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You are Coming Out of a Fog: Don’t Bury Your Head Back in the Sand


We will talk for a moment about what is going on with these drones, this idea that there are technologies that allow for certain abilities that were not previously available to those in power, to those in authority. And this technology isn’t just available to those in power and in authority, it has the potential to be in the hands of your neighbor, it has the potential to be in the hands of everyone. And so as you find yourself wondering about the ethics, morality of these things, don’t just assume that your governments are the ones that are going to have the only say in this.

But we will speak now about the American Government and their use of these devices. There are some who feel that if Obama is a moral leader, why is he using these devices? Why is he authorizing these things? And we would tell you that you don’t have the whole picture, really. You are left in the dark on a lot of what goes on within the military and the national security level within your country, and it is easy to be “Monday morning quarterback,” it is easy to be “backseat driver” when you are not even looking out the window, when you are not responsible for actions.

So keep that in mind as you judge your President, you do not have his grasp of the information. He does not have the grasp of the information that is available, so much information piling into these organizations. Now you are in a time when there are still many dark entities, dark forces wishing to upset the apple cart, and they have taken on certain modes of operation that are different from the past, no longer do you fight nation states, that you are so sure are being controlled by evil despots. There are no more “Iraqs” to go, although some want to turn Iran into the next one, but there are these groupings that seem to be moving around in secret or in hiding.

And so again, do yourself a favor and ask yourself the bigger picture. What is going on in a grander scale? In the past these kinds of operations would be done by people, these kinds of operations would be authorized and would be done by individuals who would put their lives on the line for you and your country.

Now, because of this technology it is important, imperative that those who have access to it are utilizing their highest moral standards, and for that we would say that that is part and parcel of what you can do as people – who you elect into these places, who are your elected officials? And of course keeping them honest, keeping them morally aware. You cannot stop someone from where there thoughts go, what they decide to do or not to do, but you can set a tone for the environment that says this is what is acceptable to us. And we want to talk about that for a moment.

So as you find yourself learning these things, learning about them, first we will tell you this, isn’t it amazing you are learning about it at all? How many things do you think happened in the past, how many operations, how many secret things that your NSA and your CIA and your whatever, FBI have been doing that you don’t know anything about? Now all of a sudden this information is becoming available to you. Why do you think that is, because that is the time you are in – no more secrets.

Now you are being let in on the secrets, you are being let in on the information. You also have to now bring yourself into a place where you can now think as if you are the president, think as if you are the head of the CIA, think as If you are the head the NSA. In other words you had this information; you have been clamoring for it, you‘ve been demanding it, you’ve been going into offices and demanding it. Now you are getting it. What are you going to do with it? What would you do with it? This is a time when the naivety of the past gives way to knowledge and adult thinking.

Now, of course it would be a wonderful thing to say that the Americas are no longer going to use these devices, we no longer want them, we no longer will use them, but what’s that going to do really but force you to go back to earlier modes of operation – more secrets, more individuals putting their lives on the line for your country, for their country and your country, while the other sides, the darker forces use these technologies against you. As we said individuals can get them now, these devices are not difficult, the technology has been worked out. Why do you think the Iranians were so happy to get your secret drone. Do you think they looked inside and were unable to reverse engineer it? They have smart people there too, you know.

We bring all of this up because you are coming out of a fog as a people and one of the things about a fog when it lifts is you begin to see very clearly the terrain around you. And we are not suggesting you go bury your head back in the sand, but we are suggesting that as you learn things you do your best to put yourself in the shoes of those who have been working with this for a long time. In other words give yourself permission to empathize because what you will discover in that empathy as you learn more and more about what they have been dealing with, the morals, the tradeoffs, you will see this is not as easy as it might have seemed from the other side.

There’s a wonderful example of this in your history books when John Kennedy was running for president the first time against General Eisenhower, and he was touting the missile gap and he was going a long saying how America was behind the Russians in missiles and we needed to close the missile gap. And then he became President and learning about things like the SR-71 and the U-2 flyovers and the information that the CIA had been giving the previous President Eisenhower. And what did Mr. Kennedy learn, there was no missile gap, the Russians had been bluffing and they really did not have what they had been blustering about. In other words the clarity of the vision showed this young President he did not have all the facts and he had been touting falsehoods. Now you are moving into a time when you are going to be the ones learning the facts, and so see how that changes your talking points.

One of the things that’s going on right now is this idea that you are in need of healing, you are need of some deep psychic healing as a nation and as a planet. And part of that is going to come about from learning what’s been going on, whether it is murders in Africa or whether it is things being done in the Mideast, or whatever, to things being discovered. You are going to learn what’s going on and you are going to learn why certain things were being done. And some of these things that have been done you are going to discover were really for the wrong reasons, and you will get angry and you will have a reason to be angry.

But other things you will learn you will begin to say, “Hey wait a minute that sort of makes some kind of sense. I kind of understand where you were coming from, boy that must have been hard for you to do that knowing what you know.” And that too will be a form of healing and some of these people who have been doing some of these things can come out into the open and when necessary apologize or at least be understood.

And we would say that all of you have something like this in your own personal lives, and so be ready for that as well, as you learn about each other, because if you walked in someone else’s shoes you would do what they do. It’s an old saying.

Now, we gave you an exercise last time. Ideally some of you have been doing it. We would say continue with that exercise where you wake up in the morning and you give yourself a few minutes of relaxation and send that relaxation out into the environment of the earth. See yourself as kind of like a neuron in the fabric of the earth’s physical body. See yourself sending out endorphins, and whatever, that calm the area around you, bring peace to it. Because that is really how some of these technologies will fall away when there is no longer a need or even an inkling of a need for them. An then you can use these technology for other things, things of more value, earth resource management or even fun creating wonderful photographs and certain looks into your societies and such.

Because there is much that can be learned that isn’t just military information. Some of it can help you learn how to manage the planet, manage the resources. Some of it can be used to create beautiful things that you could not do on your own.

So see these technologies morphing from military uses, police uses into societal and human uses because they are extensions of you. You have been doing this kind of thing for a long time, you have been sending probes out into the universe, the solar system, and they have been bringing back information that you have been able to use. Imagine the kind of information some of these devices could use close to home. You have the equivalent of the flying ones that go under the water. There’s much to learn under the water. Imagine school children having a hold of one and they can go find a place in the ocean and do some archaeological digging and such.

Imagine a time when that kind of use of these technologies – first graders seeing below the oceans, learning about the planet, about how the beautiful places they cannot visit directly, being able to go inside a volcano. How many of you want to do that, none. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could.

So these technologies are an extension of you, they have always been. That is what technology is and at first you use it as a weapon, first you use it for defensive purposes, but later it can be used for many things. The U-2 spy plane today is used as an earth reconnaissance by the NASA people. Our vehicle actually saw one land once when he lived in California.

See these technologies morphing into those kinds of uses as the need for them to be used as killing machines wanes.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.

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  • Joyce February 13, 2013, 2:25 AM

    Thank you so much for this podcast. It was really helpful to see a bigger picture. I am really enjoying also, the morning breathing/relaxation exercise.

  • Davidbri February 18, 2013, 9:12 AM

    Hello All,

    Perceptions of time are fluctuating. Like the the tides, fluid and flowing,..an ocean.
    Time stands still and takes leaps, with little inbetween. When we visualise, we transcend space/time. We are part of the continuem. We are part of each other. No longer disconnected. Now becoming aware. It’s our nature. It’s our ocean. We are multidimensional beings. We are turning on and tuning up. ‘Singing with the stars’.

    Learning To Swim

    We trust our inner voice and our intuition guides us and is always with us. Wisdom will prevail.

    Time to find our voices.


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