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Conjunction on the Aries Point: The Splitting of the Worlds


Listen to the channeling below.

  • The auspicious Jupiter Uranus conjunction on the Aries Point, which Eric Frances describes as the “transpersonal point,” and how what happens there affects everyone.
  • Why physicality is more akin to energetics, the physical world is more akin to the internet, and how all this can bring you more into the moment.
  • How to control your ability to move forward and be ready for what is coming – unhindered by the energetic drag of physical reality – by “trimming to the bone” like a Zen person.
  • Why anal retentives cannot eliminate and move forward.
  • How Tea Party’s “pack ratness” is an ancient fetish without joy.
  • Why the constitution is like musty toilet paper that never got flushed (and which of the founding fathers would agree).
  • The litmus tests to spot weak leaders and people.
  • The Neocons ritualistic murdering of their Frankenstein Monster that’s running amok in the neighborhood (and why you must always be careful what you ask for).
  • What Christians and Republicans are feeding like Seymour in the Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Why the Palin-clones are like a stenchy fallen tree that’s being devoured by fungus.
  • The decision you will be asked to make to determine which world you will inhabit during the coming split.

Click the play button below to listen to the podcast:

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  • Coach September 11, 2014, 3:42 PM

    With sincere humility I request that you please direct me, by providing me, a list of contact galactic Pleiadians who are living within the Bay Area. I will hold this information very confidential and sacred.

    My wish is to be fully advanced in all manners of the acquired abilities so I may be fully immersed to assist countless souls leading other volunteers to this great shift. I remain a servant enabling others.



  • DavidBri September 12, 2014, 7:11 AM

    Good Morning All…

    Dear Coach,…..I am not the channeler for this website yet maybe I can assist you.

    Our planet has many Bay Areas. Although, if you try to connect with people with Pleiadian lineage, this webpage’s Facebook link may be of some help, although I don’t use it. Of course you must discriminate with your intuition as to the authenticity of the responses you receive. The best way to do this is continue to meditate or being creative, and you will become conscious thru your psychic connection of direct Pleiadian counsel from the source/star formation that embodies the souls that inhabit the Pleiades System.

    Still, the only reason it would be easy for you is because your cousins are from that system, which means you have Pleadian within your DNA. This is why you were drawn to this site and why you seek counsel from your kind. So I guess all you need to do is consult with yourself and you will eventually experience first hand a clear connection with the collective consciousness, which we are all a part of. This is truly the most DIVINE counsel you will most assuredly receive.

    Beloved Coach


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