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Dissolving Religious and Political Barriers of Third Density

We are here.

There are many things going on and we have suggested that you do not watch television as much as others do.  Don’t make the television news your input for news. Now we know that those who design television created the news as a conduit for your reality, a conduit to feed you images of the reality they wish you to inhabit.  From time immemorial the newspaper, the radio news, the television news, and now the computer news, all of these forms of news were meant to be windows into the world, but they were distorted windows, not showing you the real world, but showing you the world as they want you to see it, no more obvious than today, when you have news outlets that have biased political and social agendas.

Now when we say the word “bias” we don’t mean it in a bad sense. Every one, to a certain degree, has their biases. There are gender biases, there are religious biases, and there are cultural and racial biases. All of these things are part and parcel of living on your world. It is the transcendence of the biases that allow you to move into a place where the “all are one” thinking can begin to make sense because when you are stuck in your biases, when you are seeing the world from that point of view, you cannot help but be exclusive to certain people to certain races, exclusive to certain socio-economic groupings.

There are many such qualities that make up a person: where are they economically, religiously, socially, and geo-politically? And religion came along with its intent to force certain dynamics upon the populace, whether it is religious abstinence or the putting down of women, all kinds of things that the religions decided to create their box out of. Imagine that religions are like that woman in the movie Coraline – that creature, the beldame, the spider woman. She was a weaver of a paradigm world and if you moved into that world you must believe in that paradigm, you must be part of that. There was no room for radical thinking, radical self-determining thinking in that grouping. Think about it, whenever one of her creations tried to act nobly she would put it down. She would force smiles on things that did not want smiles, she would force behaviors out of things that did not wish to behave the way that they did, all because of this paradigm that was woven by that creature.

Religions are much like that, they have gone into the fabric of existence and woven a basket that they wish to collect their eggs in and each religion has its baskets. They are more than pleased to put eggs into their own baskets, but they are even more upset when someone else puts an egg in their basket. And so you have these competing basket weavers who are vying for what? They are vying for the idea of the most of their people being around.  It is much like an election; you have seen this happening now in this country with the electing process going on. Who is going to put who in their basket? Here you now have an off shoot of the religious basket, which is the geo-political religious basket.

What you are seeing in the election process is just how insidious this process is and how people will lie, cheat, steal, and push you into fear, just so you will get into their basket. Just so you can be counted among their eggs in their basket like someone else that you know. She wanted to own the Pleiadian basket and she was the one that decided what egg could go in the basket and what egg could not go in the basket. So that put her in a place of authority, self imposed authority, self elected authority. There is an old saying on your world, something like, “Who died and left you King?” or “Who died and made you King?” You have heard this before? That is the kind of thinking of the basket players, that they have this control, this right of kings as long as they are alive, and if it means you must die for their perpetual control they have no qualms about killing you. They would kill you energetically, they have tried, you know. Others would kill you physically like what is going on in the wars in the world, the bombings and such.

So by seeing how this basket weaving, egg grabbing, culture has been constructed, someone who is looking at it from the next dimension up, or from four and fifth densities, it is difficult to understand how, with the knowledge from that density, you would allow yourself to be in a basket because they are above the baskets. They know the truth of the basket weavers and what their interests are.  It is not because they are well studied and well versed; it is because they are readers of energies. This is what Cesar [Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer] is trying to show you – how dogs read energy, how the cats read energy, how the animal kingdom reads energy.

We once said a long time ago that it was unfortunate that Mr. Disney personalized the animals in his cartoon productions because he put human thinking into the animal realm and the animal realm does not have human thinking. It is very human, human thinking and many of the things that humans would have you think are better than other things are not. When you come to the idea of sustainability what is the model for sustainability but how a forest or a jungle perpetuates. Now you would say, “Well, no one wants to live in the jungle”. You don’t think that the animals that live in the jungle want to live in the jungle, that the animals would choose someplace else to live? No, they are where they want to be.

So you have this dynamic of living in an environment where there are checks and balances, where there are predators and prey, where there are cooperations that transcend death. Think about that for a moment, cooperations beyond death. What do we mean by that? An animal can live to be food for another animal; can live to be a lesson for others. An animal can live to be a controller of others, each having its own version of dangers, of pitfalls, but no one is saying, “Well I’d rather be the lion than the elk, I’d rather be the snake than the ground hog,” understand? The ground hog is the ground hog, it lives the life of a ground hog and it dies the death of a ground hog.

People, humans have forgotten the idea of service, the idea of being of 3D reality as a service not as a greedy grab for self, for things. So now you are seeing the weavers of baskets creating their little baskets of dogma and belief system and rules and regulations like this crazy woman that would prevent you from any kind of sexual pleasures outside of marriage. Any young girl who has ever ridden on a lawn mower would then be thrown in shackles from having pleasure from the vibrations of the lawnmower or horse. Silliness. Insanity. But, it is an attempt to control.

Why is it that these groupings in their little baskets get so bent out of shape at those who are not in their basket? Why is it that whatever the religion, there are very few groupings on the planet that have the Law of One mentality? Because it is so much a part and parcel of those who manipulate mankind above your perceptions and so when you have places where there was a more openness to the religious beliefs those religions were crushed. Look at what the Chinese have done to Tibet. Why was that done? Because that kind of free thinking energy driven culture could not be allowed to survive when the big basket next door was control, rigid control of its people, understand?

All of the Judeo-Christian religions are intolerant.  Now we bring all of this up because you are seeing the world through the mouth pieces of those who are in a basket, whether Rachel and Mr. Olberman or whether it is the crazies on Fox or anywhere else, they all have this basket that they are trying to either entice  you into or squash you out of.

Now where is this leading? What happens to a basket that deteriorates? It deteriorates. What happens with a worn out basket full of holes? Things fall out of the basket. Now, from the energies coming from the Galactic Center is a dissolving of these baskets, these webs of influence. As that occurs then the natural inclinations of the humans comes forward, the natural inclinations of humans to be compassionate, the natural inclinations of humans to be tolerant and to want others to succeed, to see the world in a win-win not win-lose, not all or nothing kind of thinking.  As that begins to erode you will see more and more of this (for want of a better term) New Age thinking that is anything but new. It is a return of a much, much, much older knowledge.

It is not new, it a return of something that was banished for a time from this place, the idea that you are all connected, the idea that you all have value. How often have we said that the smallest, weakest one of you has a great value because you poked into this reality from somewhere else? So if you could imagine a room with a black paper roof on a very sunny day, just a room, a box with a black roof over it and you climbed into that box what would you see? Nothing. Now you take a pin and you poke it through the paper in the roof and let the sunlight through, you see a pin prick of the light that is outside coming in. It would immediately illuminate the box.

But there is something else and this is what we want you to get a grasp on. It is really a small percentage of what? What is on the other side of the paper? Just as when you are giving your aged cat his subcutaneous fluids you have this big bag of water, but you let it go through this little dripper. So someone who is watching just the little dripper would say, “Well you are just a little drip”. That little drip knows something you don’t know, “There are a lot more drips behind me. I am part of a much bigger vessel, a much bigger reservoir behind this little barrier”. Understand?

It is that barrier that is being dissolved so when you talk about moving out of third density into fourth and fifth density, if we could give you just one glimpse of what that means, it means seeing past the pin prick into the bigger reservoir.

Good day.

Originally channeled 09/15/2010

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  • Emory C. November 10, 2010, 6:35 AM

    Thanks for the post. Namaste.

  • G. Pell November 12, 2010, 1:01 PM

    Great site! There’s been a vacuum of solid Pleiadian info on the web. Thanks for sharing.

  • F.A. Carter November 13, 2010, 8:56 AM

    Thanks for the perspective on the dark intersections of politics and religion.

  • J. Milgram November 16, 2010, 3:36 PM

    Shame on the search engines for not making this info easier to find…

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