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The Renaissance Begins


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment.

It is May the 29th, Thursday, New Moon in Gemini. Let us begin.

In astrology you have just passed through a very intense period, where Mars was in retrograde, but much more than that — all sorts of alignments. Our vehicle is not an astrologer so we cannot regale you of all of the nuances, but he is enough in knowledge of it to know that this particular time has been pivotal, pivotal.

And we would invite each of you to remember or go over the last few weeks, hmmm, last twenty days or twenty-four days, or whatever, and see if you can identify this intensity, how it may be brought up things in your environment, in your world, in your experience, but now you have come out of it. Mars has gone direct as of Monday last and things are beginning to quickly free up or loosen up, and we invite you again to look at the world and see if you can detect how much different it, is because it is different.

It is like you stepped through a time portal and had an opportunity to choose another path, and because of your intentions, because of agreements you’ve made in other lifetimes, and before coming to this planet now, that path opened up.

And so, we invite you to look at that because we said earlier, in a few channelings ago that this would be the year you would really know you’ve arrived, that something has happened that’s different, and would not be something that you would a year from now say, “Well, it wasn’t that much difference.”

No. No, you will say to yourself, “It started then, there is that point in time when the Renaissance began!”

And ideally each of you are having your own Renaissance moments, your own return to past Golden Ages because that’s what a Renaissance is, it’s a Golden Age, it’s a time when the energies come together to allow reality to flower.

As we said, “You are in a cosmic springtime and the flowering is beginning.”

And we invite you to go find out what our vehicle’s been doing. There’s a wonderful web thread of his work on Thunderbolts, and so if you go look on Thunderbolts, look up, Ancient Knowledge of Electrical Universe discovered at Denderah. Read about it, and we find it interesting because this particular technological interest has to do with a flower, the Lotus and how the Lotus flower “brings forth the sun of a new day.”

Because you are in a flowering time and for our vehicle it is in this technology area, but for you it may be in others because there’s a vast experience out there. And so for some it could be astrology, for some it could be science, for some it could be social, for some it could be political, for some it could be health related, healing sciences, whatever — whatever your interests are, you will begin to see the flowering in it, ideally.

And so part of that means letting go of the past. Look at what happens when a flower opens, parts that were holding it in fall away, fall away, so the new growth inside the flower pedals can open and the fragrance inside can come out.

We want to leave you with that metaphor of a flowering plant because that is the time that you are in.

We will have more to say next time as we work with our vehicle to collect some of the ideas for our next channeling, for now we will say goodbye. It is been our pleasure, good day to all of you.

Link to web thread:
Ancient Technology Discovery Reveals Link Between the Dendera Light and the Electric Universe.

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  • tatsmaki May 29, 2014, 6:23 PM


  • jasna May 29, 2014, 6:59 PM

    thank you Loved ones <3 Blessed be <3 Love you my soul friends forever, 93 <3

  • salvador prieto June 6, 2014, 8:44 PM

    Wow I dont know if its a coincidence but my daughter was born on thursday may 29 2014 around 10 30 ish and my wife happened to name her lotus but she has chosen that name for about a month.her full name is Lotus Miki Prieto prieto in spanish meaning dark and miki is japanese

  • Light June 12, 2014, 7:53 AM

    May we all come in Awareness as brothers and sisters and unite, for our message has an impact that must spread like wildfire. My awareness is very new but I will continue to seek. Be blessed and share our advancement

  • carlos bravo July 28, 2014, 1:20 PM

    Big fan.

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