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Inner Harmony: How Your World is Created


Listen to the channeling below.

  • The importance of bringing inner harmony to your world and evaluating what comes to you.
  • How to act based on integrity in the moment.
  • What happens when you act on fear, panic, and greed, and the vibrations that are carried with these kinds of things.
  • Eat, Pray, Love: a caution to follow your heart with integrity.
  • Inception: the levels of dreaming way beyond the astral.
  • The vast amount of energies involved in this universe, and how you are tapping into that, and finding out that you are connected to it on all levels.
  • How your connection to the larger universe has been lost in this period of 3D.
  • What is the behavior of a cancer cell and how not to behave like one.
  • The illusion separation: upgrade your senses, listen to your belly speaking to you, and how to find yourself moving more and more towards a significant place.
  • The culture of Bali: the idea that there is a bigger “We” out there.

Click the play button to listen to part 2:

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