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The River of Time


Good morning we are here, give us a moment. It is June 21, 2014, Summer Solstice. Let us begin.

We are going to give an analogy, a discussion for a moment about the times that you are in. Many have told you and you are aware of — those of you who follow such things — that you have entered the Age of Aquarius, and Aquarius is known as the Water Bearer, someone who brings the water in. And Pisces where you have just left is the era of fish, the fishes, the double fishes, and it is a Water Sign, but it is a Sign of the scarcity of water, of how water is scarce. And so imagine that you were in a time where the pond of time or… the pond of time has been dry, has been getting very dry, in other words it was filled up and then the sun baked on it for a while and it dried out.

And so what do fish do in some of these dry lakes, these lakes in the middle of deserts and such, is they learn how to bury themselves into the dirt, into the mud, into the muck to get as close to the dampness under the surface as they can. And so many of you have done this, many of you have buried yourselves deep, deep, deep into the muck to survive the dry heat above, and you also move into a place where you find yourself among scarcity, in other words the water is draining away and so there is less and less and less of it, and you find yourselves in competition with other beings who want to bury themselves into the muck. Now imagine the rains have come, now imagine that Aquarius has come bringing the water and the lakes and the rivers are beginning to fill up.

And for many of you that is triggering in you a desire to get out of the muck, desire to come out of the mud into the flow and that is an analogy of the time you are in. Time has come along and is bringing in this energy, this water that is allowing you to start to see beyond the muck and the mire of the mud that you have been in, and as you begin to feel more and more and more of this water and it softens the mud around you, you will more easily be able to come out of it.

And what that means is that you will begin to see it and it will soften up. And now some of you might not be in a position where you want to come out because you’ve been in this muck for a long time and you feel comfortable in it, but the water is coming, the water is coming, the water is coming, and it is softening it up and making it very difficult for you to stay in the mud because you are buoyant, you have this natural buoyancy in you that is pulling you to the surface.

Now some of you have so much baggage that the buoyancy isn’t there, you have really clung, you have grabbed, you’ve tied yourself to the bottom, maybe you are like the mines in a harbor. You have chained yourself to the ground and built yourself this cocoon of pressure points that will cause explosions, and so no one comes near you and you are connected to the ground, you are not floating to the surface, but we are here to tell you that this moisture, this time energy that’s coming in is softening even the anchors that are holding you down, even the chains that are holding you down are beginning to rust, beginning to soften and rust and break. And so you will float to the surface where you can be found, your outer surface will be seen and you can begin to defuse all of these trigger points that you have.

And the reason you are doing this is because this flow, this energy flow that is coming in and filling the Lake of Time is also causing you to move into the River of Time. And so as you begin to feel this water first for a time filling up like water in a sink, but then it will reach a point where it will come over the top of the sink. And that flow will begin to leave the sink and move into other places or there will be a waterfall, maybe into another place full of water, and it will begin to fill and fill and fill. And if you can bob to the top, remove all of these weights on you that are keeping your buoyancy down, then you will find yourself easily able to move to the top, feel the flow of the energy directing you towards the bigger river, and you will begin like salmon to find your way out.

But many of you will cling to the weights, to the chains that are holding you to the bottom, will not be able to go over the top because just like when water goes over the top of the sink, it’s not very thick, the water is not very deep that goes over the top of sink. It is a very thin layer of water. You can be in this deep sink, you can be in a deep bathtub, to go over the top you have to be very, very, very buoyant.

And so if you are not removing these weights, these things that are holding you down from the past, these energies that are trying to keep you in the water, if you are not removing them and seeing them wash way, becoming very light like a leaf on the top of the water, then you will not be able to follow that very thin water current that is moving over the top of the sink or the bathtub or the lake that you are in.

Now of course more water is coming and that water will make it even more and more and more deeper, but for a time there will only be that little bit that you can go over, and so you need to lighten up, and that is what we are here to tell you. Use the Summer Solstice energies and the knowledge that is coming to you now to begin to get into a feedback loop if you will with time, and what we mean by that is, this is the River of Time we are talking about and time has many paths it can take, just as water has many paths it can take. Some go into little cul-de-sacs and go nowhere. Some follow their way to other bigger places that are still cul-de-sacs and must be flowed out of from there.

Our vehicle has a wonderful waterfall out by the front door. It’s this craggy piece of volcanic rock that the water comes out the top and works its way through all of these little craggy places, but eventually it moves to the edge and falls into the basin. And so that is what we see you doing now. We see you coming up from the bottom, feeling the energies, may be running up against some wall and realizing that wall is telling you that you have not released something, you are still too heavy to go over the top or you are going in the wrong direction and there is no top in that direction.

And so it is a time that ideally you will begin to struggle less and release more. And that will become more and more obvious to you as there will be those that will want to drag you into the past. Anytime someone is trying to drag you into some past and say, “This is the past you must return to”, that is someone trying to keep you from the buoyancy that will take you over the top, and you will become aware of this. All of you will begin to see where that timeline is taking you, and then you will be able to back up, you will be in a timeline loop, a timeline feedback loop with the nonphysicals and you will be able to come back and you’ll be able to see that that path did not lead you out and you will take a different one. And ideally all of you will begin to see the paths out of the cul-de-sacs, out of the little eddie current areas that you are in and move into the bigger flow. That is where you are all naturally being drawn to — to reconnect with the bigger flow of time, of energy of the Universe, not just the Milky Way Galaxy, but of the Universe in general.

And so it is actually a very exciting time because you have been sitting in the muck for so long waiting for this influx of energy, you’ve all been just hoping it would come, hoping that the amount of moisture in the ground wouldn’t dry up completely and kill you. And we will say there are some time paths that end in that way where the Earth is snuffed out, but you are moving away from those, you are finding the ones where the water is deeper, the moisture is more encompassing and the flow of energy is bringing more and more and more life into the flow.

And so see yourself as someone navigating their way out of a maze, out of a dry lake that has been filling up with water and you wanted to be one of the first ones to get the heck out of that mucky lake. You want to move into the bigger flow. You want to have clarity, you want to be buoyant, but to be buoyant you must find and remove the things that are holding you down.

Now does not mean you have to fix every one of them. Some of these things will be easier just to throw away like discarding things in your home. Our vehicle is right now in the process of removing clutter from the house, and this clutter can be little knickknacks, this clutter can be sentimental old things, old furnitures, can be old books, can be many things like this, clothing that is no longer functional. And so the more of this that is happening, the lightness of the moment, concerns about things are being dropped because you can try and fix everything and you will never get out of the muck or you can try and just remove them.

In other words if you want to clean a basement you do not just sweep everything and put all the stuff back, you get some of the stuff the heck out of there, and sometimes it is easier just to get everything out of there and clean it and then just bring back the things that are needed.

And so see yourself kind of doing that with your world, with your life — removing the things that are obstacles, that are weights, that are not necessary, and if it is necessary believe that you will find it again, that is very important. Many of you think that if you get rid of something you will not be able to find it again later, and that is not how the world works you know. If you needed that thing it will find you again later. If you are intending and doing the right kind of or the correct kind of thought manifestation, it will find you again and again and again because it never goes anywhere but back to energy, back to the Akashic where it can be returned, it can be retrieved.

And so if you have an old tape, old tape collection of old songs that you are unable to part with, part with it and see how it returns back in high fidelity in a smaller and more compact manner, and in a way that you can more easily enjoy the music. And maybe you have an old table or an old something, see yourself getting rid of it and finding a more conducive table, one that fits the room better. You will be surprised as you begin to release some of these things what comes in its place will be more energetically in line, in tune with where you see yourself going.

Because these are the things we’re talking about, and maybe they are old belief systems, maybe they are old events from your past, maybe you cannot let go of some wrong that was done to you, whatever. Find it, let it go, cut it loose, and know that where you are going if there’s something from that you will need you will find it there. And if there’s not, the best way of getting rid of it is to cut it loose, cut it loose.

Now this is not the easy way to do it in the sense that some of these things that we’re asking you to part with have great emotional ties to you, so this is not the easy path, but it is the easy path in the sense it will get you where you’re going or where you want to go faster.

So see it now as a speeding up of time, a ramping up of the flow of time. That is what is occurring right now. You have been in a stagnant pool for a while, even in the last few Moons, and now you are moving out of that stagnant pool like tadpoles biting at the bit to get moving and get out of that mucky spot that you seem to have been in for too long. See it.

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Dianne Zimmermann June 23, 2014, 5:05 PM

    I always look forward to messages from the Pleiadians.
    Many as I believe that many of us humans originated from
    the Nibus constellations of the Pleiadians. We here on planet Earth need their
    help to instill love in everone’s heart here on Earth.. and replace
    hate and greed with love. What if everyone woke up tomorrow morning filled with love for themselves and every other living and non-living beings on Earth? What a winderful world it would be!

  • Greg June 23, 2014, 5:27 PM

    Great session — I’ve definitely noticed a rise in consciousness lately. People are really waking up.

  • Timary June 24, 2014, 12:16 AM

    This resonates so much with me – I always look forward to these messages. Many thanks to the P’s and the Vehicle!

  • Jerry June 24, 2014, 12:30 PM

    Money IS the root of ALL evil!

  • barbara schwoerer June 26, 2014, 6:26 AM

    I have this uncanny experience of synchronicity wtih these discourses from the P’s. That is so uplifing to me! It really keeps me inspired, along with the wisdom that is so generously given.
    Thank you so much…

  • DavidBri June 26, 2014, 8:32 AM

    Good Morning All,

    Your analogy of time as a River is eloquent with regards for ‘adding water’ to enable those who are ready to GO WITH THE FLOW of our evolution , for without H2O, there is no organic life. You also help others VISUALIZE there place and space and how they affect our world. Basic Psychic training if you asked me.

    Yet, perhaps the oceans truly represents the flow of time, with varying currents/opposing directions, depths and a unique ebb and flow itself and of the life within,… resulting from our earths energy play with the sun and moon and galaxy/galaxies.

    Thank You Channeler


  • Tanya August 19, 2014, 6:19 PM

    I just started listening to your audio and enjoy them how can I get more people involved

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