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Your Thoughts Manifest: See Change Being For Your Benefit


[transcript forthcoming]

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  • Claudia January 28, 2013, 9:19 PM

    Wonderful! I found examples of much of your message around me. Simply put, once again a wonderful inspiration and guide! Be well and love deeply:)

  • Davidbri January 29, 2013, 5:17 AM



    Everything We Touch IS A Success.

    We NOW create a new AWARENESS of success. We can be as successful as we MAKE UP OUR MINDS TO BE. We are approaching the winning circle. GOLDEN opportunities are everywhere. We are attracted to prosperity. Prosperity is drawn to us. We encourage those with negative thoughts and feelings through our enlightenned optimisim. We love unconditionally. We cherish all life.

    This message is very basic regarding our universe. We have always had the power to manifest our intentions in this physical world. Remember,….
    The Spiritual World Manifest The Physical World.


  • Davidbri January 30, 2013, 7:55 AM

    Goodmorning all,

    “Finally receiving a bit more. As the moon wanes slightly, the messages become clear. Kind of like tuning in an old radio. Finally becoming aware of the pattern.”

    Imagination is not just a window into the spiritual realms, it’s a portal.

    Children are pure of heart. Their IMAGINATION is free. They are very close to the spiritual realms.

    As we grow, so does our to do list, the mind takes over, adulthood. Seperating. Isolating. Distancing from our source. The source from which we sprang into this world. THE WELL. Imagination takes a back seat. Some land in the trunk. You know….where we keep our baggage.

    Our beloved Channeler’s message is basic and very instumental.
    Go outside and make yourself comfortable for a while. Take your imagination out of the trunk. Just let go of your to do list and listen. Get aquainted with gaia and everything going on. Have an open heart as you go. If you allow your imagination to flow, you will begin to really wake up. Let go of your thoughts/sense of self, and you will begin to hear and see things differently. I like to think of it as diving into an unseen ocean. Full of life.

    Then you will begin to see the world through the eyes of others. Imagining what it’s like to walk in their shoes.

    Appreciation for what we have grows, and we become compassionate for our brothers and sisters.

    These thoughts and feelings of love are enough to support our moving in the right direction.

    Now, find some popcorn and settle in with “The Polar Express.”
    The very TRAIN that our channeler has eluded to. A train that connects reality with the spiritual/dream scape.


  • Joyce February 6, 2013, 3:22 PM

    I’m really enjoying the morning breathing meditation….Thanks a lot!
    David bri, I love your comments. I’ve found a park not far away, with a lot of trees, to walk in, (now that it has finally stopped raining!)
    I’m also watching birds from my window during the breathing meditation. …enjoying just ”being” in the present moment.
    One thing I would ask the Pleiadians is “How does the drone situation fit with Obama bringing in the new world?” They are killing people with no trials, and innocent civilians are dying . The drones are kind of like an ominous thing to be flying around in the skies around villages and make people afraid to have public gatherings. How is this “heartful, and in the highest good?”
    Regardless of questions like this, thank you so much for your podcasts. I really enjoy them. : )

  • Davidbri February 8, 2013, 2:04 PM


    The snow is flying. The energy is big outside and inside. Allowing the flow without resistance. Connecting with Gaia. Weather is SO BIG. FUN is the best word to describe. Hunker down,… at…home…

    Our Home Is A Peaceful Haven

    We bless our homes with love.
    We put love in every room.
    Our homes respond in kind.
    We are at peace.


    Now think….the earth is really our home.

    Dear Joyce,

    President Obama’s life is quite NOT simple.

    We are so fortunate that our lives are not as complicated as his. Family matters are enough. Being a parent is a big job. The best Job. I’m not sure being president is the best job. I bet he’d agree.

    Drones Are Bad. They are mindless killers. You’ve done the math. I don’t have anything NICE to say.

    It’s bad enough we do air strikes. Some neccessary. Some reckless. Very impersonal. Not good.

    Bless all the family’s who have been hurt. 09:11 is a good time to bless everyone. I do. Whenever I notice it on the clock.

    Be thankful we are taking a hard look at it. A step in the right direction. Clearly an unethical practice. Worthy of question.
    Later,…more unethical practices will continue to follow and be questioned. SEE the trend.


  • Joyce February 9, 2013, 10:33 PM

    Davidbri – Yes….I am looking at trends…..I hope you’re warm and cozy and didn’t lose power during this snowstorm.

  • tazian February 10, 2013, 11:26 PM

    Could we have some guidance as to when the transcripts will be forthcoming? There’s a little backlog building up 🙂

  • Rob March 21, 2013, 6:50 PM

    I found out about Pleiadians today….and I don’t have words to describe the love I feel.

    Beautiful podcasts, thank you.

    The comments are warm, pure and insightful, thank you.

    I look forward to everything.


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