on the opposing side of our planet. The Sun’s energy waves pass through our planets core and right throught to our moons core and back, creating a big boost in signals. This dynamic has been reflected not only through ancient myths down through the ages but in how we all know how things can become CRAZY if you will during a full moon. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to put it lightly. As our moon’s orbit changes so does the amplitude.

    With that knowledge, we can start becoming more AWARE of her position at any given moment and we can learn to behave accordingly and in balance with any given situation :~), ….as we become familiar with her platent affects on our lives during her cycles. This enable us to pick and choose our challenges more wisely. This is not to mention that there is a certain phase of our moon that is just right for your needs for clear reception. Clear reception means a wonderful and learning dialogue will emerge. You will begin to form very special relationships with so many who love you and support you,.. and …you can apply it here on earth.

    More on Phoebe later…..


  • Benjamin Curtis Langston jr May 7, 2013, 3:26 AM

    Hi star family firstly i hope you are all well happy and in tune 😉 i would like to see more on self repair i have noticed welling inside me a desire and profound need to expire all past sins and connected feelings. I understand this is a process and it will take some time. I need some word that the star peoples intentions are whole and pure as i see plenty of good intention but also plenty of ego pride and suggested inferiority. What is doctrin to the star people who is ashtars master ? these things are sarrounded in sceptisism and i feel i cant quite work it out. please help me understand. I know that the pleiadians are privy to information of their own past that may have not been for the benifit of man however we all make mistakes and for total trust i need some sort of knowlage about your foundation going back to your ancestors.
    yours faithfully 🙂 B

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